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Brokk AB: SWOT Analysis & Company

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Published: Jan 2011

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Brokk AB


Brokk AB - Company Overview

Brokk AB (Brokk) is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of remote controlled demolition machines. It caters to
construction, tunneling process, cement, mining and nuclear industries in Sweden and Internationally. The company is a
wholly owned subsidiary of the Investment company, Lifco Group. The company also designs and manufactures custom
machines with specialized features. Brokk provides attachments that can be incorporated into existing machines for
different applications like in-built equipments such as camera, long arm, side angling device, and cable drum. Further, it
also offers project solutions and design, mock-up, commissioning and final test, and operator and maintenance training.
The company’s manufactured remote controlled demolition robots are used by various industries across the globe
including nuclear, construction, cement and process. Brokk machines are also involved in handling nuclear waste, soft
demolition, separation, sorting, drilling, stripping linings and metal production process. Brokk operates through its
subsidiary companies in the US, UK, China, Australia, and Germany and through distributors in Spain and Russia. The
company is headquartered in Skelleftea, Sweden.

Brokk AB - Key Facts

Brokk AB, Key Facts

                                  PO Box 730, Skelleftea, , 931
                                                                    Ticker Symbol, Stock
Corporate Address:                27, Sweden

Telephone                         + 46 910 711800                   No. of Employees             N/A

Fax                               + 46 910 711811                   Financial Year End           N/A


Industry                          Nuclear Energy , Construction

Locations                         Australia, China, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research


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Brokk AB


Brokk AB - Business Description

Brokk AB (Brokk) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of remote controlled demolition machines. The
company was founded in 1982 and it operates as a subsidiary of the investment company, Lifco Group.

The product family of the company comprises small models to very powerful machines. They include Brokk 50 - smallest
demolition robot; Brokk 90 - versatile demolition tool; Brokk 180 - compact, all-round machine; Brokk 260 - all round tool
for general demolition; and Brokk 400 - the largest machine and the most powerful demolition robot in the product
portfolio. The company also designs and manufactures custom machines with specialized features. Brokk machines can
be fitted with a wide selection of attachments available, such as breakers, concrete crushers, steel shears, buckets,
scabblers, grapples, hammers, shears, loader buckets and other equipment.

In addition, the company also offers project solutions and design, mock-up, commissioning and final test, and operator
and maintenance training.

The distinguishing features of company's products are include Remote control - operated from a portable cable or wireless
control box; Electric-hydraulic operation – no exhaust fumes, low noise levels; Compact power – small dimensions,
lightweight but strong; Flexibility – can be equipped with many different attachments; Productivity - outstanding hitting
power, less repositioning, accurate operation; and Accessibility - works in confined spaces, enters narrow openings,
climbs stairs and over rubble.

The company's products are used worldwide across various industries such as construction, processing, cement and
nuclear. In the construction field, the electrically driven machine when equipped with crusher can work during business
hours also where there are stringent noise restrictions, and with much less dust and vibration than traditional methods.

In the Process industry, the company's machines find applications like cleaning and debricking of furnaces, ladles,
runners, and torpedo cars. Further, the remote operation of the machine allows work in high temperatures and if
conditions are extreme, the machine can be equipped to withstand very hot environments. Brokk machines quickly and
safely cleans cement kilns and demolishes brick linings.

Brokk's machines are used in civilian and military nuclear plants worldwide for the demolition and dismantling of nuclear
power reactors and other nuclear facilities. The machines also remove, sort, and containerize radioactive waste and other
risky and labor intensive operations. The machines are also used as a mobile or stationary handling robot where there are
rigorous safety regulations for workers. The remote operation of the machine reduces radiation exposure levels while
increasing productivity and accelerating schedules. In addition, Brokk technology has been brought to a very advanced
level, enabling camera operation with remote video console.

Brokk's products are marketed, sold and serviced through a global network of subsidiaries, distributors and agents. The
company's subsidiaries include Brokk Inc. in the US; Brokk UK Limited in the UK; Darda GmbH, Germany; and Brokk
Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia.

The company acquired ATC BTP industries, its distributor in France. Brokk AB signed a new distributor agreement with
Pentruder Norway AS. In 2010, Brokk AB opened a new office in Italy, Brokk Italia, S.r.l which serves as its sales
company. During the same year, the company strengthened its position in Australia by acquiring Brokk Australia and Kiwi
Operations Downunder Pty Ltd.


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Brokk AB

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