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Write and Administer Effectively, Command Vendor Respect
This document gets tender writers back to basics by exploring the principles behind the process, suggesting appropriate
methodology and allowing the planning behind the document to ensure the best value for money is obtained, not just a good

In this article discover how to:
           Use the tender process as a competitive negotiating instrument and not an information gathering vehicle;
           Ensure your suppliers respect your tenders and put their best proposal forward;
           Understand the principles behind a tender process;
           Decision theory and how to adjudicate efficiently;
           Adjudication methodology and weighting theories;
           Where your tenders are failing to realise true value for the investment;

Many tenders are written with an obvious lack of clear purpose and objectives. The results are that some are not awarded or
take a significant length of time to award, whereby most of the financial values would be out of date.

A tender process may be a formal procedure of your organisation to procure goods and services, and in government circles this
is statute, however, the background principles warrant revisiting since in South Africa they seem to have been disregarded.

With many tenders the lack of an underlying vision can be identified from the subjective nature of the content. In this case the
organisation will be seeking a vision from the specific industry through the documentation process. This usually implies that
there is a lack of intellectual understanding about the commodity and the most appropriate business relationship to adopt.

Table of Contents
     •     Definitions;
     •     Why Decisions may not be optimal;
     •     Principles behind the process;
     •     A journey to informed and confident decisions (decision theory);
     •     The big picture;
     •     Methodology to get it right;
     •     Get the best responses from the vendors;
     •     Adjudication efficiency, methodology and weighting;

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