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					              PRAYER SCARF DETAILS

 THANK YOU for making this prayer investment in the faith lives of our synod
 middle school youth! Prayer Scarves will be given to middle school youth and
         their adult leaders at each ConFEST, October 6, 20 and Nov 3

How do you make a Prayer Scarf?
      Prayer Scarf pattern and prayer suggestions are on the next two pages. There is no
      “required” pattern to use, so feel free to be creative!

How many Prayer Scarves are needed?
      700! We are inviting each congregation to consider making 25 (or more) Prayer
      Scarves. If only 35 congregations accept this invitation, there will be plenty.

Where should we bring completed Prayer Scarves?
      Please deliver prayer scarves by September 29, 2010 to ensure they arrive in
      time for ConFEST. They can be delivered 3 ways:

1. By Mail.
      Send to: La Crosse Area Synod office, 2301 South Ave, La Crosse WI 54601

2. Deliver in person.
      You can drop off completed Prayer Scarves at:
      La Crosse Area Synod Office       OR      Possibly one of the ConFEST locations
      2301 South Avenue                               Undetermined at this point --
      La Crosse, WI                                   Check website and future Synod Updates
      608-788-5000                                         (

3. Send with your congregation participants directly to the Middle School Gathering.
      If you will send Prayer Scarves to ConFEST with your congregation, please email
      rul or call the synod office (608-788-5000) by September 29 with the
      number of prayer scarves you will be sending.

      Please include your congregation name, city and a contact name
               when sending or dropping off Prayer Scarves!
                         PRAYER SCARF PATTERN
                     Suggested Patterns for Middle School ConFEST
    A Prayer Scarf can be knitted, crocheted, made out of material, or out of fleece.

COMPLETED SIZE: Knitted, crocheted or with fleece should be approximately 6” wide
and 36-48” long. To crochet cast on same number of stitches as with knitting and utilize
whatever stitch(es) you choose.

Before starting, cut 72 – 10” pieces of yarn for the fringe.

Cast on 24 stitches.

Knit all rows until scarf is approximately 36” long.

Bind off. Weave in loose ends.

Using 3 – 10” pieces of yarn for each fringe, add 12 fringes across each end of the prayer

Key: Knits = v v v and Purls = - - -

Original K3-P3 Shawl Pattern:
Row 1: v v v - - - v v v
Row 2: - - - v v v - - -
Row 3: v v v - - - v v v

Prayer suggestions while making your scarf are listed below

Needed: 1½ yards of fleece (will make multiple scarves)

Using the finished edge of the fleece as one long side of the scarf, measure out a scarf that's
6 inches wide and cut out. Repeat if making more than one scarf (Cutting out the scarves this
way has the stretch running the length of the scarf which allows the scarf to hold its shape
and prevent it from stretching out.)

Measure and mark on a line on the material six inches in on each short end of the scarf.

Cut fringe from end of the scarf to the line, each cut being about ¼ inch apart.

Tie each strip of fringe into a knot.

Pray for the recipient while cutting the fringe and while tying the knots. (Another option: If
making scarves with a group of people, pass the scarves around and have every person who
says a prayer tie a knot in one of the pieces of fringe.) Include a note that says "every knot
represents a prayer said for you".
On each of the 3 knit or purl stitches you say the 'Sign of the Cross', with the Amen occurring
               when you switch your yarn from front to back or back to front.

                                K1 - In the name of the Father
                                      K1 - and of the Son
                                  K1 - and of the Holy Spirit
                                 bring yarn forward - Amen

                                P1 - In the name of the Father
                                      P1 - and of the Son
                                  P1 - and of the Holy Spirit
                                bring yarn to the back - Amen


                      Dear Lord, please bless these needles of mine.
                That I may make a scarf of strength, faith, health and love.
                May this scarf be a source of comforting, healing, strength
                               when and where it is needed.
         May the young person that receives this be able to know that you are with
                              them and that they are not alone.
                     That they are cared for and loved and prayed for.
                         That your loving arms are around them,
                  to protect them for whatever reason they should need,
                              whenever they put this scarf on.
                                  Lord, thank you for the
                          blessings that this scarf is given. Amen.

Please attach a signed note to the scarf, letting the recipient know it was
     created with prayer. Here's a possible note that can be used.
                                This scarf was made just for you
                                        To bring comfort
                                     To know you are loved
                                      To share in your joy
                                  This scarf is to wrap you up
                                       When you're cold
                                      When you're hurting
                                  When you need to snuggle
                                      This scarf was made
                                         With Blessings
                                           With Love
                                          With Prayers

                                  Made By _______________