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					                                                                             Skin Care
                                                           Indulge yourself with a luxurious facial that will
                                                           address your needs and give you a radiant complexion.
                                                           Our professional Medical Aesthetician will choose
                                                           from our skin care products that will best fit your
                                                           specific skin care needs.

                                                           Microdermabrasion Plus Peel                   $100
                                                           Diamond Tome™ Microdermabrasion gently and
                                                           effectively exfoliates, stimulates collagen produc-
                                                           tion, and promotes healing of scar tissue. Popular                  Laser Hair Removal
                  Facial Peels                             among men as well as women, this no downtime            A fast, comfortable and permanent alternative to
Glycolic Peels                                     $40     treatment softens fine lines, reduces pore size          shaving and waxing. Area must be shaved prior
   is gentle peel utilizes Glycolic Acid, the most         and eliminates blackheads! A light AFA can be           to treatment. Treatment can be done on tanned
effective of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Glycolic is a         added to help increase your results. is treat-          skin, however sun exposure should be limited to
natural fruit acid which quickly dissolves the surface     ment is finished with an Azu-Zinc soothing mask          1 to 1½ weeks prior to treatment for maximum
layer of dry, dead skin cells that builds as we age.       designed to help reduce redness and irritation          effectiveness. Darker or newly tanned skin types
Glycolic peels can be done on any area of the body         restoring skin to its healthy balance.                  require a patch test before treatment with a
and are especially effective for acne prone skin in                                                                 minimum of 24 hours prior to actual service.
teens and adults. A series of treatments is generally      Anti-Aging Facial
recommended for optimum results.                           Revitalizing Treatment                          $90
                                                                                                                   Popular services include:
                                                           Our signature treatment is perfect for all skin         Bikini                                           $100**
Jessner Peel                                   $125        types. Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, is the          Underarms                                           $85
Our Jessner is a more aggressive peel which                secret weapon of choice in the fight against             Upper Lip                                           $50
penetrates deeper than the glycolic peels. is              prematurely aging skin. Couple this with a light        Chin                                               $80*
peel dissolves the upper layer of dead skin cells          steam, deep cleansing, and relaxing aroma-              Full Legs                                          $400
resulting in a fresh and more youthful appearance.         therapy de-stressing facial massage for a relaxed,      Lower Legs                                         $250
   e Jessner is wonderful to even out skin tone as         vibrant complexion. Finished with an Acerola +          Upper Legs                                         $250
well as help to reverse sun-damage. A series of            Vitamin C mask which is known to combat free            Full Back                                          $250
treatments is recommended to achieve                       radical damage and stimulate the synthesis of           Shoulders/abdomen & Breasts                $100 per area
results.                                                   collagen. is facial can include either a light          Lower Arms                                         $150
                                                           microdermabrasion or light peel (depending on           Beard                                              $200
Vi Peel                   $200 per peel or $500 pkg of 3   skin type) for an additional $20.                       Neck                                               $150
Beautiful results in just one week! is peel is                                                                     Hands                                               $50
surpassing other peels, mainly because it's safe                                                                   Touch-Ups Starting at $50
for all skin types. You can experience radiant                                                                     **Indicates a “starting at” price.
more youthful looking skin in about one week
with little down time. For best results a series                                                                   Purchase a package of 3 treatments and receive a
is recommended.                                                                                                    complimentary 4th visit.
        Beauty Enhancements
Latisse®                            $120 plus tax
An FDA approved prescription treatment for
hypotrichosis used to grow/enhance eyelashes,
making them thicker, longer and darker.
Purchased through Physician only.

Botox® Cosmetic                          $200/area
Relax, refresh and renew tired, frown lines and
smooth wrinkles. Revive your skin’s youthful                   Welcome to Amae
look with this FDA approved treatment.
                                                        Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Spa
Restylane®                           Starting at $500
Coupled with Dr. Ali’s artistic hand, this natural      In addition to the plastic surgery procedures
Hyaluronic Acid fills deep furrows and plumps            performed by Dr. Ali, we also offer a variety of
thin lips.                                              skin care treatments personalized to address the
                                                        needs of every individual. All of our services are
Juvederm®                           Starting at $500    designed to make you look and feel your best.
   is unique smooth-gel replaces the Hyaluronic
Acid your skin has lost and brings back its                                                                  Plastic Surgery &
volume and smoothes away facial wrinkles and
folds.                                                                                                         Cosmetic Spa

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