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                                    BellaSkin - JHMME CORP

    JHMME CORPORATION is introducing a new option called: “BellaSkin” equipment”.
    These equipment are oriented to enhance beauty with the effectiveness of different
    treatments and therapies thanks their quality and design, especially focalized in the
    tendency of this market. BellaSkin delivers another beneficial alternative to encourage our
    customers to start their businesses by offering these affordable prices. It is important for
    us to provide a variety, while QUALITY remains as our main priority and focus. BellaSkin
    equipment are highly innovated which offer new features and different designs and
    functions. Some of the equipment available are: Cavitation, IPL, RF, Laser as well as
    Multifunction equipment. These equipment have two years of warranty and one year of
    free maintenance. Do not hesitate to call us, and let’s try this new and great option.

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Cavi-6 Mega

                                    •	 Cavitation
                                    •	 Radio	Frequency:
                                      1 . 	M o n o p o l a r
                                      2 . 	B i p o l a r
                                      3 . 	T r i p o l a r
                                    •	 	Ultrasound
                                    •	 	Vacuum

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                          Cavi-6                          Mega
                                        Treatment Theory
    Utilizing the Radio frequency technology of Monopolar RF, bipolar RF and Tripolar RF to re-
  move wrinkles, skin lifting & tightening; taking ultrasound for cellulite exploding and melted down
   through RF. Vacuum absorption is equal to or even better than the effect of LPG. Tripolar RF
  acts on cellulite of absorbed skin by vacuum; thus reaching the effect of deep cellulites removal.

  Utilizing focused wave transmitter to project the frequency which reaches 40.5 KHz of intense
  sound wave, causes violent vibration within fatty cell, and resulted in producing the innumerable
  vacuum air pocket inside and outside the fatty cell; the fat cell is bombarded with strong force and
  caused its membrane the introversion demolition. The Triglyceride decomposes into glycerine and
  free fatty acid, utilizing 6MHz tripolar frequency wave to cause the decomposition of the glycerine
  and the free fatty acids discharges outside the body through hepato-enteric circulation. Finally,
  uses the ultra frequency energy localization to explode the fat to tighten, thus achieved the weight
  loss and the lush body beautification effects.
  The Tripolar RF is the latest technology which is very comfortable for people during the treatment.
  And the energy comes out evenly . the treatment results is much better than monopole RF and
  bipolar RF.

          Characteristics:                                     Applications:
                                                         Eye Wrinkles Removal And Skin Lifting
  Power Supply Output: 1000W
                                                                        Face Slimming,
  RF Energy: 1-50 J/CM2
  Cavitation/Ultrasonic frequency       40.5KHz                  Wrinkle Removal And
  Cavitation/Ultrasonic Power:          1-50W/CM2                   Skin Tightening
  RF Spot Size: Diameter 16/32mm (45mm optional)                    Neck Wrinkle Removal
  Vacuum pressure       0-0.1Mpa
                                                                Redundant Cellulites Explotion
  RF Frequency:6MHz
  Handpiece Number: 6 (tripolar RF treatment handle                Redundant Cellulites Melt
  can be exclusively added for face treatment)               Body Slimming And Weight Reduction
  Shots Number:         no limited                                      Body Shaping
  Cooling System:       water + wind + semiconductor
                                                                       Fatigue Relieving
  + cooling gel
  Skin Cooling: ≤0-10C                                                Meridian Dredging
  Display Screen:       8 inch. Color touch LCD          Metabolism Improvement And Acceleration
  screen                                                        Intensive Physical Lipolysis
  Language       English,
                                                                     Burn Surplus Fat
  Working Time:         continuously / time setting
  Dimension: 45x40x118cm                                  Lymphatic Treatment, Skin Tightening,
  Weight:        45. Kg                                           Improve Skin Elasticity
  The Skin Temperature:         –5-10C                      Improve Orange Peel Organization,
  Voltage        220V/110V                                           Body Shaping

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Plus                             The equipment comes with a Set of
                                 Copas Delfin for the Vacuum Mode.

C AV I TAT I O N + R F : M O N O P O L A R

                Product Features                                Cavi-4                                 Plus
  Body shape instrument pick the Israel hole blasting fat
                                                                 This unit pick intelligentized control, touch screen
  technology, RF technology and vacuum melting fat pinch
                                                                 operation, visual interface application, which ensure the
  drainage techniques in one set with multi-body sculpting, at
                                                                 guest easy to learn and safely use.
  the same time have a 40K strong sound wave system, and
  the strong sound waves can produce a liquid implosion
                                                                 This unit use continuous output mode, which accordance
  effect, which is the wave of expansion and compression
                                                                 with acting on the human body parts and operational
  then make the liquid in the formation of a large number of
                                                                 methods for enhancing operation. Energy output is divided
  micro-voids, these voids are gases and steam , With the
                                                                 into 50 files, Ⅰ ~ 50 files of energy from low to high,
  compression cycle, the strong sound wave cause pressure
                                                                 according to the needs of physical therapy choose to use
  effects for liquid molecules, and in the expansion cycle,
                                                                 a different stall; acting on the body’s energy value range
  resulting in negative pressure effect.
                                                                 is from 1J to 50J, when in operation, users can accord
  In fact, inside the liquid or biological tissues exist a
                                                                 to the patient’s capacity to adjust the energy, increase or
  cohesive, in the low density of fat cells, molecular bonding
                                                                 decrease in volume of 1J.The working hours are dynamic
  will be weak, and the strong sound waves can generate a
                                                                 countdown display; Each program is sorted, refined, and
  low negative pressure which can produce organizational
                                                                 processed by the highly experienced physicians, which
  gap that in physics known as “ hole phenomenon.”
                                                                 based on several years of clinical nursing experience, and
  The direct affects of implosion which micro-gap inside and
                                                                 combined with the scientific theory of human life. And then
  outside the Cells results in enhancing the molecular motion,
                                                                 be abstracted into a certain law of mathematical functions,
  so as to achieve a high energy level, eventually lead to the
                                                                 and process by computer.
  breakdown of fat cells.
  Mono-polar and tri-polar RF system, not only effect of the
                                                                 For the convenience of users, we design interactive
  skin but also the subcutaneous fat, so it can be widely
                                                                 interface with automatic countdown and remind function.
  applied to the face, neck wrinkle removal and tighten, as
  well as other parts of the body to lose weight, improve the
                                                                 This unit use SCM control and LCD display,
  orange peel-like skin , postpartum abdominal tightening
                                                                  The main components pick large scale integrated circuits,
  and so on.
                                                                 clear vision and high reliability. The strong sound wave
  It is the radio frequency heat energy through the epidermal
                                                                 system uses the best 40K ultrasonic frequency for body
  and stimulate the epidermal deep tissue, make the
                                                                 shaping, This frequency can be effective for treat stubborn
  subcutaneous tissue produce immediate tighten the
                                                                 cellulite and orange peel fat, which use sound waves of the
  collagen fibers and regeneration. The skin becomes
                                                                 cavity effect, acting on the fat group and break them down
  plump smooth again, restore the original flexibility, while
                                                                 and then absorbed by lymphatic system. RF system uses
  the heat effect, can enhance blood circulation, improve
                                                                 600KHz RF frequency, which can make cells produced a
  microcirculation and inhibit sebaceous gland produce,
                                                                 strong resonance of water molecules rotate and produce
  which results in eliminating wrinkles, shrinking pores,
                                                                 heat by the friction. Thereby heat up to the collagen and
  tighten skin, removal Acne.
                                                                 fat cells for the purpose of heating. Vacuum system uses
  While the vacuum system was first used in medicine to be
                                                                 adjustable pulse control, and thus can be able to mimic the
  cured scars, liposuction post-operative recovery, as the
                                                                 effects of high-level massage doctor
  technology development, and then someone found that the
  deep massage is equivalent to a passive aerobic exercise,
  it has unique effect of expulsion of toxin in the body and
  improves the orange peel tissue and also reshapes the
  body contour.

  Cavi4- Plus is a body sculpting instrument is a novel, non-
  surgical, non-invasive, painless, safe and efficient beauty

  The instrument is equipped with four hand-held probe,
  which can be accordance to the different parts of the
  treatment needs to select the proper size and treatment

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Application:                            Cavi-4                             Plus
• Cavitation: blast fat on arm, abdomen,
    buttocks and thigh ,and improve the skin.
•   RF:      cheek, lower jaw, neck skin
    tightening; nasolabial fold improvement;
    waist and abdomen, limbs, weight loss;
    hips, big legs, orange peel-like skin
•   Vacuum: imitate humanoid hand
    massage for all body parts, help fat
    exercise and break down fat, using a
    professional head to produce negative
    pressure and make regularly negative
    pressure massage, promote lymphatic
    drainage and increase skin elasticity effect
    and also reshape.

Technology Cavitation+Vacuum+(Monopolar RF+Tripolar RF)
Cavitation frequency        40KHz
Cavitation Max Power       100W or 150watts (depend clients requirement)
Tripolar RF 1MHz (output frequency); 50 Watts (Maximum output power)
Monopolar RF 1MHz (output frequency );50 J (Maximum output power)
Vacuum Pressure       1000kpa
Handpieces 5 pieces
1). Monopolar RF head
2). Tripolar RF head (one big, one small)
3). Cavitation Ultrasonic head
4). Vacuum liposuction head
Voltage 220±10 V AC/110±10 V AC 50/60Hz


                                           •   Hair Removal,
                                           •   Skin Rejuvenation
                                           •   Pigment Removal
                                           •   Vascular Removal
                                           •   Breast Lifting
                                           •   Acne Treatments

     • Five Filter For Differents Treatments
     • Spot is 15*50mm Maximum

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IPL             P A R T N E R Theory:
1.      Physical stimulation effect: when it acts on the skin and occur the chemical effect, the intensive
pulsed light makes the molecule structure change inside of the collagen fiber and flexibility fiber of
dermis, and renew skin flexibility. Moreover, the light energy could increase the blood vessel function,
and improve blood circle, that remove the wrinkle and shrink the coarse pores.
2.      Light pyrogenation effect: the quantity of pigment group in ill structure is super higher than of
that in the normal skin, that its temperature is also higher after absorbing the light. Make use of the
temperature difference, obturate the blood vessel and the pigments broken and disassembled, with-
out damage the normal structure.

•     1.   Spots Dispelled: Fleck, Sunburn, Age Pigment, Chloasma And Other Pigment Deposit
•     2.   Unwanted Hair Removal
•     3.   Wrinkle Removal: Canthus Wrinkle, Neck Wrinkle, Gestation Wrinkle
•     4.   Breast Lifting
•     5.   Red Blood Streak Removal, Bottle Nose Treatment, Erythema Treatment, Vascular Treatment
•     6.   Shrink The Coarse Pore, Eliminate Or Lighten The Acne Scar
•     7.   Stimulate The Collagen Layer, And Renew Skin Flexibility
•     8.   Skin Care

1.         Joint part adopts the most advanced “plug and play” technology; integrating water and
electricity protection automatically, makes the installation and operation more easy and safe.
2.         Color touch LCD screen
3.         The whole device adopts the most advanced insulated ABS material, more safe and steady
4.         Wave band treatment head, is superior to 3 general ones
5.         Intensive sapphire treatment head, durable forever, really favorable for investment
6.         Treatment head with the Japanese semiconductor technology freeze to -10 centigrade,
reducing the pain greatly.
7.         Automatic detections: water lever, water current and water flux, more safe and economical
8.         Humanized menu, simple operation
9.         Multi languages menu, easy master wherever in the world
10.        Clock inside the menu, makes the operator easily control the time, improving the efficiency
11.        Hand-touch and foot-touch switches satisfy your different operation habits
12.        Energy system with automatic adjustment, keeps the power on any working sector

                                             IPL       PARTNER
  •	 Hair	Removal																											(640Nm~1200Nm)
  •	 Skin	Rejuvenation																			(530Nm~1200Nm)
  •	 Vascular	Lesions	Removal		(480Nm~1200Nm)
  •	 Pigment	Removal																			(590Nm~1200Nm)
  •	 Breast	Lift	Up																										(690Nm~1200Nm)

  •   Display 8.4 inch color touch screen
  •   Handle quantity     One handle with five interchangeable filters
  •   Language      English, Spanish, German, French, Italian
  •   Multi-band handle 480nm/530nm/590nm/610nm/690nm/1200nm
  •   Energy Density      12-65J/cm2
  •   Frequency     1-4s
  •   Pulse Quantity      1-6
  •   Output power 2000W
  •   Spot Size     a. 12×30mm b. 12×40mm c. 15×50mm d. 8×40mm optional
  •   Cooling Manner      semiconductor+ wind + water +cooling system
  •   Size     51×63×111cm
  •   Net Weight    40kg
  •   Power Source 220V (110V0/15A 50Hz (60Hz)

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  •    1.   RF PLUS IPL
  •    Display   8.4 inch color touch screen
  •    Multi-band handle
  •    (420nm,750nm optional)
  •    Energy Density 1-50J/cm2
  •    Frequency         1-4s
  •    No. of Pulse      1-6
  •    RF Frequency      10 MHz
  •    Output Power      2000W
  •    Size of Spot      a. 12×30mm b. 12×40mm c.
       15×50mm d. 8×40mm optional
  •    Language available       English, Spanish, German,
       French, Italian
  •    Cooling   semiconductor + water +wind cooling
       +cooling gel
  •    Size      45*59*136cm
  •    Net Weight        45KG
  •    Voltage   220V (110V)/15A 50Hz (60Hz)

RF+IPL                 DUET
  Advanced technologies: bipolar radio frequency + IPL can be used together or separately.
  Perfect treatment results can be expected. The RF energy can penetrate into the dermis layer
  and directly deliveries to the hair follicle. Integrating with the IPL energy, good treatment result
  will show you in short time. In addition, the cooling system inside is effective on the epidermis
  that greatly reduce the pain during the treatment.

  The stable performance makes the safety in the whole process.


  1.     Hair removal: IPL&RF work together, can lead the energy to skin tissue below 8mm;
  effective treatment results can be expected.
  2.     Skin rejuvenation: stimulate the collagen, let skin recover young with smooth, and longer
  lasting effect
  3.     Pigment therapy: fleck, age spot and other pigment deposit removal etc.
  4.     Vascular therapy
  5.     Breast lifting
  1.     Big color touch LCD, comfortable and elegant
  2.     “Plug and play” joint handle: integrating separate protection of water flow and electricity,
  great safe and offer an effective connection for a long time.
  3.     Unique and exclusive “air switch” assembly in China, the quick reaction than fuse,
  greatly make the operator, patients and device safe.
  4.     Greatly effective to unwanted hair removal, both thick black hair and tiny hair, and
  comfortable during the treatment.

  5.   Different spot size for option:
  a.   12×30mm b. 12×40mm c. 15×50mm d. 8×40mm
  6.   Avoid the burn, pigment mark and blister during former IPL treatment
  7.   Perfect cooling system: semiconductor + water + wind + cooling gel, and the skin
  temperature 5-10C

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Laser Hair Removal

  EVOLUTION24                                   Theory:
  Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser
  goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles; light can be absorbed and converted
  into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissue.
  Slight pain, easy operation, and the safest technology are for permanent hair removal now.

  Diode laser equipment (model: FG 2000) adopts 810 nm, particularly effective to hair follicle melano-
  cytes without injury surrounding tissue. The laser light can be absorbed by hair shaft and hair follicles
  in the melanin, and converted into heat, thus increasing the hair follicle temperature. When the tem-
  perature rises high enough to irreversibly damage the hair follicle structure, which disappear after a
  period of natural physiological processes of hair follicles and thus achieve the purpose of permanent
  hair removal.

  Safety: 810 nm laser with sable function, intelligent system control and long using life
  Quick: big spot size 12 x 12 mm2, high effect and quick treatment on big treatment area
  Efficiency: 810 nm is in the spectrum of near-infrared (0.75 ~ 1.50μm) region, effective to absorb mel-
  anin and goes through dermis to reach to adipose tissue, acting on different area and depth of hair.
  Slight pain: sapphire temperature cool down 0~4, comfortable to the whole treatment.
  Facilities: intelligent LCD screen, easy operation.
  Permanent hair removal: suitable to all types of hair color and high efficiency.


  Laser type: Diode laser

  Laser wavelength: 810 nm

  Spot size: 12 x 12 mm2

  Pulse width: 10-1,350 ms adjustable

  Energy: 10-120 J / cm2 adjustable

  Frequency: 1-10Hz (continuous mode);

        1-3Hz (pulsed mode)

  Cooling: water + air + semiconductor

  Temperature of probe: 0~4

  Voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz; AC 110V / 60Hz

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CAVI-6 MEGA                $ 15000         Credit Available:
CAVI-4 PLUS                $ 8000        1. Direct Credit with JHMME CORP

IPL PARTNER                $ 15000       2. Bank Credit or Lease Purchase Option.

RF+IPL DUET                $ 15000
LASER EVOLUTION24          $ 29000

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