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									                   New Efficiency.
                   ThyssenKrupp Destination Selection
                   Control DSC for Elevator Groups.

                                          Destination   Elevator 1   Elevator 2


     A Company
of ThyssenKrupp
                   ThyssenKrupp Aufzüge
                              Up to 30% Increase in Handling Capacity.
                              Directional-sensitive Elevator Control.

                                          1                                                      2

Fig. 1                                                              New group dynamics.
In front of elevator                          ThyssenKrupp          Elevator control on new levels:
Customized solution of
                                              destination           unlike conventional control
                                                                    systems ThyssenKrupp desti-
operating terminal in
elevator lobby.
                                              selection control     nation selection control DSC
                                              DSC provides ele-     does not only register the desi-
                                                                    red travel direction when a call
Fig. 2                                        vator installations   is entered, but also the floor
Inside elevator car
Display of floor, as well                     with new efficiency   destination desired by the pas-
                                                                    senger. Benefit: the control has
as push-buttons for door
functions and emergency
                                          3   dimensions by         “twice as much” information
call. No push-buttons for
input of floor destination.
                                              100 % increase in     available as usual. Based on
                                                                    these data the control can sel-
                                              information.          ect the elevator of the group
Fig. 3-4                                                            which can best serve the res-
At operating terminal                                               pective call.
Input of floor destination.
Call of help function on

                                                                           Efficiency and Performance.
                                                                           Well-directed Transportation.

                                                                       s   Effective transport control by advanced call mana-
                                                                           gement. Departure floor and landing destination
                                                                           are registered synchronously.

                                                                       s   Up to 30 % increase in handling capacity.
                                                                           Resulting in considerable gain in time and produc-
                                                                           tivity in office buildings.
           call            1
                         Elevator 1
                                         Elevator 2
                                                        Elevator 3
                                                                       s   User-friendly flat touch-screen terminals for call
                                                                           input. Use of most advanced TFT-technology
  6       5     3                                                          ensures excellent viewing quality from every
                                                                           viewing angle.

                                                                       s   Graphic user guidance ensures easy operation and
                                                                           high degree of acceptance.

                                                                       s   Stand-alone column, flush wall mounted system or
  4       6
                                                                           touch-key box on the wall with various front panel
                                                                           options. Integration into architectural requirements
                                                                           are possible.
                                                                       s   Assignment of lift immediately after call input.
                                                                           No additional car commands required.
  2       6     5

  1       6     5
                                                                           Flexibility and Comfort.
                                                                           Higher Capacities, More Benefits.
Destination selection control DSC
High-performance passenger transport of a group of                     s   Retrofitting of all ThyssenKrupp TCM elevator
3 elevators.                                                               controls possible.

                                                                       s   High adaptability to customer requirements.
                                                                           Individual solutions for operating surface.

                                                                       s   Continously growing program of special functions,
The number of intermediate            No additional car commands           such as operation by disabled, cleaners use etc.
stops as well as empty trips are      inside the car are required. A       Individual special functions can easily be
reduced considerably; increase        clear graphic display ensures        programmed and adapted to changing needs
in elevator availability and          easy operation and leads to          during “elevator life”.
service capacity by up to 30 %        high acceptance by the users.
compared to conventional                                               s   Pre-connected function codes and identification
elevator groups. Considerable                                              systems such as card readers can be connected
increase in comfort and                                                    optionally. This ensures efficient prevention of
handling capacity: enter your                                              misuse of special applications.
call at advanced flat touch-
screen terminals in the elevator                                       s   Identification codes for special floors.
lobby of each floor. Right after
entering a call the passenger is                                       s   Integration of building management information
informed which elevator will                                               possible.
bring him to his destination.
                                 Range of Functions and Operation:
                                 In 2 or Optionally 3 Steps.

Destination selec-
tion control DSC
for buildings up to
approx. 10 floors.
2-step operation for every
type of run mode.            Normal operation. Terminal          Special functions. Special and        Information. Press information
                             display for normal operation.       transportation runs are only          touch-key and on-line information
                             Press touch-key of the desired      carried out after release of          on how to use the elevator
                             floor (here 5, for example) and     special, pre-set elevators:           appears:
                             the elevator which can best serve
                             the call will be calculated and
                                                                                                        Please directly select your destina-
                                                                                                        tion stop. Afterwards enter the
                                                                                                        assigned elevator.
                                                                                                        For special runs with elevator 4 or
                                                                                                        5 please identify by holding your
                                                                                                        card close to card reader.
                                                                                                        In order to activate special functions
                                                                                                        please operate touch-key SF,
                                                                                                        afterwards enter the respective
                                                                                                        function code.
                                                                                                        A destination selection control from Thyssen Aufzüge

                             This clear graphic display helps    After check of identification the
                             you to find “your” elevator very    special function will be displayed.
                             quickly. Dependent on the setting   Choose either the desired floor or
                             the picture is displayed only       simply enter the elevator which
                             shortly or some seconds.            can best serve the special com-
                             Afterwards main menu page           mand.
                             appears again.

The destination
selection control
DSC for buildings
above 10 floors.
First select the building
                             Area selection                      Selection of destination stop         Normal operation

                             In higher buildings, first select   Afterwards enter destination          The elevator which can best
                             the floor area of the destina-      stop.                                 serve this call is calculated
                             tion stop.                                                                and assigned.
                                ThyssenKrupp Destination Selection Control DSC.
                                Overview of a New Way of Controlling Elevator

ThyssenKrupp destination
                                Door-open-button                                 Brake test switch
selection control DSC is
based on advanced micro-        Door-close-button                                Service hour meter
processor technology and        Door protection systems, e.g. light curtain      Trip counter
decentralized data pre-pro-
                                Door re-opening (closing force limitation)       External main switch incl. fuse
cessing. Use of CAN bus
                                Repeated door closing in case of lock failure    (by customers) or protective motor switch
technology ensures reliable
                                                                                 (by customers)
connection of all compo-        Arriving with opening door
nents. ThyssenKrupp desti-                                                       Protective motor switch at control cabinet or wall
                                Nudging device (door-specific)
nation selection control DSC                                                     Alarm button with integrated emergency lighting
with integrated remote          Partly opening (door-specific)
                                                                                 Two-way intercom system
diagnosis is designed for       Car partition door
use with almost any drive                                                        Remote monitoring system Teleservice
                                Door re-opening caused by new destination call
system: from traction eleva-                                                     Emergency evacuation system (Emergenzamatic)
tors without machine room       Selective open-through
                                                                                 Fireman’s function in case of fire
up to high-speed elevators      Overload (110 %)
with external rotor gearless.                                                    Additional emergeny car lighting
                                Disconnection control and light
                                                                                 Special run
Listed beside are perfor-       Occupied device (80 %)
                                                                                 Parking stop
mance features which can        Re-levelling
be realized with destination                                                     Automatic return
                                Misuse “destination call without passenger”
selection control DSC.                                                           Call control for priority car
                                                                                 Automatic barring of stops
                                Position indicator
                                                                                 Compulsory stop
                                Flashing direction arrows on arrival
                                                                                 Changing main stop
                                Text announcing device
                                                                                 Key-operated call control
                                Arrival gong
                                                                                 Key-operated call control and disconnection
                                Flashing direction arrows/hall lantern
                                                                                 Preferred call assignment to elevator with lowest
                                Priority                                         load
                                Out-of-service indicator                         Continued group operation in case of failure of
                                Collective fault message                         one elevator
                                Temperature monitoring lifting motor             Coding of stops
                                Monitoring “installation blocked”                Overlay system (for modernisation phase)
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