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									                                       Social Studies Review

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   1. Where do many of the people work who keep a community running smoothly?
        a. Grocery store
        b. Abercrombie and Hollister
        c. Gamestop
        d. Starbucks, at least that’s what my mom says

   2. The three levels of government in the United States are federal, state, and
         a. international
         b. town
         c. regional
         d. school

   3. A newspaper article is a primary source about an event when it
          a. quotes a celebrity
          b. is also online
          c. is less than one page long
          d. is the only thing you read about the event

   4. Who were the first people to live in most states?
        a. sheriffs
        b. teachers
        c. gold miners
        d. Justin Bieber fans

   5. Who signed the Declaration of Independence?
        a. Babe Ruth
        b. Lady Gaga
        c. the cast of iCarly
        d. all of the above
                                           History Review

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   1. The Neolithic Age ended about 3000 B.C.E., with the discovery of how to
         a. build brick houses
         b. have pets
         c. dress fashionably
         d. download music on an MP3 player

   2. Why did people in the Neolithic Age live together in larger groups, compared with earlier
         a. They learned better ways to get along with others.
         b. They discovered soap, so people weren’t nearly as smelly.
         c. They found it much easier to share clothes.
         d. They were tired of moving around so much.

   3. What was the purpose of the Magna Carta?
        a. to protect the rights of children
        b. to make schools stronger
        c. to guarantee invitations to the upcoming royal wedding
        d. to protect the rights of parents

   4. How did salons in France help shape the Enlightenment?
         a. Soda was introduced and people were more light-hearted in debating the issues of the
         b. The atmosphere of salons was so much warmer than in town squares, so people were
             less crabby from being cold.
         c. Men were not allowed in salons, so women finally had a place to speak without getting
         d. The King frequented salons and agreed with all the ideas he heard there.

   5. In 1788, why did several states refuse to approve the U.S. Constitution?
          a. It did not list the rights of politicians.
          b. It did not give states enough rights.
          c. They thought it was poorly written, causing people to fall asleep while reading it.
          d. They agreed it would be a great April Fool’s joke.

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