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					       Solid Edge Insight on WSS 3.0 –
Key differences and advantages over WSS 2.0

    Arun Ramaratnam and Ashok Guru
     Expert Global Solutions

            30th June 2010

This presentation shares the benefits of implementing WSS
3.0 over WSS 2.0 and the improvements in Solid Edge
Insight based on this upgrade. We will talk about the new
functionalities of WSS that can be used from a CAD product
data management stand point. We will also discuss
important aspects that need to be considered before an
upgrade or a new implementation
•   About Expert Global
•   Summary of What’s new in Solid Edge Insight ST2
•   Key differences in WSS 3.0 and 2.0
•   Maximizing use of WSS
•   New Implementation Considerations
•   Upgrade Considerations
•   New Software Tools – How to?
•   Limitations/Fixes
           About Expert Global Solutions

Team of 180 Members
   70 in Engineering
   55 in Software
   40 in IT facility Management
ISO 9001:2000 Certified
SIEMENS PLM Channel and Solutions Partner
Microsoft Certified Partner
Oracle Certified Partner
CAD & PLM Training Center
IT & Training Divisions
IBM Services Provider and Business Partner
Offices in India, USA, Europe and Germany
US office in Atlanta, GA
                              Our Services

                            3D Modeling,
  PDM, PLM                   Design, CFD
Implementation              and FEA, Tool
      and                      Design

              Expert Global
                 Engineering &         CAD and
                 Manufacturing           PLM
                   support              Training
 Custom             partner
                      KBE / Design
                       and Product
Expert Global’s PDM/PLM Services
 PLM Evaluation
    Understanding your needs / IT setup
    Selection of proper solution set
    Promoting PLM in customer organization
 PLM Implementation
    Designing workflows
    Defining access controls
 PLM Customization
    Custom workflows
    Custom reports
    Custom utilities
    BOM integration – Spice BOM utility
 PLM Documentation
    As-is & To-Be documentation
    Requirements gathering
 PLM Administration and Upgrade
 PLM Auditing
     What’s New in ST2 and Insight
• Presented last year by Gary Lindsay, Product Manager – Document
  Management, Siemens PLM
•   Support for WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007
•   Performance on load – Enhanced the open algorithm
•   Life Cycle Assistant enhancements
•   Support URL with Port number
•   Document Status shown in PathFinder for PAR/PSM
•   Add Revision Rule, Version from Cache
•   Cache Assistant dialog – resizable
•   Document Control group replaces Administrator: Solid Edge Options -
     WSS 3.0 and 2.0 - Differences

•   WSS 3.0 – 64 bit and 32 bit editions
•   Two-stage recycle bin
•   Gantt Charts
•   Folder and Item-Level Access Control
•   Emailing users about assigned tasks
•   Rights-Trimmed User Interface
•   UI Enhancements – file browsing improvements
•   Central administration related changes
•   Tree View
WSS 3.0 – Recycle Bin

              •   User Level
              •   Administrator Level
Gantt Chart and Fine Grained Access Control

    Gantt Chart

                      Folder/Item Level Access Control
UI Enhancements and Tree View

    UI Enhancements      Tree View
Administration Related

           W SS

                         W SS
   How can you maximize use of WSS
• Setting Alerts
• Promote Knowledge Share – using Team Discussions
• Implement ECR/ECN/ECO processes
   – Content Approvals in SharePoint
   – Parallel and Serial Workflows
• Use of lists
   – Tasks list – to assign work to team members
   – Issues list - to manage SE and PDM issues
   – Project Tasks list – Gantt charts
  New Implementation Considerations

• Hardware Requirements – server and server farm
• Software Requirements – WSS 64 bit not listed in the
  Implementation guide, though supported
• Maintenance Patch – at least patch MP5
• Make sure to check “Insight” use while installing SE
• Cleaning up your Legacy Data
   – File name/Folder name considerations and SharePoint limitations
   – Fixing broken links and duplicates
• Ensuring redundancy and proper backup methodologies
New Implementation - Phases
               Upgrade Considerations
•   In-place upgrade or Migration
•   Running SharePoint Prescan tool
•   Checking in all documents
•   Server naming – same name as old server or different name and complications
•   Attaching DB – tedious process (central admin timeouts)
•   Should you buy new servers – the latest trend is 64 bit Quadcore servers with 8GB
•   Should you have 2 servers – one for SQL and one for front end – the front end could
    be your existing PDM server and you could look into buying a high end machine for
•   What is the combination of software you are considering – do you need MOSS 2007?
•   Should you do an audit of the existing setup
•   What is the present database size? Should you be doing a test setup – please try to
    simulate the real situation as close as you can and this test setup should be
    usable/tested by end users as well.
•   WSS editions
     –   32 bit on 32 bit OS
     –   64 bit on 64 bit OS
     –   NO 32 bit application support on 64 bit OS
    Windows Server 2003 Support
• Standard Support for Windows Server 2003 ends 13th July 2010
           Windows Server 2008

• Upgrade Guide:
• Changes from previous OS related to Insight
   – New UI
   – Adding roles and features
   – Disabling User access control
   – IIS 7.0 and 6.0 co-existence, IIS 7.5 for R2 edition
   – Add to network places – location change, Right Click
     from My Computer and not from Network Places
   – Scheduling tasks location change
                       SQL 2008

• Performance enhancements – much better than SQL
  2000 and considerable improvements from SQL 2005
• Reduction in backup time – A 100GB DB took less than
  an hour for full backup which takes around 8+ hrs in SQL
• Consider a dedicated SQL machine, so WSS and SQL
  don’t fight for resources
• Ensure to set up maintenance plans
   – To backup
   – To shrink DB
   – Check integrity
• SE Filter needs some tweaking for full text indexing if the
  SQL machine is a different machine than the Front End
     Windows 7 and Insight PDM

• Disabling User Access Control (UAC)
  – Needs to be disabled before installing SE
  – If UAC disabled later, there are issues in recognizing
    the searchscope/managed location
• Add to network places – location change, Right
  Click from My Computer and not from Network
Add to Network Place
       Some Limitations and Fixes

• Insight and Excel – Insight seems to have
  some issues with linked excel documents
• Many issues taken care in MP5
• Use Manage > Edit Links
• SE Webparts need some tweaking after
  upgrade – JS file has been renamed,
  sometimes the tables don’t get populated
  with proper entries for the SE webparts
• New deal – SharePoint site locks,
  complete site is available in Read-only
                  Thank You!
        Questions and Comments – please contact
                   Ph: 770-579-3688

Siemens PLM Connection 2010
         Dallas, TX
    June 28 – July 1, 2010

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