Tenders awarded in May 2009 (PDF) by gyvwpsjkko


									                                                         Tenders awarded in May 2009

No      Tender No    Description                                                                 Tenderer                 Date of award   Value of tender

                     Supply and delivery of liquid chlorine for use in water and
     SCMB 07/05/09                                                                                                                         Approximately
1                    wastewater treatment, Period: Date of commencement of         Metsi Chem iKapa (Pty) Ltd              04-05-2009
     283G/2008/09                                                                                                                         R33,250,735.00
                     contract until 30-06-2011.

                     Tender for the repair of plumbing and installation of water
     SCMB 09/05/09
2                    management devices at domestic properties occupied by Ezalinandle Namanzi Management CC               04-05-2009     R 10,000,000.00
                     indigent households: Region Central.

     SCMB 10/05/09                                                                 RapiProp 158 (Pty) Ltd t/a Pennisi
3                    Nolungile clinic, Khayelitsha: Alterations and additions.                                             04-05-2009     R 1,264,513.25
     361Q/2008/09                                                                  Construction

     SCMB 11/05/09   Construction of a new 250mm water main link in                Imvusa Trading 1569 CC t/a RD
4                                                                                                                          04-05-2009     R 2,340,454.38
     362Q/2008/09    Macassar.                                                     Projects

     SCMB 12/05/09   Weltevreden clinic, Mitchells Plain: Alterations and          Inyameko Trading 292CC t/a Pinnacle
5                                                                                                                          04-05-2009     R 1,478,482.89
     366Q/2008/09    additions.                                                    Projects

     SCMB 13/05/09   Reconstruction of sewer main and road in Malabar
6                                                                                  JN Plumbing CC t/a Comet Plumbing       04-05-2009     R 1,177,761.82
     384Q/2008/09    Crescent, Eerste River.

     SCMB 14/05/09                                                                 Mr. LL Le Chat t/a Republic Builders
7                    Masincedane Clinic, Nyanga: Alterations and additions.                                                04-05-2009     R 1,173,171.24
     385Q/2008/09                                                                  and Interiors
                                                                                   Ulibo Cleaning Enterprises CC t/a
                      Provision of cleaning services at the Municipal Courts
     SCMB 15/05/09                                                                 Mayilunge Enterprises                                   Approximately
8                     from date of implementation of contract until 30 June                                                 04-05-2009
     222S/2008/09                                                                  Yakheka Development Services CC                         R300,000.00
                                                                                   Ophopho Contracting Services CC

     SCMB 16/05/09    Cleaning services for the Media City/ Broadmont Building     G Naidoo Contractors (Western Cape)
9                                                                                                                           04-05-2009    R 1,187,230.00
     263S/2008/2009   and one floor at 73 Hertzog Boulevard, Cape Town.            CC t/a Spick 'n Span Cleaning.

                      Provision of a service provider to conduct a scientific
     SCMB 17/05/09                                                                 Enviromental Research Management                        Approximately
10                    groundwater study at the Coastal Park Landfill Site from                                              04-05-2009
     375S/2008/2009                                                                Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd                               R1,300,000.00
                      date of commencement of contract until 30 June 2011.

     SCMB 18/05/09    Provision of a service provider: Quality public spaces:      Vision Plan CC t/a NM & Associates
11                                                                                                                          04-05-2009
                                                                                                                            04 05 2009       1,661,037.00
                                                                                                                                           R 1 661 037 00
     452S/2008/09     Programme evaluation.                                        Planners and Designers

                      Request for increase in contract sum: increase in contract
                                                                                    Murray and Roberts (Pty) Ltd/ WBHO
12   SCMB 19/05/09    sum of contract Q06/63-Principal contract for the                                                     04-05-2009   R 1,781,758,746.00
                                                                                                 (Pty) Ltd
                      construction of the new Green Point Stadium.

                      Request for deviation: Payment toward cost of larger
13   SCMB 21/05/09    diameter linking pipe line: Voelvlei pipe line to De Grendel Messrs Visigro Investments (Pty) Ltd     04-05-2009    R 3,000,000.00

                      Request for deviation: Mayoral welcome reception for         Knight Catering CC
14   SCMB 22/05/09                                                                                                          04-05-2009
                      members of the 4th democratic parliament.                    QMR Productions CC
                                                                                                                                          contingency amt.

                      Request for deviation: License agreement for Kassel
                                                                                   Profibeton (the European Patent Holder
15   SCMB 23/05/09    Kerbs for integrated rapid transit stations in Cape Town                                              04-05-2009    R 1,000,000.00
                                                                                   of Kassels Kerbs)
     SCMB 32/05/09   Supply and delivery of low voltage distribution boards-                                                        Approximately
16                                                                               MCB Switchboards (Pty) Ltd           11-05-2009
     399G/2008/09    period from date of commencement until 30/06/2011.                                                             R700,000.00

     SCMB 33/05/09   Supply and delivery of an insulation analyser for high
17                                                                               Eberhardt Martin CC                  11-05-2009    R 839,567.25
     398N/2008/09    voltage plant.

     SCMB 34/05/09
18                   Supply and delivery of ultratev plus discharge detectors.   H V Test (Pty) Ltd                   11-05-2009    R 628,140.00

     SCMB 35/05/09   Lourensrivier flood alleviation measures phase 1D:
19                                                                               C Devine t/a Blue Wood Landscaping   11-05-2009   R 2,391,548.54
     341Q/2008/09    Landscaping & horticultural works.

     SCMB 36/05/09   Construction of Civil Engineering works: Wallacedene
20                                                                               Lanser Civils CC                     11-05-2009   R 2,133,015.70
     345Q/2008/09    Cemetery: Phase 1A.

                     Upgrading of Waterkant from Adderley Street to Rose
     SCMB 37/05/09
21                   Street including Lower Burg Street (World Cup 2010          Civils 2000 (Pty) Ltd                11-05-2009   R 17,305,200.00

                     Construction of Nolungile Station non-motorised transport
     SCMB 38/05/09                                                             Exeo Khokela Civil Engineering
22                   facilities, hard and soft landscaping-phase 1 (2010 World                                        11-05-2009   R 11,405,519.90
     386Q/2008/09                                                              Construction (Pty) Ltd
                     Cup Project)

     SCMB 39/05/09   Langa sports complex, Langa: Alterations and additions to
23                                                                             Brouwers Property Developments CC      11-05-2009   R 1,973,299.67
     438Q/2008/09    the club house.

     SCMB 40/05/09   For the general repairs and renovations to the O.R.
24                                                                               Linamandla Business Enterprise       11-05-2009   R 1,748,577.00
     439Q/2008/09    Tambo Sports complex, Khayelitsha.
                                                                                  Nicky Burnell t/a Timika Promotions
                                                                                  Fadies Catering CC t/a Faydies
                                                                                  Corporate Gifts
                                                                                  Magnavolt Trading 215 CC t/a Metal
     SCMB 41/05/09   Supply and delivery of corporate merchandise-Period:                                                             Approximately
25                                                                                Image                                  11-05-2009
     180/2008/09     Two years from date of commencement of contract.                                                                 R1,300,000.00
                                                                                  At work Corporate and Leisurewear CC
                                                                                  Briose Bags CC t/a Bagazio Promotios
                                                                                  Activate Marketing Procurement
                                                                                  Specialists Activate CC

     SCMB 42/05/09   Appointment of service provider to assist the City of Cape
26                                                                              Ernst & Young Advisory Services Ltd      11-05-2009   R 984,641.00
     409S/2008/09    Town with it's asset verification process.

     SCMB 43/05/09   Central City Development Strategy: Character precinct
27                                                                                City Thinkspace (Pty) Ltd              11-05-2009   R 499,057.00
     411S/2008/09    analysis, guidelines & development parameters.

                     Request for deviation: Electrical protection and Scada       Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
28   SCMB 44/05/09                                                                                                       11-05-2009   R 578,602.44
                     upgrade at depot and Gardenia substations.                   (Pty) Ltd

                     Request for deviation: The renovation of a measurement
                                                                                  Status Africa Construction CC                       R11,797632.00
29   SCMB 45/05/09   lab and workshops for electricity services at Melk Street,                                          11-05-2009
                                                                                  Ebesa Ndabeni JV                                     R198,270.00

                     Request for deviation: Repair of Cape Flats Wastewater       TRS Gear Services CC t/a
30   SCMB 46/05/09                                                                                                       11-05-2009   R 409,448.10
                     Treatment Works, inlet works Hansen Gearbox No.3             Transmission Gear Services Cape

                     Request for deviation: Woodstock 132kV switching
31   SCMB 50/05/09   station: Holec 132kV circuit breaker repair and              Siemens (Pty) Ltd                      11-05-2009   R 766,866.60
                     Request for increase in contract sum: Microsoft Enterprise Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (Micro-
32   SCMB 51/05/09                                                                                                       11-05-2009   R 6,734,316.00
                     agreement: True-up.                                        soft Corporation)

                     Request for increase in contract sum: Tender no.
                     60C/2007/08: Provision of professional services:
                     Contermanskloof Water Supply Area: The planning,
33   SCMB 53/05/09   design, Tender documentation, Contract Administration     Messrs Contermans Pipe JV                 11-05-2009   R 2,907,738.70
                     and Site Supervision of a new section of the linking
                     pipeline from Parklands to the future Contermanskloof
                     Reservoir. Increase limited until 30 June 2010.

                                                                                Tedd Cutter Enterprises CC t/a Cutters
                                                                                HA Plant Maintenance CC
                                                                                Henred Fruehauf Trailers (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                Kemach Equipment (Pty) Ltd t/a
     SCMB 55/05/09   Supply and delivery of vehicles and plant for 2 years from Kemach JCB
34                                                                                                                       11-05-2009   R 5,000,000.00
     332G/2008/09    date of commencement of contract.                          Ian Dickie & Company (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                JEF Engineering Agencies CC
                                                                                Fire Raiders (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd t/a
                                                                                Barloworld Equipment

                     Request for increase in contract sum: Driftsands Human
35   SCMB 56/05/09                                                             CCA Environmental                         11-05-2009   R 160,238.40
                     Settlement Project (2500 units)

     SCMB 61/05/09   For the purchase and removal of scrap voltage
36                                                                             Main Scrap and Machinery CC               18-05-2009   R 2,394,000.00
     247E/2008/09    transformers.
                     Provision of professional services: Management of the
                     City of Cape Town railway sidings in terms of the South
     SCMB 62/05/09   African Railway Safety Management Compliance
37                                                                           Jeffares and Green (Pty) Ltd              18-05-2009   R 2,961,286.80
     378C/2008/09    Regulator Act (Act 16 of 2002); RSR 001:2004 and South
                     African National Standards 3001:200X from 01 July 2009
                     until 30 June 2012.

                     Provision of professional services: Phumlani, erf 830
     SCMB 63/05/09                                                          Western & Eastern Cape Consulting
38                   housing development-appointment of project manager and                                            18-05-2009   R 342,855.00
     446C/2008/09                                                           Engineers (Pty) Ltd t/a WEC Consult
                     marketing facilitator

                     Supply and delivery of scrubbers and personal            Integrated Technical Services CC t/a                  Approximately
     SCMB 64/05/09
39                   transporters period: Two years from date of              Karcher                                  18-05-2009   R700,000.00
                     commencement.                                            Afrisec Strategic Solutions (Pty) Ltd                 R357,000.00

     SCMB 65/05/09   Manufacture, supply and delivery of fluke 6100A          Siyaphambili Electrical and Industrial
40                                                                                                                     18-05-2009   R 1,888,092.74
     468G/2008/09    calibration system.                                      Supplies CC

     SCMB 66/05/09   Manufacture, supply and delivery of portable current
41                                                                            Alectrix (Pty) Ltd                       18-05-2009   R 1,451,184.40
     469G/2008/09    transformer testers.

     SCMB 67/05/09   Supply and delivery of 6 handheld computer systems for   Consolidated African Technologies
42                                                                                                                     18-05-2009   R 450,970.30
     479G/2008/09    ensuring sample integrity.                               (Pty) Ltd

     SCMB 68/05/09   Replacement of uninterruptible power supply and standby                                                        Approximately
43                                                                           Manuel Investment Holdings CC             18-05-2009
     351N/2008/09    generator at Bloemhof control centre.                                                                          R360,000.00
     SCMB 69/05/09   Supply and delivery of electronic clocking systems/devices Hlanganani Blick Joint Venture (Pty)                Approximately
44                                                                                                                     18-05-2009
     354N/2008/09    until 30 June 2011.                                        Ltd                                                 R1,350,000.00

     SCMB 70/05/09   Upgrading of load management system at Gordon's Bay                                                            Approximately
45                                                                              Farad (Pty) Ltd                        18-05-2009
     460N/2008/09    substations.                                                                                                   R1,000,000.00

     SCMB 71/05/09   Supply and delivery of instruments to the Scada services   Soaring Technology CC t/a Coast to                  Approximately
46                                                                                                                     18-05-2009
     461N/2008/09    department.                                                Coast Cape                                          R360,000.00

     SCMB 72/05/09   Bloemhof Depot: Block B vending systems: Building
47                                                                              Ryan Construction (Pty) Ltd            18-05-2009   R 5,000,000.00
     394Q/2008/09    renovations.

     SCMB 73/05/09   Alterations and additions to Bishop Lavis multi-purpose
48                                                                              Golden Rewards 474 CC                  18-05-2009   R 317,919.80
     440Q/2008/09    centre.
                     For the design, supply, delivery, installation, testing,
                     commissioning and upholding during trial operation period
     SCMB 74/05/09
49                   and the defects notification period of Advanced Pressure Brink and Health Civils (Pty) Ltd       18-05-2009   R 3,994,702.10
                     Management of the water network in Philippi and Browns

                     Provision of professional services: Determination of
     SCMB 75/05/09                                                                PD Naidoo & Associates Consulting
50                   additional resources required to manage pollution in                                             18-05-2009   R 1,292,760.00
     340S/2008/09                                                                 Engineers (Pty) Ltd
                     stormwater and rivers systems.

                     For the supply and implementation of a City of Cape Town
     SCMB 76/05/09                                                                                                                 Approximately
51                   oblique aerial photography imagery system. Awarded for a AOC Geomatics (Pty) Ltd                 18-05-2009
     355S/2008/09                                                                                                                  R3,800,000.00
                     period of two years.

                     Printing of two publications for the City of Cape Town (1)
     SCMB 77/05/09                                                                                                                 Approximately
52                               g            ( )                      p
                     Smart living handbook (2) Coastal booklet for a period of        y
                                                                                  Tandym Print CC                     18-05-2009
     454S/2008/09                                                                                                                  R2 000 000 00
                     two years from date of commencement.

                     Maintenance of all existing CCTV systems and equipment
     SCMB 78/05/09                                                              Caddic Security Systems and                        Approximately
53                   for the City of Cape Town's Metropolitan Area from 01 July                                       18-05-2009
     457S/2008/09                                                               Integration (Pty) Ltd                              R1,642,000.00
                     2009 until 30 June 2012.

                     Deviation report for the emergency repair of Green Point
54   SCMB 79/05/09                                                                Flo-Seal Technology CC              18-05-2009   R 269,436.72
                     wet weather pump no.3

                     Deviation to appoint a consultant to conduct a venue and
                     site audit and prepare a host City decoration plan and   Property Development Services
55   SCMB 80/05/09                                                                                                    18-05-2009   R 354,825.00
                     signage master plan for the host City programme for 2010 Consortium
                     FIFA World Cup.
                     Upgrading of Sub Council offices: Tender no.
56   SCMB 81/05/09   490Q/2007/08- Athlone Civic Centre- Proposed Sub-            Fabe Property Developers CC         18-05-2009    R 39,097.12
                     Council 17 offices.

                     Deviation for tender 298S/2006/07: Maintenance of all
57   SCMB 82/05/09   existing CCTV systems and equipment for the City of          Zelpy 1501 (Pty) Ltd t/a CSSI       18-05-2009   R 114,126.83
                     Cape Town's Metropolitan Area until 30 June 2009.
                      Request for deviation: Tender no. 40Q/2008/09: Quality   Premier Attraction 219 CC t/a Icon
58   SCMB 83/05/09                                                                                                           18-05-2009   R 230,000.00
                      public spaces: Hard & Soft landscaping region 4: Nyanga. Civils

                      Request for increase in contract sum: Tender no.
                      348S/2007/08: Provision of professional services detailed GIMS Architects t/a DesignScape
59   SCMB 84/05/09                                                                                                           18-05-2009   R 621,297.90
                      design and phase 1-Supervision of the False Bay Ecology architects and Interior Designers
                      Park Headquarters complex.

                      Request for deviation: Contract 128S/2006/07: The                                                                   Approximately
60   SCMB 86/05/09    purchase and removal of scrap metal from 01 May 2009 to L O Rall Scrap Dealers CC                      18-05-2009   R2,000,000.00
                      30 June 2009                                                                                                           Income

                      Request for deviation: RFQ R030900644- Kerbside
                      parking management system (month to month) Proposal
                      for the financing, provision, implementation, maintenance
                                                                                    Numque 20 CC
                      and operation of a cash-based kerbside parking
                                                                                    Mr M Z Loghdey t/a Street Parking                     Approximately
61   SCMB 96/05/09    management system for various selected areas within the                                                25-05-2009
                                                                                    Solutions (SPS)                                       R2,200,000.00
                      Metropolitan area of the City of Cape Town including both
                                                                                    ACE Parking Services (Pty) Ltd
                      back office service and a kerbside parking operations
                      service from date of commencement of contract until 30
                      June 2011.
                      Provision of professional services: Preliminary design,
                                                                                    Western & Eastern Cape Consulting
     SCMB 101/05/09   design and tender, working drawings and construction
62                                                                                  Engineers (Pty) Ltd t/a WEC              25-05-2009   R 386,585.00
     381C/2008/09     monitoring-upgrade of parking area and change room of
                      swimming pool at the Athlone Stadium precinct.
                      Provision of professional services: Preliminary design,
     SCMB 102/05/09   design and tender, working drawings and construction
63                                                                                  Lukhozi Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd   25-05-2009   R 617,937.00
     382C/2008/09     monitoring-softball field. Floodlighting and alterations to
                      Grandstand- Turfhall Stadium.
                      Supply and delivery of hydrogen peroxide for the further
     SCMB 103/05/09   treatment of treated effluent at Potsdam, Bellville and                                                             Approximately
64                                                                             F Moosa t/a Western Cape Stationers           25-05-2009
     341G/2008/09     Athlone waste water treatment plants-Period 2 years from                                                            R2,000,000.00
                      date of commencement of contract.
                                                                                    Messrs Triple C Maintenance &
                                                                                    Services CC
                                                                                    Mackenzie Ice Investments 105 CC t/a
     SCMB 104/05/09   Periodic tender for repairing or replacing of existing fire                                                       Approximately
65                                                                                  Titan Labour                           25-05-2009
     343Q/2008/09     hydrants, valves, water meters and house connections.                                                             R5,000,000.00
                                                                                    CAC Arendse t/a CA Holdings
                                                                                    PDR Construction CC
                                                                                    N Gertse t/a NG Civils

     SCMB 105/05/09
66                    Refurbishment of Parow Municipal Building.                    Zanbuild Construction (Pty) Ltd        25-05-2009   R 1,947,321.24

                      Design, manufacture, testing at the manufacturer's works,
                      supply, installation, site testing, commissioning and
     SCMB 106/05/09   maintenance of interlock bay control units and associated                                                          Approximately
67                                                                              ABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd                 25-05-2009
     424Q/2008/09     equipment to replace interlocking equipment for 145kV                                                             R16,675,800.00
                      switchgear at Athlone, Philippi and Mitchells Plain
                      switching stations and Steenbras power station.

     SCMB 107/05/09   Construction of a computer room at Andile Msizi Multi
68                                                                                  ADE Cocum Project Management CC        25-05-2009    R 284,794.40
     437Q/2008/09     Purpose Centre.

     SCMB 108/05/09   Alterations and additions to the existing council owned
69                                                                                  Golden Rewards 474 CC                  25-05-2009    R 248,812.00
     442Q/2008/09     building at Heinz Park.

                                                                                    Rafeeq Builders Painting and
     SCMB 109/05/09
70                    Construction of two cottages in Kewtown, Athlone.             Maintenance CC t/a Maya Builders       25-05-2009    R 716,988.21
                                                                                    Decorators & Maintenance

     SCMB 110/05/09   Upgrade of existing laboratories at scientific services
71                                                                                  Labscheme Allchem CC                   25-05-2009   R 1,244,853.55
     478S/2008/09     branch.
                      Periodic tender for field recording and GIS data capture of
     SCMB 111/05/09
72                    electrical plant and reticulation from 01 July 2009 until 30 Giscoe (Pty) Ltd                  25-05-2009   R 20,287,850.51
                      June 2012.

                      Request for deviation: Procurement of subscriptions to an
                      on-line reference source, World Book Online, for 100
73   SCMB 112/05/09                                                             World Book SA                        25-05-2009    R 548,340.00
                      libraries linked to the smartcape public-access computer
                      system from 01 July 2009 to 30 June 2012.

                      Request for deviation: Urgent repair of Cape Flats blower
74   SCMB 113/05/09                                                               GB Bearings                        25-05-2009    R 330,326.40
                      and gearbox no.3

                                                                                  Human Communications (Pty) Ltd                    R1,708.43
                      Request for condonation and deviation: Recruitment
75   SCMB 114/05/09                                                               Ayanda Mbanga Communication        25-05-2009     R1,747.26
                      advertising from 01 April 2009 until 19 June 2009.
                                                                                  J b   t
                                                                                  Jobvest                                           R1 844 33

                      Request for increase in contract sum: Laubscher &
76   SCMB 117/05/09                                                               Messrs Laubscher & Hattingh Inc.   25-05-2009    R 16,740.00
                      Hattingh Inc. Conveyancing attorneys for Vryground.

                      Request for single source selection: Contract of Eerste
                      River Sport Complex: Single source selection of
77   SCMB 118/05/09                                                               ICE Group (Pty) Ltd                25-05-2009    R 203,649.89
                      consulting engineers to undertake additional professional
                      services for revised scope of works.

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