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CybAero AB: SWOT Analysis & Company

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Published: Oct 2010

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CybAero AB


CybAero AB - Company Overview

CybAero AB (CybAero) is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft manufacturer based in Sweden. The company
specialises in the design and manufacture of UAV helicopter systems with payload capabilities and ground control
stations. The company’s current product line consists of the APID 60 VTOL UAV System. The APID 60 has been used for
a wide range of applications by civilian authorities, companies and military agencies for carrying out power line
inspections, border and coast surveillance, and radio jamming. The company currently has regional offices in Abu Dhabi,
UAE and in Stamford, Connecticut, US. CybAero is headquartered in Linkoping, Sweden.

Financial Performance

The company reported revenues of SEK 5.26 million during the year 2009. The company's revenues grew at a CAGR of
369.3% during the period 2007-2009, with a year on year growth of 242.04% over fiscal year 2008. During the fiscal year
2009, its operating loss was SEK 12.58 million as against the operating loss of SEK 9.82 million in 2008. Moreover, during
the fiscal year 2009, the company’s net loss was SEK 13.15 million as compared to the net loss of SEK 10.53 million in

CybAero AB - Key Facts

CybAero AB, Key Facts

                                  Westmansgatan 29, Linkoping, ,
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                                                                             CBA (Stockholms Fondboers)
                                  582 16, Sweden                    Exchange

Telephone                         + 46 13 210240                    No. of Employees           15

Fax                               + 46 13 9913032                   Financial Year End         December

URL                                         Revenue (in SEK Million)   5.26

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense             Revenue (in USD Million)   0.69

Locations                         Sweden

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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CybAero AB


CybAero AB - Business Description

CybAero AB (CybAero) is a Sweden based unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturer. The company is principally
engaged in the design, development and manufacture of UAV rotor aircraft systems, associated payload systems and
ground control systems. CybAero sells its products to customers in the military, civilian and commercial sectors. CybAero
employs 18 people.
CybAero offers the APID 60 VTOL UAV System (APID 60). The APID 60 system consists of three components, the APID
60 UAV, associated payloads and a ground control station. In addition, the company manufactures a number of
subsystems as per the customer’s requirements. The system minimizes the use of personnel, vehicle and equipment
while conducting hazardous tasks in hostile environments and can be applied for both civilian and military use. The APID
60 currently supports a number of payload equipment such as cameras, sensors, scanners, antennas and signal
jammers. The APID 60 system possesses navigation capabilities such as self-navigation, way-point navigation and joy-
stick navigation and can be deployed in extreme weather conditions, including sub-arctic and desert environments.
General applications of the APID system include surveillance, reconnaissance, survey, aerial photography, mapping (2D
and 3D), electronic warfare, target identification/designation, search and rescue, communications relay, power/pipeline
survey, border/police control, riot control, environmental monitoring, radiation, chemical and biological hazard monitoring.
The company’s product APID 55 is used in battlefield damage assessment, radio jamming, target acquisition and mine
detection for military applications. The products civil applications include aerial photography, forest fire assessment,
environmental monitoring, powerline inspection, search and rescue, border patrol and day/night traffic surveillance.
CybAero also carries out its fundamental missions such as intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in poorly
accessible, hostile areas. The APID VANTAGE unmanned helicopter of the company is used to carry a payload of
sensors and imaging gear for border patrol, search and rescue and surveillance.
The company established the American subsidiary, CybAero LLC to support the NRL project and serve its other North
American customers. The company currently operates two regional offices, one each in the Middle East and North
America. The Middle East office is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE and the North America office is located in Stamford,
Connecticut, US.


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CybAero AB


CybAero AB - Major Products and Services

CybAero AB is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft manufacturer based in Sweden. The company's key products
and services include the following:

CybAero AB, Major Products and Services



UAV Systems Design, Engineering and Development
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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CybAero AB


CybAero AB - History

CybAero AB, History

    Year                Event type                                                 Description

                                                CybAero signed a letter of agreement with the US Naval Research Laboratory for the
   2007      Contracts/Agreements
                                                commercial development of a UAV helicopter system.

   2005      Corporate Changes/Expansions CybAero opened its Middle East Office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

                                                The company signed a contract with a defence agency based in the UAE for the sale
   2004      Contracts/Agreements
                                                55 APID systems.

   2003      Incorporation/Establishment        CybAero AB was established.

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

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