Fisker by BChadwick619


									     PURE DRIVING   The harmonious balance    Developed to the           With strikingly original
     PASSION        of nature was the         exacting standards of      designs that capture the
                    inspiration that drove    visionary automotive       dynamic forces of nature,
                    us to design one of the   designer Henrik Fisker,    the Fisker Karma truly
                    most sustainable and      the revolutionary Fisker   is the world’s first
                    accountable vehicles      Karma surpasses the        premium plug-in hybrid
                    in automotive history.    expectations of the        electric vehicle.
                                              most discerning
                                              automotive experts.

THE FISKER      Henrik Fisker and          The duo led teams that
MANUFACTURING   Bernhard Koehler           utilized powertrains
STORY           share over 51 years of     and chassis from
                combined experience in     other luxury European
                the automotive world.      manufacturers until 2007
                They joined forces         when they founded
                as Fisker Coachbuild       Fisker Automotive, a true
                in 2005, a venture         automobile manufacturer
                which saw the team         which introduced the
                reviving the lost art of   world's first premium
                coachbuilding, designing   plug-in hybrid electric
                custom automobiles to      vehicle, the Fisker Karma.
                customer specifications.

OF DESIGN                                   SUSTAINABILITY

PHILOSOPHY    Our design philosophy         ENVIRONMENTAL    For sourcing
              emphasizes that unrivaled     COMMITMENT       environmentally conscious
              purity translates to every                     and sustainable materials,
              element of the Karma.                          if we felt the existing
                                                             technologies didn’t meet
                                                             our uncompromising
INSPIRATION   We drew inspiration from                       standards, we developed
              nature’s harmonious                            new, superior approaches.
              balance in every element                       Our unwavering
              of the car’s design for a                      commitment to purity
              pure, clean styling that                       throughout the Fisker
              celebrates timeless beauty.                    Karma reflects our
                                                             dedication to introducing
                                                             accountability to luxurious
                                                             automotive design.


PHEV TECHNOLOGY   Plug-in Hybrid Electric   PERFORMANCE   Lithium-ion battery charge
                  technology is a unique                  capacity permits up to 50
                  system comprised of                     miles of electric driving.
                  2 electric motors,                      After 50 miles, the internal
                  1 Lithium-ion battery,                  combustion engine
                  and 1 internal                          engages to support the
                  combustion engine.                      electric motors for a range
                                                          of 250 miles. (note: the
                                                          plug-in hybrid is never run
                                                          by the engine. The engine
                                                          provides the energy to run
                                                          the electric motors.)


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