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					                           Mothers of South Snohomish (MOSS)

                                          Social Club Bylaws
The name of this club is the Mothers of South Snohomish (MOSS).
Section 1.      Statement of Purpose: To support Mothers of South Snohomish County and their children
                through friendship, networking, activities and other diverse resources.
Section 2.     The objectives of the club are:
       a. To support mothers raising young children in the South Snohomish County area with a focus on
          stay-at-home mothers and offering associate memberships for working mothers;
       b. To support mothers as women outside of their parenting role;
       c. To promote the development of preschool and young, school-age children;
       d. To help educate and inform mothers of small children in areas of concern to them;
       e. To make the community aware of the needs of families with small children and to give back to the
          community with regular service projects.
       f.    To help members feel empowered and involved in keeping the club running.
Section 3.     The objectives of the club are accomplished through programs and activities planned by the
Section 1.     The following are the basic policies of this club:
       a. The club shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan;
       b. The name of the club and the names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used
          in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or for any purpose not
          appropriately related to the promotion of the objects of the club.
       c. The club shall not directly or indirectly participate or intervene (in any way, including the
          publishing or distribution of statements in any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition
          to, any candidate for public office) or devote more than an insubstantial part of its activities to
          attempting to influence legislation by propaganda or otherwise.

       d. The club may associate with other organizations or agencies concerned with child welfare, but
           persons representing the club in such matters shall make no commitments that bind the club.
       e. In the event of the dissolution of the club, its assets shall be distributed for one or more of the
          exempt purposes specified in Section 501 (C) (7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as from
          time to time amended.
Section 1.    The club exists as an incorporated club of its members. Its articles of organization comprise
              these bylaws, as from time to time amended, and its articles of club, if any. In the absence of
              separate articles of club, the bylaws shall be deemed to be the articles of club. In the event of
              any conflict between these bylaws and the articles of club, these bylaws shall govern. These
              bylaws may be amended pursuant to Article X, Section 3.
Section 1.    Membership in this club shall be made available to any mother in South Snohomish
              County, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, or working status.
Section 2.    Only members of the club shall be eligible to participate in the General Meetings, set
              playgroups, field trips, and interest groups or to serve in any of its elective or appointive
Section 3.    The club shall conduct an annual September 1st enrollment of members, but persons may be
              admitted to membership at any time.
Section 4.    A member shall pay annual membership dues upon joining the club. The amount of the dues
              shall be determined by the Executive Board in conjunction with determining the budget for
              the year. The amount shall be determined before the September general meeting. Dues are
              non-refundable and non-transferable after the first month following payment. The Executive
              Board may determine whether dues paid throughout the year will be prorated.
Section 5.    Members are highly encouraged and requested at time of membership joining or renewal, to
              attend a minimum of one (1) activity per quarter, host (see section 6) a minimum of two (2)
              activities per year (not including set playgroup hosting), and offer assistance through the
              Take A Break coordinator one (1) time per year in order to remain an active member.
              Additionally, members are encouraged to be part of a committee or to take an Executive
              position for 1 year out of three.
Section 6.    Hosting an activity is defined as suggesting a public event, planning and leading a private
              event in your home, or acting as the contact person for MOSS for a private activity outside the
              home. Special Activities are those that require scheduling with an outside source. For those
              activities, the member that schedules the activity will act as the contact between MOSS and
              the outside source.
Section 7.    All members are required to sign the attached Sick and Behavior policies before being
              allowed to participate as a club member.
Section 8.    Members are allowed to use the club’s Yahoo Groups bulletin board to post personal
              announcements and invitations as long as it pertains only to themselves. If an Evite is sent to
              the entire club for a non-club activity, please ensure that responses are NOT visible to other
              people. Restrictions may be added at a later date.
Section 1.   The following are basic procedure for the election of officers:
       a. The Executive Board shall serve as the nominating committee, accepting nominations from the
          membership at monthly General Meetings in March or April.
       b. The nominating committee shall revise and ensure delivery of the nomination form to each club
          member. Nomination forms shall be returned to the nominating committee no later than April’s
          General Meeting.
       c. The nominating committee will obtain consent from each nominated candidate prior to election.
       d. At the May General Meeting, the nomination committee will present the membership with a list of
          members who have accepted nominations for each position. In the event more than one
          candidate is interested in a particular position, election of board positions shall be done via
          ballot. In the case of a ballot election, the results will be announced at the end of the May General
       e. There shall be a combined meeting of the outgoing Executive Board and the newly-elected
          Executive Board in June at which time all outgoing members will present to their successors all
          materials and records. This may be done at the June board meeting. The outgoing Executive
          Board will plan the June General Meeting in the normal course of business. The incoming
          Executive Board will assume their respective duties at the end of June.
Section 1.     Only a member of this club shall be eligible to serve as an officer or as chairperson of a
               standing or special committee. Executive Officer positions are President, VP of Events, VP of
               Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer. Chairperson positions are Take-A-Break, Community
               service Coordinator, Playgroup, Room Mom, Babysitting Co-op, Newsletter, Hospitality, and
               others as needed.
Section 2.     A person shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms in any office or chair
               position with the unanimous approval of the nominating committee. One who has served
               more than one-half of a term shall be credited with having served one full term.
Section 3.     If a Chairwoman, Coordinator, or Officer fails to perform all the responsibilities of their
               position, they may be asked to step down from their position IF: Two attempts have been
               made to improve their performance, thru additional training and education, AND the Board
               unanimously decides to relieve the officer/chairwoman/coordinator of their duties.

Section 1.    The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the club and the chairpersons of all
              standing committees. The Executive Officers of the association are the President, Events VP,
              VP of Membership, Secretary, and Treasurer. The duties of the Executive Board shall be to
              transact all necessary business of the association; to determine all matters of policy,
              operations and finance; to approve routine bills within the limits of the budget; and to
              present a report at the General Meetings of the club.

Section 1.   The President shall preside at all meetings of the club and shall be a member ex-officio of all
             committees and shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board; shall appoint special
             committees; shall be part of the Reconciliation Committee of the treasury books; shall
             oversee the Babysitting Co-op Coordinator; and shall perform all other duties usually
             pertaining to the office.
Section 2.   In the absence of the President, the Vice-President of Administration shall perform the duties
             of that office, then the officers in the order of their election.
Section 3.   The Vice-President of Events shall oversee the organization and implementation of all
             activities to include, but not limited to monthly activities, Special Events, Moms Night Out,
             and Work Widows. The Vice President of Events shall maintain the monthly calendar and
             email the Newsletter Coordinator by the 20th day of each month for inclusion in the
             newsletter. The VP of Events shall also enlist members to host events, and shall recruit
             members for help with Special Events. Special Events include, but are not limited to,
             Halloween Trick or Treat at Merrill Gardens, Christmas Party, and Spring Party. The Vice
             President of Events will also serve on the Executive Board, and be the contact person for
             Interest Group Coordinators, Community Service Coordinator, and Fundraising.

Section 4.   The Vice-President of Membership shall provide and manage all membership applications,
             waivers and renewals of the association; shall keep an accurate record of membership joining
             dates; shall maintain communication with persons inquiring about membership; shall
             provide and file all monthly General Meeting sign-in forms. New member and birthday
             information shall be forwarded to the Newsletter Editor monthly. The VP of Membership
             shall inform the Playgroup coordinator of new and dropped members by sending updated
             rosters as needed. The VP of Membership shall communicate with the Playgroup Coordinator
             about the health and status of the various playgroups. The VP of Membership will also
             oversee the Room Mom & Playgroup Coordinators and the Hospitality Committee.
Section 5.   The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all meetings of the club and of the Executive
             Board, provide minutes to the Executive Board and members; and shall present to her
             successor all records and papers in her possession. The Secretary shall create and print a
             membership directory for membership distribution in October/November and shall print an
             updated membership roster for membership distribution in June. The Secretary shall also
             oversee the Newsletter/website committee. The Secretary shall also compose Thank You
             notes to guest speakers.
Section 6.   The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the association; shall keep an accurate record of
             receipts and expenditures; shall pay out local funds by check only as authorized by the
             association and at other times requested by the Executive Board; and shall make a full report
             at the annual meeting. Checks shall be signed by the Treasurer or President. Books shall be
             subject to an annual audit and audited prior to August 1st by the outgoing President,
             incoming President, outgoing Treasurer and incoming Treasurer. The committee’s report is
             to be brought to the June General Meeting. The Treasurer shall also oversee the Take-A-Break

Section 7.    The Hospitality Chairperson shall coordinate set-up and clean-up for the General Meetings,
              including coordinating snacks for Moms and kids, recognize member birthdays at the General
              Meetings, and provide door prizes for members as requested by the Executive Board.
Section 8.    The Community Service Coordinator shall oversee the organization and implementation of all
              community service work to include, but not limited to supply drives for charity of focus,
              collection and distribution of donated items for charity of focus and other community related
              projects, shall recruit volunteers from the membership for service projects, and shall report
              on participation and outcome of projects for inclusion in the newsletter.
Section 9.    Playgroup Coordinator shall collect applications of those interested in playgroups in
              September and assign them to groups to begin in October, contacting new members each
              month to invite them to join the set Playgroup Program; shall oversee playgroups and makes
              adjustments as necessary, with help of Playgroup Leaders; and shall maintain records of
              playgroup applications and waivers. The Playgroup Coordinator reports to the Vice President
              of Membership.
Section 10.   The Take A Break Coordinator shall coordinate meals and other services as requested by
              members in need of support. Most often, this support is offered following the birth of a baby
              or with severe illness or injury. If a member requests support outside the norm, the
              coordinator shall seek advice from the Executive Board. The TAB Coordinator reports to the
Section 11.   The Newsletter/Webpage Coordinator shall assemble materials submitted by club members
              for publication and produce a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will be emailed to all club
              members. The Newsletter Coordinator will maintain a folder with the printed newsletters for
              the club records. The Newsletter Coordinator shall also be responsible for updating the club
              website, as deemed by the Executive Board. The Newsletter Coordinator reports to the
Section 12.   The Room Mom Coordinator shall maintain the schedule of volunteers for the children’s
              playroom during the monthly General Meetings. The number of volunteers needed each
              month will be determined by the Room Mom Coordinator. The Room Mom Coordinator shall
              report to the VP of Membership.
Section 13.   The Babysitting Co-op Coordinator will collect application and liability release forms from
              Club members wishing to participate in this service. They will also provide Medical Consent
              forms for the children of members involved. The Coordinator will maintain a database of
              member information and coordinate monthly playgroups and quarterly business meetings
              for members. Dates for these playgroups and meetings need to be placed on the monthly
              activities calendar before the General Meeting of the month proceeding. The Babysitting Co-
              op Coordinator is responsible for sending announcements to the Newsletter Coordinator for
              inclusion in the newsletter. The Babysitting Co-op Coordinator shall report to the President.
Section 1.    This club shall conduct General Meetings on the first Tuesday morning of the month, from
              September through June. Any business that is conducted at a General Meeting shall conform
              to the procedures for board meetings, as enumerated in Article X, Section 3.

Section 2.     Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be held monthly at a minimum with an
               additional meeting in May for change of board during the school year, the time to be fixed by
               the board at its first meeting of the year. Three officers present shall constitute a quorum.
               Special meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President or by a majority of the
Section 3.     Any member may attend a meeting of the Executive Board, unless the meeting is declared
               “closed to general membership” at least one week prior, and shall be given an opportunity to
               be heard on any relevant matter of business. Officers and chairpersons of standing
               committees may vote on any issue brought before the Executive Board. General members
               and chairpersons of special committees may be heard, but may not vote. In the case of a vote,
               a majority of votes actually cast will carry the motion.
Section 1.   There shall be such standing committees created as may be required to promote the objects
             and interests of the club. The Nominating Committee shall recommend the chairpersons of the
             standing committees. Their term of office shall be for one year. Standing committees may
             consist of and may not be limited to the following:
                 Hospitality, Take-A-Break, Activities, Babysitting Co-op, Room Mom, Playgroup
Section 2.   All plans set up by the chairperson of a committee must be approved by the member of the
             Executive Board to whom the committee reports to and, if necessary, voted on by the general
Section 3.   The President may also appoint special committees as needed.
Section 4.    If necessary, chairpersons should have a committee of workers to assist them. All officers and
             chairpersons should keep a notebook with work notes, and all pertinent information to pass on
             to their successors.


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