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									4C Controls Inc.


4C Controls Inc.: SWOT Analysis &
Company Profile

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Published: Dec 2010

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4C Controls Inc.


4C Controls Inc. - Company Overview

4C Controls Inc. (4CCI) is the US-based company engaged in high technology integrated security solutions providing real-
time early warning and reduction of time scales from threat detection to termination in the field. The company focuses on
providing cutting-edge technologies and large distribution networks including sales of high resolution synthetic aperture
radar satellites (SAR) and distribution of satellite images (SAR and Optical). It builds and operates high resolution real
time images, low equatorial orbit (LEO) positioned satellite dedicated for earth observation and surveillance application. It
also provides turnkey solutions, complete value chain from assessment and threat analysis, design of security solutions,
planning, procurement, implementation, operations management and maintenance. The company carries out its
manufacturing and marketing operations across the US. The company principally caters to markets across Oil & Gas,
Complete Facility Control, National Defense, Port and Maritime Security, Airport Security and Residential and Commercial
Facilities. 4CCI is headquartered at New York, the US.

4C Controls Inc. - Key Facts

4C Controls Inc., Key Facts

                                  100 Wall Street, New York, New
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                York (NY), 10005, United States Exchange
                                                                                               FOUR (Over The Counter)

Telephone                         + 1 866 5157069                   No. of Employees           N/A

Fax                               N/A                               Financial Year End         N/A

URL                               www.4ccontrols.com                Revenue (in USD Million)   N/A

Industry                          Aerospace and Defense

Locations                         United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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4C Controls Inc.


4C Controls Inc. - Business Description

4C Controls Inc. is a key provider of high technology integrated security solutions. Its key services include data protection,
risk assessment and management, security surveys, planning and audits, operational services and training programs,
high resolution digital orthophoto, system design and integration, product design and development and life cycle technical

The company carries out its major activities in Security and Defense Turnkey Solutions and High Resolution Earth
Observation Satellite.

The company's Security and Defense Turnkey Solutions are being offered by 4C Global Security Consulting ltd, 4C
Systems Engineering Ltd, 4C Security Solutions Ltd and 4C Homeland Security and Defense Systems. Its 4C Global
Security Consulting ltd offers threat Analysis, assessment services and Design of Security Solutions. It provides Critical
Security Threat and Assessment Services across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia as part of the total integrated
security, surveillance and access controls solutions. It provides 4C Controls with the ability to deliver integrated satellite
observation solutions, using high resolution digital orthophoto thematic and geospatial data of Google. It can support
Maritime security, Airports security, refinery security and military bases.

4 C'S other subsidiary, namely,4C Systems Engineering Ltd, offers integration, planning, procurement, implementation,
operation, management and maintenance security systems.

The company's 4C Security Solutions Ltd division offers access control systems, biometric and smart card readers,
closed-circuit television (CCTV), cameras and other customized security solutions.

4 C also offers Turnkey Solutions for high technology projects in homeland security, defense and offset benefits
programs, through its 4C Homeland Security and Defense Systems Ltd subsidiary. It principally caters to defense and
homeland security markets.
The company also offers high resolution earth observation satellites through its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely,
4C Satellite Images and technologies and 4C Polito Space, which is a joint venture between 4cSecurity solutions and
Politecnico di Torino. Its SatImage includes the distribution and dissemination of satellite imagery and sets forth certain
requirements and limitations with respect to the use and distribution of satellite imagery. It includes Direct Receiving
Ground Stations and advanced image processing and analysis center.

Its 4C Polito Space subsidiary offers designing, building, launching and operating high resolution satellites.

The company's key technologies include high resolution (1m) earth observation satellites, technologies and applications,
covering the complete value chain, which offer high-performance, low equatorial orbit (LEO) synthetic aperture radar
(SAR). Its other technology includes ground high performance radars for intrusion detection, it exploits the features of
Ultra Wide Band (UWB) radar signals which are processed, detected, and classified by means of a complete and
innovative digital signal processing (DSP) system. Its RADAR is a mono-static UWB electronic scanning radar (ESR)
using a new antenna design and an advanced DSP system realizing a protection barrier. The company other key
technology, Electronic Surveillance or Access Control products offer solutions across Biometric Access Control, Data
Encryption, CCTV and Personal Identification Technology for Physical and Network security applications.
The company also offers Specialized Proprietary Security Products which include EMSEC technology and Real Time
Positioning System (RTPS). Its Electromagnetic Security (EMSEC) technology offers two sophisticated systems which
include a single active protection system which is based on the emission of correlated signals that is totally secure and
emitting a composite correlated protection signal, the received spectrum which is a non-discernable mix of the signal to be
protected and the protecting signal. Its protection systems have applications to military installations, government buildings
and various other tactical operations.


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4C Controls Inc.


4C Controls Inc. - Major Products and Services

4C Controls Inc. (4CCI) is involved in the distribution of Earth Observation Satellite SAR (Syntetic Aperture Radar)

4C Controls Inc., Major Products and Services

Satellites & Satellite Images:

High resolution low equatorial optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites

High resolution optical and SAR satellite images

Satellite image ground direct receiving stations

Security, Surveillance and Access Controls:

Cutting edge risk assessment, security, surveillance and access controls systems

Specialized & Proprietary Security Products

Proprietary Security Technologies:

Ground high performance radars
Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research

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