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                                                                          March ’09 Issue

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            We present to you our department’s newsletter, Connectrix.

            We have tried to bring together news, articles , jokes and puzzles
            which will both inform and entertain our readers.
            We thank our HOD and staff for providing us with this great
            opportunity to contribute to the department.

            Articles and feedback from our readers will be appreciated.

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                    INFO BYTES                                 February’09 Issue

>> Students of our department
participated in various events at
Transition’09 held by Cognizant at
Image Auditorium on 7 th
 Vinodhini.B of CSE III B won
the second prize in Ultimate
Techie and took home a 30GB


>> Students from various universities in the U.S.A. visited our college
and interacted with the students and staff as a part of the Semester At
Sea program which was held on the 6 th and 9th of March’09.

They are traveling around the world for 108 days and attending classes
aboard the ship as they visit 10 countries.

Led by Dr.Burtner, some of the visiting students performed a unique
music show using MICE( ) technology.
                                                              February’09 Issue

>> A seminar on ‘Data Mining’ was held in
our college on March’09 at the auditorium
for the 3rd and final year students.

The speaker was Mr.Thothadri – VP from
Infosys, Chennai.

He gave us an informational and educative
lecture on the present and future trends in
Data Mining.

                                  >> Students from our department
                                  attended a seminar on FOSS(Free
                                  and Open Source Software) on the
                                  14th of March’09.
                                  Mr.Deivamani of our department
                                  accompanied the students.

                                  It was held at the Chennai Trade
                                  Students from the 3 rd year of CSE
                                  attended the seminar
                          CYBERZONE                                                   February’09 Issue

                  Hyper Speech Transfer Protocol
If you thought technology couldn’t get any better, you’d better think again. The Indian
arm of the US-based IT giant IBM has introduced this new protocol called Hyper Speech
Transfer Protocol which is s imilar to HTTP which is hypertext transfer protocol. This
HSTP protocol actually lets the user to talk to it. All these web pages can be accessed
us ing mobile phones and voice sites can be created.

This protocol was mainly created for the people who can’t read where their voices alone
are enough for carrying out the necessary task.
It also provides services like paying using credit cards over the phone with the security
pathway. We could say it’s another thing like talking to customer service, only here we’d
be using the internet.For business oriented people, who have to travel long distances, and
they need to buy something, they just have to use their mobile phones, like Jo nathan

Jonathan is a busy sales man who travels frequently. His work typically requires him to
stay in a place for a few days. Once he is in a new place, he has to go around looking for
grocery stores in his locality for his daily needs. He prefers ta king phone numbers of the
identified    stores     and     places     orders    on     the     phone    s ubsequently.
Home delivery services deliver the goods to his home. However, often the home delivery
boys don't accept credit cards and even if some do, Jonathan tries paying by cas h since he
does n't want to s hare his credit card information with untrusted home delivery agents.
This often causes problems since he often runs out of cash.

During his travel, he visits a city and finds out that there is a yellow pages service in the
city that he can call up to receive phone numbers of several bus inesses. He promptly calls
up the service and uses the telephony voice application to browse through the grocery
On Jonathan's prompt, the call gets transferred to a grocery store and goes to the voice
application of the store. Jonathan easily specifies the items he needs to buy from the
cataloger. The order is placed and a delivery guarantee is made within half an hour

To his surprise, the grocery store's voice application also accepts credit cards securely over
phone. Jonathan selects the option and his call gets transferred to yet another voice
application of a secure payment gateway. The secure payment gateway already knows
about the amount of money the grocery store wants to charge to Jonathan, and securely
authorizes the payment by taking in Jonathan's credit card details and transacting with
the credit card company's authorization system.

It is a very interesting piece of news indeed, imagine talking to the websites. Maybe this is
just the stepping stone for something more that might come to exist in the mere future. If
our world does indeed ends up being destroyed I’d say we’ll end it in style.
                         Laugh-O-MaNIA                    February’09 Issue

~ What is a computer's first sign of old age?
Loss of memory.

~ What happened when the computer fell on the floor?
It slipped a disk.

~ My computer isn't that nervous. It's just a bit ANSI.

~ It says: "Press Any Key"
 It means: "Press any key you like but I'm not moving."

~ It says: "Please Wait...."
 It means: "... Indefinitely."

                 “Laughter is the best medicine”
             THINK TANK                                                        February’09 Issue

Innovation: What next after the megapixel wars?

For years, consumers have been sold digital cameras largely on the basis of one
number – the megapixels crammed onto its image sensor. But recently an
industry bigwig admitted that squeezing in ever more resolution has become
meaningless.Akira Watanabe, head of Olympus' SLR planning department, said
that 12 megapixels is plenty for most photography purposes and that his
company will henceforth be focusing on improving colour accuracy and low-light

That will surely raise the quality of most home snaps, but his admission suggests
something much bigger for the future of photography. As most of the
technological hurdles of capturing still and moving images on consumer-grade
cameras have been met, the real frontier of innovation now lies in what
happens to images after they have been captured.

New dimensions

Already we are seeing how powerful software tools are making still photos just
an intermediate on the way to something more interactive.

One example, Microsoft's Photosynth, which organises collections of photos of
the same scene as a 3D space. It's an approach that can be more easily
understood by watching video of it in action.

The latest project on Photosynth meshes photos into an almost seamless 3D
environment in which you can even walk inside buildings.

The way Google Street View presents realistic views of the world using linked
still images is another example of the potential of this kind of technology.

Gigapixel gains

A recently released robotic tripod called Gigapan that makes it much simpler to
stitch together incredibly large, detailed images from hundreds or thousands of
individual shots, puts new powers in amateur hands.

The technology is also helping scientists to record vulnerable environments, or
create super-accurate photographic archives.

Another technique, dubbed super resolution, combines multiple photos to reveal
detail      not       visible      in      any        of     the       originals.
One-click methods to make a face in a photo more attractive, or turn 2D photos
into realistic 3D models are also now possible.

Special effects

And it's not just stills photography that is benefitting from advances in tech.
Sites like YouTube have got us used to the idea that anyone can edit and share a
rough and ready video, but the tricks of Hollywood studios are also being

Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, have made a
package that lets you edit the surface of objects in a movie just once and have
the changes persist throughout the footage – with more traditional techniques,
every frame would have to be edited. Software firm Adobe is working on a
similar package that also makes it possible to move objects inside a movie with
just a few clicks. Smart software can make previously unthinkable post-
production techniques available to anyone.

So, in the future, our cameras will no longer merely provide snapshots and
footage to be viewed in the traditional ways – increasingly, their output will be
aimed at feeding software and online tools that roll them into novel ways to
experience photography.

The basics of capturing images will still undergo gradual evolution, but for a
technological revolution we should look to the software that works on a
camera's output.
              MIXED BAG                                           February’09 Issue

 1. On what date was the Internet born?
   - Oct 20th,1969

2. Who is considered the father of the Internet?
   - Leonard Kleinrock

3. Halloween Documents
 - Results of tests conducted by Microsoft on Linux to help plan overcome

4. What is the unit of Mouse movement?
   - Mickey

 5. What are Newton, Nino, DaVinici ?
  - Palmtops from Apple, Philips, Olivetti


A rich man's son was kidnapped. The ransom note told him to
bring a valuable diamond to a phone booth in the middle of a
public park. Plainclothes police officers surrounded the park.The
rich man arrived at the phone booth and followed instructions but
the police were powerless to prevent the diamond from leaving
the     park      and     reaching       the     crafty    villain.
What did he do?

This is a true story from Taiwan. When the rich man reached the
phone booth he found a carrier pigeon in a cage. It had a message
attached telling the man to put the diamond in a small bag which
was around the pigeon's neck and to release the bird.
When the man did this the police were powerless to follow the
bird as it returned across the city to its owner.
                                                                        February’09 Issue


>> ClassicChennai (Microsoft Student Partners Initiative) organized by Events include poster design, photography, movie making etc.
Website :
Date : March 15 th – April 15 th 2009

>> Techastra’09 organized by Dr.MGR Educational & Research Institute

Date : March 30 th & 31st 2009

                                  A TRIBUTE

 We lost a beloved friend and classmate A. Srikanth Narayanan of CSE III B to an
 accident on the 15th of March’09.

 We express utmost grief and sadness, and carry our fondest memories of him
 with us.

 May his soul rest in peace.

 Thank you for reading our department’s newsletter.

 If you do have any feed back or suggestions or wish to send in your
 contributions, do send them to the email address :

 We value and appreciate the same.

 The Team.

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