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					Livingston                                                             Banking with a different point of view… yours!

1st ClubNews
                                                                                                                                                       Member FDIC

                                                                                                                                                     Spring 2011

                                                    recognize  Colleen  since  she  has  been  on 
     News from Colleen, Laura,                      several trips with the Livingston First Club.       
         Randy & Chelyn                             Colleen  is  the  proud  mother  of  Hannah, 
                                                    age ten (and Einstein a Shih Tzu). Colleen 
“Everywhere you go sunshine follows you             loves to travel and  I have been told that 
 Everywhere you go skies are always blue            Colleen  has  a  “wonderful  voice.”  I  can’t 
   Children love you, they seem to know             wait to hear her sing on the bus!  Colleen 
      You bring roses out of the snow               can be reached at 517.540.6296
      The whole world says HELLO!                    
           Everywhere you go!”                      Laura Carpenter is one of the Personal 
                                                    Bankers  at  the  Main  Office  in  downtown                        Chelyn, Colleen,  & Laura
Greetings Livingston First Club Members,            Howell.  Many of you know Laura already 
I  hope  you  are  all  staying  warm  in  this     since  she  has  also  been  on  a  few  trips            We  are  all  working  very  hard  together 
winter wonderland we call Michigan!                 with the Club. Laura is the proud mother                  to  come  up  with  some  really  new  and 
                                                    of  Jacob, age 18 and Emily, age 15  (and                 exciting  trips  for  you  this  year.    There 
It  brings  us  great  sorrow  to  inform  you      three  Chihuahuas  &  three  cats)!!  Laura               will be singing, eating, surprises and new 
that  Paulette  Reynolds  is  retiring  from        is  an  animal  lover  and  also  loves  to  knit!        places  to  explore  so  please  join  us  for 
FNB  after  10  years  of  dedicated  service. 
                                                    Laura can be reached at 517.545.2205.                     some fun this year!  
Paulette  will  be  spending  some  much             
deserved  time  with  her  grandchildren.           Randy Greene  is  the  Retail  Banking                    We are all eager to help you and we want 
Although we are extremely sad to see her            Administrator  at  the  Main  Office  in                  to  hear  from  you!!!    Please  call  any  of  us 
go, we know that Paulette will be making            downtown Howell.  Many of you will know                   if  you  have  questions,  concern  or  ideas.      
wonderful memories with her family.                 Randy  since  during  his  11  years  at  First           This is your Club and we are here for you!
                                                    National  he  has  worked  at  or  managed  5 
We  all  know  that  two  is  better  than  one,    of  our  branches.    He  has  also  attended             Your Friends and Directors,
right?  We have decided that four is even           Club events. Randy is the proud father of                 Colleen, Laura, Randy & Chelyn
better.    So,  please  let  me  introduce  you     Samantha,  age  9  months.    Randy  can  be 
to  the  FOUR  FNB  employees  that  will           reached at 517-545-2206.                                  BACK BY POPULAR
be  taking  over  the  responsibilities  of  the                                                              DEMAND!!!
Livingston  First  Club.    Colleen  Kelly,         I’m Chelyn Poljan.  I  am  the  Branch                    Free UNLIMITED boxes of checks 
Laura  Carpenter,  Randy  Greene  and               Manager at our Fowlerville Branch.  I am                  per year.  We pay for your checks 
Chelyn Poljan are all very excited to be a          the  proud  mother  of  Junuh,  age  9  (and              and you just pay the postage.
part of such an important part of the bank.         Nemo a Maltese, Vinnie a Pomeranian and                   *Current postage rate $4.25 per box
Together  we  have  a  total  of  30+  years  of    Pepper  a  Chihuahua)!!    I  love  to  spend 
banking  experience  at  FNB.  We  all  look        time at my son’s sporting events and I also 
forward  to  seeing  each  and  every  one  of      enjoy spending time in my flower gardens.           
you in our branches and on our trips  as we         As  you  can  see,  Laura,  Colleen  and  I  all 
get to know you all a little better.                love  our  little  dogs!    I  can  be  reached  at 
Colleen Kelly  is  the  Branch  Manager             517.540.6303.
at  our  VG’s  Branch.    Many  of  you  will        
                    All New Events!
Spring into Holland                                          Celtic Women
Thursday, March 24th                                         Thursday, April 14th
9:00am to 6pm                                                3:30pm – 11:00 pm
1st Club Reward Rate $68 per person                          1st Club Reward Rate $129 per person
This is our first trip in 2011 with the club and the new     Celtic Women, a smash hit around the globe, returns 
co-directors! We’ll arrive in downtown Holland at 11:45      with an all new live show! Their critically acclaimed 
and tour the Holland Museum featuring the exhibit            new television special, CELTIC WOMEN – SONGS 
The Cat Under the Hat-The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.           FROM THE HEART, is a blockbuster on PBS. Come 
Lunch will follow at City Vu Bistro atop the City Flats      see Celtic Women with their 6 piece band and the Aon-
Hotel, which is the first hotel in the Midwest to achieve    tas Choir perform unique renditions of Irish standards, 
LEED Gold Certification. Like First National Bank’s          classical favorites and contemporary hits. Before we 
own M-36 Branch, LEED certification provides building        enjoy our reserved seating to the show, we will have 
owners and operators a concise framework for identify-       dinner in East Lansing at Hershey’s Steak and Seafood.
ing and implementing practical and measurable green 
building design, construction, operations and mainte-
nance solutions. 

           Contact Livingston 1st Club Director, Colleen Kelly,
                      to reserve your space today!
                        Phone (517) 540-6296 or
   Prices include your round trip transportation,            reservation. We accept: cash, checks, MasterCard,
   reserved seating for the show, admission to the           Visa and Discover or we can debit your First
   named event, your entrée, all taxes and gratuities.       National Bank transaction account. We are unable
   Payment is due in full at the time of your                to guarantee any refund amount for cancellations
                                                             received within 30 days of an event. 1st Club
                                                             Rewards apply to day trips only; to receive Reward
                                                             pricing, payment must come from a First National
                                                             Bank transaction account. Non-member guests
                                                             who pay with their FNBH account are eligible for
                                                             reward pricing. If a guest doesn’t currently bank
                                                             with FNBH they will be given a one time credit to
                                                             receive the discount, however, future events will
                                                             be at the regular priced rate.
                   Calendar of Events
                      March                                           April
3/24         Spring into Holland               4/14        Celtic Women

                                                   Livingston 1st Club Requirements
                                              1)	 50+	years	of	age

                                              2)	 	 	first	National	Bank	Checking	Account,	and	one	
                                                  of	the	following:
                                              	 •			 15,000	in	combined	Savings,	Checking,	
                                                     Money	Market	Accounts,	or
                                              	 •			 50,000	in	combined	CD,	Checking	Savings,	
                                                     Money	Market	Accounts,	or
                                              	 •			 100,000	in	First	National	Bank’s	Wealth	
                                                     Management	Department.

                                Livingston 1st Club Benefits
 •	    Personalized	Livingston	1st	Club	      •	 Free	Cashiers	Checks	(up	to	3	per	month)
 	     Membership	Card                        •	 Waived	annual	fee	and	sweep	fee	on	Overdraft		 	
 •	    Seasonal	Club	Newsletter	(Jan.,	May	   	  Protection	Accounts
 	     and	Sept.)                             •	 No	fee	Interest	Checking	Account
 •	    Money	Saving	Bank	Services             •	 Bounce	Protection	Limit	of	$750
 •	    Free	ATM/Debit	Card                    •	 F
                                                 	 ree	unlimited	boxes	of	Personalized	Checks.		
 •	    No	transaction	fees	at	foreign	ATMs       Postage	charges	apply.	
 •	    Free	Internet	Banking                  •	 Free	Notary	and	Signature	services	
 •	    Free	Online	Bill	Pay                   •	 Special	Rates	on	Certificates	of	Deposit
P.O. Box 800
Howell, Michigan 48844