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Green Developers Break the "Scrape and Replace" Cycle
Colorado Tree Spade, a large tree moving company, is helping land developers save
big money by transplanting mature trees that are otherwise slated for destruction.

Denver, CO - November 20, 2009 -- In the past, many living, healthy, valuable old trees were
needlessly destroyed to make way for new development. As a result the new development was
often devoid of the mature, tall trees that help to bring in the higher sale prices and faster sales.
The concerned developer in-turn replants the neighborhood with expensive young nursery trees.
Colorado Tree Spade (CTS) breaks this “scrape and replace” cycle by moving large trees that are
in the way of progress.

The green- minded developers have known for years, the immense value large trees bring to a
finished project. They understand that with Colorado Tree Spade, large tree moving services, it
pays to relocate the large and established trees rather than destroying them and planting new

Many land developers used to think it is too expensive, too difficult or don't realize it's possible
to move big, established trees. Not so with Colorado Tree Spade, their Holt 124, is one of only
three in the country and is capable of saving and moving trees up to 24” in a single day. The cost
of a replacement mature tree, crane rental and a digging crew can easily exceed the cost of
having CTS move an existing tree. After all, the true benefit of tree moving is not the cost
savings, but the feeling you get making the green choice and saving the life of an old, big tree.

Colorado Tree Spade is saving trees of all sizes. Susan Pfeifer the owner of this woman owned
business says “With our fleet of 10 tree spades ranging in size from 24” – 124” we can save and
move most any tree worth saving. From your favorite heirloom fruit tree to that mighty old oak
where the sunroom is supposed to be, Colorado Tree Spade can move it for you.”

Susan Pfeifer opened Colorado Tree Spade in 1984 and started serving Colorado with two tree
spades. She has continued to grow the company to include 10 tree spades and now works across
the country. For the right project Colorado Tree Spade will and has traveled as far as Florida,
California and even into Canada to move trees.

To assess the viability of your tree- moving project, visit our web site and download our Guide to
Successful Tree Transplanting.

Susan Pfeifer - Woman Owner
Colorado Tree Spade
Telephone: 303-841-9393
Fax: 720-851-8585

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