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					Our Capabilities

The shortest path to the right answer starts with the right question.

We believe that no matter what size, every business is unique and every business is driven to improve results. What’s right for one business might not be right for you. It all depends on your business, its long-term goals and short-term drivers. Trying to grow revenue? Focused on cutting costs? Or simply need a better way to get work done?
What’s driving your business? We’re pretty sure we can help.
Our people approach your business with an open mind and a clean sheet. They ask the right questions. They watch the information flow into, through, and out of your organization. They listen to the IT managers, the office workers, and the marketing and sales managers. They listen for the sound of frustration, because that’s usually where we find opportunities for improvement. Why? Because information is the lifeblood of your business. It drives your decision-making, your new ideas, and customer communications. And it travels in containers called documents.

Take a look around. Documents are everywhere.
People create them, print, scan, and e-mail them. Then they review and revise (usually a few times) and approve them. After that, who knows? They get stored or tossed, filed or lost. Especially when you need them most. A paperless world? Have you seen the latest statistics? If you print for a living, they’ll make you smile. We create documents by the billions, and we still print them in astounding numbers.

And a lot of those pages will make frequent round trips between digital and paper. It’s all part of what we call the document lifecycle. The fact is, documents consume an inordinate amount of your people’s time – as much as 45% of the typical workday.2 And documents comprise a large part of your cost – anywhere from 3-15% of your annual revenue.3 No matter how you add it up, documents are a big deal.

From 2007 to 2011, 10.5 trillion pages will be printed in offices in the U.S. alone.1

Some people see business problems. We see document opportunities.
Chances are you’ve already made a significant investment in IT. And your printers, multifunction devices, and scanners are all part of your IT infrastructure. From our experience, it’s the out-of-control part.
That’s where we like to start. We call it an assessment – a snapshot of where you are. We count and map all the devices from the desktop printers to the high-speed production systems. We examine the types of documents you produce. By the time we’re done, you have a detailed account of your entire output environment and information workflows, complete with actual cost and usage data, which we use to make the magic happen. We may be able to reduce your document costs by as much as 30%.4 That’s significant cost taken out of the business and returned to your bottom line. We can track, manage and protect your information. We can digitize and improve your business processes. We can help you leverage the power of color with control and accountability. With just the right devices in all the right places, your people have what they need to get work done in a timely manner. And we’ll help you manage it all with software and services that simplify life for your IT people as well. are ISO 15408 Common Criteria certified. In addition, we achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification for our global document imaging and hosted repository operations. Meeting these strict international standards is your assurance that we maintain a sound and secure information-management system.

Concerned about information security? So are we.
We’ve listened to senior executives and IT professionals say that information security has emerged as one of the highest priorities of their businesses. As a result, we have developed specialized printing technologies that enable you to embed and encode security information on printed materials to protect against fraud and counterfeiting. Security is part of the design blueprint for all of our products and services. For example, our multifunction devices

Need to comply with regulatory requirements? Who doesn’t?
As a global company, we know all too well that government regulations have become a growing part of doing business, everywhere. We can help you identify critical information, and establish storage, retrieval, and destruction policies to help you meet compliance requirements, and ensure that you have the documentation you need in the event of an audit or litigation.

What would improving your information infrastructure mean for your organization?
The benefits go far beyond cost savings. No matter how large or how small your business, our main focus is always on making people more productive, information more effective, and the entire process more efficient.

We may be able to reduce your document costs by as much as 30%.



Before you can put information to work, you have to be able to find it.
Information isn’t something you lock in a vault. Your people use it to run your business. In fact, they spend 30% of their day creating and looking for information. In order to make sure they find what they are looking for, paper-based data needs to be converted into searchable digital data, and stored in a managed repository.
We do that with digital imaging, archiving and indexing services that can help you transform the way you handle the daily flood of business correspondence. We’ll help you get rid of your endless rows of file cabinets and give your customer service representatives quick access to accounts for faster resolution of issues. When people have the information they need, they make better decisions, they collaborate more effectively, and they generate more business-building ideas. But imagine documents that are smarter, capable of managing themselves through their entire lifecycle. They send themselves to the people who need to know what’s in them. They lock themselves away from people who don’t. They recognize information that’s pertinent to specific regulations. And they prompt you when action is required. Smarter documents use color as a communications tool to get and hold attention, increase comprehension, and generate a positive response. This isn’t science fiction. It’s something we do every day. It’s what happens when you have research scientists around the world spending every day finding new ways to work more effectively with information. Green World Alliance program, we are able to recycle or reuse 90% of our toner cartridges and containers, keeping millions of pounds of waste out of landfills. We bring that passion for the environment to you in the form of products and solutions that help you use less energy, promote responsible use of paper, reduce impact of toxics and heavy metals, and produce less waste. In recent years, we’ve partnered with:
• Outward Bound to teach respect for

If you want to work smarter, try working with a smarter document.
Most documents are downright dumb. They have no idea whom they belong to, what’s to be done with them, where they’re going next, or what damage they could do if they fell into the wrong hands.

the environment
• The Nature Conservancy to help move the

paper industry closer to ideal reforestation and environmental management practices
• The Business Roundtable’s S.E.E.

Sustainability is smart business.
It’s more than lip service. Since 1991, the foundation of our environmental program has been a Waste-Free product lifecycle. This encompasses design and build, customer use, and end-of-life management. The governing principles are efficient use of energy and materials. Through our

(Social, Environmental, Economic) Change initiative to promote better practices and a better world by integrating sustainability priorities and goals into business planning

Imagine documents that are capable of managing themselves through their entire lifecycle.

If you’d like, we can manage it all for you.
Most companies don’t have a Chief Document Officer and they probably don’t need one. What they do need is a team of experts who know more, care more, and do more with documents than anyone else. That’s a role we’re well suited to fill.
We can help you better manage your entire business and customer communications – including the Help Desk that supports them. Your statements and invoices are critical touch points with customers. Are they working? Is the information clear and easy to understand, or do they cause a flurry of calls to your Customer Service Center? Do you use them as marketing tools to generate additional revenue by crossselling and up-selling other products and services? Are they produced in a way that makes greatest use of the printing and publishing systems you already have? Many companies are turning to us to be their partner and take total responsibility for production and delivery of their customer communications. And we build continuous improvement against pre-established metrics right into the contract.

Did you say you could help me grow revenue?
Our work goes beyond saving time, saving money and improving productivity. We can also improve your bottom line by growing your top line. Think of all of your branded communications. Your marketing and sales materials, statements and invoices, product and service literature, recruitment, enrollment, application and order forms. Every one of these documents makes an impression – and you want to make sure it’s a positive and lasting one. Did you know that 90% of your customer communications are through documents?5 That’s an opportunity to cultivate stronger relationships through personalized full-color communications. Marketing and sales campaigns that leverage customer data such as purchase history and other relevant information can more than quadruple response rates over traditional mass mailings.6

Looking for a better way to create and produce sales literature?
Picture this. Your people in the field go online, select from the catalog, customize the piece, order quantities and specify delivery options. They can proof it right online as well, so it’s always exactly the way they want it. No reworks or send-backs. You print to meet actual demand instead of overprinting to meet anticipated demand. Our solution can give you greater control over your brand and accountability for your print spend, while simplifying the process for your people.

90% of your customer communications are through documents.



If printing is your business, we can help you succeed.
The printing industry is undergoing major structural changes. Experts agree that the industry is not just changing; it is being redefined.
So who is redefining it? Your customers. They want to rein in costs, and printing budgets are an easy target. You can help by printing more-valuable documents in precise quantities. They have to increase the relevance and effectiveness of their business communications. You can make it possible with personalized and customized printing. They have to grow revenue and increase customer loyalty. And so do you.

All it takes is the right business model, workflow, and technology.
At Xerox, we believe that this new reality in graphic communications is a moneymaking opportunity for those who understand the power of digital printing, and high-value applications such as on-demand books, web-to-print, transactional promotional, personalized direct mail and more. For every year from 2004 to 2009, digital production color printing has grown or will grow an average of 50% per year.7 It’s online, on demand, 1:1, and it’s the growth engine for graphic communications companies around the world. Welcome to The New Business of Printing.® When you partner with us, you get more than the right technology. You get workflow solutions tailored to your business that connect you to your customers 24/7, reduce costs through automation and “touchless” production, and enable new applications. And you get the business development help you need – access to our vast experience and expertise helping thousands of customers build successful digital printing businesses around the world.

Why you can believe what you read in our brochure.
• Year in and year out, we commit a

significant percentage of revenue to research and development – with our partner Fuji Xerox we invest about $1.5 billion annually – which fuels a new product development process that has produced more than 100 new products in the last three years
• Our portfolio is the broadest and

The answer is to be more than a printer.
When you offer marketing communications services such as full-color, 1:1 campaigns, you help your customers achieve higher response rates and greater ROI, and become a strategic partner in their business. You can build ongoing revenue streams with programs that drive volume even when the lights are out. That sure beats bidding on every job.

deepest in the document management arena, with scalable solutions for every budget and every size business
• Our strategic alliances and business

partners complement our expertise and our technology, adding even more value to the solutions and services we offer
• The sun never sets on our service

network – we’re worldwide, in more than 160 countries, 24/7
• Our disciplined Lean Six Sigma culture

reflects our commitment to quality and continuous improvement
• Customer-focused core values,

augmented by a passion for innovation, speed and adaptability, guide the people of Xerox
• We invite you to read about our

satisfied customers and industry awards at


We’re ready to listen and to partner.
Partnership begins with listening – really listening – to your needs, your challenges and your aspirations. At Xerox, we’re ready with open minds, proven experience, a worldclass portfolio of technology and services, and the right questions. To learn more, share an insight or ask a question of your own, go to For more information, visit us at or call 1 800 ASK XEROX.

Xerox Corporation 45 Glover Avenue P.O. Box 4505 Norwalk, CT 06856-4505 United States 203-968-3000

1 IDC, 2007 – pages printed on laser printers and multifunction devices, 2IDC, 2005, 3Xerox data and InfoTrends, Inc., 4Xerox Office Document Assessment data, 5Palo Alto Research Center, Inc., 6Romano and Broudy Study for Digital Printing Council, 7Caslon, Forecast 2006: The North American Color Production Digital Printing Market ©2008 Xerox Corporation. XEROX®, DocuColor®, and The New Business of Printing® are registered trademarks or trademarks of or licensed to XEROX CORPORATION. DocuColor® is used under license. All rights reserved. 1/08

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