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					                   Design With Insight – Extending the Edge
Solid Edge is being used as the design tool of choice by thousands of organizations around the world.
Ranging from individual users to installations with hundreds of seats, these organizations rely on Solid
Edge to give them superiority over their competition.
                                  Beginning with Version 11 of Solid Edge, EDS became the first and
                                  still the only company to recognize that design data management is
                                  an integral part of the design process. Our Insight technology
                                  remains a far more elegant, productive and cost effective solution
                                  than the traditional CAD and PDM approach of our competition.
                                  Version 14, to be released in March 2003, extends this lead in
                                  collaborative design management, providing efficient workflows and
                                  revision control for managing major projects that involve thousands
                                  of documents.

                                    Version 14 also extends Solid Edge’s broad industry reach into
multiple industries. Revolutionary new Rapid Blue™ part-modeling capabilities will appeal to customers
designing complex shapes prevalent in consumer products and many other industries.

And, with yet more valuable innovations in the area of large assembly design and 2D drawings,
companies implementing Solid Edge can continue to Design with Insight: Reducing cost, improving
quality and decreasing time to market. Solid Edge V14 extends the Edge in….

                           Introducing Rapid Blue: A worry-free, you're-in-control approach to shape
                           design. Get the shape YOU want, not the one the CAD system wants to
                           give you, evaluate shape alternatives in real time and retain your shape
                           even through complex edits. Rapid Blue consists of a series of unique
 Rapid Blue                features including Blue Dots, Blue Surfs, shape preserving curves, dynamic
 Complex Shape             editing, and complementary surface blending, filleting and analysis
 Creation Technology       capabilities for robust complex shape creation. More than just another
                           surface modeler, Rapid Blue shape creation technology builds on the
                           foundation surfacing capabilities released in Solid Edge V12 to launch a
                           new application which frees designers from systematic history based
                           constraints of other design systems.
                           Insight.NET evolves with Lifecycle Assistant delivering automated
                           workflows for revisioning and release processes, bringing more power and
                           control to information sharing for comprehensive managed collaboration
 Insight.NET               right “out of the box.” The highly successful Insight.NET, Solid Edge’s built-
 Managed Design            in design management solution, now provides more robust tools for
 Collaboration now with    automated project release workflow with complete packages of documents
 Lifecycle Assistant       and a recursive revision history capability making it easier than ever before
                           for users to collaborate via internal and external networks, while
                           maintaining control of their documents. All while maintaining the ease of
                           implementation Solid Edge Insight has become known for.
                         The proven productivity advantages of Stream/XP, Solid Edge’s XP like
                         User Interface, are now even better with a new ergonomic layout designed
 Stream/XP               to improve focus and reduce fatigue. Optimized screen layout with an
 Applied Ergonomics      improved SmartStep (process workflow assistant) lead users through the
                         design processes, prompting users for next steps and inputs, while
                         minimizing travel distances and eliminating annoying pop-ups.
                         Solid Edge customers are regularly creating massive assemblies often as
                         large as 100,000 parts in a single assembly. Version 14 introduces a
                         unique new capability to speed up top down assembly design and improve
 Top Down Assembly
                         confidence by capturing and storing design knowledge in new ways. First,
 Design and System
                         2D concept sketches can be created and applied to create or modify their
 Libraries for Massive
                         associated 3D models. Plus, V14 introduces a new system library
                         capability that defines, stores and reuses cohesive sets of parts plus their
                         associated features and constraints.
                         At a time when Solid Edge’s competition is coming under heavy fire for its
                         lack of ability to deal with the day to day drafting requirements of the
                         market, Solid Edge continues its drafting superiority with even faster view
 Fast, Proven
                         creation, advanced drawing productivity tools, and extended view types.
 Production Drafting
                         Tests have shown Solid Edge to outpace the competition in view creation
                         and manipulation, taking as little as 1/3rd of the time to retrieve and place
                         views for assemblies of over 1200 parts as it does in some other systems.
                         Solid Edge continues to leverage the EDS PLM product roadmap for
                         interoperability within the EDS portfolio of products. Version 14 now
 EDS PLM                 automates scalability from Insight to Teamcenter Engineering, providing
 Interoperability &      Solid Edge Users with a choice of proven, robust design management
 Scalability             solutions. Start with Insight right “out of the box” today and scale
                         seamlessly to Teamcenter Engineering, when and if your requirements
                         demand, with no loss of data.

1. Complex Part Modeling
Solid Edge is built on a foundation of superior core modeling and process workflows that help
engineers design more rapidly by modeling mechanical parts more efficiently than other CAD systems.
Version 14 extends the power of Solid Edge modeling to the more complex demands of the consumer
products industry.

                                                                Rapid Blue's revolutionary “process”
                                                                approach to shape design shatters the
                                                                barriers of history-based modeling by
                                                                providing an industry first in addressing
                                                                order-dependency, and providing
                                                                significantly more freedom and control
                                                                for evaluating and manipulating shapes
                                                                in real time
Rapid Blue technology is a revolutionary new approach to shape design, boosting the productivity of
designers of complex geometry with tailored commands and structured workflows that help you design
much more quickly than general-purpose surface modeling tools. With Rapid Blue™, you get the shape
YOU want, not the one the CAD system wants to give you. Shape preserving curves mean you retain
your original shape even through complex edits and Blue Dot editing introduces an industry first in
addressing order dependency - providing significantly more freedom and control for evaluating and
manipulating shapes in real time.

Complemented by a variety of new process oriented tools for shape design and dynamic editing, Rapid
Blue shatters the barriers of traditional “history based” surface modeling. With significantly fewer steps
to create and edit complex shapes, you can evaluate more shape alternatives in real time and get the
design you want.

What’s new
•   Blue Dot                                            •   Sketch Tear Off
•   Blue Surf                                           •   Contour Curve
•   Surface Blending with G2 Support                    •   Cross Curve
•   Dynamic Edit                                        •   Full display control for Show/Hide/Show
•   Import Image (bmp, gif, jpg) Into Sketch                Only
•   Shape Preserving Curves                             •   Convert to Curve
•   Visual Control over Profile Elements                •   Curvature Comb
•   Pierce Points                                       •   Zebra Stripes for surface continuity
•   Silhouette Points                                   •   Improved Variable Dimensions

Customer Value
Rapid Blue, combined with a host of complementary shape creation commands gives you the power to
iterate your complex designs many times more quickly than on competitive systems. Blue Dots provide
highly flexible, order-Independent Curve Editing, eliminating the need to worry about the order of curves
within the history tree. And Solid Edge’s revolutionary shape preservation means many fewer edits are
required to achieve a similar, but subtly different shape. Blue Surf gives you direct control over the
surface shape by allowing you to edit by curves that lie on the surface, and Dynamic Edit gives you the
advantages of immediate feedback on the implications of your changes - no more design changes that
result in unforeseen consequences downstream. Rapid Blue – extends your Edge in complex part

What Customers Say
“My tests proved that new surfacing tools in Solid Edge provide exactly what we need to design our
deep fryers, steamers and coffee makers that appeal to the consumer market.”

                                                  Olivier Pellerin, Groupe SEB, Is Sur Tille, France)

2. Design Management
Insight remains the first fully integrated design management solution built on top of proven tools
developed by Microsoft. Manufacturing organizations are finding an increased need to communicate
and collaborate throughout the design process. Version 14 once again extends the power of Insight for
managed collaboration. The new Lifecycle Assistant provides an automated workflow for complete
packages of documents as 3D models move through the release process. Teams can collaborate more
effectively by knowing exactly where the latest documents are, and that they are definitely using the
correct revisions.
                                                                                  Solid Edge's Life Cycle
                                                                                  Assistant assists users in
                                                                                  moving Solid Edge files
                                                                                  forward through the file or
                                                                                  project life cycle. Files are
                                                                                  automatically moved to the
                                                                                  appropriate folders, drafting
                                                                                  documents are changed to
                                                                                  the same status as the
                                                                                  parent document, and users
                                                                                  have an option to move
                                                                                  older revisions of the same
                                                                                  documents to an “Obsolete”

No more guesswork about the latest revisions of assembly models and ALL their related information.
With Solid Edge Insight, it is impossible to have a drawing file that is out of date from the 3D model or
have unreleased parts in a released assembly – essential control factors when sharing information in a
collaborative workflow. Version 14 also allows users to apply “revision rules” to assembly files, creating
dynamic BOM’s and providing a mechanism for Insight customers who have ERP/MRP systems to get
or send data between the systems.

What’s New
•   Lifecycle Assistant                                   •   Create Unmanaged Documents
•   Recursive Revision History                            •   Reverse Property Synchronization
•   Revision Rules on File Open                           •   Property Manager Enhancements
•   Nested Where Used

Customer Value
To be competitive in today’s market, collaboration is not only desired, it is absolutely vital. Collaboration
rates are already high, and PDM investment is now the #1 expenditure for mechanical design
companies. It is no longer viable to isolate your design function. In order to meet increasing time-to
market challenges, more people need to be included in your development process as painlessly,
securely, and practically as possible. Solid Edge Insight provides the tools for effective managed
collaboration and communication at any point in the development cycle, allowing for early input from
your complete team including customers and suppliers in a controlled environment, while assuring
accuracy, integrity, and currency, in addition to access. Unlike traditional PDM offerings, Insight is
powerful, but simple and affordable to implement, gives you Microsoft.NET based design management
that is fully integrated and included with your CAD system. Solid Edge Insight – extends your edge in
design management and collaboration.

What Customers Say
“From a user training and user acceptance perspective, Solid Edge Insight is perfect for design
management because its hidden, behind the scenes and the learning curve is virtually nil.”

                                                        Judy Marlo, Hussmann Corp. (St. Louis, Missouri)
3. Usability
Stream/XP makes Solid Edge the easiest to adopt of all mechanical CAD products. More than just a
“look and feel”, Stream/XP encapsulates a user interface that is based on the well known fact that
humans process information in basic stages: Perception, Decision-Making, and Response. By
removing the need for perceptual inputs into the decision-making stage, it allows the user to devote
more processing resources towards their design problem.

Version 14 extends an already strong foundation with an improved screen layout that applies further
ergonomic factors. Understanding how users interact with the software, the EdgeBar, Status Bar, and
SmartStep ribbon bar are now in closer proximity to each other. This centralizes user focus, and
reduces cursor travel distance for greater productivity and less fatigue. The user has all the information
he needs in one compact area of the screen.

                                                 V14's ergonomic screen layout
                                                 centralizes user focus, and reduces
                                                 cursor travel distance. SmartStep's button
                                                 shapes and colors are distinct from other
                                                 toolbars, the prompt field is directly under
                                                 the SmartStep ribbon bar, and Edgebar is
                                                 docked to the left, near the toolbars.

SmartStep is a single ribbon bar that eliminates the confusing and annoying dialog boxes that bombard
the user in competing systems. It is the cornerstone of Solid Edge’s clear usability advantage, allowing
users to concentrate on the design, not the CAD system. A new look for V14 helps users to more
quickly identify and move through the different steps required to create and edit models and drawings.

What’s New
•   SmartStep Ribbon Bar Enhancements                   •    Full Control over Profile Element Colors
•   Improved Screen Layout                              •    Shading During Locate/Select
•   Command Button Hot State                            •    Feature Copy/Paste Enhancements
•   Place/Edit Part Enhancements                        •    Part fence select capability
•   Scroll Wheel to Change Dimensions

Customer Value
With Stream/XP, users rapidly adapt to a unique combination of intuitive interface and innovative
learning aids. SmartStep is still the most productive and least intrusive UI in the CAD business. It
teaches novice users how to create features in Solid Edge and it supports power users by quickly
moving them through the steps required to create features. Solid Edge users quickly become
productive with minimal disruption to existing projects so that you immediately begin to reduce your
design time and costs. And the ergonomic enhancements applied to the screen layout in V14 further
enhances the user experience by centralizing user focus and fatigue. Stream/XP – extends your edge
in usability and productivity.
What Customers Say
“I appreciated the continued attention in Version 14 to the comfort and ergonomics of the user interface.
New features in Version 14 add major capability but also are very convenient and easy to use.”

                                                   Thierry HUET, S.E.F. TOURAINE, Amboise, France

4. Large Assemblies
Solid Edge easily tackles large assembly models that are fundamental to mechanical design.
Supporting both top-down and bottom-up techniques, Solid Edge enables you to divide design tasks
among team members and ensure that the final product comes together smoothly. Solid Edge
customers are building Solid Edge assemblies in excess of 100,000 parts, and Version 14 extends an
already impressive array of assembly management tools that make it easy and practical to work with
assemblies comprising thousands of parts.

An industry first - Systems Libraries allow users to Define, store and reuse cohesive sets of parts and
their relative assembly positions, INCLUDING automatic capture of all associative features and
constraints. More than a sub-assembly, Systems Libraries allow complete arrangements of parts to be
“snapped” into place, automatically building the necessary relationships and supporting features such
as holes, bosses, brackets etc.

A huge time saver, users can dramatically speed up assembly design and improve confidence in the
finished product by capturing storing and storing known design parameters and rules for use in different

                                                                  Placement of a Systems Library is
                                                                  very simple since the relationships are
                                                                  already captured. Related features
                                                                  are also captured in the library. In this
                                                                  case, the mounting bosses,
                                                                  strengthening ribs, and cooling slots
                                                                  are automatically placed.

Version 14 also extends the power of Solid Edge for hybrid 2D/3D design. Assembly Sketches allow
users to create intelligent assembly layouts with intelligent links in both directions. Assembly sketch
elements can be linked and driven from existing parts, and parts linked and driven from assembly
sketches. Parts can be constrained to sketches & inferred geometry, allowing 3D assembly range of
motion can be analyzed by making simple changes to the 2D assembly layout.
What’s New
•   Systems Libraries                                    •   Cam/Follower Relationship
•   Assembly Layout Enhancements                         •   Automatic Mate/Align
•   Constrain to Sketches and Co-ordinate                •   Display Options for Reference Geometry
•   Reference Plane Enhancements

Customer Value
The assembly tools in Solid Edge allow you to build and manage even your most complex assemblies
from the top down or the bottom up, with innovations that optimize interactive assembly performance to
help you explore more design alternatives in less time. From the simplest 2D layout task, to ensuring
accurate fit of parts by designing them within the assembly model, through to the ability “teach” parts to
automatically snap into position, and now the unique ability to create and store complete Systems
Libraries, Solid Edge reduces the time you spend creating, editing and managing assembly designs.
Solid Edge V14 – extends your edge in assembly design.

What Customers Say
"Grouping parts in the System Library instead of in sub-assemblies will let our design engineers focus
on components as functional systems"
                                         Chris Oesterle, CADD Support, Liebert Corp. (Columbus, Ohio

5. Production Drafting
Solid Edge already has an unmatched set of capabilities in the area of 2D data migration combined with
superior tools for the 2D documentation process, and is especially focused on providing the tools and
workflow to transition smoothly from 2D to the productive world of 3D solids modeling. Version 14 once
again extends this superiority with even faster view creation and updates, more tools to ensure
complete drawing production, and extended view types. A new drawing architecture in V14 addresses
the ever increasing demands for speed, increasing the practical size of assemblies that can be used to
create drawing views, improving drawing view update times, and decreasing system memory
requirements. And, also unique to Solid Edge, is the ability to define classes of parts and easily control
their display in drawing views on placement. A large machine design may be made up of literally
thousands of pieces of hardware (nuts, bolts, washers) that would all require hidden line calculations
when creating a drawing view even though they are not critical for the overall view. With Solid Edge, the
user can query for all hardware and turn them off BEFORE placing the drawing view. This is a huge
time saver and a means to realistically create drawings of massive assemblies.

                                                      Reference parts in Solid Edge
                                                      are correctly displayed, clearly
                                                      identified, and easily
                                                      controlled. They are not just a
                                                      simple overlay. Reference
                                                      parts can also be excluded
                                                      from the generated Parts lists.
                                                      Note the new iso
                                                      dimensioning in V14.
V14 also provides dynamic reference part calculation, with reference parts that are not simply an
overlay, but are assigned at the draft file level for correct display, clear identification and easier control.
Working with feedback from our users, we continue to improve productivity in creating different types of
drawing views. Rotated views and broken views are now even quicker to create and update and new
functionality for creating automatic bolt hole circles is unique to Solid Edge. Dimensioning for isometric
views has been added, and become even more useful when combined with the new Broken out section

What’s New
•   Faster View Creation and Update                        •   Rotated View Enhancements
•   3D Dimensions on ISO Views                             •   Enhanced Broken Views
•   Dynamic Reference Parts                                •   Angular Coordinate Dimension
•   Enhanced Drawing View Properties                       •   Angular dims >= 180 degrees
•   Query Select for Display Control                       •   Improved Variable Dimensions
•   Automated Bolt Hole Circle & Center Marks              •   Zero and Negative Dimension Values
•   Detail View Enhancements
•   Broken-out Section Views

Customer Value
2D drawings remain a fundamental part of the 3D workflow, and are often still the final design
deliverable. Recognizing this Solid Edge provides excellent drawing layout, detailing, annotation, and
dimensioning controls that automatically comply with the mechanical drafting standard you select.
Whether you are working from a solid part, an assembly model (no matter how large), or a blank
drawing sheet, Solid Edge drafting and detailing tools help complete your drawings more rapidly and
easily than any other CAD system.
Version 14 extends the power of Solid Edge for creating drawings of massive assemblies, and adds
significant new tools to ensure that you have the necessary options to fully complete your drawings.
Solid Edge V14 – extends your edge in drawing production.

What Customers Say
“Creating drafts from large assembly models is critical because that’s what we sell to our customers.
Solid Edge Version 12 was fast, but tests on a large assembly showed draft production was more than
three times faster in Version 14. Because we may produce up to 5,000 drafts on one 50,000-part
assembly, Solid Edge Version 14’s drawing production speed will deliver a major, positive impact to our
                               Christophe Furgerol, CAD Manager, VAI Clecim, Saint Chamond, France

6. Interoperability and Scalability
Interoperability with all PLM products is an EDS core vision. EDS has a clear and consistent
development strategy for all PLM products and Solid Edge implements NX Gateway for interoperability
with other products in the EDS portfolio, providing a level of integration unique to the industry. EDS has
built a leadership position in the area of interoperability, achieving a number of industry firsts with
functionality that allows different products to co-exist. Our associative embedding technology is already
production proven with many customers using both Unigraphics and Solid Edge.
With V14, interoperability has been extended to allow Solid Edge and I-deas to share data, including
the ability to safely migrate I-deas data to Solid Edge.
The Solid Edge Migration Wizard provides direct access to an I-deas TDM database, easily migrating I-
deas assemblies, parts, drawing files, and attributes, from TDM into Solid Edge. If you have
implemented Insight, the data is automatically imported as managed documents, including automatic
population of the relevant attributes from your TDM database.
                                                                   The Migration Wizard provides direct
                                                                   access to I-deas TDM, and will
                                                                   translate complete Projects and
                                                                   Libraries, including properties,
                                                                   assemblies, parts, AND drawings.
                                                                   Insight users can also take advantage
                                                                   of automated property Mapping from
                                                                   TDM to Solid Edge to Insight

And, recognizing that manufacturing organizations have diverse and ever-increasing requirements for
leveraging design information, Solid Edge Insight is fully compatible and scalable with EDS’ market-
leading Teamcenter portfolio. Data migration from Insight is extremely straightforward, with an
automated process that transfers Solid Edge files, assembly links and attribute data directly into
Teamcenter, maintaining all data integrity.

What’s New
•   Project Based Translation of I-deas TDM Database, including parts, assemblies, drawings and
•   Open and Save As PLMXML
•   Translator Options enhancements
•   Automated Insight to Teamcenter migration

Customer Value
If you are already using products from our portfolio, EDS is committed to providing functionality that
allows Solid Edge to coexist within your organization, and is already delivering unique tools to ensure
your current investment in data will be preserved. This industry leading interoperability is a unique
solution that only EDS can provide. Solid Edge allows you to leverage your existing intellectual capital
without sacrificing your investment and, if relevant, migrate to Solid Edge at your own pace. And if you
are new to EDS, rest assured that your selection of Solid Edge is completely scalable and extensible to
both NX and Teamcenter when and if your business requirements change. Solid Edge – extends your
edge in interoperability and scalability.

What Customers Say
“We use EDS products because of the industry-unique interoperability between Solid Edge and the
high-end Unigraphics CAD systems. Solid Edge extends that useful interoperability, making us more
productive. We can take advantage of the powerful surfacing capabilities in Unigraphics for
aerodynamic design and leverage that data across a wider group of engineers working on Solid Edge.”

                               Pat Fairchild, Engineer, Adam Aircraft Industries, Englewood, Colorado

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