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PTB Group Limited: SWOT Analysis &
Company Profile

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Published: Oct 2010

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PTB Group Limited


PTB Group Limited - Company Overview

PTB Group Limited (PTB) is an Australian based provider of MRO services to the aerospace and military aviation market.
It offers services for two engine types mainly Pratt & Whitney PT6A and Honeywell TPE331 turbine engine. The company
also offers a wide range of services including repair and overhaul of turbine engines; sale and trading in spare parts for
engines and components; and long-term engine management contracts. In addition, it offers finance for aircraft and
turbine engines that are sold to its customers. The company has operations spread across Australia, New Zealand, the
Pacific Islands, North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. PTB is headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Financial Performance

The company reported revenue of AUD30.87 million during the fiscal year ended June 2010. The company's revenue
declined at a compounded rate of 20.33% during the period 2008-2010, with a year on year decline of 21.21% over fiscal
year 2009. During the fiscal year 2010, its operating margin was 7.26% as against the operating margin of 0.84% in the
fiscal year 2009. During the fiscal year 2010, the company registered a net margin of 5.18% as against the net margin of
0.26% in the fiscal year 2009.

PTB Group Limited - Key Facts

PTB Group Limited, Key Facts

                                  47-51 Pandanus Avenue,
                                  Brisbane, Queensland (QLD),       Ticker Symbol, Stock       PTB (Australian Stock
Corporate Address:
                                                                    Exchange                   Exchange)
                                  4007, Australia

Telephone                         + 61 07 36377000                  No. of Employees           13

Fax                               + 61 07 38604006                  Financial Year End         June

URL                              Revenue (in AUD Million)   5.07

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense             Revenue (in USD Million)   3.96

Locations                         Australia, United Kingdom, United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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PTB Group Limited


PTB Group Limited - Business Description

PTB Group Limited (PTB) engages in repair and overhaul business of turbine engines. The group operates over 122
engines under lease and care and maintenance. The Group operates through three business group namely, Pacific
turbine Brisbane, IAP Group, and aircraft engine and Airframe rental and financing. Pacific turbine Brisbane is engaged in
turbine engine repair and overhaul in the repair facility in Brisbane. IAP group supplies spare parts, acquisition of aircraft
and redundant spares as well as trading in aircraft. Aircraft Financing and Rentals is engaged in purchase of engines and
aircraft for lease, rental or hire purchase and sale of engines and aircraft from the aircraft and engine pool.

The company operates through two business segments namely, Aircraft Transport and Aircraft and Engines Sales and

Aircraft Transport segment includes operations of Aeropelican Air Services Pty Ltd. This segment did not contribute any
revenues for the fiscal year end 2010 due to the sale of Aeropelican of Air Services Pty Ltd. The Aircraft and Engines
Sales and Rentals segment offers repair, rental and sale of aircraft, engines and related parts that also includes hire
purchase agreements. During the fiscal year 2010, this segment generated AUD27.24 million, a decrease of 24.64% over
the previous year.

Furthermore, the company’s operations are categorized under three divisions, namely, Engine servicing, Aircraft Engine
Parts and Sales, and Aircraft Engine Sales and Lease.

Through its Engine Servicing division, the company manages engine overhauls, turbine engine component overhaul and
repairs. Engine Servicing specializes in two turbine engine types, namely, Pratt & Whitney PT6A and Honeywell TPE 331.
It offers component repair and overhaul services in fuel controls, fuel pumps, prop pitch controls, fuel shut-off valves,
solenoid valves, heater-oil to fuel, inlet temperature sensors, turbine scavenge pumps, feather valve assemblies, anti-ice
valves, flow dividers, start pressure regulators, torque sensors, planetary gears, sun and bull gears and high speed
pinions and nozzles. The Engine Management Plans offers line maintenance replacement parts, scheduled and
unscheduled engine maintenance, life limited part replacement and constant spare parts replenishment.

The Aircraft Engine Parts and Sales offer services through its PT6A Aircraft Engine Parts and TPE331 Aircraft Engine
Parts business. The product offerings include exchange fuel nozzle kits, combustion liners, large exit ducts, igniter plugs
and ignition leads, inlet screens, oil and fuel or air tubes and pipes and control linkages. TPE331 Aircraft Engine Parts
business mainly supplies Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts and repair management solutions.

Aircraft Engine Sales and Lease engages in the repair and overhaul services to the helicopter, aircraft and industrial
operators. It primarily specializes in the exchange and sale of Honeywell TPE331 and Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines. The
engines are also available on rent or lease basis.

The company classifies its geographical locations into six regions namely, Australia and New Zealand, Pacific, North
America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Others. The Australia and New Zealand accounted for 42.1% of the total revenue of the
company for the fiscal year ended 2010 followed by Pacific (16.1%), North America (7.8 %), Asia (25.2 %), Africa (0.7 %),
Europe (7.9) and Others (0.2%).

Recently, the company renewed its engine management contracts with domestic freight, and international tourism


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PTB Group Limited


PTB Group Limited - Major Products and Services

PTB Group Limited is engaged in repair and overhaul of turbine engines, trading in spare parts for engines and
components, long-term engine management contracts, turbine engine component rental. The key services offered by the
company include the following:

PTB Group Limited, Major Products and Services

Spare parts


Turbine engine repair services



Financing for PT6A and TPE331 turbine engines

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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PTB Group Limited


PTB Group Limited - History

PTB Group Limited, History

    Year                   Event type                                                Description

                                                The company sold its Aeropelican Air Services, an RPT operator based at Newcastle
   2009      Divestiture

   2006      Acquisitions/Mergers/Takeovers PTB acquired IAP Group for AUD13.8 million.

                                                The company acquired two UK companies namely, Emerald Airways Ltd and Emerald
   2006      Acquisitions/Mergers/Takeovers
                                                Airways Engineering Ltd valued at AUD16.25 million.

   2006      Corporate Changes/Expansions The company moved from the NSX to the Australia Stock Exchange (ASX).

   2005      Stock Listings/IPO                 The company’s shares were floated on
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