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                                                                       h                   Meat v.s. Veggie
                                                                 he Did you know ... there is a striking difference
                                                               ur between the digestive tracts of human and
                                                             Yo carnivores. The human small intestine is much
                                                                  longer and pocketed, designed to hold food for longer.
                                                               The carnivores' small intestine is shorter and smooth,
                                                             designed to let fast rotting food, like meat exit faster. It is
                                                             believed that it takes 4 days for the human body to process a
                                                             piece of meat. Often vegetarian diet is reacher in quality
                                                             protein than what a meat diet can provide.

On a daily basis marketing                   Animal rennet – in cheese, rennet
                                             is a digestive enzyme that is found         EDTA and disodium EDTA -
campaigns are bombarding us                  only in the stomach of a young cow,         Those have shown to accelerate the
with promises for eternal youth,             the calf. To extract that enzyme, the       formation of hydroxy radicals which
images of glamorous looking                  stomach of the calf is dried,               damage cell membranes and trigger
                                             processed and used in cheese                degenerative changes in the cells. In
skin, food that will almost make             making. So, here we go the cow              other words - FAST TRACK TO RAPID
us fly and ingredients with                  would give her milk and her baby for        AGEING!
super-natural powers.                        the human’s enjoyment! Your
                                             alternative - non-animal rennet,            Propylene glycol - a drying
                                             micro-biotic rennet or vegetable            agent, can cause cancer.
But what really is the truth behind
those multi-billion rand campaigns
and their products??                         Aspartame               E129                DEA - diethanolamine / MEA -
                                             Widely used as a sweetener in               monoethanolamine, and TEA -
                                             snacks, sweets, desserts, “diet”            triethanolamine:
As a recovering marketer, I would like
                                             foods.                                      these are hormone disrupting
to share some secrets of the trade
                                             Recent report show the possibility of       chemicals which can form
with you, in hope to empower you in
                                             headaches, blindness and seizures           carcinogenic nitrates and
your future buying decisions…
                                             with long-term, high-dose aspartame         nitrosamines. In the process of being
because I am sure “we are worth it”!
                                                                                         restricted in the UK.
To make us buy, marketers use                Calcium sulphite        E226
colours, fonts, shapes, smell, sound,        Very widely used from burgers to            My list goes on and on .... but space
images etc - manipulating the brain          biscuits, some frozen foods.                restricts me from adding more
on a subconscious level.                     In the USA, sulphites are banned
Ever wondered why many fast food             from many foods, including meat,            The bottom line for all of us is -
outlets use reds, yellows and oranges        because they make old produce               be educated, READ THE LABELS
– those are colours that is believed         look fresh. They can cause bronchial
                                                                                         and make your choices!!!
to stimulate hunger.                         problems, flushing or reddening of
                                             the skin, low blood pressure and
                                             other.                                      Your alternatives - the natural
Round shapes and circles promote
                                                                                         and organic products are on the rise.
sense of completion and put the
                                                                                         Most of them have not been tested
mind at ease; marketers emphasize            What about skin care:
only those features of a product that                                                    on animals, do not contain the list of
would make us buy and                        Parabens – there are 6 of them -            the “avoidditives” and work in
conveniently miss to mention the             methylparaben, ethylparaven,                balance with your body.
not-so-hot stuff.                            propylparaben, isobutylparaben,             Bryanston Organic Market offers
                                             butylparaben, and bensylparaben. It         wide variety, some of the items in
“Because I’m worth it” and deeply            is believed that they are a causative       Discheme health isle, health shops in
care for my body and the well being          factor in male fertility problems and       most big shopping centers, the
of the planet, those are some of the         breast tumors in women. In a                organic markets in Parktown and The
“avoidditives” that I chose to take          research in UK done with 20 breast          Blue bird shopping centre.
out of my diet and skin care:                tumor tissues, in 18 they found
Wha t is c o mi n g i n S ept e m b e r

20 Sep 09 - Monthly yogic hike                        Tuesdays - 17h30 Theme

Wonderful, easy walking location. We are going
                                                      Vinyasa                                             Ca
to a game park this month. The park has a             This class is going to be with a specific
variety of buck, giraffe, zebra, brown hyena etc.     orientation. For the month of September
The day will begin with a yoga class in nature,       we will focus on the back - spine and        The new Summer time table is
walk in silence is next, enjoying the different       back muscles.                                out now and in full force. Join in
animals in the park, we’ll return to base camp                                                     on some of the new classes that
where we going to experience Sattvic nutritional      The sequence that we going to practice       are starting in September .
braai. Sattvic diet is mainly vegetarian, pure and    aims to alleviate some back pains,
clean.                                                strengthen back muscles, release energy      Check time table on the web
                                                      blockage in the spine and increase 
The location is about hour’s drive from               energy and vitality.
                                                                                                   Self practice session
                                                      The class is suitable for all levels.
Cost: R 85 (excl lunch) and R 135 (incl lunch)
                                                                                                   6 September from 8h00 to
Book by: 15 Sep 09                                                                                 9h30
                                                                                                   Full Ashtanga session, all welcome
                                                                                                   the session is free of charge

16 Sep 09 - Dharana & Pranayama
                                                      24 Sep 09 - 108 Spring                       Bond yoga
A session to assist you in learning how to            Salutes
focus and tame the mind and achieve greater           Spring is just around the corner!            6 September from 10h00 to
calm, control and inner peace. If you are             What better way to celebrate the new         11h00
struggling with the effects of stress, obsessing      awakening than a practice of yoga out        A session promoting working
over little things, anxiety, difficulties to sleep -   in Nature.                                   together, fun and laughter. Excellent
this session is especially for you!                                                                experience for couples, pairs of
                                                      We will gather at a wonderful park           friends, mother / father and teen.
Cost: R 70 for non-members; class card for            location and will perform 108 Hatha
members                                               style gentle Sun salutations. The day        Cost: R 150 non-members for two
                                                      will end with a relaxation under the trees
Book by: 14 Sep 09                                                                                 Book by: 4 Sep 09
                                                      and a picnic.

                                                      Cost: R 15 (there’s entrance fee to the                                          NEW
                                                      park of R 23 for adult)                      One day Yoga
                                                      Book by: 18 Sep 09                           retreat
                                                                                                   11 October 09, full day

                                                                                                   Join us on this mini yoga, relaxation
                                                                                                   and mindfulness retreat.

                                                                                                   A day of practice, learning how to
         Dhanurasana ( The Bow)                                                                    become more mindful in your day-
                                                                                                   to-day life, appreciating of the little
     •      Massages and invigorates the internal organs, especially the                           moments in life that create the
            digestive organs                                                                       sense of contentment and
     •      Strengthens the abdominal muscles                                                      “happiness”.
     •      Beneficial to people suffering from
                                                                                                   Day also filled with yogic nutrition,
            asthma and other respiratory
                                                                                                   stimulating your creative site and
            conditions                                                                             inward discovery.
     •      Enhances the elasticity of the spine
     •      Helpful with constipation, mild                                                        Cost: 870
     •      Fatigue, anxiety and menstrual                                                         Book by: 30 Sep 09

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