GURNEE STATION #2
                      Wednesday, September 19, 2007

President Martin Klauber called the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Warren-Waukegan
Fire Protection District to order at 7:30 p.m.

Trustees Present:             John Badtke, Phillip DeRuntz, Martin Klauber

Other Officials Present:      Linda E. Spring, Attorney

Others Present:               Angela Moreno, Recording Secretary
                              Pearl Dilg, Resident
                              Allen Dilg, Resident
                              Joseph Falotico, Resident
                              Perry Howard, Resident
                              Russell Buvala, Resident
                              Jack Flory, Resident
                              Diane Rudd, Resident
                              Bob Meyer, Resident
                              Bill Smith, Resident
                              Barry Smith, Resident
                              Jerry Rudd, Highway Commissioner
                              Tom Seveska, Resident*
                              Doug Taueirne, Dam, Snell & Taueirne, Ltd.
                              John Kavanagh, Gurnee Fire Department
                              Steve Carlson, County Board Member
                              Fred Friedl, Fire Chief, Gurnee Fire Department
                              Tom Keefe, Fire Marshal, Gurnee Fire Department

*Indicates difficulty reading the name on the sign in sheet.


Approval of minutes:

Trustee Badtke made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted. Trustee DeRuntz seconded
the motion.

AYES: Badtke, DeRuntz, Klauber                NAYS: None.                   Motion carried.

Public Comment:

President Klauber stated that due to the very large crowd, and in the interest of allowing the
residents to speak and have the option to leave for the rest of the meeting, he moved Public
Comment to the beginning of the agenda. President Klauber opened the floor for public

Robert Meyer:         He stated that he owns 9.5 acres and has a very large garden. He said that
                      the yard waste burn ban makes his life very difficult, as it restricts his
                      ability to dispose of yard waste and diseased tree material.

Tom Keefe:            Mr. Keefe noted for clarification purposes that in November 2005 the
                      Warren Waukegan Fire Protection District adopted the 2003 International
                      Fire Code, which prohibits burning of landscape waste, trash and
                      construction waste. Recreational fires are permitted within the code’s

Tom Seveska:          Inquired as to how the District recommends residents should dispose of
                      diseased trees.
       Tom Keefe:     Stated that landscape waste removal companies and tree removal services
                      will take away diseased trees.

Bob Meyer:            Stated that tree removal service and waste removal service is very costly,
                      especially taking into consideration that the residents in his area have
                      between 5-20 acres to maintain. He stated that he believes that the current
                      burning ban is silly because it is complaint driven, which he interprets to
                      mean that burning is only illegal if you’re caught.

Joe Falotico:         Echoed the sentiments of the other residents, asked that the Board
                      repeal/amend the ordinance to allow burning. Stated he’s been a resident
                      for 48 years and needs to burn to keep up his property.

President Klauber noted for the record that the ordinance was adopted as part of the 2003
International Fire Code with the intention of reducing pollution and health risks to other
residents, as smoke from burning yard waste is a very offensive irritant.

Allen Dilg:           Asked what the procedure is to reverse the ordinance.
       Pres. Klauber: Explained that a majority vote (2/3) could repeal the ordinance or make
                      amendments to the ordinance.

Pearl Dilg:           Echoed the sentiments of the other residents. She stated that she’s been a
                      resident for 38 years and has always been permitted to burn waste as long
                      as they notified the Fire Department first.

Jack Flory:           Asked why Six Flags Great America is allowed to do fireworks shows, as
                      fireworks are a source of pollution.
       Tom Keefe:     Stated that firework shows are beyond the local fire department’s
                      jurisdiction, Great America gets a permit from the State for that.
Bill Smith:           Stated that the diseased trees are the big issue, because they’re difficult to
                      get rid off.
       Tom Keefe:     Stated that the District should look into whether the IEPA will give a
                      permit for burning diseased trees (civil cultural permit).

Russell Buvala:       Stated that trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer must be destroyed,
                      they can not be chipped because when they are dumped the Emerald Ash
                      Borer can then affect the materials they are dumped with.
       Jerry Rudd:    Stated that trees affected by the Emerald Ash Borer can be chipped when
                      using a double grind.

Steve Carlson:        Stated that there is currently no Emerald Ash Borer in Lake County,
                      however when it appears chipping is the recommended method of
                      destroying trees that have been affected, according to the Lake County
                      Forest Preserve. Stated that the Board should take into consideration the
                      size of the lots when considering allowing waste burning. Also stated that
                      as of this point, the County is not considering any action on yard waste

Jerry Rudd:           Stated that while the Township Highway Department can handle light pick
                      up of tree limbs, they can not handle the extent of debris that these
                      properties have because they do not have enough manpower.

After hearing the resident’s concerns, President Klauber recommended considering an
amendment to the Ordinance at the next meeting. The residents expressed concern because the
next meeting will not be held until November 14th, and many of them have diseased trees they
need to burn now. The Board agreed to hold a Special Call meeting on Wednesday, October 3rd
at 7:30 p.m. to consider an amendment to the ordinance.

Trustee Badtke stated that he had previously motioned to reconsider the ordinance; however the
motion died for lack of a second. He further stated that he voted on the ordinance, adopted as
part of the 2003 International Fire Code, without knowing that a waste burning ban was
included. He encouraged residents to come to the next meeting where an amendment would be
considered. He further stated that he inquired with the Forest Preserve and was informed that an
IEPA permit is not needed for a small burn.

Trustee DeRuntz asked what resources Township residents have to dispose of yard waste. Jerry
Rudd stated that the township can remove some, but certainly not all, and they can contract with
waste management or tree removal services. Tree removal can easily cost in excess of $1,000 per

This matter will be considered at the Special Call meeting on October 3, 2007.

President’s Report: President Klauber thanked all of the residents for coming to the meeting to
discuss their concerns. He also thanked County Board Member Steve Carlson and Highway
Commissioner Jerry Rudd for attending and offering their insight.

Treasurer’s Report: Trustee DeRuntz supplied the Board and the public with copies of his
reports dated August 2007 and September 19, 2007.

The Treasurer’s Report of August 2007 reflected the following: the account with Illinois Funds
reflected deposits in the amount of $10,491.75 for interest income; $26,592.43 in Property Tax
income; $15,376.34 from Superior Collection; and $6,168.84 in Personal Property Tax
Replacement. The account at Harris Bank reflected deposits in the amount of $201.36 in Interest
Income; and $138.64 in Permit Fees. Total expenditures were $12,978.47 in approved payments,
giving an ending balance of $2,532,867.29.

The Treasurer’s Report dated September 19, 2007 reflected the following: the account with
Illinois Funds reflected deposits in the amount of $7,638.90 for interest income; $60,646.66 from
Property Tax income; $30,808.33 from Superior Collection; and $2,720.94 from Personal
Property Replacement Tax. The account at Harris Bank reflected deposits in the amount of
$161.77 in interest income. Total expenditures were $5,075.95 in approved payments. There was
an ending balance of $2,055,167.94.

Trustee DeRuntz listed proposed expenditures in the amount of $11,772.50, which included the
following: payment to Swanson, Martin & Bell in the amount of $9,402.50; payment to Eder,
Casella & Co. in the amount of $20.00; a second payment to Eder, Casella & Co. in the amount
of $2,200.00; and payment to Angela Moreno in the amount of $150.00.

Trustee Badtke made a motion to pay the proposed expenditures and to approve the Treasurer’s
Reports for August and September 2007. President Klauber seconded the motion. A roll call vote
was taken.

AYES: Badtke, DeRuntz, Klauber                NAYS: None.                    Motion carried.

Trustee DeRuntz stated that he received two bids to provide auditing services to the District, one
from the current auditor, Eder, Casella & Co., and the second bid from Dam, Snell & Taueirne,
Ltd. Doug Taueirne was in attendance to discuss the auditing services that his firm could provide
to the District. He gave the Board a brief overview of their scope of services, and stated that they
provide auditing services to many other fire districts. Trustee DeRuntz asked Mr. Taueirne how
the cost for services would increase annually as part of a 3 year contract. Mr. Taueirne stated that
an annual increase of 5-7% is typical.

Trustee Badtke made a motion to hire Dam, Snell & Taueirne, Ltd., for auditing services for a
three year period beginning January 1, 2008. Trustee DeRuntz seconded the motion.
Trustee Badtke asked what the firm charges for other services, and Mr. Tauierne stated that their
fee is $85 per hour for bookkeeping services and $140 per hour for professional services. Trustee
Badtke also asked if Mr. Taueirne’s firm handles day-to-day practices, i.e. check writing, bill
paying, etc. Mr. Taueirne stated that his firm can manage those duties; however it’s not
appropriate because the auditing then loses independence. Trustee Badtke stated that he believes
that it is a good thing for the District to change auditing firms because it provides a new, fresh
look at the District’s records and practices.

Trustee Badtke expressed concern that the Treasurer has the authority to electronically transfer
money to any location in any amount, and asked Mr. Taueirne his opinion on a way to control
that. Mr. Taueirne stated that those practices are limited to the restrictions of the financial
institution, and that he would suggest having bank activity reviewed by somebody other than the

Voice vote on the motion to hire the auditing firm of Dam, Snell & Taueirne, Ltd.:
AYES: Badtke, DeRuntz, Klauber               NAYS: None.                  Motion carried.

Because this item was not on the agenda, it will be ratified at the next meeting.

Secretary’s Report: No report.

Fire Chief’s Report: No report.

Attorney’s Report: Ms. Spring reported that she received an outstanding permit payment in the
amount of $2,039.30, which represented approximately ½ of the District’s outstanding permit

                                        OLD BUSINESS

Superior Ambulance billing: There were no issues to discuss at this time, therefore this issue
was tabled.

Village Contract:

President Klauber reported that he and Ms. Spring met with the Village and that they have
requested a 4% increase plus an additional $110,000 increase for the 2008-2009 contract, and
then a 5% increase for the two years after that. He stated that if the District does not renew the
contract that the Village will cancel, which would then leave one more year of service before the
contract would be over and the District would have to renegotiate a new contract or look for
service elsewhere.

Ms. Spring provided the Board with supporting documentation to examine while considering this
issue, including Fire District Summary Information, a summary of the contract proposal, a table
of potential comparison figures and a letter that Ms. Spring drafted following the meeting with
the Village.
President Klauber stated that the Village indicated that they agreed to the current contract
because the District was in a difficult financial position, and since the District is no longer
financially challenged, the Village believes that the District should pay a more appropriate
amount. President Klauber suggested offering the Village a 4% increase with an additional
$55,000 increase and then an annual increase of 4.5% over the next two years, and asked the
other Trustees to provide guidance for him to negotiate with the Village.

Trustee DeRuntz stated that the District was once $800,000 in debt, and that the Village was not
concerned, so he is less than enthusiastic to give them what they want. He noted that the money
that the District has worked hard to save in the reserve fund is not a surplus, but a much needed
reserve, as the District continues to lose EAV due to annexed property.

President Klauber stated that if the District does nothing, the Village will cancel and then the
negotiations start all over again, which may cause the Village to be less willing to work with the

Trustee Badtke stated that the average tax paid by residents has doubled, and that he doesn’t
believe the contract was agreed upon by the Village to help the District, but rather he believes it
was agreed that it was a fair amount for the service provided (it included a 7-8% increase).
Trustee Badtke requested more detailed information pertaining to the Fire Department/Village’s
actual costs over the last several years. He recommended that President Klauber and/or Ms.
Spring further examine the Village’s cost vs. spending. He would like them to verify costs today
and over the past five years, verify income (i.e. ambulance service), and look at service calls in
the District vs. the Village. If all of that information is reviewed and President Klauber is
comfortable with the increase, then he supports President Klauber’s recommendation.

This will be further considered at the Special Call meeting so that the Trustees can further review
the Village’s financial information.

                                        NEW BUSINESS

Ambulance Billing Complaints: There are none at this time.

Annexations: Ms. Spring stated that she received a call from the City of Waukegan’s attorney,
who stated that the County made an error calculating tax income on a parcel that was annexed.
Ms. Spring and the attorney are waiting for correct information from the County.

Fall Newsletter: Trustee Badtke reported that he is currently working on the fall newsletter.

Impact Fee Ordinance:

Ms. Spring explained that the Impact Fee Ordinance would impose a fee on developers to
compensate for the increased cost of providing service. The fee will be $150.00 per residential

This issue will be considered at the Special Call meeting on October 3, 2007.
Public Comment: None.

Closed Session: None.

Next Meeting: The next meeting of the Warren-Waukegan Fire Protection District will be
October 3, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. Ms. Spring reviewed the agenda items with the Trustees.

Adjournment: Having no further business to come before the Board, Trustee DeRuntz made a
motion to adjourn at 9:32 p.m. Trustee Badtke seconded the motion.

AYES: Badtke, DeRuntz, Klauber            NAYS: None.                 Motion carried.

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Secretary of WWFPD                                             Date minutes approved

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