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The South African Institute of Architects

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National Committees : 2007-2008
The first meeting of all National Committees - Practice, Education, Promotions,
Communication, Heritage, Habitat and Benefits – took place on Wednesday 21 February.
Over 50 members, representing the Regional Institutes, participated in the discussions to
finalise the priorities and initiatives for this period. More information on various initiatives will
follow in due course

■ AWARDS                                                                                                AWARDS

SAIA Awards Programme 2007-2008 launched through the Regions
Members and corporate members of SAIA are invited to submit entries for the current Awards              Awards Programme
programme through their Regional Institutes. Projects that were completed during 2005 and               launched
2006 are eligible for entry. Please contact the relevant Regional Institute for Entry Forms

New Award announced by SAIA President
A new award, the SAIA President’s Award, has been introduced for the first time this year for           SAIA Presidents
projects of a special nature completed between 1995 and 2004. The award is open to all                  Award
persons who practise architecture in South Africa, and entries for this award must be
submitted directly to SAIA by 12:00 on Thursday 26 April 2007. The Guidelines and Entry
Forms are available on SAIA’s website

SAIA Stars receive Life Membership
Three members of the SA Institute of Architects received Life Membership for the                        SAIA Life
extraordinary contributions they have made to the Profession and the Institute. Certificates of         Membership
life membership were presented to Stan Segal, Chair of Practice, and Past Presidents
Llewellyn van Wyk and Jan Ras at a dinner held in Johannesburg on Wednesday 21
February. The event was hosted by the President, Hassan Asmal, and attended by members
of the Board. Visit the site for more information

■ COMPETITIONS                                                                                          COMPETITIONS

We are aiming to update the Competitions page on a regular basis and SAIA encourages
members to participate in UIA and SAIA accredited competitions. Visit the site regularly for
news about accredited architectural competitions and general design competitions

■ RENEWAL OF REGISTRATION AND CPD                                                                       CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) has arrived.                                                  CPD in a nutshell
All practitioners in the field of architecture are now required by law to renew their registration
with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP) every five years.
One of the requirements for registration is that the practitioner has undertaken certain
prescribed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. This is to ensure
practitioners remain competent and up to date as professionals, and have opportunities to
maintain, develop, enhance and broaden their skills and those of others throughout their
working lives.

You are all hopefully aware of this having read the circular from the SA Council for the
Architectural Profession (SACAP) Links to these notices are available from SAIA’s website

A Positive Development
The implementation of this requirement should be embraced as a way to help keep pace with
developments in the dynamic architectural field and to develop the highest levels of
competence in practice. The intention is to support and encourage 'life long learning' and to
make the 25 credit cycle as attainable as possible.

The requirements are not at all onerous, with 25 credits ('points') to be accumulated within
each five year period to ensure renewal of registration. Credits can be carried forward within
certain limits. These credits are accumulated in each of three categories:
    Category 1 This relates to formal lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, etc;
    Category 2 This is work based, with points earned for working, teaching and mentoring;
    Category 3 Individual activities are scored and can include formal study, publication of
    papers or articles, personal study, community activities, membership of professional
    bodies, and many other such activities.

The SAIA CPD framework separates Category 1 activities into:
   Professional Practice; and
   Building Technologies, Materials and Components.

Category 1 activities (courses) will need to be validated either by SAIA or one of the Regional
Institutes. Full or Life members of SAIA earn one credit annually in Category 3.

For more clarity on the subtleties of sabbaticals, travel, etc. refer to the guidelines published
by SACAP. A list of 'frequently asked questions' with answers and information on the
mechanics of logging points and applying for renewal of registration is available to download
from SAIA’s website.

■ PUBLICATIONS                                                                                      PUBLICATIONS

Architecture SA : Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC)
The Board of Representatives of the South African Institute of Architects is calling for
interested members to apply for appointment to the Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) of the
Journal, Architecture SA.
    The EAC (previously referred to as the EAB : Editorial Advisory Board ) consists of
    representatives of the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) who assist in planning
    the editorial content and otherwise oversee the publishing process of the official SAIA
    Journal “Architecture SA”.
    The EAC, on behalf of SAIA, jointly decide with the Editor which projects will be featured
    in the Journal as well as the ongoing conceptual development of the publication.
    SAIA is seeking diverse and geographical representation across the provinces
    represented by the regional institutes.
    This is a voluntary position for a minimum period of 3 years and includes attending a
    minimum of 3 meetings per year with the Editor (one being at the SAIA Communications
    Committee meeting in August) and any other ad-hoc meetings as necessary. Incidental
    costs (travel etc) will be covered by SAIA.

Candidates should :
   have a passionate and balanced interest in developments in South African architecture
   and a willingness to keep an eye open for new projects, buildings and developments
   have an interest in the Journal regarding its quality of scholarship, writing, graphics,
   topicality and relevance
   have a willingness to contribute and be interested in periodically writing for the Journal
   be good networkers within their own and other SAIA regions
   be a member of SAIA

Interested members should submit their names and full contact details with a CV of no more
than 450 words on e-mail to by 12:00 on Monday 16 April 2007. The
submission must be clearly marked:
         EAC : Architecture SA (Attention: SAIA Executive Officer)

SAIA Directory of Architects                                                                        DIRECTORY
The South African Institute of Architects (SAIA), in conjunction with Reygan Publications is        Circulated to
producing a new SAIA Directory of Architects. This will be an annual publication, produced to       Corporate members
the highest standards in an A5 size book, the purpose of which is to stimulate business by
communicating relevant SAIA and industry information and featuring the complete list of SAIA
Corporate Members (Practices) in a standard format. Entries can be extended for an
additional fee, and queries should be directed to the publishers. The publication will also
have an alphabetic listing of members of the Institute in their individual capacities. SAIA’s
notice with contact details of the publisher was circulated on e-mail to all corporate members
on 16 March 2007
■ MEMBER BENEFITS                                                                                  MEMBER BENEFITS

APIGIS                                                                                             APIGIS
The APIGIS Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme continues to offer excellent value for
money. The contact details of Marsh Vikela, the managers of the scheme, are available on
the site

Bepmeds                                                                                            BEPMEDS
The Built Environment Professional Association’s Medical Scheme is a restricted medical
scheme which was created for members of the supporting Professional Associations, ASAQS,
SAIA and SAACE, and their employees. Bepmeds has a vision to achieve and maintain a
sustainable medical scheme that has a benefit structure designed to meet the specific needs
of its professional member base. The Benefit Guide for 2007 is available on the site

■ MEMBERSHIP & SUBSCRIPTIONS                                                                       MEMBERSHIP

Select contact details of members and SAIA corporate members (Practices where 75% of the           FIND AN ARCHITECT
eligible principals are members of SAIA) are available on the website. Please check if your        FIND A PRACTICE
personal and practice details are correct

Individual and corporate subscriptions for the 2007 financial year were due on 1 July 2006
and we look forward to receiving all outstanding moneys before the end of April, when the
Budget for the new financial year will be prepared for adoption by the Board in May:
    At the end of February 88% of subscriptions were paid over to SAIA by the Regional
    Institutes for membership in the individual categories;
    Corporate Members (SAIA Practices) are required to submit an annual declaration directly
    to SAIA together with the corporate subscriptions in accordance with the overall size of the
    practice on 1 July. The rate of the return of corporate subscriptions, currently at around
    60%, lags behind that of individual subs. We appeal to members who have not yet
    returned this year’s declaration to do so as a matter of urgency.

Members who no longer have a copy of the declaration, may contact the SAIA Secretariat on for an electronic copy
                                                                                                   Issued by Su Linning
                                                                                                   EXECUTIVE OFFICER : SAIA