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       Insert your Prepaid SIM card into your Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem; this
       will automatically activate your new Starter Pack. If your SIM is not automatically
       activated, simply place it in a cellphone and dial 100 to activate your SIM.                               1
       You will not be able to activate your Starter Pack until you have registered your
       cellphone number as per the RICA Act.
       For more information, call Customer Care on 111 free from your Vodacom cellphone
       or call 082 111 from any other phone at the applicable call rate.
       The insertion by you of a Vodacom SIM card into a cellphone or modem and/or the use
       by you of Vodacom cellular communication service, constitutes acceptance by you of
       Vodacom’s standard terms and conditions
       as amended from time to time.
       A copy of such terms and conditions
       is available on Vodacom’s website, alternatively it
       may be requested from Customer Care
       by dialling 082 111.

       V01NOV10                                                                 100MB

130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 1                                                          2010/10/22 5:27 PM
                                    •	3G	USB	Modem	
                                    •	FREE	DATA	for	
                                      12 months

                                    •	Prepaid	SIM	card
                                    •	Plug	and	Play	for	
   ever y m 2                         easy installation
      for 1 !                       •	Windows	&	MAC	
      month                           compatible


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                                    1.	 What	can	I	do	on	the	Internet?	             2

                                    2.	 RICA	                                       4

                                    3.	 Internet	Starter	Pack                       5
                                       3.1 Getting started                           5
                                       3.2 How the monthly FREE Data Bundles work    7
                                       3.3 Buying Additional Data Bundles            8
                                       3.4 Data Bundle Prices                       12
                                       3.5 Account and Data Bundle Balances         12
                                       3.6 Keeping your Software updated            13
                                       3.7 Getting Assistance                       13

                                    4.	 Using	your	Data	SIM	to	make	calls	               	
                                       and	send	SMSs	and	MMSs	                      13
                                       4.1 FreeChange                               14
                                       4.2 Loyalty offers                           14


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 4                                                    2010/10/22 5:27 PM
           What can I do on the Internet?
           The Internet opens up a whole new world to you, giving you everything from breaking news and
           valuable information to world-class entertainment. Not having access to the Internet in this day
           and age is simply not an option. Go ahead, step in.

      Communicate                           Social networks          Infotainment             Online	shopping
      Email friends, family or business     Interacting with         Go to YouTube,           Looking for a great
      contacts with attachments like        friends online has       Zoopy or Flickr          deal or need to buy
      pictures and videos. You can also     never been easier        to view the latest,      something online?
      use Voice over Internet Protocol      and more fun.            greatest videos and      Browse online, buy
      (VoIP) to talk to your loved ones     Rendezvous in the        photos on anything       what you need and
      anywhere in the world.
                                            real world after         from sport to your       have it delivered
      FREE	Email	from	Vodacom               connecting in the        favourite celebrities.   to your doorstep.
      With Vodacom’s Free Email             virtual one. Facebook,   You can also upload      Isn’t this a
      you can get your own personal         Twitter and the grid     your own videos          convenient way
      email address, free of charge.        allow you to create      or photos for the        to shop?
      The service gives you 3GB             your profile, chat to    whole world to view.
      of storage space, five aliases,       friends and share
      20 SMS notifications of               cool applications.
      new emails per day, spam and          Think of it as your
      anti-virus protection. Simply visit from a PC          own personal
      and register for the service or       webpage – it is all
      dial *111# and follow the menu        about you and your
      prompts for email.                    world.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 5                                                                        2010/10/22 5:27 PM
      Research	and	         Internet	banking       Online	gaming             More, more,
      browsing	for	fun      Why stand in long      Vodacom Gaming            more…
      The web is a big      queues at your bank    is currently attracting   Create your own
      place with so much    to pay your bills      hordes of gamers          blogs, listen to music,
      information; use      or get your latest     from far and wide.        watch movies, post
      search engines like   statements? Log onto   Buy the game and          to bulletin boards,
      Google to search      your bank’s website    then go to www.           write book reviews…
      for information on    and immediately        vodacomgaming.            all of this can be
      a specific topic of   make your payments to play online,     done online, and it’s
      interest. Wikipedia   or view your           and challenge other       just plain easy!
      allows you to learn   statements.            gamers around the
      about almost                                 world.
      anything you would
      want to know.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 6                                                                 2010/10/22 5:27 PM
            2 RICA
                 If you have not registered your new Prepaid SIM card for RICA, please do so to ensure that
                 your SIM card can be automatically activated when inserted into your Vodafone Mobile
                 Connect USB modem.

                 How to RICA:
                 To RICA at a Vodacom outlet, you must provide the following:
                 – Your SIM card number
                 – Full names and surname
                 – Green bar-coded ID	document or temporary ID	certificate,	or	passport
                 – Proof of residential address, e.g. bank statement, municipal rates, cellphone or retail
                   account (not older than three (3) months), existing lease, rental or credit card agreement,
                   insurance policy, current TV or motor vehicle license.
                 – If you live in an informal settlement you can provide	a	letter	and/or	affidavit from a
                   school, church or retail store where you receive your post (this letter must be on an official
                   letterhead or have the stamp of the school, church or retail store).


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 7                                                                     2010/10/22 5:27 PM
                 3.1 GETTING STARTED
                 Ensure that your Prepaid SIM card has been registered for RICA.

                 System Requirements:
                 To use this Vodafone Mobile Connect Broadband USB modem and the Vodafone Mobile
                 Connect application, you need:
                 – A computer running Microsoft ® Windows Vista™ (SP1 recommended), or Windows® XP
                     SP2,Windows® 2000 SP4 or an Apple Mac running Mac OS® X 10.3.9 or later.
                 – At least 100 MB free disk space and 256 MB RAM
                 – A USB socket
                 – Administrator rights on your computer

                 Step 1:    Insert your Prepaid SIM card into your Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem;
                            this will automatically activate the SIM card. If your SIM is not automatically
                            activated, simply place it in a cellphone and dial 100 to activate your SIM.
                 Step 2:    Insert the Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem into a free USB port.
                            The LED on the USB modem will light up.
                 Step	3:    Select your preferred language.
                 Step	4:    Setup files will now be extracted for installation.
                 Step 5:    The Installation Shield wizard will pop up - select the mobile network operator,
                            e.g. Vodacom, from the drop down list and click on the ‘Next’ button.
                 Step	6:    The Vodafone End-User License Agreement will now appear. If you agree to
                            the terms in the license agreement, click on ‘I accept the terms in the License
                            Agreement’. Click on the ‘Next’ button.
                 Step 7:    Select the ‘Reporting option’ you wish to use and then click on the ‘Next’ button.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 8                                                                   2010/10/22 5:27 PM
            Step 8:      Choose your Account type – ‘Prepay’ and then click on the ‘Next’ button.
            Step 9:      The installation for the Vodafone Mobile Connect will now take place.
            Step 10:     Installation has now completed, click on the ‘Finish’ button.
            Step 11:     The Vodafone Mobile Connect software is now installed. Click on ‘Connect’ to
                         establish a connection to the 3G network. The LED on the USB modem will turn
                         to blue or green, depending on 3G network coverage.

            Step 12:     The status will now change to ‘Connected’.
            Step	13:     Click on the’ Internet Explorer’ icon.
            Step	14:     You are now able to browse the Internet!

            Please note: For the latest version of the Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) software,


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 9                                                                2010/10/22 5:27 PM
            On activation you will receive a series of SMSs detailing:
            –     Your RICA confirmation
            –     The Data Bundle amount to be allocated to you each month, and
            –     Your Prepaid SIM’s cellphone number (keep this safe as you will need it to load additional
                  data bundles).

            Need Assistance?
            Inside your Internet Starter Pack’s modem box, you’ll find a Quick Start Guide to assist you to set
            up your Vodafone Mobile Connect USB modem as well as a Vodacom Technical Support Voucher
            (valid for 6 months from the date of purchase) that entitles you to one FREE visit or in-store
            support from one of our technicians.

            3.2      HOW THE FREE DATA BUNDLES WORK

            –     Your Prepaid SIM card will be loaded with the Data Bundle size as indicated on the front of
                  the Internet Starter Pack, every month for 12 months. Your Data Bundle will be loaded on
                  the same date as the first activation of your SIM (e.g. if you activate on 15 November you
                  will receive your Free Data Bundle every month on the 15th).
            –     You can add more once-off Data Bundles at any time. Please see page 8 for more
                  information on how to buy Data Bundles.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 10                                                                   2010/10/22 5:27 PM

     In order to purchase additional Data Bundles, you first need to recharge the airtime on your SIM.
     You can then use the airtime to purchase the Data Bundle of your choice.

     Recharge and Purchase Data Bundles:

     There	are	4	ways	to	recharge	airtime:
     –	   Airtime	Transfer	
     –	   Physical	Airtime	Recharge	Vouchers
     –	   Till	Slip	Airtime	Recharge	Vouchers
     –	   ATM	and	Online	Banking	Recharges

     1)	   Airtime	Transfer: All Contract, Top Up and Prepaid Vodacom customers can send airtime
           credit from their cellphone to the Prepaid SIM card received with the Internet Starter Pack -
           FREE OF CHARGE.

           How	to	Transfer	Airtime	(both	free	of	charge):	

           Option 1:          Call )*@ !@)))               , free from your Vodacom cellphone and
                              follow the voice prompts; OR

           Option2: 1.        Dial   !!!          from your Vodacom cellphone
                    2.        A MyPhone menu will appear with ‘Airtime Transfer’.
                    3.        Select ‘Airtime Transfer’ and choose the amount that you would like
                              to transfer.
                       4.     Enter the Prepaid Data SIM cellphone number and select ‘confirm’.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 11                                                                    2010/10/22 5:27 PM
     Please	note	the	following:
     •	   Prepaid	and	Top	Up	customers	can	transfer	up	to	80%	of	their	recharged	amount,	excluding	
          the Top Up monthly subscription amount or the airtime value within a starter pack
     •	   Contract	customers	will	be	billed	for	the	airtime	value	transferred	on	their	cellphone	bill
     •	   Customers	can	transfer	any	amount	from	R29	(twenty	nine	rand)
     •	            ) * @ !@)))
          Calls	to		                         are FREE from your Vodacom cellphone
     •	                     )*@ !!*&
          For	more	information	dial		                        (free from your Vodacom cellphone)
     •	   Terms	and	conditions	apply

     2)	   Physical	Airtime	Recharge	Vouchers:	 Can be bought at any Vodacom approved outlet.
           An airtime recharge voucher has the airtime value and PIN number printed on the voucher.

     3)	   Till	Slip	Airtime	Recharge	Vouchers: Available at retailers displaying the Vodacom sign.
           The recharge value you choose as well as the PIN is printed on your till slip.

           Recharge	with	an	Airtime	Recharge	voucher	as	follows:
           – SMS your 12-digit recharge voucher PIN number to 100 (FREE), from the Vodafone
              Mobile Connect Connection Manager; OR
           – Go to the ‘Top Up by Voucher’ option on the ‘My Account’ drop down list from the
              Vodafone Mobile Connect Connection Manager. Type your 12-digit recharge voucher
              PIN number in the space provided; OR
           – Dial     ! )) )!             12-digit recharge voucher PIN number #, press the dial
                            !)) )! !@#$%^!@#$%^
              button (FREE) (e.g.                                                           )
              on your cellphone; OR
           – Call 100 (FREE) and follow the prompts

     4)	   ATM	and	Online	Banking	Recharges:	Recharge your Prepaid account via an ATM, or via
           Internet banking. The airtime value you choose will be credited directly to the cellphone
           number of the Prepaid SIM you received with your Internet Starter Pack (enter the Prepaid
           SIM’s cellphone number when choosing which number to recharge).


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 12                                                                 2010/10/22 5:27 PM
            Converting your Airtime to Data Bundles

            Once you have recharged the airtime value needed to buy a Data Bundle, you can purchase
            Data Bundles through any of the following four channels:
            –    SMS
            –    My Vodacom
            –	   On	the	VMC	Connection	Manager
            –	   Purchase	Data	Bundles	at	Banks

            1)	   SMS:	Send an SMS to 100 (FREE), from
                  your Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC)
                  Connection Manager with the Data Bundle
                  size you want to buy. e.g. If you want
                  to buy a MyMeg 250 Data Bundle, SMS
                  ‘MyMeg	250’ or for a MyGig 1 SMS
                  ‘MyGig	1’ to 100.

            2)	   My	Vodacom:
                  Go to, click on ‘My Vodacom’ to register/login (using the Prepaid
                  cellphone number). Go to ‘Buy Bundles’ to select a Data Bundle.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 13                                                              2010/10/22 5:27 PM
     3)	   On	the	VMC	Connection	Manager:	

     	     a) Log-in to your ‘My Vodacom Account’ via ’Account Login’ on your VMC Connection Manager,
              then click on ‘My Vodacom’ to register/login (using the Prepaid cellphone number). Go to ‘Buy
              Bundles’ to select a Data Bundle.

           b) Go to the ‘Buy Data Add on’ option on the ‘My Account’ drop down list from your VMC
              Connection Manager, to select a Data Bundle of your choice.

     4)	   Purchase	Data	Bundles	at	Banks:	Selected Banks offer Data Bundles via their ATMs or on Internet
           banking.The value of the Data Bundle you choose will be credited directly to the cellphone number of the
           Prepaid SIM you received with your Internet Starter Pack (enter the Prepaid SIM’s cellphone number).


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 14                                                                      2010/10/22 5:27 PM

      For the latest Data Bundle prices, visit


      You can check your balance in two ways:
      –    On your computer: Go to the ‘Check
           Balance’ option on the ‘My Account’ drop
           down list from your VMC Connection
           Manager, to check your balance.

      –    On My Vodacom: Log-in to your ‘My Vodacom’ Prepaid Data account via the VMC
           Connection Manager or go to, then click on ‘My Vodacom’ to
           register/login using your Prepaid SIM cellphone number. Then go to ‘account info’ and
           check your balance.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 15                                                                 2010/10/22 5:27 PM

     All software and firmware downloads available on are FREE when you
     connect to the website from a Vodacom SIM card, so it is easy to keep the software and firmware
     updated in order for your Vodafone Broadband Access Devices to function optimally.
     (Browsing is charged at applicable data rates).


     If you need help with setting up and using your Vodafone modem, please contact us:
     –    ) * @ ! % % 	Data	Support line (free from a Vodacom SIM)
     –    The Vodacom website help section ( )
     –    Enclosed in the modem box is a technical support voucher (valid for 6 months from the
          date of purchase) that entitles you to one FREE visit or in-store support from one of our
          technicians to assist you with the installation of your software and set-up of your Free
          Vodacom email address; OR to assist you with troubleshooting of your existing installation
          and the set-up of your Free Vodacom email address.

          AND MMSs

          You can also use this Internet Starter Pack SIM to make voice calls, send SMSs and MMSs.
          Simply insert your SIM card into a cellphone. The Yebo4Less tariff package will apply when
          making voice calls.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 16                                                                 2010/10/22 5:27 PM
            4.1 FREECHANGE

            FreeChange allows you to switch between any of Vodacom’s Prepaid tariff offerings, every 30
            days – absolutely free, just dial the FreeChange number    !!*!  free from your Vodacom

            Yebo4Less	(This	tariff	package	will	be	the	default	tariff	when	making	voice	calls,	
            sending	MMSs	or	SMSs,	when	inserting	your	Prepaid	SIM	card	into	your	cellphone)
            Up	to	100%	discount	on	all	calls	dependent	on	where	you	are	and	the	time	of	day.

            If	you	are	in	doubt	or	change	your	mind	–	try	FreeChange!
            Best of all, when changing tariff plans, you will not lose your airtime – it will automatically be


            Vodacom appreciates your support and that is why we give you something back just for being a loyal
            Prepaid customer. Every time you recharge with R10 or more Vodacom Prepaid airtime, you get
            Vodacom Talking Points that you can exchange for discounted Vodacom-to-Vodacom calls, SMS, MMS
            and Data Bundles or cellphones – the more you recharge, the more Talking Points you earn!


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 17                                                                      2010/10/22 5:27 PM
     What you can get with your Talking Points

      100 Points          100 Free SMSs OR 5% Call Discount OR 100 Free MMSs
      150 Points          150 Free SMSs OR 10% Call Discount OR 150 Free MMSs
                          OR MyMeg 110 Data Bundle
      250 Points          300 Free SMSs OR 15% Call Discount OR 300 Free MMSs
                          OR MyMeg 175 Data Bundle
      500 Points          750 Free SMSs OR 20% Call Discount OR 750 Free MMSs
                          OR MyMeg 300 Data Bundle
      1000 Points         Selected phones from each category
      1500 Points         Selected phones from each category
      2000 Points         Selected phones from each category

     Please note: Call discounts do not apply if you are on the Yebo4Less tariff plan.

     Points can be exchanged when your Talking Points balance reaches the ABOVE thresholds.

     To find out how many points you have accumulated in total, use any of the following methods:
     –             )*@ @$! !)*@
           Simply call                                    (free from your Vodacom cellphone); or
     –     Dial   !!!           and select the Talking Points option on the MyPhone menu; or
     –     Visit participating Vodacom outlets; or
     –     Go to

     Yebo Millionaires

     Vodacom Yebo Millionaires is a game show exclusive to all Vodacom customers (Contract, Top Up and
     Prepaid customers). All Vodacom customers receive 2	FREE	SMSs every week to enter Yebo Millionaires.
     Once you have used your 2	FREE	SMSs, additional SMSs will be charged at just R1 (VAT included).
     You will also receive an additional FREE game show SMS for every recharge during the week.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 18                                                                  2010/10/22 5:27 PM
      You can enter the competition in one of three ways:
      1.	   Weekly	SMS (choose your own nine lucky letters).
            •	 SMS	any	nine	alphabet	letters	(from	A-Z)	to	32082	in	any	order.
      2.    UPICK (Vodacom randomly picks nine letters for you, for the next 4 consecutive draws)
            In case you struggle to come up with nine letters every week then:
      	     •	 SMS	the	word	UPICK	to	32082	and	Vodacom	will	randomly	generate	nine	letters	on	your	
               behalf. Your UPICK entry will automatically be entered for the next four consecutive draws.
      3.	   SAME (send the same nine lucky letters for the next four consecutive draws)
            In case you are attached to a specific nine letter word then:
      	     •	 SMS	SAME	followed	by	a	space	and	nine	lucky	letters	to	32082	to	enter	your	same	lucky	
               nine letter word for the next four consecutive draws.

      All SMS entries receive an SMS confirmation with a reference number and draw date. Retain this SMS
      as proof of entry.

      Once-off	qualifying	question	for	first	time	players:
      Customers sending their nine letters to#@)*@            for the first time will receive a simple
      multi-choice question that must be answered correctly to qualify to play the game. The customer only
      needs to answer the question correctly once, in order to play as many times as they like thereafter.

      There	are	amazing	prizes	to	be	won	including:
      – 9-letter match – win R1 million
      – 8-letter match – win R200 000
      – 7-letter match – R29 Airtime
      – 6-letter match – R12 Airtime

      Even	if	you	don’t	get	the	winning	letters	correct	you	could	still	win	a	prize	with	the	Yebo	
      Millionaires weekly and monthly lucky draws:
      Ten	LG	cellphones are given away during the weekly lucky draw and a Toyota	Yaris is given away
      in a monthly lucky draw on the last Tuesday of every month. Watch the Yebo Millionaires game show
      every Tuesday on SABC 1 just before 18h30 to see if you are the next millionaire.


130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 19                                                                   2010/10/22 5:27 PM
        Your new Vodacom SIM card has been preset with the PIN request disabled. This means that
        when you insert your SIM into your cellphone or modem, you will not be prompted to type in
        a PIN number. You will be connected to the Vodacom network.

        A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a security code that stops your cellphone or device from
        being used without your permission. You can set your cellphone to prompt you for a PIN when you
        switch your cellphone on by referring to your cellphone manual, under your cellphone’s settings and
        security features. Your cellphone will request a PIN number, use 0000 (these will appear as stars on
        your screen). You will then be prompted to set your own PIN number. Ensure that you choose a PIN
        number that is easy to remember. Your cellphone should confirm that your PIN has been changed.

        If you setup a PIN number on your cellphone and you enter a PIN incorrectly three times, the SIM
        card will be blocked and you will be required to enter your PUK number. The PUK number can be
        found on your Vodacom Certificate or obtained by calling 082 111. Remember to keep your PUK
        number in a safe place.

        For more information, call Customer Care on 111 free from your Vodacom cellphone or call 082 111
        from any other phone at the applicable call rate.

130055VODC Data Book 100MB.indd 20                                                                  2010/10/22 5:27 PM

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