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					                           Analysis of new knowledge, skills, methodology, IT & assessment

                                                                                                  requirements according to learning outcomes for FET school subjects
     National Curriculum Statement
Grades 10 – 12 (General Pathway)

                                   Teachers are encouraged to analyse this NCS subject
                                   guide to identify their subject content, methodology
                                   and ICT upskilling and reskilling needs

                                                                           Western Cape

                                                                           E d u c a t i o n

                                                                           C u r r i c u l u m
                                                        FET NCS ACCOUNTING

The content and skills within the ‘Report 550’ Accounting syllabus has been retained. There has however been some movement
of content between the grades, e.g. non-profit organisations has been moved from Grade 12 to Grade 11. The table below
indicates what is new or different in this subject in terms of content and skills, methodology, use of ICT and assessment.

CONTENT AND SKILLS                         METHODOLOGY                        ICT                          ASSESSMENT
                                                                              Learners need to exit the
LO1 FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING                   Effective learning and                                          The choice of assessment in
                                                                              FET Band with a
                                           teaching of Accounting will                                     accounting is a subjective one,
                                                                              functional computer
ELECTRONIC ACCOUNTING                      draw on a range of                                              unique to each teacher, grade and
                                                                              literacy. They should be
                                           philosophies of education                                       school, and dependent on the
•   Recording financial information                                           able to:
                                           and approaches to learning.                                     teacher’s professional judgement.
    using an Accounting package            These include:                     • Use word processing        The availability of space and
                                                                              • Use spreadsheets           resources influences this decision,
                                           •    Experiential learning         • Use e-mail
VAT:                                                                                                       but even when resources are
                                           •    Appropriate linking of        • Access the internet
•   Explain the need, purpose, principle                                                                   similar, teachers differ in the way
                                                theory and practice                and find information
    and basic concepts of VAT                                                                              they make their choices. The
                                           •    Adoption of a process              on the world-wide web   assessment activities must be
•   Perform VAT calculations from               model
                                                                                                           appropriate to the Assessment
    invoices and receipts                  This is because learners           Furthermore, where           Standards of Accounting, and the
                                           need both a sound theoretical      available and appropriate    purpose of the assessment must
•   Apply VAT concepts related to VAT
                                           understanding of Accounting,       different ICTs are           be clearly understood by all the
                                           and a progressively effective      recommended for this         learners and teachers involved.
•   Completes VAT input, output and        ability to apply knowledge,        subject, in particular:      Competence can be demonstrated
    control accounts                       skills, attitudes and values       •     Calculators            in a number of ways.
                                           associated with it in related      •     computer application
LO2 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING                  useful activities. These in turn         software viz.
                                           reinforce theoretical learning           spreadsheets and
•   Distinguishing between financial       of the desired qualities in a            Accounting software.
    and managerial accounting              mutually interacting process.      The NCS is written in such
                                                                              a way that the application
MANUFACTURING ENVIRONMENT                  The learning outcomes and          of theory to an Accounting
                                           assessment standards               package is optional.
•   Basic concepts in manufacturing        cannot be treated in isolation
    environment                                                               However, the use of an
                                           as many of the topics are          Accounting software
•   Costing principles and cost            interrelated.                      package would be
    behaviours                                                                valuable and is strongly
•   Production cost statement                                                 recommended.
CONTENT AND SKILLS                            METHODOLOGY                       ICT   ASSESSMENT

BUDGETS                                       Accounting is an                        Outcomes based assessment
                                              encompassing subject and                implies the use of a variety of
•   Budget concepts and types of              must be seen in its entirety.           assessment methods and
    budgets                                                                           instruments.
                                              Teaching must be done
•   Analyse and interpret projected                                                   The NCS also require new ways
                                              across all outcomes to
    income statements and cash                                                        of:
                                              achieve an overall
                                                                                      •   recording and reporting
    budgets                                   understanding of the subject.
                                                                                          learner achievement
                                                                                      •   managing portfolios
LO3 MANAGING RESOURCES                        The NCS is based on certain
                                                                                      •   moderation
                                              principles, which impact on
•   Managing resources using                  teaching methodology. One
    indigenous bookkeeping systems            of the principles of the NCS is         The following aspects will only be
                                              outcomes-based education,               assessed within the CASS
•   Interpret and report on movement of                                               component:
                                              which in turn also has certain
                                              fundamental principles, and
                                                                                      •   Electronic Accounting
PERIODIC INVENTORY                            implications on teaching
                                              methodology. These OBE                      (project)
                                                                                      •   Indigenous bookkeeping
•   Compare with perpetual                    principles include:
•   Use different valuation methods to        •   Learner centredness                     presentation/report/
    validate and calculate inventories                                                    discussion)
                                              •   Active learning
                                              •   Working toward Critical,
•   Principles of code of ethics                  Developmental and
•   Use different control tools to identify       Learning Outcomes
    and analyse ethical behaviour
                                              •   Integration of
•   Disciplinary and punitive measures            learning/teaching and
    for non-compliance with reference             assessment
    to legislation and policies


•   Internal control and audit processes,
    and application thereof