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Central Schools

Continuing Education
   Schedule of Classes
               Fall ‘10
Open Registration:
Monday, September 27   Classes Begin:
    7 - 8:30 PM        Monday, October 4
 Senior High School
                                 REGISTRATION POLICIES
1.   Checks must be made payable to SCOTIA-GLENVILLE CENTRAL SCHOOLS.
2.   We require a separate check and registration form for each course.
3.   Residents of the Scotia-Glenville School District who are 60-65 years are eligible for a 20% discount on
     all courses with the exceptions of those identified with an asterisk.
4.   Residents over 65 years are entitled to free admission to courses not marked with an asterisk with a senior
     pass. Pass, which may be obtained at the District Office, must be presented upon registration. Material
     fees are not waived.
5.   An additional fee of $3.00 will be assessed to non-district residents.
6.   Registrations will NOT be confirmed.
7.   Registrations will be accepted on a first come basis. Preference will be given to Scotia-Glenville residents
     if a maximum number of registrants are required by the instructor.
8.   Registrants will not be contacted for confirmation, but will be notified if the course has been cancelled.
9.   Refunds will not be issued unless our office receives 24 hour notice prior to class beginning. Please be
     advised that refunds will take three to four weeks.
The Scotia-Glenville Continuing Education Fall program begins the week of October 5, 2009, unless otherwise
noted. When school is closed due to inclement weather or emergencies, there will be no Continuing Education
courses. No Continuing Education courses will be held on the dates listed below:
                                       Oct 11, Nov 11, Nov 24, Nov 25
                          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
     Home Phone                                          Other Phone
     Course Name                                                           Course Date
     Day of Week                           Fee                    Non Resident Fee $3.00

       Home Phone                                          Other Phone
       Course Name                                                          Course Date
       Day of Week                          Fee                    Non Resident Fee $3.00
                                                                                   play classes highlight signs that are most
  COURSE OFFERINGS                         BABY SIGN                               important in the lives of babies, teaches
                                                                                   signing through fun games with BeeBo™ the
                                           LANGUAGE                                Baby Signs® Bear, provides signing practice
            MONDAY                                                                 through delightful Baby Signs® songs,
                                                                                   introduces play activities that reinforce
DEFENSIVE DRIVING (4)                      WORKSHOP*                               important language, cognitive and social-
EARRING MAKING (7)                      NIGHT: WEDNESDAY                           emotional skill, brings families together to
LOW IMPACT AEROBICS (4)                       ROOM: B-6                            share their signing experiences. Designed
                                      INSTRUCTOR: Wendy Bartell                    for parents and children ages 6 months to
                                         LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 6)                   2 years. All families will receive the Sign,
                                           TIME: 7 - 8:30 PM                       Say & Play® Kit to encourages more signing
                                       COST: $10/each or $15/couple                fun with your little ones. A $30 fee will be
                                                                                   collected to cover the cost of the kit.
                                             (plus materials)
            TUESDAY               Would you like to stop wondering what
10 DIFFERENT BALANCE METHODS      your infant wants, needs or feels? Learn
(4)                               how you and your family can benefit by
ANTIQUE ART OF LACE NET (8)       using the beautiful language of sign. We
BEAD STRINGING (7)                invite you to join the thousands of families
CHINESE YOGA (4)                  who have already discovered the magic
CHOOSE BEST PENSION OPTION (5)    of this revolutionary new way to talk with            COLLEGE INFO
ENHANCE HEALTH W/REIKI (9)        babies before they can talk. This one-time
ESTATE PLANNING (5)               introductory workshop is specially designed
                                                                                       COLLEGE SEARCH 101*
GRAB BAG GRANNIES - CROCHET (8)   for parents of hearing children from birth
                                                                                           NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
HOW TO MEDITATE(9)                to 24 months and will provide you with the
                                  knowledge and strategies you’ll need to
                                                                                               ROOM: B-7
                                  know to begin using the Baby Signs Program            INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Jordan
SHAMANIC JOURNEYING (9)           at home. You will learn how to begin                  LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 10)
VOICE OVER (11)                   signing with your baby; effective ways to                   TIME: 7 - 9 PM
                                  begin teaching signs at home; easy ways to            COST: $20.00 each or couple
                                  use signs in daily routines; what to expect as   This class is designed for parents who are
          WEDNESDAY               your baby transitions from signs to speech.      new to the college search process. The
                                  Each family will receive a Baby Signs® kit       instructor is a life coach and former college
                                  to make signing with your baby fun and easy      admission/financial aid counselor who will
                                  at home. A $25 material fee will be collected    address parent specific objectives that are
                                  at class for parent kit. The instructor is an    inherently different from the schools’ focus
                                  independent certified instructor.                on educating the students on the colleges and
                                                                                   getting in. The reason it is a process rather
ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS (7)         BABY SIGNS® SIGN, SAY AND                        than a decision is that choosing the college
                                         PLAY CLASS*                               to attend is based on a number of important
                                                                                   supporting, potentially emotionally charged
RUBBER STAMPING IV (10)                   NIGHT: MONDAY
                                                                                   preliminary decisions. Having a clear
SIMPLE SCARF - KNITTING (8)                  ROOM: B-6
                                                                                   understanding of exactly what will be the
SMART OWNERS PET NUTRITION (10)       INSTRUCTOR: Wendy Bartell                    best fit for your student and how to make
WANT TO LEARN ABOUT SOLAR (11)       LENGTH: 6 Weeks, beginning Oct                that decision together will be the main focus
WHOLE FOODS 101 (7)                                      18                        of this class. Topics will include decision
           THURSDAY                       TIME: 6:30 - 7:30 PM                     making together, campus visits and open
ART OF CROSS-STITCHING (8)           COST: $25/family (plus materials)             houses, applications and interviewing, and
GOOD, BAD, ANNUITY (6)            Babies have a lot to say even before             general financial aid.
HOME BUYER’S WORKSHOP (7)         they can actually speak. With the Baby
MOSAIC CROSS QUILT (10)           Sign® Program, babies and toddlers can
RUBBERSTAMPING I (10)             communicate, using simple, easy-to-learn
RUBBERSTAMPING II (10)            signs, what they see, what they need and
RUBBERSTAMPING III (10)           even how they feel. This 6-week play class
SMART OWNERS PET NUTRITION (10)   for parents and their babies is a great follow
SOLAR PV FOR CONTRACTORS (11)     up to the one-time Parent Workshop. The
WILL AND THE WAY (9)                                   3
                                                       NIGHT: TUESDAY                                          COST: $55.00
         DEFENSIVE                                        ROOM: B-9
                                                  INSTRUCTOR: Capital District Tai
                                                                                                 Pilates is a form of body conditioning that
                                                                                                 leaves you refreshed and revitalized. It is
          DRIVING                                        Chi Association                         designed to stretch, strengthen, tone, and
                                                                                                 balance the body. Through slow controlled
                                                 LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct 5
                                                                                                 movements you will improve posture and
        DEFENSIVE DRIVING*                             TIME: 6:00 - 7:00 PM
                                                                                                 flexibility, and create longer, leaner muscles.
        NIGHT: MONDAY                                     COST $70.00
                                                                                                 Please bring a yoga mat to class with you
          ROOM: B-5                              This class was created by Grandmaster Ji-
                                                                                                 and wear comfortable clothing that allows
                                                 ang Jianye as an effective total body healing
   INSTRUCTOR: Easy Method                                                                       freedom of movement without zippers,
                                                 and strengthening exercise that combines Tai
         Driving School                                                                          buckles, etc.
                                                 Chi, Qi Gong, stretching and balance. For
  LENGTH: 2 Nights (Oct 18 & 25)                 more information call 459-6869.
       TIME: 6:30 - 9:30 PM                                                                          WILLPOWER AND GRACE™*
                                                                                                       NIGHT: MONDAY
         COST: $40.00                            LOW IMPACT AEROBIC DANCING*
This is a six hour, fast paced course
                                                                                                     ROOM: Lincoln School Gym
                                                      NIGHT: MONDAY AND/OR                         INSTRUCTORS: Jaime Massaro
which includes videos and often humorous                    WEDNESDAY
discussion focusing on attitudes of drivers                                                      LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct 4
                                                     ROOM: Lincoln School Gym                             TIME: 6 - 7 PM
and defensive driving techniques. You will
                                                    INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Clasen
receive a 10% reduction on your liability and                                                             COST: $55.00
collision insurance as well as four points off    LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Sept               Willpower is the ability to create change
your NYS license after successful completion                     13 and/or Sept 15               using the power of your mind. Grace is how
of this course. Come and evaluate your own            NOTE: Winter Session begins                you land on your feet. This is a mindful,
driving skills. Student should bring license               Jan 3 and/or Jan 5                    energetic cardio mosaic of postures, drills
and pen. Note: Student must attend both                  TIME: 5:45 - 6:45 PM                    and principles. Think Pilates meets boot
nights to receive certificate.                    COST: $3.50/class; 10% discount for            camp. We integrate barefoot training
                                                                2 days                           methods to help strengthen your feet and
                                                 Low Impact Aerobic Dancing elevates the         correct imbalances in your ankles, knees,
                                                 heart rate for a sustained period of time,      and hips. In time you will stand taller,
                                                 achieved through the activity of expressive     walk with greater confidence and move
           EXERCISE                              movements to music. Having fun while            with integrity. This class is appropriate
                                                 benefitting from exercise is our goal. All      for all fitness levels. Please visit www.
                                                 ages are welcome to attend. Call Sharon         willpowerfit.com for more info. Students
                                                 for information at 399-7304. Register for       should come to class dressed in clothes that
    10 DIFFERENT METHODS OF                                                                      allow freedom of movement similar to that
        BALANCE FOR ALL*                         this course and pay your instructor at
                                                 first class.                                    which would be worn for any cardio fitness
      NIGHT: TUESDAY                                                                             class. This is a barefoot class so sneakers
          ROOM: B-9                                                                              are not needed
 INSTRUCTOR: Capital District Tai                                PILATES*                             YMCA - CARDIO DANCIN’*
        Chi Association                                NIGHT: MONDAY
                                                                                                   NIGHTS: TUESDAY AND THURSDAY
LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct 5                    ROOM: Lincoln School Gym
                                                                                                     ROOM: Lincoln School Gym
      TIME: 7:00 - 8:00 PM                         INSTRUCTORS: Jaime Massaro
                                                                                                     INSTRUCTOR: Aisha Walker
         COST: $70.00                            LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct 4
                                                                                                  LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Sept
Balance is important for all activities and               TIME: 7 - 8 PM
sports, especially for adults and seniors.                                                          Note: Winter Session begins Jan 4
According to the instructor’s experience of                                                              TIME: 5:30 - 6:30 PM
40 years, he designed 10 different methods
of balance to share with you especially for
                                                                                                            COST: $70.00
                                                                                                 This choreographed medium to high level
teachers who guide seniors and adults. Use
                                                                                                 dance program is specifically designed to
his experience to apply to your own teaching
                                                                                                 improve balance and flexibility, coordination,
                                                                                                 cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone.
            QI (CHI)*

Each class includes a warm-up, 9-10 cardio-                                                      benefit you and your family as we discuss
elevating dance routines that incorporate the                                                    nursing home and Medicaid considerations
various styles of dance to include Samba,                                                        as well as avenues open in order to reduce
Hip-Hop, Jitterbug, Swing, 50’s Rock &                      FINANCE                              wealth transfer taxation. An outline is
Roll, Reggaeton, and Country, followed by                                                        given to all students. The instructor, of
a cool down dance and flexibility/stretch,        CHOOSING THE BEST PENSION                      Higgins, Roberts, Beyerl & Coan, P.C., is
yoga and arm pieces. All dance routines                                                          an experienced local attorney and workshop
are accompanied by a diverse variety of
                                                      OPTION FOR YOU                             facilitator. He will sensitively consider all
pop music to help you dance like the stars.           NIGHT: TUESDAY                             your estate planning questions.
Please wear comfortable clothing and well-                ROOM: B-5
fitting sneakers appropriate for this sport.    INSTRUCTOR: Stephen I. Nussbaum                       LONG TERM CARE ADVISOR
YMCA members will receive membership                 LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 5)                             NIGHT: TUESDAY
rate, cards must be shown at registration.               TIME: 7 - 9 PM                                      ROOM: B-7
Register for course and pay your                    COST: $10.00 each or couple                      INSTRUCTOR: Brian Johnson
instructor at first class.                      This workshop overviews the pension                        LENGTH: 1 Night
                                                options available to retiring employees
                                                                                                            Session I - Oct5;
                ZUMBA®*                         and provides insights into what approach
                                                might work best for each individual or                     Session II - Nov 2
      NIGHT: MONDAY                                                                                         TIME: 7 - 9 PM
         ROOM: B-9                              couple, depending on their circumstances.
                                                At retirement, works must often choose                COST: $10.00 each or couple
  INSTRUCTOR: Kaitlin Gallup                                                                     Eliminate the myth and learn the facts about
                                                between a lump-sum vs. monthly income
LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct                 pension. Those who choose the monthly            long-term care with respect to Medicare,
              18                                income payments and those who are                Medicaid, Transfer of Funds, Trusts and
      TIME: 7:30 - 8:30 PM                      limited to a monthly defined benefit plan        Look Back Periods. Check out the latest
         COST: $40.00                           (ie, state workers, teachers, many corporate     Medicaid changes and learn how it will
The Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow, calorie     employees) will need to decide how best to       affect you and your family. Find out how
burning, dance-fitness party! The Zumba®        protect their pension for a spouse or other      to protect your assets for your spouse
program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and        loving relative. The workshop compares           or a legacy. Review the services offered
easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-        the advantages and disadvantages of taking       while in a nursing home, assisted living,
a-kind fitness program that will blow you       a reduced pension vs. buying life insurance.     adult day care facility, and at home and
away. Our goal is simple: we want you to        The instructor is an independent insurance       their costs. Understand the fundamental
want to work out, to love working out, to       consultant and licensed agent. He has helped     benefits of long-term care insurance, what
get hooked. Achieve long term benefits          thousands of New Yorkers make intelligent        qualifications are required for this type
while having fun! ZUMBA® is designed            decisions about their pension options.           of protection and the New York State and
for everyone, every shape and age, men                                                           Federal tax incentives. Obtain details
and women. All exercisers from beginner                                                          covering the NYS Partnership for Long
                                                  ESTATE PLANNING: TAKING THE                    Term Care insurance program as well as
to advanced can enjoy the benefits of a
ZUMBA® class. Come on out and dance                         MYSTERY                              cash policies and other insurance options.
your way to fitness. Please wear comfortable          OUT - AN ATTORNEY’S                        Discover how some policies provide estate
clothing and sneakers and bring a water                   PERSPECTIVE                            recovery of all your paid premiums if you
bottle.                                               NIGHT: TUESDAY                             die and never make a claim. Take home a 17-
                                                           ROOM: B-7                             page booklet covering all the above. Please
                                                 INSTRUCTOR: Richard Fuerst, Esq.                indicate on registration form which session
                                                                                                 you are signing up for.
                                                     LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 9)
                                                       TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 PM
                                                    COST: $10.00 each or couple                   PAYING FOR COLLEGE WITHOUT
                                                Want to take the mystery out of wills,                    GOING BROKE
                                                health care proxies, powers of attorney and              NIGHT: TUESDAY
                                                trusts? If you have an interest in planning                  ROOM: B-5
                                                for your future and for the future of your            INSTRUCTOR: Jason Tabor
                                                loved ones, we’ll explain the ins and outs of          LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 12)
                                                these important estate planning strategies in             TIME: 6:30 - 8 PM
                                                simple, nonlegal terms.Regardless of your
                                                                                                      COST: $10.00 each or couple
                                                health, you can learn the advantage of having
                                                                                                 Are you and your family sitting around the
                                                a health care proxy and/or living will. You’ll
                                                                                                 kitchen table wondering how you are going
                                                also learn why thoughtful planning will
                                                                                                 to pay for your children’s college costs? Are

you concerned that you will miss out on all      guarantees. Learn about these new annuities
of the financial aid, grants and scholarships
you deserve? If your answer is “yes”
                                                 compared to their ancestors and how the
                                                 revisions of today can be carried forward
                                                                                                      HEALTHY FOOD
then you cannot miss this workshop. The          with your older annuities. Topics discussed
                                                                                                         HOLIDAY SURVIVAL
following topics and more will be discussed:     (but not limited to) will be: how an annuity
maximizing the college financial aid process,    works, fees of an annuity, the guarantee of               BOOTCAMP*
how to avoid costly mistakes when paying         income, the most updated revisions, the tax            NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
the bills, avoiding scams that could cost        advantages of this investment, and how you                 ROOM: B-4
you thousands of dollars, paying for college     can pass this legacy along to your loved            INSTRUCTOR: Tamara Flanders
without sacrificing your retirement savings,     ones. The instructor is a licensed Financial          LENGTH: 1 Night (Dec 8)
finding the right college for your children      Advisor with the Halliday Financial Group                 TIME: 6 - 8 PM
and your budget.                                 in Albany.                                                COST: $20.00
                                                                                                  How to survive the holidays without losing
 PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY AND                      UNDERSTANDING STOCKS, BONDS                      your mind, gaining 10 pounds, severing
FINANCIAL RESOURCES FROM THE                           & MUTUAL FUNDS                             family ties or going broke. This fun and
    CONSEQUENCES OF LTC                                  NIGHT: MONDAY                            interactive class will give you the tools
      NIGHT: MONDAY                                        ROOM: B-7                              you need to navigate the parties, shopping,
          ROOM: B-5                                 INSTRUCTOR: Frank T. Guiffre                  cooking, and preparing for the holidays
INSTRUCTOR: Stephen I. Nussbaum                                                                   that will keep you on top of your game
                                                      LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 18)
     LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 4)                                                                      this y ear. Start the New Year off feeling
                                                         TIME: 6:30 - 8:30PM                      great by participating in this program
         TIME: 7 - 9 PM                               COST: $10.00 each or couple                 and pick up some tips that will last you a
    COST: $10.00 each or couple                  Learn the basics of stocks, bonds and mutual     lifetime including: party survival strategies,
This workshop addresses the realities of         funds the true backbone of most portfolios.      navigating the buffet, eliminating guilt,
long-term care and the options available to      Discover how to use the internet and daily       practical money saving tips, self care and
pay for the potentially catastrophic costs       newspapers to track your investments.            more. The instructor is a Holistic Health
of a LTC episode. This workshop focuses          This course will help you understand the         Counselor and founder of Your Body Awake.
on the three ways to pay for long-term care      differences and the similarities of various      http://yourbodyawake.com.
- self-pay, Medicaid, and LTC insurance -        types of investments. It will also show
and helps people assess the approach most        how proper asset allocation will lower your
appropriate to their financial and personal      overall risk. Understand the benefits of using             VEGETARIAN
circumstances. The instructor is president       mutual funds to build a balanced portfolio
of Nussbaum Long-Term Care Planning and          and help plan for a successful retirement.
Insurance, who has conducted retirement          This course is strictly educational and there           NIGHT: THURSDAY
planning seminars for over 20 years.             will be no attempt to promote any specific                 ROOM: B-4
                                                 investments.                                        INSTRUCTOR: Tamara Flanders
     THE GOOD...THE BAD...THE                                                                          LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 18)
            ANNUITY                                                                                         TIME: 6 - 8 PM
       NIGHT: THURSDAY                                                                                      COST: $35.00
           ROOM: B-7                                                                              Struggling with what to serve for
   INSTRUCTOR: Frank T. Guiffre                                                                   Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you’re
                                                                                                  a vegetarian or have some coming for
      LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 18)
                                                                                                  dinner, or are just looking for something
         TIME: 6:30 - 8 PM                                                                        new, this class is for you. While the class
     COST: $10.00 each or couple                                                                  is demonstration style, participants will
The annuity or “personalized pension” as                                                          have the opportunity to work hands-on
it is commonly referred to have been an                                                           with the instructor. Dishes will be sampled
investment vehicle long since insurance                                                           throughout the class, so come hungry. This
companies have been around. Years ago,                                                            class will teach you how to make a delicious,
the word “annuity” made people cringe.                                                            beautiful spread for your Thanksgiving
To this day the stereotypes of high fees,                                                         table including: rich creamy pumpkin soup,
illiquidity, and bad investments still linger.                                                    winter green salad, roasted root vegetables,
BUT THERE’S HOPE! The more recent                                                                 shepherd’s pie and cranberry orange upside
annuities are now more revised, highly                                                            down cake.
regulated, lower fees, and offer income

                                                                                                    WHOLE FOODS 101 AND
                                                                                                  HEALTHY MEAL PLANNING*
                     6                                                                                   NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
          ROOM: B-4                                         ROOM: B-22
   INSTRUCTOR: Tamara Flanders                        INSTRUCTOR: Carol North                                JEWELRY
     LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 13)                         LENGTH: 2 Nights (Dec 1 & 8)
        TIME: 6 - 7:30 PM                                   TIME: 7 - 9 PM                                BEAD STRINGING
         COST: $20.00                                 COST: $10.00 each or couple                        NIGHT: TUESDAY
This course is an introduction to the who,        It is possible to sell your home without                   ROOM: B-4
what, where, why and how of eating whole          a realtor if you are well informed about
foods. Learn the nutritional value of whole                                                          INSTRUCTOR: Martha Hatt
                                                  the home selling process. Avoid common
foods, cooking options and tips, and put it       mistakes and learn valuable information           LENGTH: 2 Nights (Nov 2 & 9)
all together with strategies for healthy meal     crucial to selling a home in today’s market.              TIME: 7 - 9 PM
planning that will help you eat well without      This course covers topics such as setting a       COST: $20.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)
spending your life in the kitchen or losing       competitive and realistic price, advertising    If you love jewelry and would like to create
your mind.                                        and marketing, qualifying your buyer,           your own, this is the class for you. You will
                                                  contract negotiations, and seller/buyer         learn the two most popular bead stringing
                                                  responsibilities and expenses. Class            techniques and make two finished pieces of
                                                  discussions and handouts will move your         jewelry to take home. Bring a hand towel
                                                  house from “For Sale:” to “Sold”! saving        to class. Stringing materials including
                                                  you thousands of dollars in commission.         gemstone beads will be available at the
                                                                                                  first class at a cost of $16 plus tax. The
                                                                                                  instructor is the owner of KUMA beads in
                                                                                                  Burnt Hills.

      HOME BUYING/                                                                                       EARRING MAKING
                                                                                                         NIGHT: MONDAY
        SELLING                                                                                              ROOM: B-4
                                                                                                      INSTRUCTOR: Martha Hatt
                                                                                                       LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 1)
                                                               ITALIAN                                      TIME: 7 - 9 PM
                                                                                                     COST: $10.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)
        NIGHT: THURSDAY                                ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS*                     This hands-on class will enable you to take
           ROOM: B-22                                     NIGHT: WEDNESDAY                        home three pairs of earrings. This class is a
     INSTRUCTOR: Carol North                                ROOM: B-5                             nice extension of skills for those who have
       LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 4)                     INSTRUCTOR: Anthony Ponteduro                  taken the beadstringing class, however,
           TIME: 7 - 9 PM                           LENGTH: 10 Weeks, beginning Oct               no prior experience is necessary. A $16
     COST: $10.00 each or couple                                        6                         materials fee plus tax will be collected in
It’s a buyer’s market! Stop paying thousands            TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 PM                      class.
of dollars a year in rent and buy a home you         COST: $90.00 (plus materials)
can call your own. This course provides a         This class is intended to help the student
potential buyer with all of the tools they will   develop enough language skill and
need to make the home purchasing process          knowledge to independently understand
an exciting and rewarding experience.             basic instructions, common greetings,
Topics include financing and mortgages,           read and understand signs and menus with
closing costs, home inspections, attorney’s       ease, and interact socially with locals while
fees, and the benefits of working with            traveling, shopping, or lodging in Italy.
a “Buyer’s Agent”. Get your questions             Verb conjugation is confined to present
answered and turn your dream of home              tense. Emphasis is placed upon reading
ownership into a reality!                         comprehension. To get maximum benefit
HOME SELLER’S WORKSHOP - SELL                     from this class, students should plan on some
YOUR HOME WITHOUT A REALTOR                       work outside of class (although no formal
       NIGHT: WEDNESDAY                           homework or testing is involved). Other
                                                  topics covered include Italian cooking, well
                                                  known music, and a discussion of traditional
                                                  Italian customs. If nothing else, folks of
                                                  Italian descent may finally have a chance
                                                  to understand what their grandparents have
                                                  been mumbling under their breath for years.
                                                  A $10 supply fee will be collected the first
                     7                            night of class.
                                                      INSTRUCTOR: Ellen La Que
      NEEDLECRAFT                                   LENGTH: 6 Weeks, beginning Oct 5
                                                                                                    PERSONAL HEALTH
                                                            TIME: 6 - 8 PM
    ANTIQUE ART OF LACE                                     COST: $30.00                               DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF
       NET DARNING*                                Learn to crochet while making the versatile
                                                                                                        OURSELVES AND OTHERS*
 NIGHT: TUESDAY/THURSDAY                           granny square. Instructor will bring a
                                                   selection of yarns from which to choose, or             NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
           ROOM : B-7                                                                                          ROOM: B-7
                                                   you may bring your own 4 colors of worsted
   INSTRUCTOR: Donna Ahnert                                                                              INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Jordan
                                                   weight yarn. Please bring a size I-9 crochet
  LENGTH: 2 Nights (Oct 26 & 28)                   hook to class and a pair of scissors. Printed         LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 17)
        TIME: 6:30 - 8 PM                          materials will be provided. The instructor                 TIME: 7 - 9 PM
    COST: $10.00 (plus supplies)                   has been crocheting for 8 years and calls                  COST: $15.00
Learn Lace Net Darning, a form of fancy            Crochet her favorite needlecraft.                In this class Lisa Jordan, life coach and
stitching that’s easy to do. Embrace history                                                        owner of the Right Fit Coaching, will
and learn the basic stitch our colonial             SIMPLE SCARF- LEARNING                          introduce the differing motivations and
women did to repair linens passed down
                                                           TO KNIT*                                 problem solving styles that drive human
for generations and to make heirlooms to                                                            behavior. Many people assume that others
pass down to generations after themselves.
                                                       NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
                                                            ROOM: B-6                               see the world the same way they do or think
Often copied in Victorian curtain patterns,                                                         others would if only they listened. The
Lace Net Darning patterns can be easily              INSTRUCTOR: Ellen La Que
                                                                                                    Enneagram (pronounced ANY-a-gram)
converted from cross-stitch designs. This is       LENGTH: 6 Weeks, beginning Nov 3
                                                                                                    is a system that identifies nine distinct
an economical hobby that takes only thread,                TIME: 6 - 8 PM                           personality types, differentiating each type
netting and a needle. A $2 materials fee,                  COST: $30.00                             by distinctive inner motivations, attitudes
which includes all supplies except for a 3”        Learn to knit by making a garter stitch scarf    and behaviors. Students will learn practical
embroidery hoop, embroidery scissors and           for the season. Bring 3 skeins of a worsted      applications for both personal growth and
your glasses, will be collected at class.          weight yarn that you like the feel of against    business relationships.
                                                   your skin, a set of two Size 10 (6.00mm)
                                                   knitting needles and a pair of scissors to
ART OF CROSS-STITCHING*                            class. Printed materials will be provided.
                                                                                                      ELIMINATING YOUR FEARS AND
                                                   The instructor is formally trained at the Hill
            ROOM: B-6                              Institute in Florence, MA.
                                                                                                           PHOBIAS WITH EFT
    INSTRUCTOR: Donna Ahnert                                                                              NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
   LENGTH: 2 Nights (Oct 7 & 14)                                                                              ROOM: B-26
         TIME: 6:30 - 8 PM                                                                              INSTRUCTOR: Clay LaPorte
     COST: $10.00 (plus supplies)                                                                         LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 13)
Learn cross-stitching basics in just a couple                                                                 TIME: 7 -9 PM
of hours. It isn’t as hard to learn as you think                                                              COST: $10.00
and it’s great for relaxing. It is something                                                        Why live with your fears and phobias when
you can take up and do for just a short while                                                       you don’t have to? Why not live your life the
or wonderfully spend a whole afternoon                                                              way it was meant to be? Fears and phobias
doing. You will learn starting techniques,                                                          can totally disrupt your daily life and create
basic stitches, how to read cross-stitch                                                            all kinds of stress, including anxiety and
patterns, practice the basic stitches, take a                                                       panic attacks. It doesn’t matter what fear
project home with you, and even learn how                                                           or phobia you have, how severe you think
to make your own pattern. A $3 material                                                             it is, or what you may have done in the past
fee collected at class includes all supplies                                                        to get over it, this can work for you. You
except for embroidery scissors. Don’t forget                                                        will learn a simple and powerful energy
your glasses.                                                                                       technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom
                                                                                                    Techniques). You can get complete and
                                                                                                    permanent relief in a very short time and
  LEARNING TO CROCHET*                                                                              be free from it once and for all. By the end
          NIGHT: TUESDAY                                                                            of this class, you will have learned detailed
             ROOM: B-6                                                                              information on how to use the EFT process
                                                                                                    on yourself.

                                                                                                    ENHANCING HEALTH WITH
                                                                                                     REIKI & OTHER ENERGY
                                                                        8                                     NIGHT: TUESDAY
        ROOM : B-5                                 ago, and used throughout the world in nearly       THE WILL AND THE WAY*
INSTRUCTOR: Ann Chapman, PhD,                      every known culture to access information             NIGHT: THURSDAY
           RMSW                                    from other planes of consciousness. This                  ROOM: B-26
    LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 26)                       powerful tool can allow you to find answers       INSTRUCTOR: Barbara E. Norton,
                                                   to many questions facing you on your
        TIME: 7 - 9 PM                                                                                          M.S.
                                                   spiritual and daily path. Every one possesses
        COST: $13.00                               an innate ability to journey as it is a means    LENGTH: 3 Weeks, beginning Oct 28
Reiki is a gentle, hands-on health                 of connecting to our soul energy. We will               TIME: 7 - 8:30 PM
enhancement art becoming increasingly              do four separate journeys following the                   COST: $30.00
popular in medical settings as a helpful           heartbeat of the drum and the percussion         Imagine yourself a month from now, on your
adjunct to traditional treatments. This class      of the rattle to connect with your power         way to creating the life you want to live.
covers some of the basic principles of Reiki       animals and spirit guides and to ask specific    You have the capacity within yourself to
and other Eastern Energy Techniques. You           questions about your unfolding path. A           find your solutions, make profound changes
will practice several Energy Techniques            list of resources for further study will         in your life, and bring great happiness
that can be used in daily life for relaxation      be provided. Please bring notebook and           to yourself and others. What you don’t
and to increase energy. The instructor is a        pen to record your journeys. Participants        always have is the opportunity to express
Reiki Master Practitioner with more than 20        should also bring a mat or blanket to lie on     and develop your passions and ideas. This
years experience.                                  and a scarf or kerchief to cover their eyes      course provides the opportunity to begin and
                                                   with. No previous experience necessary.          the tools to continue the process. “Where
      HOW TO MEDITATE*                                                                              there’s a will, there’s a way” ...and active
                                                   The instructor studied for 3 years at Spirit
       NIGHT:TUESDAY                               Hollow Shamanic Center in Vermont and            participation will energize your “will” and
          ROOM: B-5                                has practiced Shamanic healing and soul          help you find your “way.” Creating the life
 INSTRUCTOR: Ann Chapman, PhD                      retrieval for 5 years.                           you want to live is a lifelong process and
  LENGTH: 2 Weeks (Nov 9 & 16)                                                                      this course introduces 12 strategies that you
         TIME: 7 - 9 PM                                TOOLS FOR PERSONAL                           can utilize to envision, design and live the
         COST: $18.00                                                                               future you desire. Each session will include:
Research has shown that the most effective                                                          review of strategies, interactive exercises,
                                                          NIGHT: THURSDAY                           and lively discussion. Examples of the
core techniques to reduce stress are either 30
                                                              ROOM: B-28                            strategies include: determine what you want,
minutes of aerobic exercise or two 15-minute
periods of meditation daily. Because
                                                       INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Shearer                    speak your truth, take responsibility, lighten
meditation relaxes us rapidly and deeply                 LENGTH: 1 Night (Dec 2)                    your load, focus your awareness, change
and strengthens our connection with our                     TIME: 6:30 - 9 PM                       your habits, and celebrate. The instructor
deepest insights, it is being taught for health-             COST: $20.00                           is a life coach and owner of True North
enhancement to patients at many major              This presentation will introduce students        Personal and Professional Coaching.
Medical Centers. You’ll practice several           to several new and innovative ways to take
types of meditation and be offered ideas           responsibility to consciously direct their
regarding how to incorporate meditation            own healing in safe and non-toxic ways. An
into your daily life. The instructor has been      understanding of the individual as a series of
meditating and offering courses in stress          energy bodies; physical, etherical, emotional,
reduction and health enhancement in the            mental and spiritual will be taught as the
Capital District for over twenty years.            basis for realigning our approach to overall
                                                   health. Kineseology or muscle testing will
  SHAMANIC JOURNEYING*                             be demonstrated as a tool for indentifying
        NIGHT: TUESDAY                             positive inputs to one’s system. Students
                                                   will also learn techniques to consciously
           ROOM: B-28
                                                   connect with their Higher selves, sprit
    INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Shearer                      guides and spiritual helpers to create a
      LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 9)                      personal healing team that can assist them
        TIME: 6:30 - 9:30 PM                       anytime they want assistance. The nature
          COST: $25.00                             and use of Flower essences (vibrational
Shamanic Journeying is an ancient technique,       healing remedies) will also be explained.
known to have been used over 10,000 years          Each student will receive written handouts
                                                   on these procedures and a custom Flower
                                                   essence combination determined through
                                                   kinesiology to take home with them.

    PET NUTRITION                                           QUILTING                                     NIGHT: THURSDAY
                                                                                                       LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 7)
    SMART OWNERS GUIDE                                  MOSAIC CROSS QUILT                                  TIME: 7 - 9:30 PM
     TO PET HEALTH AND                               NIGHT: THURSDAY                                 COST: $10.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)
         NUTRITION*                                       ROOM: B-8                                The Holiday Treasures class every year is
         ROOM : B-28                               INSTRUCTOR: Pam Davis                           a HUGE success. With the holidays fast
INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Rosamino, LPN                  LENGTH: 6 Weeks, beginning Oct 14                  approaching, here is a class to help out with
        LENGTH: 1 Night                               TIME: 6:45 - 9:15 PM                         some inexpensive gift ideas. With today’s
                                                         COST: $30.00                              economy, this is a great class to take. This
     Session I: Wed, Oct 13
                                                This is a very striking and graphic quilt that     class is always very well attended. Please
     Session II: Thur, Nov 4
                                                is good for any skill level quilter. It can be     join us in a warm and wonderful evening to
         TIME: 7 - 9 PM                                                                            celebrate the holidays. A $10 material fee
                                                made very scrappy or using a planned color
 COST: $15.00 per person or couple              scheme. Make a lap size, baby size, bed size       will be collected at class.
Improve your pet’s health and longevity         quilt or a table runner. This is a fun and easy
through better nutrition. It’s been said that   quilt that looks much more difficult than it
the only flaw in our pets is that they don’t
                                                                                                   RUBBER STAMPING III -STAMPING
                                                really is. It is also a great way to use up a      PORTFOLIO WITH A SET OF CARD
live long enough. Is there anything we can      growing fabric collection. Students will
do as their owners to extend their health and   need to bring their own sewing machine
                                                                                                             TO FILL IT
longevity? We will discuss Pet Nutrition        and rotary cutting supplies to class after the           NIGHT: THURSDAY
and the relationship between nutrition,         first night. The remaining supplies will be            LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 21)
health and disease, simple and affordable       discussed at the first class.                               TIME: 7 - 9:30 PM
steps you can take to improve your pets                                                              COST: $10.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)
diet, which is critical to their health, how                                                       In this class you will complete the most
are our dogs and cats designed to eat, what
about kibble and the makers of dog and cat      RUBBER STAMPING                                    beautiful card holder/portfolio. All projects
                                                                                                   are brand new, every year we get together
food, how you can improve what you are                                                             and stamp some amazing items, this year
                                                The followingclasses are taught by Deb
already feeding and doing, if you improve                                                          is no exception. After we do that together,
                                                Valder in Room A-5. Each class will have
your pet’s diet what’s the pay-off, what you                                                       you will complete the stack of cards and
                                                a material fee that will be collected by
should expect to see improve, the Raw Diet                                                         envelopes that will go into that portfolio.
                                                the instructor at class. Please bring a
Food Pyramid that is easy and affordable,                                                          This is a great gift idea for the holidays. A
                                                small pair of sharp scissors. No previous
user friendly raw feeding guidelines, do’s
                                                experience necessary. Check out samples            $10 material fee will be collected at class.
and don’ts of raw feeding, and putting it
                                                of instructor’s work at           http://
all together. There will be a question and
answer period as well as a demonstration
                                                stampladee.stampinup.net                            RUBBER STAMPING IV -ALTERED
of the diet and it’s components. A course                                                                  SCRAPBOOKS
                                                  RUBBER STAMPING I - STAMP A
syllabus will be handed out. The instructor                                                             NIGHT: WEDNESDAY
is a nurse, dog trainer & breeder, and human
                                                       STACK OF CARDS                                  LENGTH: 1 Night (Nov 3)
& canine nutritionist. Please indicate on            NIGHT: THURSDAY                                        TIME: 7 - 9:30 PM
your registration form which session you            LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 14)
                                                                                                     COST: $10.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)
are signing up for.                                      TIME: 7-9:30 PM                           If you love scrapbooking and if you love
                                                  COST: $10.00 (PLUS SUPPLIES)                     stamping, here is a combination of the two.
                                                It’s time to fill up your card box. All projects   You will complete an entire mini scrapbook
                                                are brand new, every year we get together          in one night...so come and scrap that special
                                                and stamp some amazing items, this year            event. All projects are brand new. No
                                                is no exception. In this class you will be         previous scrapbooking experience necessary.
                                                stamping a stack of all occasion cards and         Besides scissors, bring a FISKARS Cutter
                                                will go home with TWO of each card with            if you have one, your own adhesive and
                                                the envelopes. They are simply beautiful! I        some pictures if you want to scrap them that
                                                will be teaching several different techniques      night. A $15 material fee will be collected
                                                in this class as well as how to use different      at class.
                                                tools on your cards. Give that traditional
                                                looking card a unique edge. It will give you
                                                a large number of cards to send out! Even
                                                if you’ve never stamped before...try this, I
                                                know you will fall in love with it instantly.
                                                A $10 material fee will be collected at
                   10                             RUBBER STAMPING II -HOLIDAY
                                                  works, their pros and cons, be able to assess
               SOLAR                              the viability for RE at your property and
                                                  understand how all the state incentives and

  SOLAR PV FOR CONTRACTORS*                       tax credits help pay for these systems.
          ROOM: B-5
   INSTRUCTOR: Michael Celllini
   LENGTH: 4 Weeks, beginning Oct
                                                                                                    WAIT TOO
        TIME: 7 - 8:15 PM
         COST: $65.00
Targeted to roofers, homebuilders,
electricians, landscape designers etc., this
                                                    GETTING PAID TO TALK: VOICE-
                                                                                                   *Register early! Each
course will teach you how to integrate solar
into jobs and elevate your services above             OVERS AS A PROFESSION*                       class has a minimum
                                                         NIGHT: TUESDAY
your competitors. With this knowledge
you will be able to win more projects and             LOCATION: BEDFORD RD                         required enrollment.
earn additional income. The course will                       STUDIO
discuss the different types of solar and their       INSTRUCTOR: Creative Voice
installation procedures, how to assess your              Development Group                         *If you find a course
customers viability for solar and solar selling
techniques. By the end of the course you
                                                       LENGTH: 1 Night (Oct 26)
                                                          TIME: 6:30 - 9 PM
                                                                                                   that you would like to
will be able to confidently introduce solar
to your customers and develop an additional                COST: $15.00                            take, encourage a friend
                                                  Have you ever been told you have a great
service to your business. The instructor is
the Director of Marketing and a founding-         voice? This is an introduction to professional   to join you. Sometimes
                                                  voice-acting. This exciting course will
partner of Adirondack Solar. He has been
interviewed by numerous sources for his           explore numerous aspects of voice-over           one or two people make
involvement in Sustainable Practices like         work for television, film, radio, books on
                                                  tape, documentaries and the internet! We
                                                                                                   the difference between
energy conservation, renewable energy,
consumption choices and self-sufficiency.         will cover all the basics, including how to
                                                  prepare the all-important demo and how to
                                                                                                   “go” or “cancel”.
He gives lectures around the Capital District
and has organized “green” initiatives at the      be successful and earn great income in this
                                                  field. Students will have the opportunity
community and professional level.
                                                  to ask questions, hear examples of demos         *Many of our courses fill
                                                  recorded by professional voice actors
                                                  and will even have a chance to record a          early. Don’t wait until
                                                  commercial script under the direction of
                                                  our producer. This class is informative,
                                                                                                   the last minute. Register
                                                  lots of fun, and a great first step for anyone
                                                  interested in voice-acting professionally.
                                                                                                   early by mail.
          ROOM: B-7                               Creative Voice Development Group is
   INSTRUCTOR: Michael Celllini                   one of the largest voice-acting training
  LENGTH: 4 Weeks, beginning Oct 6                organizations in the United States. For          *You will ONLY be
                                                  more info on CVDG, please visit www.
         TIME: 7 - 8 PM
                                                  voicecoaches.com.                                notified if your class is
         COST: $65.00
This course is designed for the home or                                                            CANCELLED.
business owner interested in installing a
Renewable Energy system to either save
on their utility bills, lower their carbon
footprint or hedge themselves against rising                                                       *There is NO
energy costs. The course will detail all of
the different types of renewable energy (RE)
                                                                                                   confirmation of classes.
resources available in upstate New York.
Several of the RE types to be discussed will
be solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind,                                                        *NO registrations will be
geothermal and biomass. By the end of the
course you will understand how each system                                                         accepted by telephone.
Scotia-Glenville Continuing Education                                                          “Non-profit Org.”
Senior High School                                                                               US Postage
1 Tartan Way                                                                                        PAID
Scotia, NY 12302                                                                                Permit No. 692
www.scotiaglenvilleschools.org                                                                 Schenectady, NY

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                                             DATED MATERIAL

The Continuing Education program is sponsored by the Board of Education and is self-supporting with no effect
 on local taxes. We appreciate your support and continued interest in our program and course offerings. If you
       have any suggestions or would be interested in teaching a course, we would like to hear from you.
                                            Cynthia Shipley, Director
                                          Carol Clark, Assistant Director
                                            BOARD OF EDUCATION
                                            Pamela S.Carbone, President
                                          John R. Yagielski, Vice President
                                               Colleen R. Benedetto
                                                Benjamin A. Conlon
                                                 Andrew W. Crapo
                                                Gary T. Normington
                                                  Leslie A. Smith

                                        DISTRICT ADMINISTRATORS
                                  Susan M. Swartz, Superintendent of Schools
                             Maureen A. Long, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
                                Andrew M. Giaquinto, School Business Manager

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