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emarketing Guide by wuxiangyu


									                                                             eMarketing GUIDE             1

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eMarketing GUIDE
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  </noscript>                                       Introduction             3
                                                       De-Mystifying Digital Media   3,4
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 <meta name="description" content=" Facebook is a social utility that connects people
                                                         Web Page
                                                          them. People use Facebook
  with friends and others who work, study and live aroundLanding Page
  to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos,
                                                      Media                        4, 5
  and learn more about the people they meet." />
 <title>Welcome to Facebook</title>                      Social
                                                    Research & Development        6
   <script type="text/javascript"                      Listen
                                                       Identify Trends
   <script type="text/javascript"                      Assess the Data
   <script type="text/javascript"                   Developing an Online Presence 6 - 9
                                                       Integrated Communications
   <script type="text/javascript"                      Planning your Website
                                                       Find your Voice
                                                       Intellectual Property
   <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"              Copywriting
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                                                       Editorial Guidelines
   <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"              Best Practices
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                                                    Marketing Tools                  10 - 13
   <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"              eMarketing Tactics
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                                                        Pay Per Click
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                                                    Appendix                 14,
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                                                            eMarketing GUIDE           2

Social media has changed and challenged conventional wisdom. Marketers have
never before had the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with such a vast
audience. Consumers can now engage government publications and citizens round
the globe transcending established boundaries and cultural mores.

The rules have changed. Corporate America no longer waits out the firestorm of
public opinion for the next big crisis to drown out today’s news from the news hole. If
organizations don’t take control of their identity, the masses surely will. The art is in
reading the pulse of the public and diffusing potential serious allegations before they
can cause any reputational damage.

Many businesses have yet to realize the significant benefits of social media and
online marketing. The Internet is rapidly being embraced by every segment of our
society. Consumers using the net are pre-disposed and ready to make a purchase
decision. No other media delivers an audience who are ready to buy, now. Unlike
conventional advertising, your messaging is unobtrusive and purely information
driven. Online advertising is the most targeted and cost effective medium ever

 The goal of this paper is to provide a framework for establishing a clear set of
guidelines on emarketing and social media. I hope you find this information useful
and begin to realize the vast potential that the web offers us all.

Very Respectfully,

Andrew Ciccone
                                                          eMarketing GUIDE           3

eMarketing GUIDE
As of 2009 122 million people use social media here in the U.S., this represents
approximately two thirds of all web users (comScore April 2009). There is no shame
in not having your business up and running on the net. Many are either intimidated
by the technology or feel the costs are prohibitive. Not so.
Consumers continue to use the net to research to learn about products. Social
media can be highly effective in improving awareness of your brand, building trust
that ultimately leads to increased sales. The market data that can be obtained by
listening and engaging your audience online is difficult to measure and quantify.
What can be said is that its value cannot be overstated, it’s pure gold.

De-Mystifying Digital Media
   Here are a few basic concepts and terms you’ll find helpful as you
   traverse the digital interval . . .
   URL, what is it?
   It’s an address, and it has three [3] parts:
   One Protocol, the name of the communications language
   Two Domain Name, the name of the server the file is hosted by [Com, Net. Org]
   Three Path Name, the location of the file on the server [i.e.]
              Protocol      Domain Name                  Path Name
              http://       folder/filename.ext
   http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)        html (Hyper Text Markup Language)
   Domains are hosted by servers [i.e. godaddy,]
   Html tags
   The language embedded within your web-pages is a formatting language (e.g.
   how your text is arranged on the page):
   <b> text that follow this code are bolded up. </b> disables this function.
   <head> code indicates a headline. </head> indicates the end the headline.
   Viewing html
   On Internet Explorer, you can view the html coding by clicking on View.
   The following choices are then, Toolbars, Quick Tabs, Explorer Bars, Go To . . .
   Zoom, Text Size . . . Source!
   Click Source. an additional webpage pops up displaying the embedded html
                                                              eMarketing GUIDE            4

De-Mystifying Digital Media
   What is a web-page?
   It is a text document that is published on a web server, it has html tags within;
   almost all web-pages include Hyper Text links and graphics.
   What is a website?
   It is a collection of web-pages that share a common theme and purpose [domain
   name] that users generally access through the site’s homepage.
   What is a landing-page?
    A landing-page can be a . . .
          Newsletter
          Press Release
          Advertisement
          Contact Page of a website (i.e.

Any URL instantly takes you to potentially thousands of web-pages.
   The Home-page
   The web-page that is generally accessed first within a site is the home-page.
   Access to the many pages on the site with links is provided on the home-page.

   Traditional Media
   Every medium is unique and has inherent strengths for creative and marketing

        Radio is mass medium utilized best tactically to remind consumers of your
         brand message.

        Newspapers skew older 35+. Print can communicate complex ideas and
         legalize better than broadcast.

        Television is still the best medium to reach nearly everyone, however not
         for long!

              People I’m following
NEW Following makes it easy to see contributions from your connections and others across
groups you share. Just click on “Follow” next to any name in your groups.
                                                          eMarketing GUIDE          5

   Social media platforms
   Online platforms are rapidly evolving and may in fact look very different in
   perhaps a year from now.

       You Tubers skew younger 12-24 and are typically light television users.
        The web may be the only way to reach them.

       Twitter users are typically opinion leaders who are heavy Internet users.
        Twitter is excellent for customer service providing real-time instant
        feedback to consumers’ questions in 140 characters or less.

       LinkedIn is ideal for integrating your blog feed or Slideshare presentations
        or other applications. LinkedIn Groups serve as a resource for getting
        expert advice to aid you with your business decisions.

       Facebook encourages people to reach out and engage. You'll find more
        people on Facebook than just about any other social network in the world.
        There is something to be said for that kind of people power.

   Social Media Rules
           The elite!
             A small fraction of site visitors regularly generate 20%-50% of total site
             traffic and an even higher share of conversion.
           Double Plus Good
             When it comes to conversion, visitors driven to a site by influencers are
             two to four times more likely to convert compared to visitors from a
             paid search.
           Mob Rule!
             What consumers do and say with your content is far more important
             than the content you generate.

Facebook users average over 3 billion minutes on the site. They update
their status 1 million times and became “fans” of a particular company,
brand, product or person 3.5 million times daily.
                                                          eMarketing GUIDE        6

Research & Development
Most of the fundamentals are the same, but the platform and language are new. It
may take some getting used to.
   Listen                                DI
   Identify emerging trends, phrases & buzz words
   Assess your Findings

Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking

   These tools can help refine and improve your objectives and strategies . . .
       Conversion Volume
       Sentiment/Favorability/Likert Scale
       Topics of Conversation
       Ratings
       Pass-along’s
       Friends & Followers

Developing an Online Presence
   Integrated Communications
   Now that you’ve gained a deep understanding about how your customers engage
   in social media, you can assess your existing and future marketing goals.
   Strategically develop a plan that builds a strong brand identity that truly adds
   value to your company and customers.

   In this fragmented world it is nearly impossible to reach highly
   coveted demographics through traditional forms of media alone.
                                                           eMarketing GUIDE         7

Developing an Online Presence
  Planning Your Website
  Determine the purpose and structure of your site.
      Functionality
        eCommerce Site
        Event landing Page
        Customer Service Site
      Layout of the web-pages
        Number of pages?
        How many tabs on each webpage?
        Placement of tabs on top and/or bottom?

              Name Gov. Schwarzenegger
              Location Sacramento, California
              Bio As California's 38th Governor I look forward to hearing from you.
                   110,895 Following 1,669,325 Followers 14,321 Listed


      Graphics, Video, and Audio streams require a significant amount of
       storage easily slowing down how your web-pages come up. Proper
       formatting usually alleviates this problem.

      The upper left corner is the focal point for all your web designs. The lower
       right corner on your desktop won’t be seen on your Notebook or
       BlackBerry device!

      Navigational elements such as hyper-links are great for linking to other
       sites to pull visitors into your site. Conversely outbound-links give visitors’
       opportunities to leave you site. Not so good.

      Most social media sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.) can now be easily
       linked to forward your posts to all the platforms.
                                                           eMarketing GUIDE          8

Developing an Online Presence

   Find your Voice
   Don’t offer what is already out there. No one will pay you any bother. Offer
   interesting, original, unique content and provide something of real value.
                 Authenticity and transparency are a must.

   Intellectual Property ™
   Does Facebook own everything I post and upload on my site? Not exactly, in
   theory you have legal recourse should anyone steal any of your intellectual
   property. The truth is that the rewards may not be worth the energy and expense.
   Same goes for slander.

My personal policy is that I don’t post anything on the net unless I’m
prepared to face these harsh, yet unlikely consequences.
   Keep it simple.
   The most successful campaigns and messaging speak with one voice. All of your
   promotional efforts on Radio, Print, TV, Direct Mail, and the Net should be easily
   identifiable. The voice, tone, typefaces, colors, and feel should all be consistent.
       Add something personal to your profile, on and off the net

       Use concise headers no more than eight words, bullets, icons and other
        graphics to highlight critical selling points.

       Readers tend to scan, keep your pages short, and stay on topic.

       Integrate keywords mindful of density.

       Avoid slang and colloquialisms.

       Less is always more when copywriting, get to the point.

       Write using an active voice.

       Break key ideas into bullet points.
                                                                     eMarketing GUIDE                 9

Developing an Online Presence
  Editorial Guidelines
  Google      http://
  Yahoo!      http://
  MSN         http://

                                                              Delete all offensive
                                                              content on your sites.

     Don’t overdo it!
      Don’t say anything you don’t feel comfortable saying online.
      Don’t engage in a war of words on the net.
      You don’t have to respond to everything that is being said out there, resist
       the temptation.
      Don’t place a link to your blog on somebody else’s blog unless you’ve
       written or contributed something that justifies your citing your own work.
      Don’t play someone else’s game. Keep it above board, play to win and
       have fun!


     WORDS TO AVOID - about, a, an, are, as, at, be, by, com, de, en, for, from, how, I, in, is, it,
     la, of, on, or, that, the this, to, and, was, what, when, where, who, will, with, www

  Best Practices

      When in doubt as to what is acceptable on the web,
         rely on your good old fashioned common sense.
                                                          eMarketing GUIDE         10

Marketing Tools

  eMarketing Tactics

      Continuously update your pages with photos, content, and product news.
       Keep it fresh!
      Create events, polls and contests, to learn more about your consumers.
      Develop interactive applications to engage your audience.
      Become an expert in your community by offering useful tips on how to use
       your brand.
      Promote your brand via blogs.
      eBlast out Newsletters to select targets.
      Post messaging on You Tube, Facebook and LinkedIn.
      Create a highly targeted AdWord Campaigns (Pay Per Click).

     Then . . .
          Build a database of current and potential customers for ongoing
              promotional efforts.
         Bookmark pages, bloggers and groups to refer to.
         Tactically group your fans and fiends into categories. This will aide
             your emarketing efforts. Individuals and organizations can be labeled
             in several groups to create demographic and psychographic


     Bounce Rate
     On average nearly two thirds of all visitors bounce out to other sites after
     without clicking on any other pages on your site.

     Conversion Rate
     Process of changing a person’s disposition to act upon something [e.g.
     viewing to clicking, clicking to purchase].

     Click Value
     Is the utility assigned to what a click is worth to you.
                                                       eMarketing GUIDE          11

Marketing Tools
  Pay Per Click Campaigns
  PPC is simply an ad campaign that charges the advertiser for only clicks that bring
  the visitor to your site. They can view your URL with all the others, that may gain
  impressions, but you only pay for clicks.
     Advantages of PPC
          Targeted messaging with no waste!
          PPC is fast, easy to implement and manageable providing instant
           measureable results.

            Let’s get started . . .
            One     Set up a monthly budget.
            Two     Create a small text ad (format header and two lines of text with
                    a well thought out domain name).
            Three Specify which ad words are relevant (such as competitors
                  names, buzz and industry words).
            Four    Determine the cost per click.

 Select Keywords can improve the overall success of your online efforts:
               SEO Quake
               Yahoo/! Site Explorer
               Yellow Page Lynx Viewer
                                                         eMarketing GUIDE           12

Marketing Tools
       Strategies for bidding on keywords
       You are bidding for position, much like an auction. The most coveted words
       are akin to prime-time placement.
              Seek out keywords that are not in demand, that’s where the value is.
              Select keywords that indicate where your message is seen (i.e. Hudson
               Valley, Sports Content, Skewed towards Men 18 to 34).

The highest rated keyword(s); may not be the best choice for your
marketing objectives:
       Rank            Keyword             Cost                Price Gap
       #1                Best              $5.02                  -
       #2              Excellent           $4.87                 $0.15
       #3              Very Good           $4.74                 $0.13
        .                 .                   .                    .
       #5               Good               $2.94                   -
       #6                Ok                $1.91                 $1.03
         .                .                  .                     .
       #8              Not Bad             $0.75                  .
       #9             Not Too Bad          $0.25                 $0.50
       #10            Good Value           $0.24                 $0.01

The #6 keyword give you high visibility at a considerably lower cost per click than the
#1 keyword. If a $1.03 per click is affordable perhaps this is a smart choice. The #9
keyword certainly is Not Too Bad at 25 cents per click, certainly affordable, perhaps
well within our budget!

   Search Engine Optimization
   (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and/or quality of traffic to a blog or
   website. Optimizing a website involves developing the html language coding with
   keywords and to remove barriers to the web-spiders that rank sites.
                                                                 eMarketing GUIDE               13

Marketing Tools

    Well thought out analytics yields rich data that strengthens
    your brand and bottom line.
    Ultimately measurement tools gauge success against marketing
    objectives. How various components contributed or diminished the
    success of the effort.
        Components of Engagement
               Who saw your message? Demography, Psychology, Geography.
               What pages did they click through?
               How much time did they spend on each page?
               How many people saw your ad? Volume.
               Did they share it or forward it on?
               Have they rated your video? Comments/Sentiment []
               What was the quality of the conversation like? []

Measure your online presence before, during and after
promotional efforts to better Interpret the data.
Forward Progress,

360i Social Marketing Playbook,
Using Web Analytics to Measure the Impact of online media on Business Outcomes,
Context Analysis and Text 100,
All About Facebook MARCH 24, 2009,
The Digital Marketer,

10 Essential Rules for Brands in Social Media,
                                                         eMarketing GUIDE         14


Time invested 3 hrs per week.

Short Term Objective(s)
 One Increase Brand Awareness.
           Create blog publication schedule.
           Add RSS Button.
           Promote thought leadership through blog postings on industry best
 Two Increase Engagements
           Respond to comments within 24 hours.
           Add links to blog on website and in e-newsletter.
           Invite relevant guest bloggers and market to their networks.


Social Networks

       Number of posts, unique visitors, page views, downloads, registrations, orders
       Time on site
       Bounce rate
       Audience growth, Velocity at which friends are built
       Number of conversions (e.g. prospect to lead, lead to opportunity, etc.)
       Conversion rate (depends on your specific conversion goals)
       Subscribers
       Inbound links
       Referrals from social networking
       Reach friends from social networks, Influence from friends from social
                                                      eMarketing GUIDE            15


Other excellent social media platforms to check out include:
   ,,,, Technorati
    Feedster, Blog Pulse, Blog Lines
    Qik, Utteril, TwtVite http://,
     EventBrite, Twitterfeed http://, Twitter
     Grader http://, http://

Online Communities

                       Overview                     Demographics/Audience

Stubleupon Community votes on WebPages, Almost anything works well, you can
           frequenting pages based on   segment content specific to interest
           results                      (1 mil visitors/mo)

Digg          Submits and votes on offbeat    Young men, “techies” – (18 mil
              news, Web 2.0 stories           visitors/mo)

Autospies     Automotive news, Dealer
                                              Car enthusiasts, new and used car
              reviews, classified, photo

Tip’d         Financial news, ideas, and
                                              Investors, business community
              investing tips

Del.icio.os   Network saves and shares web    “Web-centric” skewing toward media
(Yahoo)       bookmarks                       blogging audience

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