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					                                                                                                         the newsletter of the
                                                                                                       physiotherapy board of
                                                                                                                  new zealand

                                                                                                                       MARCH 2010

                                                             key topic

                          Foreword                           Focus on
                          From the Chair,
                          Hilary Godsall                     Annual Practising
   This time of year brings a recurring reminder to
   practitioners that their Annual Practising Certificate
   (APC) application, including fee payment, is due. It
   is heartening to know that in the last five years the       APC for 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011
   number of practitioners who have overlooked this
   requirement or regularly made a late payment has            Practising Status 2010/2011 forms were sent out in
   significantly decreased.                                    February to all practitioners who currently hold an APC
                                                               to 31 March 2010. If you wish to continue or resume
   The fee for an APC has again been kept to a low level
                                                               physiotherapy practise on 1 April 2010 you must have an
   which will be favourably received by both practitioners
   and employers. Your Board works hard to contain             APC for the new practising year. Please contact the Board
   expenditure and to manage all aspects of financial          Secretariat immediately if you have not received your
   performance while meeting their legal responsibilities      Practising Status 2010/2011 form. Contact details are on
   for the health and safety of the public.                    the back page of this newsletter.
   As a New Zealand registered physiotherapist, your           The APC fee for the 2010/2011 practising year remains
   APC is your legal entitlement to practise and as such,
                                                               at $250.00 inclusive of GST. The Board reduced the fee
   is a valuable document. Implicit in holding an APC is
   your commitment to lifelong learning and to the pursuit     from $333 to $250 for the 2009/2010 practising year and
   of high standards of clinical competence, cultural          is pleased that with careful financial management the
   competence and ethical conduct.                             reduced fee has been able to be maintained for this year.

   Receipt of your APC for the coming year is an
   ideal time to pause and to review your professional
   development plan going forward and to reflect on your
   responsibilities as a member of our fine profession.      Renewing Your Annual Practising Certificate
   Good wishes for the 2010/2011 practising year.            If you currently hold an APC you will already be aware that all
                                                             current APCs (i.e. for the year 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010)
                                                             expire on 31 March 2010.

                                                             It is pleasing to note that at the date
                                                             of compiling this newsletter, more
                                                             than seventy-five percent of practising
                                                             physiotherapists have sent in their
3 Consultation on
  Physiotherapy Specialists                                  completed Practising Status forms to
                                                             the Board.
4 The Recertification Programme
  Audit                                                      continued over
     focus on annual practising certificates ... continued

     The Board would appreciate your assistance in reminding               Changed Your Residential or Work Address?
     fellow physiotherapists of the APC deadline.                          If you did not receive a Practising Status 2010/2011 form in
     It is important for you and your employer to be aware that if         February, it is probably because the Board does not hold your
     the Board receives your completed APC application on or after         current postal address.
     1 April 2010, your new APC will be dated from the day your            As soon as any part of your contact details change, please give
     complete application is received. APCs are valid from the date        written notice to the Board. For your convenience you can do
     of issue and cannot be backdated. You will be unable to legally       this by downloading the change of address form from the Board
     practise from 1 April 2010 until the date of issue.                   website.
     To be assured that there are no delays in processing your
     application or disruption in your practice, please ensure that your
     application is complete. A completed application has:                     Did you know that section 140 of the HPCA Act
                                                                               requires that physiotherapists must promptly give
     •	 All	sections	supplied	(and	any	relevant	documentation	
                                                                               written notice to the Physiotherapy Board of any
        provided, if applicable)
                                                                               change in their postal, residential or work address?
     •	 Responses	to	the	competence	and	fitness	to	practise	questions
     •	 A	signed	declaration
     •	 Applicable	fee	paid	in	full                                        It has been noted that many currently practising physiotherapists
                                                                           do not have a work address recorded. If you are working and have
     It is your responsibility to submit your APC application. If you      not advised the Board of your work address, please do so.
     would like confirmation of your application’s completion or you
     are unsure of your application status, please contact the Board
                                                                           Changed Your Name?
     Secretariat via phone or email.
                                                                           Section	141	of	the	HPCA	Act	requires	that	within	1	month	after	
                                                                           a physiotherapist changes his or her name, the practitioner must
     Why hold an APC?
                                                                           give written notice to the Physiotherapy Board of their new name.
     Section 7 of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act
     2003	(HPCA	Act)	requires	all	practising	physiotherapists	in	New	      You can do this by downloading the change of name form from
     Zealand to be registered and hold a current APC.                      the Board website. Complete and sign the form and attach a
                                                                           certified copy of relevant documentation (e.g. marriage certificate;
                                                                           statutory declaration) and send to the Board by mail.
          Your Annual Practising Certificate (APC) is a public
          statement by the Board of its confidence in your                 Heading Overseas?
          competence and fitness to practise physiotherapy.
                                                                           Where possible, please inform the Board before you go overseas.
                                                                           The date you finish practising is key information that the Board
                                                                           records in case of fraudulent use of your APC.
     If	in	doubt	as	to	whether	you	are	required	to	have	a	current	APC,	
     please contact the Board Secretariat for advice.                      You	are	required	to	update	your	status	annually	while	you	
                                                                           are registered with the Board. Practising Status forms are sent
                                                                           to your last known address. The forms are also available to
                                                                           be downloaded from the Board’s website from anywhere in
          Important Message to Employers of                                the world, so there should not be a delay in sending your
          Physiotherapists                                                 documentation wherever you reside.
          It is good practice to sight the original APC                    While you are away and still registered as a physiotherapist in
          prior to the employee commencing practise on,                    New	Zealand,	you	will	be	required	to	keep	your	contact	and	
          or prior to, the beginning of the 2010/2011                      address details up-to-date – download the change of address form
          practising year. This will provide certainty that                on the Board’s website, complete and mail or fax it to the Board
          the employee has an APC for the new practising
          year which commences on 1 April. There may                       If you are unsure of your status in the register: first check the
          be implications for employers if their employees                 public register on the website (the online public register records
          practise without a current APC.                                  those practitioners who hold a current APC); or email the Board
                                                                           with	any	further	enquiries	regarding	your	status	in	the	New	
                                                                           Zealand register:

                                                                                                the physiotherapy board
                                                                                                          of new zealand

                                                                  Consultation on
   The Online Public Register
   The Board’s online public register records
   those physiotherapists who are currently
   eligible to practise. Go to the website to visit the
   public register. The public register is
   generally updated weekly online, but                                     thank you to all those who
   in early April it will be updated more                                     responded to the board’s
   frequently.                                                               consultation document on
                                                                           physiotherapy specialists in
                                                                                          new zealand.
                                                                    A total of 94 submissions were received from 69
Overseas Educated Physiotherapists
                                                                     individual physiotherapists, nine physiotherapy
To practise physiotherapy legally in New Zealand, you
                                                                 organisations, nine district health boards, and seven
must be both registered by the Board and hold a current
                                                                     other organisations. Eighty-seven percent of the
APC. This may differ from the country in which you
were educated or previously registered. You will remain             respondents supported the role of Physiotherapy
registered in New Zealand unless you or the Board cancel               Specialists being recognised in New Zealand.
your registration, but you must apply annually for a
practising certificate if you are practising in New Zealand.   A summary of the results of the consultation was sent
Otherwise,	you	are	required	to	apply	annually	to	remain	       in December to all those who made a submission and
on the register as a non-practising physiotherapist.                         is also available on the Board’s website.

                                                                        On the strength of the support for the role of
Non-Practising Physiotherapists
                                                                    Physiotherapy Specialists, and for recognition to
If you have made a decision to remain in the register as
                                                                      be by regulation under the Health Practitioners
a non-practising physiotherapist in New Zealand in the
                                                                  Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act), the
practising year 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011, or will
be ceasing practise in New Zealand by 31 March 2010,                Board has established a Physiotherapy Specialist
you do not need to apply for an APC but instead should           Advisory Group. The role of the group is to develop
inform the Board using the Practising Status 2010/2011            a process for consideration by the Board including
form.                                                                   scope definition, eligibility criteria, specialist
For physiotherapists who intend to return to practise in             competencies,	recertification	requirements,	and	
New Zealand at a future date, remaining on the register          the role of other agencies. It is vital that the process
has the advantage of being kept up-to-date by the Board                developed provides credibility to the title and
with important information including any legislative           practice of Physiotherapy Specialists, both within and
changes pertaining to physiotherapy. You may remain on
                                                                                outside the physiotherapy profession.
the Board’s register as ‘non-practising in New Zealand’ by
completing	the	required	details	and	paying	the	annual	fee	         The Advisory Group members are Janice Mueller,
of $45.
                                                               Lynne Taylor, and Kirsten Davie. Additional members
                                                               or groups may be co-opted to address specific matters
                                                               arising from the Advisory Group’s terms of reference.

                                                                                                    the physiotherapy board
                                                                                                              of new zealand

  The Recertification Programme Audit

  a second audit cycle commenced on 1 april 2008 and is due to run until 31 march 2011.

  In this second year, a total of 216 practitioners have been       hours component may be included if completed but are not
  selected for recertification audit. Most auditees were selected   mandatory at this stage of the cycle. The CPD activity
  randomly, but also included were 18 recent returners to the       being audited is that undertaken between 1 April 2008 and
  profession. Returners to the profession are defined as those      31 March 2010, although activity from 1 January 2008 is
  practitioners who return to practice after a break of three or    able to be logged.
  more years. Once their return to practice programme has
  been completed they are automatically included in the next        Audit participants have until 30 April 2010 to provide their
  practising year’s audit.                                          completed Professional Development Report (PDR) to the
                                                                    Board. So far, forty auditees have submitted their PDRs and
  Requirements	for	this	audit	remain	the	same	as	last	year,	        received their audit report outcomes.
  except	that	the	number	of	minimum	hours	required	to	
  be audited has changed to reflect the length of the audit         The recertification section of the Board’s website has the
  period.	Current	audit	participants	are	required	to	supply	a	      current audit PDR template. Have a look at what the current
  Professional Development Report (PDR) with a minimum              audit participants are using to complete their professional
  of 40 hours of formally recorded Continuing Professional          development reports.
  Development (CPD) activity logged and supported by up
  to five pieces of evidence. Peer review and the practical

                                                                    Special Message for Participants in this Year’s
The 2008-2009 Annual Report                                         If you participated in the current audit cycle, please
                                                                    return your evaluation form once you have completed
is now available                                                    the process and received your outcome. The feedback
                                                                    helps the Board further refine the recertification

                                                                    contacting the
                                                                    physiother apy board

                                                                    physical address           postal address
                                                                    level 8                    PO Box 10 734
                                                                    108 the terrace            Wellington 6143
  The report is published and available for download                wellington 6011
  from the Publications section of the Board website.
  Alternatively, you can contact the Board for a printed            phone:     64 4 471 2610
  copy of the publication.                                          fax:       64 4 471 2613