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					                     THE BREED
                     MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre, Suite 276, Private Bag x16 Constantia 7848

Issue 2011/2                                                                                February 2011a

CLUB OFFICIALS 2010-11                                         EX OFFICIO 2010-11
                  President                              Club PRO:                  Robin Rich
                 Joan Parker                             Ph/Fax:                    021 903 3426
             Ph: 021 671 8379                            Email:           
                                                         Membership Sec:            Hildegarde Rich
             Vice-Presidents                             Ph/Fax:                    021 903 3426
      Charles Batham & Ralph Clarke                      Email:           

                 Trustees                                Clubhouse Managers: George Davey
        Ralph Clarke & Garth Green                       Ph:                 021 712 3090
                 Chairman                                                    Margie von Zeil
             Patrick Masterson                           Cell:               072 686 0549
              Ph: 021 790 6557
       Email:                      Spares:                    Stewart Woodcock
                                                         Cell:                      084 702 7785
             Honorary Secretary                          Email:           
                 Kevin Turner
              Ph:021 433 2860                            Regalia:                   Jo Hitchcock (021 939 3803)
    E-mail:                                             Jennifer Lock (021 851 5878)

              Social Secretary                           Club Historian:            Brian Hogg
                 VACANT                                  Tel:                       021 712 9426
           Honorary Treasurer
            Mervyn Corbishley
            Ph: 021 794 3258
                                                                   REGISTER CAPTAINS
        Competitions Secretary                                          2010-11
              James Ballantyne
             Cell: 073 079 4436
                                                                         MMM and T – types
      Editor / Publications Secretary                                        Joan Parker
                Rosalie Plows                                  Ph: 021 671 8379 /
              Ph: 021 7624748
       E-mail:                                                 MGA
                                                                                George Davey
             Register Secretary                                     Ph: 021 712 3090 /
                Peter Flowers
              Ph: 021 975 4475
                                                                                Roger Manton
                                                                    Ph: 021 554 5949 /
        Veteran’s Group Secretary
               Jo Hitchcock                                                    Moderns
            Ph: 021 939 3803                                                   Ken Smith
            Cell: 082 446 1092                                  Ph: 021 552 2596 /

                            CHAIRMAN’S NEWS
 The New Year has started with the Timour Car Show. As usual this was a great event and gets big-
 ger every year. Thanks to all of you that took part. As you know this annual event is a highly suc-
 cessful charity fund raiser and our contribution was appreciated. I did however get a polite repri-
 mand from the organisers because some of our cars left early and I must in future ask all of you
 who intend leaving early to advise me in advance. I in turn will take it up with the organisers. I per-
 sonally enjoyed myself greatly, I saw some wonderful cars and met many old acquaintances and
 had fun chatting to members of the other clubs.
 For us the rest of the year is going to be busy. In February on the 5-6 Feb there is the David Piper
 Races at Killarney and there will be provision for us park in the enclosed area. See the details in the
 Breed. We unfortunately will not meet before the event so please RSVP to me if you intend going
 to Killarney.
 Then…for those that are interested ….the George Motor Show is on the 12 and 13 of February
 (Saturday & Sunday).
 The big event for us is the Brian Porter Rally on Sunday 13 February and I really encourage you to
 enter this event. This rally has all the elements of a fun day. For the competitors it is a serious event
 which takes both skill and concentration and for the not so serious it is a thoroughly enjoyable
 event with a scenic drive and a good lunch amongst friends at the end. Those that have done it be-
 fore will know that it is quite easy to get a reasonably good result. The enticement is always the
 determination to do better next year.

 Enjoy the summer to the full and I look forward to seeing you on the Brian Porter Rally.

 Pat Masterson or 021-790 6557


                                        THANK YOU
Hi everyone,
I would like to thank all those that came out and had a stall or displayed their vehi-
cles yesterday and in doing so, contributed to the success of our Sunday Show. I
think you all will agree that the day was a fantastic one and that the show keeps
growing from strength to strength.
It is my sincere hope that I will see you all displaying at the 2012 Show!!

 All the best
Jo Huysamen
24 January 2011

                                 Contact Robin Rich
                                   021-903 3426
                         CLUB CALENDAR
       FEBRUARY 2011

        5/6th        SATURDAY & SUNDAY David Piper Racing at Killarney AND Killarney 50th
                     Anniversary Race Meeting. Please read important information on page 7.
        8th          TUESDAY - General Meeting at the Crankhandle Club clubhouse – 19h30 for
                     20h00. Car Presentation: Hoodoo – Ralph Clarke. See below.
       12-13th      GEORGE MOTOR SHOW
        13          SUNDAY Brian Porter Rally - Organiser James Ballantyne
                    Meet at Woodbridge Island, Milnerton at 09h00.
                    This is a competitive event BUT for those that would prefer not to take it at all
                    seriously, it is a fun run with an element of skill! It is designed as a team event so
                    the navigator is just as important as the driver.
                    The route will take you through the beautiful Agter Paarl area and to the wheat
                    lands below the Witzenberg. Lunch is planned and booking must be made in
                    advance - no later than Tuesday 8th February.
                    Please RSVP to James Ballantyne at or Pat Masterson
                    Bring a clipboard, pencil and stop watch (or kitchen clock)
        26th        SATURDAY Veterans Run – Bot River.
                    Meet 09h30 at the N2 Engen One Stop for a 10h00 departure
                    Contact person Garth Green 021-7152470 or 082-7196012
                    See page 4 for details
       MARCH 2011
        6th          SUNDAY – Garage Meet – MGB Register (Roger Manton)
        8            TUESDAY - General Meeting, AGM and Prize Giving at the Crankhandle
                     Club clubhouse –19h30 for 20h00.
       20th          SUNDAY – Breakfast Run/Economy Run. Details next month
       24th          THURSDAY - Veterans Run - to Philadelphia
                     Contact persons Dieter & Loraine Reck 021-8524277 or 083 2338437
                     See page 4 for more information.

       APRIL 2011
        12th         TUESDAY - General Meeting at the Crankhandle Club clubhouse –19h30 for
                     20h00. Technical Talk
       17th          SUNDAY – John Skaife Run
       28            THURSDAY - Veterans Run
                     Contact persons Len & Carol Victor 021-8525020 or 082 4958380
                     More details in the next BREED

                   PRESENTATION OF ‘HOODOO’ (C0257) by Ralph Clarke
C0257 was the seventh of forty-four 750cc C-type MG Montllhéry Midgets produced in 1931. C0257
had a chequered career on the race track in UK & Europe and earned the name ‘Hoodoo’. She was
shipped to South Africa in April 1933 and continued to live up to her name!
She had many owners and in 1954 she was purchased by Vic Ayson and in 1998 he sold her to
Philip Costa. Philip Costa’s first outing with ‘Hoodoo’ was at the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre’s
50th Anniversary celebration in October 1998. And it is of great interest that ‘Hoodoo’ features in the
MGCC Cape Town Centre’s badge.
“Hoodoo’ is now owned by Quido Costa and Ralph Clarke has been restoring ‘Hoodoo’ to its original
condition. MGCC members are priviledged to be the first to hear a presentation by Ralph on his
dedicated restoration at the MGCC General Meeting on Tuesday 8th February.


To Beaumont Wine Farm, Bot River
     This will be a run with a difference mainly because it will be held on a Saturday
     – 26 February! The main attraction of this venue will be the 18th century water
     mill which will be in operation, grinding wheat. There is also an old winery and
     a modern one with the opportunity to taste their produce.

     The mill has been restored by Andy Selfe (a dedicated old machinery enthusi-
     ast) who will show us how it works and will be grinding wheat which you can
     purchase to take home to bake your own stone-ground bread.

     Next, a wine-maker will show us around the old winery and then tempt you into
     tasting their wines.

     Lunch at The Shuntin’ Shed (at Bot River Station) will follow at 12:30 or there-
     abouts. Here you will have the choice of Lamb Curry or a Pasta dish.

     Cost… The charge for the wine tasting is R20 and for the main dish at lunch

     Firstly, put your name on the list at the Club meeting on Tuesday 8 February
     then meet at the N2 Engen One Stop at 09h30 on SATURDAY 26 FEBRUARY
     for a 10:00 departure.

     Details: Garth Green on 021 715 2470 or 082 719 6012 or Jo Hitchcock on 021
     939 3803 or 082 446 1092
     To Book: Jo Hitchcock on 021 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

31st MARCH 2011 – THURSDAY
To Philadelphia
     The March Veterans’ Run, organised by Dieter Reck, will take you to Philadel-
     phia, the forgotten gem of the Swartland. A visit to the ‘Magic Minerals’ show-
     room, a lunch in the shade of a massive Pepper Tree, and surroundings of
     quaint Boutiques, shops and galleries will make this a memorable experience.
     Further details will be in the next Breed.
     Details: Dieter or Lorraine on 021 852 4277 / 083 233 8437.
     To book: contact Jo on 021 9393803 / 082 446 1092.

28th APRIL 2011 – THURSDAY
More details in the next Breed.
     Details: Len Victor on 021 852 5020 / 082 495 8380.
     To book: contact Jo on 021 9393803 / 082 446 1092.

VETERAN’S NEWS                                                                     Jo Hitchcock
In December we reported that Bokkie Markus was seriously ill in hospital (ICU). Well, what a won-
derful surprise to see him up and about at the January meeting. Lucille ten Oever is also recovering
slowly after a back operation. A speedy and complete recovery to both of you. Clive Wakeford is
also in our thoughts and we hope that he may soon be feeling better.
George and June Stoddart are on holiday in South Africa during January and February. They have
spent a week here and there with Carole Engledow and other friends. Carole brought them along on
the January Veterans’ Breakfast Run at Betty’s Bay. It was so good to see them again.
 In the previous Breed we thanked Kelly for the report on our visit to Riebeek Kasteel. That was an
error. Celia Baylis wrote that report. Thanks, Celia!
Congratulations to Andrew Blake, who at last found the MGB, in old English white, which he was
looking for ever since he joined the club. Many happy kilometres of MG-ing, especially with the Vet-
erans, Andrew!

                                                                 CLASSIC CAR SHOW
                                                                   TIMOUR HALL
                                                                   23 January 2011

                                                                 The weather was perfect and the
                                                                 cars from all the local classic car
                                                                 and motor-cycle clubs poured in
                                                                 to the grounds of the International
                                                                 Police Association at Timour Hall
                                                                 in Plumstead shortly after 8am.
                                                                 By all accounts, the show was a
                                                                 great success. There was an ex-
  tensive Auto Jumble as well as a variety of food outlets to satisfy the hungry and thirsty throng.

  The MGCC had 22 cars on display and judging of the Concours d’état MGs and those entered
  for ‘Tops’, took place during the morning – our thanks to the willing judges.

  All in all ……an enjoyable day.

                          Ralph Clarke’s eye-catching 1935 MG NA

  HAPPY BIRTHDAY                                          MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS 2011.

      TO YOU                                             A reminder from Hildegarde
FEBRUARY 2011                                            Rich…….
3:  Sheila Clayton
5:  Stan Shield, Leslie Waller, Alan Lovell,             Membership renewals for 2011
    Sharon Zazeraj
                                                         were posted on the 7th November
8:  Esme Hitchcock
                                                         2010. If you have not yet re-
10: George Toop
                                                         ceived yours, please contact me on
11: Manda Nelson
                                                         021 903 3426 / 082 473 9123 /
12: Andre Groenewald
14: Kimberley Beck
15: Lester Braun, Pam Leach
18: Kevin Hill
19: Johan Kriek, Peter Morrison
                                                                    NEW MEMBER
20: Daphne Watts
21: Richard & Dylon Ribban
23: Lorraine Reck, Larry Collins                           # 1258 Jon & Terry Taljaard,
24: Nick Blackburn                                               Somerset West.
25: Tony Whitehead
                                                                 MGA Twin Cam.
26:  Geoff Husk
                                                           Ph: 021 851 4832 / 083 676

                               OVERBERG GROUP OUTINGS
The Overberg Group has an outing each month, organized in turn by members of the group.
The runs scheduled for the next few months will be:
27th January—Goat Cheese Farm just outside Napier (Jimmy Alexander)
24th February—Pottery in Swellendam (Margie & Bill Cunningham)
24th March—Villiersdorp—details TBA (John Glibbery)
14th April—Apple farm in Elgin (Dorothy & Neil Bolton)
26th May—Montagu/Robertson area—details TBA ( Mary & John Buxton Forman)
18th June—Napier Patatfees, Car Show & MGCC Weekend away (Tony & Liz Greenwood)
If members of the MGCC-CT would like to join any of our outings please contact Moira Peché on
028 600 9537 or by e-mail at for details.
However, for details of the Patatfees Car Show Weekend Away please contact Tony Greenwood
on 083 600 9537 or by email at


                             MORRIS MINOR SPARES
                     WE NOW SUPPLY PARTS FOR LAND ROVER,

                     Contact Peter Flowers 021 9754475 or 078 639 0151


Killarney is celebrating its 50th anniversary on the 5 & 6 February (the David Piper race
weekend) and the MGCC has been sent the following by Stephen Wearne, the Chairman
of CMMCS……….
Activities planned are:
 1. There will be an evening with the Legends on Thursday evening 3 February at 20:00 in
the Killarney clubhouse. The evening will be hosted by Ian Little and several guests both
local and overseas who will tell stories of the past.
2. The Killarney book, written by Adrian Pheiffer, 50 Golden Racing years, will also be offi-
cially launched on that evening.
 3. On Sunday 6 February, classic car clubs will display their cars on the grass area be-
hind the club house. The ability to park in the designated areas will be controlled by the
clubs and only cars with the anniversary sticker will be allowed under the subway.

Clubs will be allocated designated areas for their display. There will be a prize for the best
Examples of cars that raced on the 17 December 1960, will be displayed on the lawn
around the clubhouse. These cars will carry numbers according to the cars that raced on
the day.
 Concours d’ elegance
A Concours d’ elegance competition will take place to identify the best cars on display.
There will be special trophies for the first 3 cars. These cars will lead the lunch time pa-
rade for three laps. A dedicated area will be used for judging.

Once these cars have started their parade, they will be joined by the “grid” of cars men-
tioned above. Owners that offer their cars for the “grid” will receive a medal.

Thereafter, the remaining cars that are on display will join the parade.

Clubs will be allowed to enter up to two cars each for this competition. Entries will be ac-
cepted from clubs for their cars up to 31 January. Clubs should mail these entries to

Circuit access
The first three concours cars will lead the parade and will enter the circuit via the pits.
These will be followed by the “grid” cars who will also enter the circuit via the pits.
The remaining cars will enter the circuit via the gate at the Jaguar stand. There will be a
marshal on duty to control the entry onto the circuit.

Cars will be shown the chequered flag at the start/finish to indicate that these cars should
return to their parking location.

The WPMC has again offered to sponsor one ticket per car. Distribution of these tickets
will be through the clubs.


                     EMAIL: or: 021 790 6557

       Veterans’ Visit to Consol Glass - 25 November 2011
Forty-eight members and 2 guests, in 25 MGs, attended the last Veterans Outing for 2010 to Consol
Glass in Bellville.

After an informative presentation, the group, some of whom were in borrowed closed shoes, jackets
and long pants, caps (or in some cases very flattering hair nets), set off on the tour of the plant.
Combined with the heat, it is not the most friendly environment in which to earn a living. What un-
folded in front of us, together with what we had seen in the presentation, was a fascinating insight
into just how the 2,500,000 bottles and jars are produced annually - twenty four hours a day and
seven days a week.

The main raw material needed for the glass making process is silica sand and Consol Glass Indus-
trial Minerals Division owns a large deposit of pure silica sand on the Cape Flats. The raw materials
are weighed and transported to batch mixers according to pre-programmed recipes, to ensure the
correct chemical specifications for the manufacture of glass. The ‘batch’ is then fed to the furnaces
where it is converted to molten glass and maintained at temperatures in excess of 1500ºC. Molten
glass is continuously withdrawn through a submerged throat where it proceeds to the refiner area of
the furnace and cooled to approximately 1200ºC, before being delivered to the individual bottle-
making machines.

The molten glass then enters the feeder to the bottle-making machine, where the streams of glass
are cut into pieces of a pre-determined weight required to make a single bottle. The gobs of molten
glass are then individually fed into the moulds of the bottle-making machine where it is formed in two
stages. Firstly, the gob of glass falls into a blank mould to produce a parison where the finish or neck
of the bottle is formed and a long narrow cavity is blown within the centre of the parison. The parison
is then transferred to the main mould where the bottle is given its final shape. Air is forced under
pressure into the hollow cavity to expand the glass to its final shape within the mould. It was amaz-
ing to see how speedily these gobs of molten glass move through this process, becoming bottles
before ones eyes. The newly formed bottle is then coated with a thin layer of tin oxide to strengthen
it before it enters the annealing lehr. In the lehr, the bottle is cooled from 600°C to 100°C in a con-
trolled manner to remove the stresses caused by uneven cooling and to ensure the bottle is stable
and safe to handle. After this process, the bottles undergo various tests and inspections.

Other interesting facts we learnt during the morning:
• The Bellville outlet produces 2.5 million units 365 days a year! This takes place in 4 furnaces
and 9 glass making machines, using 1,000 tons of batch material daily!
• Consol Glass has made a conscious effort to go green and part of this effort is the use of recy-
cled glass.
• Another green initiative was the investment of R45 million for electrostatic precipitators to reduce
atmospheric pollution.
•   The plant burns 100 000 litres of oil every day and uses the same amount of electricity daily as
    the town of Worcester!
•   There are 620 permanent members of staff.
After the tour, another enjoyable lunch was had at the Cattle Baron in Riebeeckhof and our thanks
to Nico for organising this most interesting outing – the last of 2010.

A special thank you must go to Jo and Philip for all their organisation, cajoling and reminding during
2010. It hasn’t always been easy for Jo, especially after her hip replacement, so I know I speak on
everyone’s behalf. May 2011 bring us all many happy and safe kilometres driven in our MG’s.
                                                                                       Brodwyn Wilson

MGCC Cape Town Centre – Minutes of the General Meeting held on 11th January 2011

Welcome (Robin Rich): Visitors welcomed: Jon Gower & Alan Gower from Australia
      54 members, 2 prospective members and 4 guests attended the meeting. 10 were in MGs.
Membership (Robin Rich):
     Clive Wakeford is ill, and those who know him should please give him a ring.
     Cilla & Rupert Bromley have resigned, due to the sale of their car.
     New ratifications: Jon Taljaard (MGA twin cam)
Guest presentation: Fanie Kok of RustStop
Approval of minutes of previous meeting: Approved: Andrew Blake Seconded: Garth Green
Matters arising from the minutes: none
Chairman (Pat Masterson):
      The Asset Register is being updated by Pat & Joan. Excess books to be sold at Timour Hall
Events Calendar:
       Timour Hall Show & Concours – 23 Jan. Volunteers needed for concours judging.
       David Piper races – 5 & 6 Feb. MGCC members usually get their cars in for free but the de-
           tails for this year are still to be determined.
       Brian Porter Rally – 13th Feb. James has mapped the route on GPS, & is still to do the final
           distances on odometer. Start 09h00 Woodbridge Island.
Treasurer (Mervyn Corbishley):
   We have a good surplus for the past year.
THE BREED (Pat Masterson):
     Feb deadline date for articles or info to reach Rosalie – 22nd January.
     Captains to nominate a judge for each register at the Timour Hall Concours.
Veterans: (Jo Hitchcock) First run of the year is to Betty’s Bay, on 27th Jan.
Regalia (Jo Hitchcock): almost sold out.
Spares (Stewart Woodcock):
     Various parts are being sought, see WANTED section in The Breed
Cup of the Month: awarded to Dieter & Lorraine for organising the year-end picnic.
      Joan advised of a book currently on sale at CNA - ‘MG The Complete Story’ at R69.95
      Mike Plows & Barbara Collins have cars for sale, see FOR SALE ads in The Breed

   THE SPORTS CAR CENTRE                                     STEWART’S CLOX
    FOR ALL YOUR MG PARTS                              Watch, clock and jewellery specialists
                Alan or Denise
               011 646 1631(T)
                                                              Contact Stewart Woodcock
                                                            021 554 8118 or 084 702 7785(fax)

 Soon I shall be sending a list around with regular regalia items. You can indicate
 with a tick the items you would be interested to buy. Items with a reasonable de-
 mand will initially get preference.
                                                                         Jo Hitchcock

FOR SALE                                             WANTED
•   MGBGT MKI 1966. First registered in        •            MGF 160 in good condition.
    1968 in RSA. BRG, rebuilt top to bottom by              Contact Graham Jamieson 083-2924650
    Roger Pearce in Jhbg. R150,000
    Contact: 083 4409990; Car is in Napier
                                               •            a) Early MGB (pre-’66) gearbox with over
•   MGC 1969 BRG roadster, wire wheels &                    drive
    overdrive; probably the best in SA.                     b) Any pre-war Rootes type super
    R205,000.                                               charger suitable for 750cc engine
    Contact John Glibbery 028-8402622 or                    c) MGA Twin Cam heater blanking plate
    079 5422301;                 (? same as pushrod car)
                                                            d) MGA support from dash to bulkhead
•   MGA tail light lens. Lucas 574635, in box.              (part # AFH 1713)
    Asking for a few hundred rand as donation               Contact Rodney Green 082-8013659 or
    to Cape Carthorse Society.                    
    Contact Mavis Newsham 021-7627743
                                              •             MG Midget MKII disc wheel
•   MG 1100S 1965. Vehicle in very good con-                Contact Dieter Reck 021-8524277 or
    dition. Owned by 2 club members for many      
    years. Engine recently serviced + me-
    chanical check & new clutch. Paint, car-  •             MGBGT 173 planetary gears (2) for diff
    pets & upholstery superb. Used weekends                 or a complete axle
    only. Some spares included. Highest offer               Contact Marcus Proome (Jhbg) 082-
    around R35,000 secures.                                 4582590
    Contact Irven Ridler 084-6257599 or

•   Engine assembly stand - built up. Mounts
    ‘A’ , ‘B’ and ‘BGT V8’ engines. Offers?
    Contact Mike Plows 021-7624748                       ROBINSON SERVICE CENTRE SPECIALIZING
                                                          IN SERVICING & REPAIRS TO MODERN
•   MG TF 2003 (2004 production VIN). Blue                       MG & ROVER VEHICLES
    metallic with rare hard top. Ex George
    Stoddart car with full service history. Pre-
    cautionary 2009 MLS head gasket kit fitted                   Michael: 082 557 1010
    with new bolts & liners, crank bearing                       Johan:    082 810 3973
    shells, waterpump, belts. New front tyres,           Website:
    rears good. R100,000
    Contact Barbara Collins 083-4440133,
    021-7825238 (evenings),                                WANT TO SELL YOUR CLASSIC,
                                                            VINTAGE OR SPORTS CAR?
•   MGB 1971 roadster rally car. Fully pre-                   CALL FROST BROTHERS, KNYSNA
    pared for historic rallies. Car is located 45              044-382 6074 or 082-557 6470
    minutes from Dover/Eurotunnel. Full de-
    tails available from owner.
    Contact Michael Lee 0044 1795 842532 or                                    McLellan's Automotive History
                                                             Original re-prints!
•   MG Midget 1973. Reluctant sale
    Contact Kobie van der Merwe 082-                     Email:
    4110753, 021-7826758, 15 Woodway,                    Website:
    Glencairn. R52,000 neg

           GRAAFF REINET 27-30 OCTOBER 2011


    Details will be accessible on the MGCC CT website

If you are going to the GEORGE MOTOR SHOW,
this will be of interest to you…..              MGCC CT CENTRE
                                                AGM 8 March 2011

                                              Members to volunteer to
                                              stand on the committee
                                                Contact the Chairman
                                                   Pat Masterson


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