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STEALTH MODE   All-Electric Stealth Mode   SPORT MODE   Sport Mode combines the
               exclusively powers                       power of a Lithium-ion
               the Karma with a                         battery and an internal
               Lithium-ion battery.                     combustion engine.

               · Top Speed 95 mph                       · Top Speed 125 mph
                 (153 km/h)                               (200km/h)
               · 0-60mph in 7.9 seconds                 · 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds
               · Total Range of 50 Miles                · Total Range of 250 Miles


     TRANSMISSION   Single Speed Fixed Gear    BATTERY   Details                      Charging Stations              Charge Times

                                                         The Fisker Karma utilizes    Fisker’s high-voltage          Varies with battery’s
                                                         a 20 kW/h (200kW peak)       charging station can easily    remaining charge capacity
                                                         Lithium-ion battery with     be installed in homes with     and whether 110v, 220v
     Q-DRIVE        Karma’s Q DRIVE™                     an extremely stable iron     standard electrical service.   or 240v current is used.
                    configuration consists of             phosphate composition.                                      Between 6 hours and
                    an internal combustion                                                                           14 hours.
                    engine working in series
                    with a generator and a
                    Lithium-ion battery pack             Battery Lifecycle            Cost                           Cost Savings
                    to power the electric
                    motor that turns the                 Battery maintenance is       Cost is equivalent to          Varies with driving habits.
                    rear wheels.                         minimal with a 10 year       $0.71/gallon. As little        Average estimate of
                                                         or 100,000 mile lifecycle.   as $0.03/mile (0.02/           $1,500 per year versus
                                                                                      km) in All-Electric Stealth    similarly-sized,
                                                                                      Mode, based on SAE             V8-powered luxury car.
                                                                                      calculations. A real world
                                                                                      annual average (67%
                                                                                      electric only) is closer to
                                                                                      $0.07/mile (0.05/km).


     COMMAND CENTER   Intuitive touch-screen   · Task specific visuals     · Quick, intuitive
                      interface controls the   · Haptic feedback touch/     transitions between
                      Karma’s audio, phone,      gesture responses          tasks/modes
                      climate, navigation,                                · Variable engagement
                                               · Vibrant 10.2”
                      infotainment, and                                     modes accommodate
                      additional systems.                                   user skill levels
                                               · Contextual application
                                               · Environmental
                                                 visualization options
                                                 relative to Date/

KEYLESS START   Instantly activate your
                Karma with the remote
                proximity start system.


INTERIOR   Wood                      Leather                       Premium Eco-Suede

           Rescued Wood:             Treated at the world’s        · 100% Recycled
           Certified Rescued Wood™    first energy self-sufficient,     post-industry virgin
           retrieved from the 2007   closed-loop leather             polyester Eco-Suede
           firestorm in Orange        manufacturing plant with        reduces energy
           County, CA.               both gas and electricity        consumption and CO2
                                     generated on-site from          emissions by 80% during
           Sunken Wood:              by-products of the leather      the recycling process
           Certified Sunken Wood™     making process.
           sourced from the bottom
                                                                   · Premium Eco-Suede
           of Lake Michigan.         · Low Pigmentation              products deliver on the
                                     · Chrome Free                   promise of excellence
           Fallen Wood:
                                     · One of the highest yields     through environmental
           Certified Fallen Wood™
                                       in the industry               responsibility, inherently
           from California storms.
                                                                     beautiful design, and
                                     · Hides purchased
                                                                     flawless engineering
                                       exclusively from
                                       suppliers that adopt
                                       the Five Freedoms
                                       set of principles

     EXTERIOR   Diamond Dust Paint

                First manufacturer to offer
                high ratio glass flake paint
                in a production vehicle.

                · Developed from a
                  conscious choice to
                  use water based paint
                · Leads the industry
                  in reflectivity, shine
                  and gloss

     EXTERIOR   Solar Roof

                The world’s largest             · Custom honeycomb
                seamless solar glass roof         design and color
                for a production vehicle.         treatment complement
                                                  every Karma paint option
                · Converts radiated power       · Can provide up to
                  from the sun into stored        200 miles (321km) of
                  electric energy effectively     annual emission-free
                  increasing vehicle range        voltaic driving
                · The solar roof charges
                  the battery to regulate
                  the interior climate
                  control system


     INTERIOR SOUND   Premium audio system

                      · AM/FM/MP3/USB/AUX
                      · Steering wheel audio and
                        hands free controls
                      · Driver Infotainment
                        system with 10.2” display

     EXTERIOR SOUND   Fisker Hybrid HZ
                      exterior speakers to
                      warn approaching


ALUMINUM FRAME   Lightweight extruded          BRAKES           · Antilock Brakes (ABS)
                 aluminum spaceframe                            · Traction Control
                 developed by Norsk
                                                                · Electronic Stability
                 Hydro ASA.
                                                                  Control (ESC)
                 · Uses 5000 and 6000                           · Brembo 6 piston
                   Series lightweight,                            monoblock (front)/ 4
                   high-strength aluminum                         piston (rear)/ 370 mm
                   alloys                                         rotors front/356 mm
                                                                  rotors rear
                 · Central structural torque
                   tube connects the front
                   and rear frame sections
                 · Connected by 79 meters      AIR BAGS         Frontal dual-advanced
                   (259.2 feet) of precision                    restraint system with knee
                   welds and 1,058                              airbags, standard curtain
                   self-piercing rivets                         and seat (pelvis/thorax)
                                                                side airbags.

                                               SAFETY RATINGS   Designed to meet or
                                                                exceed Global Crash
                                                                Protection Standards
                                                                (including rollover).

     SPECIFICATIONS   Chassis                      Performance                Powertrain                     Safety                       Wheels

                      · Four-door, Four            Stealth Mode:              · Dual electric rear motors,   · Front Dual Advanced        · Custom Fisker designed
                        Passenger Sedan            · Lithium-ion power only     rear wheel drive with mid-     Restraint System with        22 inch wheels
                      · Lightweight Extruded       · 0-60mph = 7.9 sec          mounted battery pack           Knee Airbags               · 255/35/R22 Goodyear
                        Aluminum Spaceframe                                     and front/mid mounted        · Standard Curtain and
                                                   · Top Speed = 95mph                                                                    · 285/35/R22 Goodyear
                                                                                Internal Combustion            Seat (Pelvis/Thorax)
                      · Lightweight Aluminum         (153 km/h)                                                                           · Tire Inflator Kit
                                                                                Engine (ICE)/Generator         Side Airbags
                        and Composite
                        Body Panels                Sport Mode                                                · ABS/Electro-Hydraulic
                                                                              · Electric Drive motors: 2x      Traction Control
                      · Optimized, Lightweight     · Lithium-ion power
                                                                                150 kW (403 HP Total)          System/Electronic
                        Aluminum Design            · Internal Combustion
                                                                              · Battery: 20kWh (Peak)          Stability Control (ESC)
                      · Energy Efficient, Modular     Engine (ICE)
                                                                                Lithium-ion located          · Lower Anchors &
                        Chassis Subassembly        · 0-60mph = 5.9 sec          longitudinally below           Tethers for car seat
                                                   · Top Speed = 125mph         floorpan along the              (LATCH) system for three
                                                     (200 km/h)                 centerline                     seating positions (front
                                                                              · Gasoline Engine: 260 HP        passenger and two
                                                                                Turbocharged 2.0 Liter         in 2nd row)
                                                                                Direct Injection             · Design meets or
                                                                              · Transmission: Single           exceeds Global Crash
                                                                                Speed Fixed Gear               Protection Standards
                                                                              · Linear opposed to              (including rollover)
                                                                                exponential acceleration     · Lightweight Aluminum
Range                          Steering                     Lighting                   Dimensions                    Suspension                     Brakes

· Stealth: 50 miles electric   · Hydraulically              · Bi-Xenon headlamps       · Overall Length: 196.7 in.   · Load-leveling rear shock     · Electro hydraulic brake
  only (80km) - [100mpg          power-assisted and         · Low-energy LED tail        (4996 mm)                     absorbers                      boost unit with integrated
  (2.4L/100km) equivalent]       rack and pinion tuned        lamps and turn signals   · Overall Width: 78.1 in.     · Mono-tube absorbers            chassis control function
· Sport: 250 miles (402 km)      for optimum control with                                (1984 mm)                                                  · ABS, traction control,
                                                                                                                     · Tuned to control level of
                                 programmable servo                                                                                                   stability control
· Total Combined Range =                                                               · Overall Height: 52.4 in.      roll dampening
                                 assist feature
  300 miles (483 km)                                                                     (1330 mm)                   · Flat cornering with little   · Advanced regenerative
                                                                                       · Front Overhang: 35.9 in.      body roll                      blended brake system
                                                                                         (913 mm)                                                     for maximum energy
                                                                                                                                                      recapture and improved
                                                                                       · Rear Overhang: 36.3 in.
                                                                                         (923 mm)
                                                                                                                                                    · Large (370mm) diameter
                                                                                       · Wheelbase: 124.4 in.
                                                                                                                                                      vented rotors and
                                                                                         (3160 mm)
                                                                                                                                                      6-piston monoblock
                                                                                       · Front Track: 66.6 in.                                        calipers
                                                                                         (1692 mm)
                                                                                                                                                    · Electrically actuated
                                                                                       · Rear Track: 67.0 in.                                         parking brake with
                                                                                         (1701 mm)                                                    capacitor back-up


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