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									 Inside                      April 26, 2004                              Oklahoma City Community College

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Tuition fees
likely to rise
at least 7%
                      By Caroline Ting

 T     uition fees are expected to increase at least 7 per-
       cent next fall at OKCCC. The exact percentage of
increase will be determined by the Board of Regents in
late May to early June, said OKCCC President Bob Todd.
   College administrators have presented a proposal for a
tuition increase to The Leadership Council, a student
group with representatives from clubs and organizations
across campus.
   The students passed a resolution in support of some
adjustment in tuition, Todd said.
   The resolution indicates an increase both in resident
and non-resident tuition to range from 7 to 12 percent
for the 2005 school year.
   There also will be an increase in the student facility
use fee, according to TLC’s April 8 meeting agenda. The
current facility use fee is $4.30 per credit hour.                                                                                           Photo by Billy Adams
   Current tuition for residents is $36.05 per credit hour.   Charitable art: “Scorpion Queen” is a sculpture by Alisa Davis that was on display in the
A 7-percent increase would bring that to $38.57. A 12-        student art show. The sculpture was auctioned off, along with several other works by various
percent increase would total $40.38 per credit hour.          artists, at the Book Beat and Co. Electric Chair Art Gallery to raise money to help pay for Davis’s
   Non-residents now pay an additional $80.15 per credit      mother-in-law’s chemotherapy.
hour. A 7-percent increase would make that cost $85.76.
A 12-percent increase would total $89.77.
   Todd said the college wanted to set a range because it
would help them control the increase.
                                                              Grad speaker says attitude
   “I want to try to keep it as reasonable as we can make
it,” Todd said.
   The amount of the increase depends upon a number of
                                                              determines person’s success
                                                                                               and your heart that carries       he said.
factors, Todd said. State funds allocated to OKCCC would
                                                                   By Caroline Ting            you to your stars in life.”         “Education changes
be one element.
                                                                        Editor                   Massey said he read             everybody’s life,” Massey
   “We want to control [the increase] but it will depend
                                                                                               about the percentages             said. “It teaches you how to
upon a number of other factors, predominantly the level
                                                                                               which were compiled in a          get along with people [and]
of the state appropriations,” Todd said.
   State appropriations are the money the state Legisla-
ture assigns to higher education each year.
                                                                S    tate Regent for
                                                                     Higher Education
                                                              John Massey said attitude
                                                                                               study by the Stanford Re-
                                                                                               search Institute.
                                                                                                 Massey said the subjects
                                                                                                                                 teaches you how to study.”
                                                                                                                                   Massey comes from
                                                                                                                                 southeastern Oklahoma,
   The Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education also has
                                                              mainly determines a per-         students study in college         where he said only about
established a tuition cap, which is based on the average
                                                              son’s success. That is what      change daily, plus students       10 percent of the popula-
tuition charges in like institutions in the region, Todd
                                                              he plans to tell OKCCC           can only apply a fraction of      tion have college degrees.
said. The cap is the average tuition minus $1.
                                                              graduates at this year’s         that to life. So, he said, the    He was the first one in his
   OKCCC tuition is presently at 63 percent of the cap,
                                                              commencement.                    right attitude is beneficial.     family to receive a college
which means OKCCC students are paying less than com-
                                                                Massey will be the key-          “If your attitude is right,     degree. He graduated from
munity college students in the states of Colorado, Michi-
                                                              note speaker May 14 at the       and you’ve learned how to         Southeastern Oklahoma
gan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin, Todd
                                                              Cox Convention Center.           study, everything just            State University in Durant
                                                                “Attitudes are 87.5 per-       works out for you,” Massey        with a bachelor of science
   Last year the college experienced a tuition increase of
                                                              cent of your success in life,”   said.
                                                              he said. “Only 12.5 percent        The impact of education
                   See “Increase,” page 12                    pertains to what knowledge       also cannot be ignored as             See “Massey,” page 12
                                                              you’ve got in [your] head        part of the success in life,
2 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

                                                   Editorial and Opinion
                                                            Christians don’t own marriage
       Muskogee                                             To the editor:
                                                              This is in response to
                                                            Karen Cuellar’s letter to the
                                                                                             Christian ideal, tell that to
                                                                                             the Muslims, the Bud-
                                                                                             dhists, the Jews, and all the
                                                                                                                             is not a crime. They will not
                                                                                                                             allow people to discriminate
                                                                                                                             against us just because
                                                            editor dated April 12 titled     other people of the world       their god doesn’t like it. And
    school should                                           “Gay marriages disrespect
                                                            student’s faith in Christian-
                                                                                             who are not Christians but
                                                                                             still married. What gall you
                                                                                             have to say that your reli-
                                                                                                                             as for the word “married,”
                                                                                                                             you don’t own it.
                                                                                                                               If you are so insecure in

   allow head scarf                                           First of all, you have ev-
                                                            ery right to follow your reli-
                                                            gious beliefs as you see fit.
                                                                                             gion has exclusive rights to
                                                                                             the word marriage.
                                                                                               I challenge you to come
                                                                                                                             your own marriage that the
                                                                                                                             union of two loving people
                                                                                                                             can “devalue” it, then
    All religions have different rules, standards and
                                                            That is until they trample       up with a valid reason that     maybe you married the
  even dress codes. For instance, Christians wear
                                                            my civil rights. I am an out     two people of the same sex      wrong man.
  crosses, Jews wear yarmulkes and Muslims wear
                                                            gay man and, believe it or       should not be married that                   —John Easley
  “hijabs,” also known as head scarves.
                                                            not, the Constitution ap-        doesn’t have its origins in          OKCCC graduate and
    Nashala Hearn, 11, was suspended twice late
                                                            plies to me too. I am tired      your religion. If you can’t         former Pioneer editor
  last year from a Muskogee middle school for wear-
                                                            of evangelical Christians        (which you won’t), then it
  ing a head scarf to school. It violated the dress
                                                            claiming that they have the      won’t stand up to the U.S.
  code regulations, which say there should be no
  headgear worn in schools, said representatives of
                                                            right to impose their reli-
                                                            gion on the rest of us in the
                                                                                             Supreme Court.
                                                                                               Here is my prediction.
  her school, Ben Franklin Science Academy.
    Hearn’s parents fired back with a civil lawsuit
                                                            name of God.                     Civil Rights in the United            Vol. 32 No. 30
                                                              Try this on. My religious      States cannot be bound by        Caroline Ting.................Editor
  against the Muskogee School District.
                                                            beliefs state that homo-         state borders. They belong       Lacey Lett..............Staff Writer
    March 30, the Justice Department got involved
                                                            sexuality is not a sin and       to all Americans. When the       Nicole Padilla...........Staff Writer
  by hiring government civil rights lawyers to sup-                                                                           Billy Adams.......Photographer
                                                            gay marriage is OK. It is not    southern states tried to
  port the Muslim girl, according to The                                                                             Melissa Guice.....Online Editor
                                                            the job of the government        enforce segregation, the
  court date is a few months from now.                                                                                        Ronna Austin.........Lab Director
                                                            to determine what religion       courts said no. It would not
    True, the school was following regulations, but                                                                           Sue Hinton.......Faculty Adviser
                                                            should be the state religion     have mattered one bit in
  school boards go overboard sometimes.
                                                            that everyone has to follow.     Brown v Board of Educa-             The PIONEER is a publica-
    At Jefferson Middle School in Oklahoma City,
                                                              And before you start rant-     tion if the state had an         tion of Oklahoma City Com-
  students were not allowed to wear a tank top un-
                                                            ing about how this country       amendment stating segre-         munity College through the
  der a button up shirt for fear of girls taking off the
                                                            was founded on Christian         gation is the will of the        Division of Arts and Humani-
  over shirt to let their shoulders show (gasp)! How                                                                          ties. It is published weekly
                                                            principles you have some         people.
  horrible that would be.                                                                                                     during the fall and spring se-
                                                            explaining to do. These            Our Supreme Court has
    With Hearn, it seems like the school system was                                                                           mesters and the eight-week
                                                            “Christian” principles in-       the job of guaranteeing civil
  discouraging her religious rights. She defended                                                                             summer session.
                                                            cluded slavery, no women’s       rights to all American citi-        All opinions expressed are
  herself by saying other students are allowed to wear
                                                            rights, no voting rights for     zens, even the ones who          those of the author and do not
  crosses so it’s unfair that she can’t wear her “hijab.”
                                                            non-land owners and mis-         don’t like your religion.        necessarily represent those of
    According to, Ben Franklin Science
                                                            treatment of anyone they           The Supreme Court has          the publisher.
  Academy attorney DD Hayes said, “As I see it right                                                                             The PIONEER welcomes let-
                                                            deemed inferior. Some            already struck down anti-
  now, I don’t think we can make a special accom-                                                                             ters to the editor and encour-
                                                            Christians.                      sodomy laws and has
  modation for religious wear.                                                                                                ages the use of this publica-
                                                              As for marriage being a        stated that homosexuality
    “You treat religious items the same as you would                                                                          tion as a community forum.
  as any other item, no better, no worse. Our dress                                                                           All letters must include the
                                                                                                                              author’s name, address,
  code prohibits headgear, period.”
                                                                                                                              phone number and signature.
    It’s okay to wear crosses around your neck to                                                                             However, the PIONEER will
  celebrate Christianity because it doesn’t violate the                                                                       withhold the name if the re-
  Muskogee school dress code, but Muslims aren’t                                                                              quest is made in writing. The
  allowed to celebrate their religion because it vio-                                                                         PIONEER has the right to edit
  lates school policy. This is unfair and wrong.                                                                              all letters and submissions for
    Assistant Attorney General for civil rights Alex                                                                          length, libel and obscenity.
                                                                                                                                 Letters to the editor can be
  Acosta believes no student should have to pick
                                                                                                                              delivered in person to the PIO-
  between religion and an education.                                                                                          NEER office, mailed to: Pio-
    “No student should be forced to choose between                                                                            neer Editor, 7777 S. May,
  following her faith and enjoying the benefits of a                                                                          Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  public education.”                                                                                                          73159 or faxed to 682-7568.
    We all have different opinions and beliefs. That’s                                                                           Letters may also be e-mailed
  what keeps life interesting, people unique and                                                                              to A phone
                                                                                                                              number for verification must
  cultures diversified. We, as individuals, are al-
                                                                                                                              be included.
  lowed to pray in school. Why shouldn’t Hearn be                                                                                The PIONEER can be ac-
  able to follow her faith as well?                                                                                           cessed on the Internet at:
    As long as Hearn isn’t forcing her beliefs on                                                                   
  someone else, she should be able to follow her
  religion without her beliefs shot down.
                                          —Lacey Lett
                                           Staff Writer
                                                                                                                April 26, 2004 • PIONEER • 3

                                             Comments and Reviews
Art works deserve proper display
To the editor:
   The National
Endowment for           “A formal, dedicated gallery would offer an important
the Arts 1997                 laboratory experience for students studying the
Survey of Public               visual arts and an important asset to OKCCC’s
Participation in             art program by providing a place where students
the Arts Executive
                              could learn the proper ways to promote, display             Q: Why can’t we have more handicapped parking
Summary Report
                                                    and present art to the public.”       spaces closer to the buildings?
stated that 35
                                            —Carolyn Farris and Mary Ann Moore            A: In the design process for parking at the college,
percent of Ameri-
                                                                                          consideration is made for the number and location
can adults made                                               Visual Arts Professors
                                                                                          of required handicapped spaces.
at least one visit to
                                                                                                                              —J.B. Messer
an art museum or
                                                                                                                 Director of Physical Plant
gallery in 1997. Because bition space in the pro- nity for a one-person show
each visitor made an aver- posed OKCCC Center for in a dignified and respect-
                                                                                          Q: Why are the instructors’ names not printed in
age of 3.3 visits per year, a the Arts? Or will the art be able exhibition space.
                                                                                          the schedule?
total of 225 million visits hidden away in some              It would provide a place
                                                                                          A: The schedule building process begins a year prior
were made.                    glassed-in display case where dif ferent ethnic
                                                                                          to the actual start of the semester. Currently we are
   Imagine with us now with poor lighting, down a groups could hear and
                                                                                          preparing more than 1,300 sections for Spring 2005.
these headlines:              narrow hall?                 share their music, visual
                                                                                            The process begins at the division level and in-
   “Oklahoma City Commu-        Is the motive the hope arts and dramatic perfor-
                                                                                          cludes a variety of factors prior to determining fac-
nity College Center for the that the art will not be seen mances and, perhaps, even
                                                                                          ulty assignments. Although many factors alter the
Arts,” “Different Races, or cause any form of intel- their food. It could be used
                                                                                          assignments of faculty, on occasion a full-time fac-
United Passion,” “The Na- lectual discourse that as a lecture facility provid-
                                                                                          ulty member will have the same assignment from
tive American Artist of would require an open and ing educational lectures,
                                                                                          year to year. However, if the assignment changes,
Oklahoma,” “Exhibition to inquiring mind? Is the pur- readings, small dramatic
                                                                                          the schedule no longer provides accurate informa-
honor seven decades of Af- pose of such a display plan and musical performances.
rican-American Art,” “Be- to repeat what has happen Business seminars could
                                                                                            Students can get updated information on which
yond Boundaries: The in regards to the nude be presented there when
                                                                                          faculty member is teaching which section at
Yixing Influence on Con- drawing that was in the they connect to a particu-
                                                                                          MineOnline under Check Course Availability on the
temporary American Ce- Arts and Humanities’ dis- lar cultural (Japan,
                                                                                          college homepage at
ramics,” “Regional High play case?                         Istanbul, Egypt, Iraq, Ko-
                                                                                                                           —Brenda Harrison
School Art Exhibition,”         This incident has created rea, Africa) exhibition or
                                                                                             Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs
“Quilts as Art,” “Political a very positive environment performance.
Cartooning from 1950 to for college students to ex-          Presently, the citizens of
                                                                                          Q: Why does the college buy the cheaper toilet pa-
2000,” “Medical Illustra- perience first hand moral, south Oklahoma City and
                                                                                          per when it takes twice as much?
tions,” “Graphic Design and political and ethical societal the students of OKCCC do
                                                                                          A: The college has standardized all toilet dispens-
the World Wide Web,” “The issues related to a demo- not have a public, formal,
                                                                                          ers and tissues throughout the college during this
Divine Body in Indian Art,” cratic society.                dedicated exhibition space
                                                                                          past year. And Physical Plant, up to this point, was
“Iraq and China: Ceramics,      A formal, dedicated gal- where art can be shown
                                                                                          unaware that customers were dissatisfied.
Trade and Innovations,” lery would offer an impor- with pride in its signifi-
                                                                                                                               —J.B. Messer
“Exhibition of Bangla callig- tant laboratory experience cance.
                                                                                                                 Director of Physical Plant
raphy,” “OKCCC’s Annual for students studying the            If you believe in the im-
Student Art Show,” “Down- visual arts and an impor- portance of Visual Arts to a
                                                                                          Q: Why is it always so cold in the main building?
town Oklahoma City His- tant asset to OKCCC’s art college community, please
                                                                                          A: The college physical plant attempts to maintain
torical Photography” and program by providing a express your opinions to
                                                                                          environmental temperatures within ASHRAE
“Images from the Hubble place where students could the editor and help find the
                                                                                          (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-
Space Craft.”                 learn the proper ways to necessary funding to en-
                                                                                          conditioning Engineers) standards. When there are
   Has the time finally ar- promote, display and sure that the Visual Arts
                                                                                          instances of temperatures being uncomfortable
rived for the citizens of present art to the public. It are properly represented in
                                                                                          within the facility, a work order can be initiated for
South Oklahoma City, the would also improve student the new OKCCC Center for
                                                                                          the Physical Plant to address these particular is-
faculty, students and staff retention in the Visual Arts the Arts.
at OKCCC and the visual program by keeping stu-                  —Carolyn Farris and
                                                                                                                                —J.B. Messer
arts lover to have a digni- dents in the program by                 Mary Ann Moore
                                                                                                                   Director of Physical Plant
fied and respectable exhi- giving them the opportu-            Visual Arts professors

                                                                                             Have a question about OKCCC
                       Quote of the Week:                                                        that you don’t have the
                                                                                                       answer for?
   “Problems do not go away. They must be worked                                            Give us the question, and we will
   through or else they remain, forever a barrier to                                            find the answer for you.
      the growth and development of the spirit.”                                          
                                                                                                  682-1611, ext. 7409
                                    —M. Scott Peck
4 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

                                                Comments and Reviews
Writer explains his war record in Vietnam
To the editor:                    I made E-5 in less than       Against The War.” He still      did in Vietnam. One of my      fence in defiance.
  I’m sorry if I offended you   four years, and when I was      carries his card to this day    goals has been to visit the      I spent a total of 24
Jay. I was only voicing my      discharged I drove to Los       along with his entire right     “Wall” and thank them per-     months in and around Viet-
opinion of John Kerry.          Angeles to watch one of the     side being crushed and          sonally one day. A lot of      nam, and only regret that
  I too processed in the        Marine battalions we had        scarred for life. He saw        men I know received med-       we didn’t win. I would love
same way and did three          worked with come home.          things that most men didn’t     als. I was nominated for the   to sit down someday over
tours in and around the         These gallant heroes still      and still is trying to live     Navy Commendation Me-          coffee and visit with you. I
Delta. I served on an old       had Vietnam on their boots,     with the nightmares as a        dal, but would never even      was there in 1966, ’68 and
6100 series Destroyer and       and folks were throwing         result of it, but he won’t      conceive of taking it to a     ’69.
also spent a lot of time        garbage at them and call-       support John Kerry either.      protest at the White House             —Lloyd Kingsbury
around Swift Boats and          ing them “murderers.” I’m          Very few of us agreed with   and throwing it over the         Health Lab Coordinator
PBR’S. Several of our crew,     glad, as a retired officer,     the war, but most of us
including myself, got orders
to these tiny vessels. I too,
like millions of others vol-
                                that you have such strong
                                convictions and are so will-
                                ing to voice them. This is
                                                                weren’t afforded the oppor-
                                                                tunity to be so vocal about
                                                                it. You know as well as I do.
                                                                                                Mischosen words
unteered, and did my time       exactly why I went to Viet-     If Hanoi Jane and John          To the editor:
for “Duty, Honor and Coun-      nam, to help guarantee          Kerry had been just poor          I am troubled by the choice of words “groped and mo-
try.” I got extended because    those rights.                   old everyday grunts or citi-    lested herself” in the article about the deaf actress’s per-
I was in a critical rate and      I have a very close friend    zens, the stunts they pulled    formance at the college theater April 9.
then received an early out.     who was blown away leav-        would have gotten them            Those words could cause the reader to feel negative
  I didn’t have the luxury      ing Phu Bai. He was a re-       arrested and thrown in jail.    about the performer instead of eliciting compassion for
of having a wealthy family      porter with the “Stars N           “Money talks and B.S.        those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse.
or a college education as so    Bars,” and he also joined       Walks.” I’m extremely             The biographical story was portrayed by the actress
many officers did.              the “Vietnam Veterans           proud of what others and I      professionally and in good taste, and was presented in a
                                                                                                manner that respected the sensitivity of the subject mat-

Student criticizes loss of art                                                                  ter.
                                                                                                  The performance was in American sign language and
                                                                                                translated into English by a highly skilled and compe-
To the editor:                  the business of doing?            I’ve always been under        tent interpreter. Never were those disparaging, image-
  I picked up a copy of the     Maybe the thought of los-       the impression that using       evoking words used as part of the English equivalent
Pioneer on March 27 as I        ing some tuition monies is      controversy, especially         rendition.
was going to class, and was     a more powerful idea than       other artists’ controversy,       I appreciate that the rest of the article was accurately
totally taken back by the       actually educating. That        as a teaching tool to stimu-    reported, but saddened that the reporter and others who
article by Caroline Ting,       would be a sad situation if     late students to challenge      read the article would believe that the performance in
“Artwork evokes mixed re-       the latter were actually the    their preconceived ideas, or    sign language expressed in any way that was represented
actions.”                       case.                           ideas that have been            by those mischosen words.
  Talk about understate-          As for Allison Foster, you    learned from those stu-                                                        —Pat Stowe
ments in titles. More like      might want to steer clear of    dents’ peers, was the                Director of Services to Students with Disabilities
“Artwork evokes censor -        some of the finer museums       teacher’s opportunity to ac-
ship” in my opinion.            of art, not only in Okla-       tually teach. Maybe my
  I’ve debated myself sev-
eral hundred times since
                                homa, but anywhere in the
                                world. I’m sure there will be
                                                                conception of teaching op-
                                                                portunities is incorrect, but
                                                                                                Excess religion on issues
March 27 as to whether I        nude studies that will of-      I tend to believe that they     To the editor:
should even address this        fend you.                       are not.                          Many of the articles about gay marriages and the de-
issue. I obviously have suc-      Art is sometimes sup-           I believe my hope is that     bate over the painting are bringing Christian beliefs into
cumbed to my better judge-      posed to challenge your         the artist Heather Story        them.
ment.                           sense of comfort. Challenge     won’t be too affected by this     I do not feel that just because you claim to be a Chris-
  As for the college, shame     your own prejudiced con-        act of censorship toward        tian, you should use “scriptures” to support your opin-
on you for caving so quickly    ceptions of “indecent mate-     her beautiful piece of art      ion. I feel that if you have an opinion, that’s fine. If you
and easily. You’ve set a pre-   rial” and “soft-core porno-     work.                           have your own religion, that’s fine too. However, being a
cedent that will eventually     graphic art.”                     I personally would love to    proud Wiccan, I ask what difference it makes what reli-
come back to haunt you.           Professor       Jonathan      see the piece in the origi-     gion you are. When two people love each other and want
  So, am I to understand        Stewart, of all people, you     nal public forum, and not       to marry, just let them.
that all it takes is a post-    should understand. From a       have to go behind a curtain       I was taken aback when marriage was named “a Chris-
adolescent histrionic com-      musician’s point of view, re-   or wait until 2005 to see her   tian” act. Marriage is a union between two or sometimes
plaint and 30 signatures on     moving the piece of art is      work in a segregated area       more people who love and care for each other, regardless
a petition to get this insti-   parallel to someone circu-      away from the public’s          of sexuality, race or religion. If people are true to them-
tution to tuck its proverbial   lating a petition to remove     view.                           selves and others, their religion is just another aspect of
tail between its legs and       a selected piece of music         Keep up the good work,        them.
run for the creek?              from one of your concerts       Story. You have a great tal-      In reference to the painting controversy, if you don’t
  Censorship is not a learn-    because of some convo-          ent. Don’t let the narrow       want to see it, don’t look. What child hasn’t seen breasts?
ing experience. Helen Keller    luted personal idea that the    mindedness of a handful of      My children were all breastfed, and they’re not scarred
said, “Knowledge is power.”     performance piece you se-       people get the best of your     from seeing them. I personally think it was blown way
Use this controversy to         lected is offensive. Would      artistic freedom.               out of proportion. I say again: If you don’t want to see it,
teach. After all, isn’t that    you really cave in so quickly               —James Spann        then don’t look at the painting.
what you (OKCCC) are in         to the pressure to do so?                    Nursing major                                   —Name withheld by request
                                                                                                                       April 26, 2004 • PIONEER • 5

Peeping into the artwork of one OKCCC student
                                            ied. Most of the photographs were of
             By Lacey Lett                  people, some of which the people had
              Staff Writer                  words painted on them.
                                              “I’ve always been interested in photog-
                                            raphy,” Wellborn said. She got involved
  One OKCCC student let a piece of her      in it at the college last semester when
mind out in the open with her photog-       she had adjunct professor Jai
raphy.                                      Gronemeier for black-and-white photog-
  Crystal Wellborn, 23, displayed a pho-    raphy. She said Gronemeier has helped
tography show called “Taking a Stand”       her tremendously.
April 17 through 23 at Book Beat and          “She did all the framing and the mat-
Co. on South Walker.                        ting for me.”
  According to her biography, Wellborn        She also thanks the owner of Book
has a style resembling that of Richard      Beat who let her display her work.
Kern and Man Ray, with some photos            She said she has received good re-
which create an erotiscope of imagery.      sponses from viewers.
  She said her photography is like “peep-     “A lot of people have been giving me
ing through a peep hole looking at dif-     amazingly positive feedback.”
ferent aspects of people’s lives and also     Wellborn is from New Mexico and at-
my own.”                                    tends OKCCC as a liberal arts major.
  Her photography was done on a             She has a 4-year-old son Gabriel and a
Polaroid camera. She said one reason        2-year-old daughter Emily. She works
was because her camera broke, but also      as a model at Oklahoma City University
because it gave her the effect she          for the art department.
wanted.                                       Wellborn’s pictures can be purchased
  The pieces are all original black and     for $125. For more information on                                                           Photo by Billy Adams
white photos, meaning they can’t be cop-    Wellborn’s artwork call 366-3161.
                                                                                                                Crystal Wellborn

                                                                 Birth control activist to speak
                                                                                                                  Bill Baird said he has dedicated his
                                                                             By Mitchell Day                   life to making people aware of birth con-
                                                                          News Writing I Student               trol methods.
                                                                                                                  He said he has been sent to prison in
                                                                                                               this country for actions as small as
                                                                   In 1965, Bill Baird was arrested for        showing a diaphragm at a speech, but
                                                                 breaking a law that once existed in the       has continued to teach women about
                                                                 United States. The law forbade anyone         methods of birth control.
                                                                 from distributing any information on             Baird began his quest of making birth
                                                                 any forms of birth control. Knowing he        control and abortion legal when he wit-
                                                                 could go to jail, he drove his van to a       nessed a woman die in his arms due to
                                                                 slum neighborhood in order to teach the       a self-inflicted abortion. In those days,
                                                                 people about what they could do about         when abortion was illegal, many women
                                                                 birth control.                                attempted abortions on themselves. In
                                                                   Baird will speak about his adventures       fact in 1965; it was the number one killer
                                                                 as a pioneer in the field of reproductive     among pregnant women.
                                                                 choice at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 29,          Baird said he is a controversial
                                                                 in college union room 3. He said he will      speaker, who has received death threats,
                                                                 let students know what can be done with       has been shot at twice, kicked and ridi-
                                                                 a sociology degree.                           culed, all by people who say the actions
                                                                   Baird, in his early 70s, comes to           he takes are anti-Christian.
                                                                 OKCCC to spread a message. “I want               He said he comes to OKCCC to speak
                                                                 young people to understand how the            of his 40-year fight of rights for women.
                                                                 laws were back then, to give insight to           “I have spent my life fighting for the
                                                                 the past,” he said. “If you don’t know        rights of African Americans, homosexu-
                                                                 where you have been, you don’t know           als, and women, all of which I am not,”
                                                                 where you are going.”                         he said.

                                                                                        OKCCC play to make laughs and cries
                                                                        The drama/comedy “The Nina Variations” will be performed at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                       April 29 through May 1 in the college theater.
                                                                        The first night offers a free matinee for OKCCC students, faculty and staff.
                                                                                 Otherwise, admission is $4 for students, faculty and staff,
                                                                                                 and $5 for the general public.
                                                                                      Nina Variations examines Chekhov’s play The Seagull.
                                                                                    In it, actors perform 43 variations of the final scene.
6 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

Scholars League                                                      Is school over yet?

selling candles
good enough to eat
   By Christina Tran                       “Students and
 News Writing I Student              faculty can expect a
                                    good quality product
  From lemon cheesecake
                                      with a good price.”
to white chocolate, 120 dif-            —Amber Hallmark
ferent types of fragrance             Sponsor for Scholars
candles will be sold by the                        League
Scholars League from 10
a.m. to 2 p.m. May 4 and 5
in front of the elevators in        She said this is the first
the main building.                fund-raiser the Scholars
  The candles come in two         League will have this year.
sizes- 9-ounce and 16-            The money will go toward
ounce. The 9-ounce is $7          next year’s club events.
while the 16-ounce is $14.          Throughout the year, the
  “Students and faculty           Scholars League provides                                                                                 Photo by Billy Adams
can expect a good quality         numerous activities that             A student takes advantage of the warm weather to catch a rare nap in the courtyard.
product with a good price,”       need funding.                      The photographer couldn’t bring himself to wake her up to get her name.
Scholars League sponsor             With the money raised
Amber Hallmark said.              from the candle sale, the
  “It could be a gift for your-   Scholars League will be          trip, horseback riding and      the Scholars League will be     the candle sale contact Am-
self or a gift to give to oth-    able to fund future projects     much more, Hallmark said.       helping with the sale.          ber Hallmark at 682-1611,
ers.”                             such as a toy drive, zoo field   The 30 active members in          For more information on       ext. 7530.

Crime scene investigation seminar set                                                                 e-mail the editor at
                                  We are trying to get the sec-    gree in criminal justice. He
        By Lacey Lett             ond one filled up now.”          has worked on both the                         Traxman Recording
         Staff Writer               The class will include col-    Oklahoma       City     and               offers 24-track recording
                                  lecting evidence, scene          Nor man Police Depart-
                                  documentation and pho-           ments.                                      for only $35 an hour!
  Television offers popular       tography, crime scene              Parker also has worked in               Call Jim Lett 405.550.6081
shows like “CSI,” “CSI Mi-        sketches and legal issues.       security for the United
ami” and “Without a Trace.”         Also, there will be dem-       States Air Force.
With all the hype toward          onstrations on fingerprint-        This seminar is for stu-            CITY OF EDMOND
crime scene investigation,        ing, trace evidence, impres-     dents interested in crimi-
the field has been flourish-      sions and tool marks, a          nology or forensics. Stu-               is accepting applications for summer positions:
ing.                              press release said.              dents will not be certified         Pelican Bay Aquatic Center Lifeguard,
  Bud Elder, training con-          Elder said the class is        and or get credit.
sultant for workforce devel-      CLEET certified. “If you’re        For more infor mation            Concession & Cashier Staff, Arcadia Lake,
opment at the Training            a law enforcement officer in     call 682-7562 or visit              Golf Course & Park Maintenance Staff.
Center, and Douglas Par-          the state, you have to have
ker, Oklahoma City crime          so many hours of training        center.                                    Job Info Line 359-4648
scene investigator, are           and this class adds to that.”      Senior Staff Writer Lacey      
bringing an adult seminar           Elder said Parker is a         Lett can be reached at                  Apply at 100 E. First, room 106
called, “Basic Crime Scene        great communicator which
Investigations” to campus.        should make the class en-
  Elder said he and co-           tertaining.
worker Terri Pickering in-          “It’s a fascinating subject
                                                                           Midway Baptist Church
vited Parker to have the          that [Parker] has con-                             
seminar. Parker will teach        densed [into] a very educa-                                                             †Sunday Morning
the seminar in the college        tional and user -friendly
                                                                            4101 East Thomas Drive
                                                                                                                           Sunday school            10:00 a.m.
library on May 10 and 11,         method...,” Elder said.                     Del City, OK 73115                           Worship Service          11:00 a.m.
from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.               Parker has taught classes                    (405)672-4253
  The cost is $169 which          at OSU/OKC, Seminole                      Pastor: Eddie Chambers                        †Sunday Evening
includes the book and lab         College and University of                                                                Training Union            6:00 p.m.
supplies. Elder said the          Central Oklahoma.                               For information on                       Worship Service           7:00 p.m.
classes are filling up fast.        He graduated from Uni-                 campus ministry activities, contact:
  “The first class is already     versity of Central Okla-                          †Wednesday Evening
booked with a waiting list.                                                         (405)286-0489                          Worship Service           7:00 p.m.
                                  homa with a master’s de-
                                                                                                                                                  April 26, 2004 • PIONEER • 7

OKCCC students ready to receive diplomas
   The following students have        Ocasio, Deanna Poljanowski, John     Misty Hurst, Laura Minjarez,           Brian Byrne, Samantha Counts,          PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSIS-
applied for May graduation.           Stanko II, Latoya Taylor, Jim        Summer Moore, Stacy Morrow,            Kennith George, Kelly Hayden,          TANT: Laura Arbetello, Heather
                                      Tufts, Matthew Whitmarsh, Philip     Tracy Peters, Linda Pinon, Steph-      Isaac Martinez, Willie Swygert, Ali    Crow-Penwright, Caryn Davis,
Diplomas will be granted after        Wickett, Julie Wilson.               anie Reynolds, Emily Self, Lisa        Vardasebi.                             Crystal Golden, Theresa Harris,
credentials are completed and         VISUAL ARTS: Jennifer Alig,          Sykes, Billy Teague, Daniel Teri,      COMPUTER SCIENCE: Farid Ah-            Janice Hoepfner, Kathryn Knight,
degree requirements are met.          Teresa Green, Lauren Hauschild,      Jodi Wallace, Brooke Walley,           med, Victoria Alley, Bruce Bates,      Jimmy Lytal, Melissa Marshall,
Students who have fulfilled           Adrienne Pitzer, Ronnie Rowley,      Joann Ward.                            Jo Harris, Shiran Karunadasa,          Tiffany Montesano, Amber Par-
                                      Lisa Simms, Heather Story, John      PRE-ENGINEERING: Juba Allen,           Kyle Kendrix, Mark Kilgore, Ryan       sons, Larry Tempson, Audrey
degree requirements can par-          Toth, Casey Webb.                    Tim Cassil, Jason Conner, Erica        Kueter, Clifton Lawson, Daniel         White.
ticipate in the May 14 com-                                                Hill, Sobhi Kojo, Shushuma Kot-        Light, Anita McClain, Michael          RESPIRATORY CARE THERA-
mencement ceremony.                    ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE                turu, Ryan Lippoldt, Rocky Maz-        Nicholas, Keith Parks, Travis          PIST: Varghese Abraham, Te-
                                      AVIATION        MAINTENANCE          zone, James Morris, Marc Morris,       Phelps, Cezary Poljanowski, Cale       quisha Ashley, Anita Cooper,
   ASSOCIATE IN ARTS                  TECHNOLOGY: Gina Haygood,            Nhat Pham, Phi Pham, Jamil             Roby, Matthew Schratwieser, Os-        Dana Dorr, Nasrin Ehsan, Angela
CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Rozella            Zachariah Smith, Jason Songer,       Qassim, Fabio Rojas, Petr Sramek,      car Solorzano, Angela Young.           Ellison, Timothy Gower, Colleen
Baumann, Cassidy Elmo, Ashley         John Stevens, Linh Tran, James       Mike Walters, Heath Work.              ELECTRONICS: Clendon Detrix-           Hall, Allicia Howard, Arun Kur-
Hall, Datrina Maynard, Teresita       Wilson.                              SCIENCE: Angie Albers, Ramin           he, Scott McCoy, Virgil Satterfield.   iakose, Abby Nelson, John Owen,
Schutten, Cheryl Thompson.            BUSINESS: Tammy Ash, Jennifer        Alghojeh, Jill Barbour, Django         EMERGENCY MEDICAL SCI-                 Carlos Pena, Randy Robnett,
DIVERSIFIED STUDIES: Crystal          Atkins, Andrew Auchter, Regina       Belote, Stephanie Billings, April      ENCES: Craig Bartley, John             Katheryne Schaffer, Elizabeth
Berdinner, Cynthia Bostic, Sandra     Baker, William Bratton, Matthew      Brewer, Amy Brock, Daicy Cheria-       Hicks, Keith Huddleston, Dustin        Sims, Jeff Smith, Shawna Ton-
Brantley, John Bryant, Lindi Cris-    Buchheit, Matthew Cook, Natasha      sseril, Margaret Cramer, Kristal       Norman, James Stone.                   sing, Dolores Torres.
well, Angela Doser, Jeffrey Holt,     Crawford, Cristian Evans, Daniel     Davis, Shahang Derakhshan,             FILM AND VIDEO PRODUCTION              SURGICAL TECHNOLOGY: Jen-
Misty Hopkins, Christopher Hurtt,     Forgey, Matthew Fullerton, David     Charlene Dominguez, Kimberly           TECHNICIAN: Leland Bean,               nifer Kerr, Bryan Lewis, Tu Pham.
Staci Mckeel, Mary Patterson,         Gathaiya, Tzvetelin Gospodinob,      Ewing, Auburn Gailey, Olivia Gal-      Aaron Belonick, Gordon Butler,         TECHNOLOGY: Teddy Burch,
Tracy Peters, Toni Reed, Alicia       Cecil Gray, Ann Bell Griffith, Mi-   braith, Brian Giordano, Christina      James Cooper, Patrick Kirk, Chris-     Thomas Danner III, David Deal,
Shaw, Cathy Swab, Shannon             chael Grubbs, Justin Hendrick-       Grant, Riley Grinnell, Melissa Hall,   topher White.                          James Dodson, Eberhard Dor-
Watts.                                son, Michael Henson, Ana Her-        Mark Hansen, Angela Haynes,            GRAPHIC COMMUNICATIONS:                meyer, John Franklin, Tory
HISTORY: Amy Banu, Belinda            rera, Tracy Hilburn, Sandra Jab-     Dustin Hollingsworth, Brandon          Bradley Benefield, Amy Habegger,       Friesen, Phillip Gerdes, David
Courtney, Cameron Monroe, Twa-        linske, Mohamed Janahi, Christa      Holmes, Anetra House, Candace          Lahunta Ketakea, Elizabeth             Hankey, Cole Jackson, Anthony
nica Ratliff.                         Jones, Chris Jordan, Taehyung        Howard, Thi Hua, Craig Hunter,         Kriffen, Gena Lindsay, Chad Lowe,      Kimball, Wendy Leisher-Miner,
HUMANITIES: Rena Gibson,              Ko, Dustin Lamberth, Jacinta Le,     Peter Keith, Rochelle Ladreth,         Colby Mullins, Leann Noguera,          Aaron Marshall, Thomas McDon-
Diana Hayden, Reshon Robinson.        Lindsey Lilly, Tanya Lipp, Chan-     Truc Le, Billie Leonard, Joshua        Siham Rachid, Audrey Stephens,         ald, Christopher Mitri, John
INTERNATIONAL STUDIES:                sombat Maly, Michael Mann, Erin      McGarry, Matthew McGill, De-           Rebecca Terrell, Michael Tetzlaff.     Mondal, Ty Morton, Jason Ribelin,
Michelle Fair, Erica Holly, Michael   McCallister, Mackey McLain,          anna McGowen, Robert Montoya,          MANUFACTURING TECHNOL-                 John Ryan, Pamela Workman.
Hudson, Chinedu Obowu.                Jimmy McMartin, Melvin Moore,        Carmen Munoz, Martin Munoz,            OGY: Daxon Janaway.
                                      Timothy Moser, Jahnvi Naik,          Nhu Ngo, Trinh Nguyen, Thuy            MEDICAL ASSISTANT: Lindsey
                                                                                                                                                           CERTIFICATES OF MASTERY
ING: Christian Anderson, Marou-       Trang Nguyen, Troy Nichols, Paola    Diem Nguyen, Tu Pham, Duy              Harpham-Minyen, Debra Hunt-            ACCOUNTING: Debbie Lehman.
ane Bouabedi, Kristin Carey, Ben-     Ortiz, James Ragsdale, Abdul         Phan, Laura Pospisil, Lance            Barnett, Sharon Keffer, Patilane       BANKING & FINANCE: Samantha
jamin Donihoo, Brent Hodges, Ca-      Rehman, Joni Reynolds, Linda         Randall, Victoria Reynolds, Jus-       Liston.                                Counts.
milla Lemons, Lacey Lett, Mandi       Roberts, David Ruth, Alex Sharp,     tin Roberson, David Rochat,            NURSING: Jackie Alaniz, Lisa           BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH
McCoy, Casey McDermott, Nicole        Valerie Smith, Edward Spence,        Marcos Rodriguez II, Anthony           Austin, T racy Berner, Karen           ASSISTANT:Melissa Hall,Gary
Padilla, Mike Post, Trevor Rivera,    Guy-Benjamin Strickland, Kristie     Sharp, Theresa Shaw, Tracey Son-       Berry, Ann Blessing, Annie             Moore.
Joshua Roby, Christopher Vas-         Thompson, Tessa Traxler, Jeffrey     ka, Suzanne Stroup, Kacy Thomp-        Bosworth, Patricia Boucher,            CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Heather
quez, Stephen Waggoner.               Turdo, JoAnn Ward, Eva Wargin,       son, Yen Tran, F. Samuel Udoh,         Brandi Brandt, Charla Bridgers,        Crow-Penwright, Ashleigh Dent,
LIBERAL STUDIES: Dustin               Sarah Washam, David Watson,          Everett Warren, Tuesday Watkins,       Tammy Brown, Lisa Butts, Mel-          Courtney Fogle, Cecilia Kennedy,
Andrews, Jean Basse, Shelly           Royce Webster, Tanisha Williams,     Kathryn Webb.                          issa Crabtree, Linda Crase, Cathy      Lorie McCort, Lilia Montoya,
Blakemore, Joseph Bowles, De-         Rachel Williams, Richard Wilson,                                            Crawford, Kevin Dacus, Christina       Danielle Mueller, Chastity Robin-
                                      Kenyon Woods.
                                                                            ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE          Deemer, Tamera Dobbins, Nana-
mea Giudice, Zakee King, Joyce                                                                                                                           son, Pamela Rupert, Linsey Sand-
McCall, Jeffery McKenzie, Tam-        COMPUTER SCIENCE: Jeffrey            ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE                  Afua Dodoo, Samuel Douglas,            ers, Tracy Sudduth, Lisa Weaver.
ieka Smith, Donita Smith, Cole        Hilburn, Stevie Johnson, Dale        TECHNOLOGY: Gloria Gathright           Malinda Eaton, Debra Emerson,          COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN:
Werner.                               Killingsworth, Sheikh Mominuzz-      AVIATION       MAINTENANCE             Virginia Esparza, Kimberly Green,      Heather Brown, Brandi Campey,
MODERN LANGUAGE: Jimmy                aman, Lacey Nohelty, Hasan           TECHNOLOGY: Ronald Brown,              Molina Griffin, La Rena Houck,         Paul Cox, Bobby Houck, Teresa
Chavez, Beth Keith, Janaina           Rahman, Raymond Rampersad,           Gregory Burgess, Tuan Hoang,           Rosie Hughes, Valencia Jackson,        Humphrey, Isaac Martinez, David
Murakami.                             Joel Robidoux, Wes Saunders, Il-     Khanh Hoang, Randy Perkins,            Denise Jaggers, Jana Jennings,         Olden, Yumpamas Peetaneelaplin,
MUSIC: Kristin Epperson, Irese        ham Tarbouz, Grant Thomas, Ro-       Deanna Pham.                           April Jewell, Jyotika Johnson,         Mike Simpson, Willie Swygert,
Harris, Ashley Kenny, Chadrick        ger Thompson.                        AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY:                 Rena Kimbro, Julia Kirk, Bryan         Fatemeh Taghavi, Matthew Van-
Mustain, Paul Schwartz.               DIVERSIFIED STUDIES: Selam           Eddie Flores, Keith Hilterbran,        Lewis, Denise Maag, Vanessa
POLITICAL SCIENCE: Cody Can-          Abebe, R yan Annesley, Joann         Loper Jones, Joel Leonor, Keith        Maib, Catherine Mangasi, Virginia
                                                                                                                                                         COMPUTER SCIENCE MICRO-
non, Heather Condict, Jason Fox,      Baker, Deryck Beard, Sharla Bra-     Ward.                                  Marshall, Tracy McCuller, Jenna
                                                                                                                                                         COMPUTER           TECHNICIAN:
Elmer Humphreys, Linnie Mihe-         dley, Uyen Bui, Stacey Charles,      BIOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH                 Miller, Sue Mize, Lorraine Mur-
                                                                                                                                                         Victoria Alley, Clint Brothers, Cry-
coby, Deidre Neal, Josh Pearsall,     Tina Colbert, Leslie Compton,        TECHNICIAN: Denise Anderson,           dock, Susan Norwich, Marcia
                                                                                                                                                         stal Heyman, Amine Maher, Anita
Christopher Ryan.                     Darla Davis, Navrin Dhamani,         Brian Doherty, Anetra House, Ga-       Owens, Sarah Philpot, Arriane
                                                                                                                                                         McClain, Timothy Moser, Brent
PSYCHOLOGY: Crystal Abram,            Daniel Dixon, April Douglas,         ry Moore.                              Reagan, Allison Richards, Esther
                                                                                                                                                         Mosley, Cuong Nguyen, John Ngu-
Linda Albright, Gary Amen, Bren-      Alejandro Dye, Tabitha Ernst, Ver-   BUSINESS ACCOUNTING: Nancy             Rivera, Tammy Roberts, Diann
                                                                                                                                                         yen, David Olden, Sharon Owens,
da Anderson, Linda Crase, Deb-        onica Espinoza, Kimberly Frazier-    Bui, Tina Cartwright, Casey Close,     Robinson, Amy Sanders, Nicole
                                      Flynt, Bethany Guffy, Samantha       Patricia Kleinhans.                    Sanders, Angela Scott, Amy             Andrew Pratt, Bryan Shenk.
orah Drummond, Pedro Figueroa,
                                      Hammon, Karla Kowardy, Jenni-        BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIVE                Shearer, Tanya Spencer, Tiffany        COMPUTER SCIENCE NET-
Diane Genther, Brandon Hagain,
                                      fer Larkins, Amy Lasater, Carmen     OFFICE TECHNOLOGY: Paula               Spezio-Troutman, Brandy Ste-           WORK TECHNICIAN: Victoria Al-
Sandra Heck, Destiny Heinzig,
                                      Lehman, Pamela Looman, Rebec-        Burton, Angela Mejia, Aimee            phens, Carissa Stewart, Cheryl         ley, Crystal Heyman, Charles Mor-
John Hogard, Christen Johnson,
                                      ca McGarry, Carrie McGehee,          Newman, Rolonda Robinson,              Stoepker, Julie Story-George, Terri    ris, Brent Mosley, John Nguyen,
Kimberly King, Shawna Middle-
                                      Roya Momtazzadeh, Jennifferr         Angelia Simpson.                       Thomas, Tammy Thomas, Donna            Bryan Shenk.
ton, Kendra Park, Lavonne Peters,
                                      Moss, Mindy Mysinger, Amber          BUSINESS FINANCE & BANK-               Thornton, Tom Tinneman, Chan           EMERGENCY MEDICAL SCI-
Suzanne Rooker, Joyce Swink,
                                      Romo, Samantha Russo, Diana          ING: Kelly Boyd, Dawnmarie             Vannarath, Joyce Wallace, Hea-         ENCES: Chad Deaton, John Hicks
Daniel Vollmer.
                                      Sanchez Ayala, Dana Schoemann,       Kroft, Stephanie Shaw.                 ther Williams, Manuela Winkler.        Lisa Nugent.
SOCIOLOGY: Ember Alexander,
Jessica Beck, Sarah Bowen, Jef-       Tekesha Scott, Travis Small, Sally   BUSINESS FINANCE-GENERAL:              OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY AS-               FILM AND VIDEO PRODUCTION
frey Bradley, Brandi Brown,           Smith, Robert Sparks, Lisa           Donna Chumley, Britny Deal,            SISTANT: Patricia Beckers, Angel       TECHNICIAN: Aaron Belonick.
Lorraine Childers, Jeremy Christ-     Stanberry, Donna Standridge,         Melanie Foglesong, Yolande Har-        Borrego, Tamara Carrillo, Terri        GENERAL OFFICE SUPPORT:
ner, Timothy Damron, Juanita          Chelsea Staudinger, Karla Stew-      ris, Loni Hight, Stacy Tac, Josh       Daniels, Keri Davis, Cody Elliott,     Bethany Guffy, Kelly Savage.
Davis, Karlye Derrick, Angela         art, Shannon Strucker, Kehmi         Wilson.                                Tricia Hartzell, Michael Latham,       LEGAL OFFICE PROCEDURES:
Deskin, Amber Geissler, Bethany       Swehla, Ruth Terronez, Gina Wall.    BUSINESS MANAGEMENT:                   Karen Moore, Jessica Pearson,          Angela Mejia, Angelia Simpson.
Guffy, Ravin Harrison, Shana          MATHEMATICS: Angie Albers,           Kehmi Swehla.                          Phillip Raney, Julie Smith, Kristen    MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION:
Hawke, Timothy Hayden, Angela         Sana Ali, M. M. Faysal, Chad         CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Rachael             Townsend, Lacy Vadder, Paula           Reid Brandy, Christain Kotoucek,
Hoofard, Tracy Ivy, Michelle Jor-     Hoffman.                             Allen, Glenda Blakely, Connie          Valdez, Karen Wiechman.                Jamesetta Lewis.
dan, Kimberly King, Michelle Mar-     PRE-EDUCATION: Matthew               Sanders.                               ORTHOTIC AND PROSTHETIC                MODERN LANGUAGE: Lisa
anell, Deborah McGee, Stephanie       Anderson, Courtney Clark, Deb-       COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN:                 TECHNICIAN: Jean Bricker,              Guerrero.
McGregor, Makela Nero, Lisa           ora Fisher, Teresa Humphrey,         Karen Bandy, Heather Brown,            Heather Overstreet, Joni Schrock.      REAL ESTATE: Charles Garver.
8 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

Students turn their trash to treasure with projects
                                                                                               mentally-friendly remedy to    ate a mosaic design around
                                                                    By Nicole Padilla          the trash problem she said.    the pot. She used the left-
                                                                      Staff Writer               When a person can find       over glass to fill the pot,
                                                                                               trash to be embellished and    then put flowers in it.
                                                                                               turned into usable pieces of     Duggan said she was
                                                                  Students in adjunct pro-     art, there is not so much to   contacted by a company in
                                                                fessor Nancy Riley’s Intro-    discard, Riley said.           California about her pro-
                                                                duction to Interior Design       Student Miranda Nance        ject.
                                                                class have been using cre-     used an old cabinet door         She said they wanted her
                                                                ativity to do their part in    that her aunt threw out to     to reproduce her design,
                                                                helping the environment.       make her project.              but she turned the offer
                                                                  The Trash to Treasure          She used a picture that      down because she said it
                                                                project was introduced in      she had taken on vacation      takes 16 hours to make one
                                                                the class last fall and was    to put in the center and       and she didn’t have the
                                                                continued on this spring.      placed different knobs on      time while in school.
                                                                  The project required the     the bottom for keys or other     There are plans for doing
                                                                students to create some-       items to be hung on.           another Trash to Treasure
                                                                thing new and useful from        “It’s useful because you     project next fall.
                                                                something that was dis-        could take something that        “This seems to be a very
                                                                carded, thereby turning        you would normally throw       creative project that will
                                                                trash into treasure.           away and turn it into some-    solve environmental prob-
                                                                  Riley said the basis be-     thing useful,” Nance said.     lems that we as Americans
                                                                hind the project was the         Student Krista Duggan        face,” Riley said.
                                         Photo by Billy Adams   fact that Americans are        used the glass from a shat-      Staff Writer/Club Re-
Miranda Nance (right) and Krista Duggan show off their Trash    drowning in their own dis-     tered shower door.             porter Nicole Padilla can be
to Treasure projects that were made in their Introduction to    cards.                           She painted a clay pot,      reached at staffwriter1@
Interior Design class.                                            The project is an environ-   then used the glass to cre-

Retention pond will be completed by end of summer
                   By Nicole Padilla
                   Staff Writer and
                    Caroline Ting

  Many students and college employees may be won-
dering when the college retention pond will be com-
pleted. J.B. Messer, Physical Plant director, said the
project definitely must be finished by summer.
  On April 21, Messer received a proposed schedule
from the main office of Wittwer Construction in
Stillwater, the company in charge of the project.
  The proposed schedule states that the dirt work will
be worked on from April 21 to May 8, the concrete
work done from April 26 to May 5, the trees and land-
scape planted from April 28 to May 20, and sod and
seed put down from May 5 to May 31.
  Messer emphasized this is only a proposed sched-
ule. He said some factors, like weather, which no one
has control over, could change that.
  “You never set construction schedules in stone.”
  Art Bode, vice president for Business and Finance
said some changes made in the initial plan will be
beneficial to the college in terms of improving handi-
cap access.
  “...[we hope] to make sure that access is available
to all the different levels,” Bode said.
  Once done, the retention pond will act as a means
of flood control during times of heavy rain for the cam-
pus and surrounding areas to the south and east.
  The pond also will be used in other ways as well as
being aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, Messer said.                                                                                Photo by Billy Adams
  Jogging and walking trails will surround the pond’s      Ducks have taken to bathing in the fountain outside of the library. The warm weather plus the
perimeter. A fountain will be located in the center is-    anticipation of swimming in a much larger body of water have lured the feathered friends to the
land, and ducks may arrive in the near future.             campus.
                                                                                                                             April 26, 2004 • PIONEER • 9

Students honored at awards ceremony
   OKCCC honored several of       NOLOGY: Wade Mooring,          kerson, Speech; Clint Will-     Occupational Therapist Assis-     Gibson; Oklahoma Biotech-
its best and brightest at the     Computer Science; Mike         iams, Graphic Communica-        tant.                             nology Association, Anetra
Student Awards ceremony           Simpson, Computer Aided        tions.                            INFORMATION TECH-               House; Phi Theta Kappa,
April 16. Awards given out that   Design.                           BUSINESS: Ella Bird,         NOLOGY: Karen Arbogast,           Anne Scudder; Psi Beta,
evening are as follows:             SCIENCE AND MATH-            Medical Transcriptionist;       Computer Science: Computer        Deborah Drummond; Psy-
       President’s Award          EMATICS: Deanna McGow-         Casey Close, Business Ac-       Information Systems Empha-        chology Sociology Club, Lou
                                  en, Biology.                   counting Option; Lacey          sis; Heather Brown, Com-          Donna Jefcoat; Scholar’s
         for Excellence
                                    SOCIAL SCIENCES: Deb-        Courtney, Administrative Of-    puter Aided Design: Multime-      League, Kyle Shepherd; Stu-
   ARTS AND HUMANITIES:                                                                                                            dent Art Guild, Jeremy Will-
                                  orah Drummond, Psychol-        fice Specialist; Ladonna        dia Emphasis; Lacie Deitz,
Jennifer Alig, Visual Arts;                                                                                                        iams; Student Nursing Asso-
                                  ogy.                           Haycraft, Banking and Fi-       Computer Aided Design: Mul-
Angela Hill, Humanities: Lit-                                                                                                      ciation, Gary Marchant; Stu-
                                   Certificates of Achievement   nance; Ana Herrera, Busi-       timedia Emphasis; Lance
erature Emphasis; Laura                                                                                                            dent Oklahoma Education As-
                                                                 ness; Joel Leonor, Automo-      Grant, Computer Aided De-
Paul, Diversified Studies;           ARTS AND HUMANITIES:                                                                          sociation, Candelaria Nunez;
                                                                 tive/AC Delco; Patricia Min-    sign: Architecture/Manufactur-
Emily Self, Pre-Education.        Jennifer Alig, Visual Arts;                                                                      Student Occupational Thera-
                                                                 ick, Business Management;       ing; Sharon Howell, Com-
   BUSINESS: Johnny Koer-         Shelly Blakemore, Liberal      Eddie Santos, Business Man-     puter Science: Computer Pro-      py Association, Toni Long;
ner, International Studies;       Studies; Edrick Harrell, Hu-   agement; Linda Shawn, In-       gramming Emphasis; Curtis         Student Physical Therapist
Michele Presley, Administra-      manities-Literature; Mathew    surance; Kyle Washburn,         Maxwell, Computer Aided De-       Assistant Organization, Ther-
tive Office Specialist.           Holcomb, Philosophy; Ash-      Automotive/General Motors;      sign: Architecture/Manufactur-    esa Harris.
   HEALTH PROFESSIONS:            ley Kenny, Music; Lacey        Anita Wood, Legal Secretary.    ing; William Sanders, Com-           ENGLISH STUDENT ES-
Sherri Givins, Emergency          Lett, Broadcasting; Candel-                                    puter Science: Network Tech-      SAY AWARDS: Composition
                                                                    HEALTH PROFESSIONS:
Medical Sciences; Jan Hoep-       aria Nunez, Pre-Education;                                     nician Emphasis; Farhana          I, Jessica Jones; Composi-
                                                                 Lavena Bonifield, Nursing;
fner, Physical Therapy Assis-     Nicole Padilla, Journalism;                                    Sharmin, Computer Science:        tion II, Kenny Torres.
                                                                 Keith Huddleston, Emer-
tant; Gary Marchant, Nursing      Trevor Rivera, Public Rela-                                    Computer Science Emphasis;
                                                                 gency Medical Sciences; Jim                                          2004-2005 SCHOLAR-
Sciences.                         tions; Samantha Russo, Di-                                     Angela Young, Computer
                                                                 Lytal, Physical Therapist As-                                     SHIPS: Jack Cain Memorial
                                  versified Studies; John Wil-                                   Science: Microcomputer Spe-
   INFORMATION TECH-                                             sistant; Karen Wiechman,                                          Scholarship, Madison Seely;
                                                                                                 cialist.                          Susan Clowers Memorial
                                                                                                   SCIENCE AND MATH-               Scholarship Award, Michelle
                                                                                                 EMATICS: Jorge Gorton,            Breeden; Kay Edwards Me-
                                                                                                 Science; Jennifer Greenlee,       morial Scholarship, Jacque-
                                                                                                 Biotechnology; Rochelle           line Vincent and Jeremy
                                                                                                 Landreth, Pre-Pharmacy;           Janmohammadi; Faculty As-
                                                                                                 Billie Leonard, Pre-Baccalau-     sociation Scholarship Award,
                                                                                                 reate Nursing; Josh McGarry,      Melissa Hall, Rene Deloria,
                                                                                                 Biology; Patricia Parrish,        Jonny Koemer, Samantha
                                                                                                 Chemistry; Kenny Torres,          Russo and Robert Sparks;
                                                                                                 Pre-Engineering; Ashlea           Bobby D. Gaines Scholarship
                                                                                                 Turpin, Pre-Dentistry.            Award, Jerry George; Larry
                                                                                                   SOCIAL SCIENCES: Ricky          D. Golden Memorial Scholar-
                                                                                                 Hodges, History; Deidre           ship Award, Amanda Crosby;
                                                                                                 Neal, Political Science; Penny    Keith Leftwich Memorial Scho-
                                                                                                 Oliver, Sociology; Suzanne        larship Award, Marvin Sand-
                                                                                                 Rooker, Psychology; Teresita      ers; Mary Ann Merz Memorial
                                                                                                 Schutten, Child Develop-          Scholarship Award, Laura
                                                                                                 ment.                             Paul and Stacy Morrow;
                                                                                                  Certificates of Appreciation     Sharon Robinson Memorial
                                                                                                                                   Scholarship Award, Nicole
                                                                                                    PIONEER AWARD: Caro-           Quigley; Matt Skvarla Jour-
                                                                                                 line Ting.                        nalism Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                                    STUDENT ORGANIZA-              Award, Caroline Ting; Linda
                                                                                                 TION AWARDS: Abilities Ga-        Thornton Memorial Scholar-
                                                                                                 lore, Rose Harris; Alpha          ship, Shelly Blakemore;
                                                                                                 Omega, Ben Strickland; Bap-       OKCCC Alumni Association
                                                                                                 tist Collegiate Ministry, Phoe-   Scholarships, Scott Sanders,
                                                                                                 be Brown; Black Student As-       Brenda Arens, Phoebe
                                                                                                 sociation, Carlos Robinson;       Brown and Laura Paul, Leg-
                                                                                                 Campus Activities Board,          acy Recipient, Brittany Du-
                                                                                                 Fatemeh Taghavi; Chi Alpha,       lap; Peter Wright Scholarship,
                                                                                                 Christen Johnson; Cinema-         Amy Banu; Women of the
                                                                                                 theque Society, Beau Leland;      South Scholarship, Cassan-
                                                                                                 Engineering Club, Michael         dra Cooper, Amanda Cros-
                                                                                                 Deloney; Gay and Lesbian          by, Krystal Dickinson, Lori
                                                                                                 Alliance,Charles Shuller; His-    Young and Laura Hanley.
                                                                                                 panic Organization to Promote        ACADEMIC AWARDS:
                                                                                                 Education, Monica Perez; In-      Recognition of Honors Gradu-
                                                                                                 ternational Student Associa-      ates, Monique Whisenhunt,
                                                                                                 tion, Yu Da Kim; The Leader-      Amy Banu, Deborah K. Dru-
                                                                                                 ship Council, Suzanne Roo-        mmond, Samantha Russo,
                                                                                                 ker; Literary Excursions, Rena    and Deidre L. Neal.
10 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

 Absolute reception
 Writers, artists and photographers will be honored at the
 Absolute reception to be held at 12:30 p.m., April 29, in
 CU 1 and 2. There will be some short readings and an art
 exhibit. The Absoulte is the college’s literary publication.

 Job Search Skills Seminar
   “Why Should I Hire You?” a job search skills seminar,
 will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 27, in
 CU3. Kristin Warterfield from Ostrowe and Associates will
 speak on various pre-employment topics including
 interviewing tips, career search methods, targeting
 companies and résumé development. Students are free
 to bring lunch. Time will be allowed following the
 presentation for individual résumés to be reviewed. For
 more information contact Employment Services at 682-

 Native American Student Association taco sale
                                                                                                                                            Photo by Billy Adams
   The Native American Student Association will be taking
 orders for Indian tacos and fry bread from Monday, April          This won’t hurt a bit: Amber Lewis (left) with the Oklahoma Blood Institute helps Lela
 19 to Wednesday, April 28, in the Academic Division of            Dugan do her part by donating blood. The blood drive was held in the college union for the
 Business office, due to the popularity of the event. The          second time this semester. For information about donating blood visit the OBI website at
 orders can then be picked up from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on  
 Tuesday, May 4, inside the dining area. The tacos are $4
 each and the fry bread is $2 each. Get your tickets early
 due to the limited number of items to be made. For more
 information contact sponsor Kristi Fields at 682-1611, ext.
                                                                   Native American club spices
                                                                   it up with Indian taco sale
 Health Professions club meeting                                                                                                    “We hope to attend the
    The last general meeting of the semester will be held             By Christina Tran                                             Gathering of Nations. It’s
 from 12:30 to 1:20 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, in room             News Writing I Student                                           a national two-day event
 1C4. Elections will be held for all officer positions. Everyone                                                                     in New Mexico. It’s like a
 is welcome to attend. There will be free pizza and drinks.                                                                       national pow-wow,” Fields
 For more information contact sponsor Steve Kamm at 682-              The Native American                                         said.
 1611, ext. 7268.                                                  Student Association has                                 tion     Fields looks forward to
                                                                   been taking orders for In-                     was formed      the big Indian taco sale.
 Reproductive Rights Pioneer to speak at college                   dian tacos and fry bread                   just last month.      “It’s going to be really
   Bill Baird, reproductive rights pioneer is set to speak at      since Monday, April 19.          There are currently 20        good. We have experienced
 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, in room CU3. Baird has                They will continue to do     members in the organiza-        people who know how to
 appeared on “Today,” “Oprah,” “Good Morning America”              so until Wednesday, April      tion.                           make Indian tacos and fry
 and other shows. The event is free and open to the public.        28, in the Academic Divi-        These members, as well        bread. I expect it to be re-
 Those planning to attend should park in lot D and enter           sion of Business office, lo-   as family members, will sell    ally great,” Fields said.
 via entry 6. For more information on Baird’s organization,        cated on the second floor of   the tacos and fry bread.          For more information on
 visit                                    the main building.               The organization is kick-     the Indian taco and fry
                                                                     The orders can then be       ing off with this fund-raiser   bread sale and the Native
 Fall 2004 tuition fee waivers                                     picked up from 11 a.m. to      in order to raise money for     American Student Associa-
   Fall tuition fee waiver applications will be available in       1 p.m. on Tuesday, May 4,      next year’s field trip to New   tion, contact Kristi Fields at
 the Financial Aid office April 26 to July 30. If you have any     inside the general dining      Mexico in April.                682-1611, ext. 7550.
 questions contact the Financial Aid office at 682-1611, ext.      area.
 7525.                                                               “The pre-sale is just to

 Faculty and staff sought to help with tournament
                                                                   give us an idea of how
                                                                   much we should expect to
                                                                                                       Got club news?
   On Saturday, May 8, the college will be hosting the
 Oklahoma Tournament of Academic Champions, an
                                                                   make,” said Shawn Hart-
                                                                   field, the club’s public
 academic contest for middle and high school students.
 Faculty and staff are needed to help. For more information
                                                                   realtions officer.
                                                                     “There will be tacos and
                                                                                                        Call Nicole at
 or to volunteer contact J.P. Johnson at 682-1611, ext. 7533.      fry bread available on that
                                                                   day to purchase,” he said.
 Arts Festival calling for entries
   Applications are now being accepted for exhibitors in
                                                                     The Indian tacos are
                                                                   priced at $4 while the fry
                                                                                                          ext. 7676
 the 26th annual Arts Festival Oklahoma, which takes place         bread is priced at $2.
 on Labor Day weekend. The deadline for applications is              According to Sponsor
 May 15 and the entry fee is $150. For more information or         Kristi Fields, the Native                  contact the editor at:
 an application call 682-7536.                                     American Student Associa- or 682-1611, ext. 7675
                                                                                                                                                         April 26, 2004 • PIONEER • 11

Pioneer Classified Advertising
is free to all currently enrolled                                                                                                  Weekly crossword
OKCCC students and employ-
ees for any personal classified          FREE TO A GOOD HOME:                                 FOR SALE: DeWalt 18-volt
ad. Ads must be submitted in          Awesome dog needs a great                           drill/driver. Used only two battery
writing with IDs supplied or          home. Student can no longer pro-                    charges. Retails for $280. Asking
work area and college exten-          vide the care she needs. Yellow                     only $200. 410-4505.
sion included. Deadline for ad-       female, 2-year-old lab mix. Appox.                      FOR SALE: MAC toolbox
vertising is 5 p.m. Tuesday           60 lbs. Spayed, house trained.                      loaded with tools. MAC, Crafts-
prior to the publication date.        Friendly but protective. Non-                       man, Snap-On and more. 5-ft. tall,
Call 682-1611, ext. 7674 for          aggresive. Medical history can be                   5-ft. wide. Top and bottom boxes.
more information.                     provided. Call for more details.                    $3,000 OBO. 823-0737.
                                      701-8574 or e-mail gillopezone@                         FOR SALE: Burton Bullet 52
                                                                      snowboard. NEW. Never been
                                                                                          used. $230 OBO. 745-7876.
                                                                                              FOR SALE: Wedding dress,
   FOR SALE: ’03 Suzuki GSXR
                                                                                          size 4. Smooth white taffeta, long,
1000. Blue/white. $8,000 or OBO.
                                        Supplement Your Income:                           ruffled train, embroidery, bead-
Call 823-0737.
                                      Babysitting Position for 16-month-                  work, off-the-shoulder sleeves
   FOR SALE: ’03 Honda CBR
                                      old toddler. Thursday OR Friday                     with headpiece. $400. 579-9509.
600. Only 1,500k. $6,200 OBO.
                                      daytime hours, preferrably in the                       FOR SALE: 4 used Uniroyal
Call 833-7459.
                                      a.m. $8 an hour. Prefer a female                    Laredo Mud Terrain tires. 31 x
   FOR SALE: ’02 Kia Spectra 5-
                                      caretaker who has had experi-                       10.50 x 15. 1/3 tread left. $100
spd. 29k. 1 owner, factory warran-
                                      ence caring for young children.                     OBO. 392-5463.
ty, great car. Asking $7,000 OBO.
                                      Babysitting certification or CPR                        FOR SALE: Weider Crossbow
Call 206-6126.
                                      certification preferrable, but not                  - compare to Bowflex. Used very
   FOR SALE: ’00 Ford Focus
                                      required. For interview, contact                    little. Paid $499 new, asking $375
43k. Asking $6,500. 691-3439.
                                      Debbie @ 378-0996 or 590-6289.                      OBO. 447-6817.
   FOR SALE: ’99 Mercury Mys-
                                                                                              FOR SALE: Weider 220 VKR
tique, very neat and clean. 55k.
                                                                                          station with pull-up and push-up
Asking $5,500. Call 326-5392.
                                                                                          bars. $75. Weslo elliptical glider,
   FOR SALE: ’99 Subaru For-            FOR SALE: Nearly-new HP                           $75. 579-9509.
rester AWD. New tires and brakes.     632C DeskJet color printer. Prints                      FOR SALE: Utility trailer, 3,500
CD, cruise, automatic. 92k, one       very clearly and bright colors. $30                 lb. axle, steel floor, 12’6” x 6’6”
owner. $12,000 OBO. 821-5354.         OBO. 615-8016. Leave msg.                           bull-dog hitch, tilt jack, painted top
   FOR SALE: ’97 Ford Ranger
                                                                                          and bottom, polished wheels, light,
extended cab. Green. Very neat.
                                                                                          4’ tailgate. New in 2000. Used 1
Few miles. 5-speed. Runs great.
                                                                                          time. $550 OBO; 30-gal. hot wa-
Asking $3,200. Call 682-2276.              UPS PART-TIME JOBS                             ter heater. Used 1 yr. Good condi-
   FOR SALE: ’95 Chevrolet             Earn money & stay in shape while going to school
                                        Part-time loaders/unloaders needed.
                                                                                          tion. $40. Call 634-8729.
Corsica. Gray, 4-door, clean, neat,
                                                $8.50 - $9.50 to start.                       FOR SALE: Coal-burning 1921
few miles. Runs great. $2,000
                                        Continuous raises, 3 shifts to choose             pot-belly stoves from a Colorado
OBO. Call 682-2276 or 514-4295.          from, weekends off, free benefits.               cabin. Asking $500. Call 376-1258
   FOR SALE or TRADE: ’91 Acu-                  Call 1-888-WORKUPS                        or 376-0391.
ra Integra. Your Euro starter pro-                          EOE

ject. Pumpkin orange, 17-in.
wheels, 5-speed, lots of upgrades.
12-in. speakers and amp included.
                                                                                             TEXTBOOK FOR SALE: Psy-
Big twin motor. $4,200. Call 399-        FOR RENT: Roommate wanted
                                                                                          chology/Human Relations book for
9164 or 474-4763.                     to share 2-bedroom apt. 5-minute
                                                                                          sale. $50 OBO. Amy, 820-6263.
   FOR SALE: ’90 Volvo 740 Tur-       drive from OKCCC. 681-8366.
                                                                                             TEXTBOOK FOR SALE: En-
bo. Good, reliable car. $1,400.          FOR RENT: Reliable student
                                                                                          glish composition 1213, $30; Com-
641-7564.                             wanted to rent room in house 2
                                                                                          puter Keyboard, AOT 1113, $25;
   FOR SALE: ’89 Jeep Wran-           miles from OKCCC. $300 & 1/2 of
                                                                                          Microword. AOT 1713, $25. Call           Last week’s answers
gler, hard top, soft top, full and    all bills. Personal bathroom, ga-
                                                                                          Elizabeth at 399-2153.
half doors, 8,000 lb. wench, sound    rage, w/d. 410-6661.
bar, lock boxes, 33-in. tires, 45.6
gears, 4.2 inline six cylinder, 15k
on engine, 4-in. suspension lift,                                                            This HUGE
full spare. $5,500. 820-2268.           FOR SALE: Moving. Must sell.
   FOR SALE: ’88 Crown Victoria,
                                                                                             space could be
                                      Sectional sofa, really nice, paid
white, 131k. $2,400 OBO. Call         $1,800, will sell for $200. 10”                           yours for
Jeffery at 630-5346.
                                      Kicker Punch subwoofers in box,                               ONLY
                                      $150; Pioneer CD player w/re-
Camaro. V8TPI, auto, new brakes,
suspension and tires. $2,500
OBO. 329-0825 after 5 p.m.
                                      mote, $100; glass dining table,
                                      $25; TV stands, $5 & $10. Call
   FOR SALE: ’87 Cadillac El Dor-       FOR SALE: Dual-reclining sofa                              a week!!!
ado, runs good, good tires, moon-     w/ matching recliner. Good cond.
roof. Needs minor work but is de-
pendable. $1,250 OBO. Call 602-
                                      $200 OBO. 793-2088.                                         Call for
                                        FOR SALE: Vintage uphol-
8834 or 816-3023.                     stered ’70s chair. 794-2078.                                details!
   FOR SALE: This space. For            FOR SALE: One end table for                              682-1611,
only $8 a week, you could buy         $50 cash. Two end tables and
space in the Pioneer. Call 682-       coffee tables that are black . Ask-                        ext. 7674
1611, ext. 7674 for details.          ing $60 cash OBO. 912-0890.
12 • PIONEER • April 26, 2004

Tuition increase of 7 to 12% scheduled to occur this fall
                                college’s general operating     the total budget.               mine how to help students        other junior colleges in the
       “Increase,”              budget, Todd said.                Todd said he’s expecting      pay their tuition.               state, Todd said.
     Cont. from page 1            Four years ago, Todd          to see either a level or          More tuition fee waivers         OKCCC and Rose State
                                said, the portion of the        slightly increased state ap-    will be available to students    are probably the least ex-
                                college’s budget coming         propriation this year.          as well as additional schol-     pensive among two-year
14 and 16 percent for resi-     from state appropriation          Before the Legislature        arship money for students        colleges.
dent and non-resident stu-      was about 64 percent of the     adjourns near the end of        coming out of high school,         “We believe that we are
dents.                          total, but in the past year     May, Todd said, the college     Todd said.                       extremely efficient in deliv-
  The money from a tuition      state appropriations have       will continue working with        “Our commitment is to          ering a personalized, qual-
increase will go into the       fallen below 50 percent of      different scenarios to deter-   continue quality education       ity education.”
                                                                                                for students at OKCCC.”            Editor Caroline Ting can
College regent to speak at graduation                                                             OKCCC’s tuition is basi-
                                                                                                cally within $1 of rates at
                                                                                                                                 be reached at editor@
                                Trust.                          the heart.
        “Massey,”                 “I can think of few others      “[Massey] gifted to the               CALL 682-1611, ext. 7674
     Cont. from page 1          who have a more compel-         college the south facility
                                ling message to our gradu-      because he believed in what          or e-mail
                                ates about the value of the     OKCCC was doing and                 to place your ad in the Pioneer
degree in 1960.                 degree they’re receiving,”      wanted to be a part of that
  College President Bob         Todd said.                      success,” Todd said.
Todd said Massey contrib-         Massey donated the              Massey said he simply                           The Law Office of
uted a major part of his life   25,634 square-foot South        believes in sharing what
to public service.              Facility building to the col-   you have with others.                           Brenda R. Fitzpatrick
  Massey served in the          lege last November. It            “I’m a big giver,” Massey
state Legislature between       houses the offices of Fi-       said.                                                   290-7027
1960 to 1970. He has            nance, Human Resources,           “Whatever the Lord               Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Adoption,
served as a state regent for    and Planning, Institutional     blessed me with, I share it        Guardianship, Bankruptcy, Auto Accidents,
more than a decade.             Ef fectiveness and Re-          with everybody.”
                                                                                                    Employment, Nursing Home Malpractice
  Massey also is the Chair-     search. It also will provide      Editor Caroline Ting can
man of the Board of the         classroom spaces.               be reached at editor@                           payment plans available
First United Bank and             Todd said the gift is from                                 228 Robert S. Kerr, St. 100, OKC, OK 73102

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