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Newsletter                                                                                                            January 2011

                                                                                                                       Inside this issue:

                                                                                                                       Service Manual           1
Electric, Shipping, Furnishings                                                                                        Planning Tips            1

…OH MY!                                                                                                                EACs
                                                                                                                       Exhibitor Invites -
                                                                                                                       Win an iPad
                                                             You have a lot to keep track of, but we make it 
                                                             easy.  Our  Exhibitor  Service  Manual  has  all  he      OFC/NFOEC
                                                             information you need in one easy place.                   Program
    Exhibitor Service Manual                                                                                           Meeting Rooms            2
                                                             To  make  things  easier,  print  out  the  Checklist 
    ♦Do you know the rules?    
                                                             to make sure you meet all the deadlines.                  PR Opportunities         3
    ♦Do you want to save money? 
    ♦Do you want to get what you need when                                                                             Switch Pavilion          3
    you need it?                                             Details and forms are available in the Exhibitor 
    ♦Does your booth meet requirements?                      Service Manual through the Exhibitor Service              New Products             3
    Read the Exhibitor Service Manual!                       Center. 
                                                                                                                       Rebook 2012              3

Planning Tips                                                                                                                 Mark your

    Cost Savings                                              Save Time                                                      January 27 –
    ♦Know the deadlines. Many vendors offer                   Register booth personnel online before the meeting,             Group Housing
    discounts if you book your services early.                bring your barcode to OFC/NFOEC, scan it at                     Reservation
    ♦Book within our official conference block and save       registration, the badge prints and you are done!                Deadline
    with shuttle transportation, in-room internet, and        Want to pick-up all your badges? Complete the
                                                                                                                             January 18 –
    more.                                                     Group Pick-Up Request Form.
    ♦Know your targeted freight move-in and move-
                                                                                                                              Internet Orders
    out dates so you can schedule your shipments and          Check and Double-Check
    plan labor accordingly.                                   Now is the time to make sure you are on track.                 February 4 –
                                                              Follow this Tradeshow Planning Guide provided by                Permit for
    Travel                                                    Exhibitor Online.                                               structures due
    Check out our deals and information on                                                                                    (see Kit)
    transportation and visiting LA.                           Get Exposure                                                   February 7 –
                                                              Make sure you are seen beyond the booth the show                Exhibitor
    International Exhibitors                                  by taking advantage one of our many sponsorship                 Rooming List Due
    General information about exhibiting in the US is         opportunities. Contact                February 11 -
    available through our International Exhibitor website.                                                                    General Service
                                                                                                                             February 14–


    For all Exhibitor Appointed Contractors, other than the           Deadlines:
    Official Labor Contractor (Hargrove), please be aware of              Notify Show Management and Hargrove in writing by
    the regulations you must follow. Additional information                submitting your EAC Form by February 11, 2011.
    is available under Section 7 of the Service Manual. Please
                                                                          Provide Hargrove with a Certificate of Insurance
    make sure you and your EAC is aware of this
                                                                           indicating a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage,
                                                                           including property damage by Friday, February 11.

Free Exhibitor Invites Opportunity
Invite your customers!                                                 You     Might      Win  a  New  16GB  iPad!
                                                                                        The exhibitor who generates the
    Have you heard? OFC/NFOEC has a FREE tool that                                      greatest number of free Exhibits
    allows you to send a nicely-designed html email                                     Pass Plus registrants through the
    campaign of up to three different emails to all of your                             Exhibitor Invites system will win a
    customers and prospects, letting them know what                                     new 16GB iPad. 
    you’ll be doing at the show. Invite them to visit you at
    your booth and register for a FREE Exhibits Pass Plus.             Get an edge over your competition and start
    It’s super-fast, super-easy, and there is absolutely NO            today.
    CHARGE for you to use this tool! It will only take                 Click here:
    you 20-30 minutes, and you’ll have a complete pre-       
    show marketing campaign, ready to go! Your list is
    secure with Exhibitor Invites. No exhibitor list will be
    rented, sold, or used for any other purpose, even by
    show management.

  Be in the Know
  Take a look at our Programs
    Take advantage of all of the educational and networking opportunities at the 
    The OFC/NFOCE website has all you need to know to schedule your day and 
    your participation.  
    In the hall: 
    Our Exhibit Schedule‐at‐a‐Glance gives an overview of what is happening in 
    the hall.  
    Take advantage of coffee break times to network. Coffee breaks will be in the 
    hall during exhibit days. 
    Technical program: 
    Plan your day by visiting our Program Schedule‐at‐a‐Glance or build a 
    custom itinerary  

     Want More?
     On and Off Floor Meeting Room space is Still Available
     Feeling restricted within your booth - need room to breathe? Call today to discuss meeting space available both on
     and off the exhibit floor.

            The Corporate Village, located on the exhibit floor, is ideal for extending booth conversations or hosting
             confidential customer demonstrations and meetings.
            Limited inventory exists for meeting room space within the Los Angeles Convention Center – call today to

PR Opportunities
Press Release Posting on
 As an OFC/NFOEC exhibitor you can post your                 upload them by using the online submission
 company’s press releases (500 words or less), free of       form. Note – White papers are also accepted for
 charge, on the OFC/NFOEC website in the Exhibitor           posting online. Email your white paper(s) to
 PR Professionals section. Don’t wait until the show -
 as you distribute your company’s press releases
 leading up to and during OFC/NFOEC, please

Expand Your Reach                                            Show Off!
Exhibit within the Switch Pavilion!                          New Product Introduction Theater
 Optical switches redirect the addressed data signals         Present your company’s latest products and cutting-
 that reconfigure fiber optic communication systems.          edge developments directly to your industry’s end
 If your company focuses on optical switch                    users. New Product Introductions are an affordable
 technologies and/or ROADMs, this dedicated area              and excellent way to generate new sales leads.
 on the exhibit floor offers an additional opportunity        Attendees come to OFC/NFOEC to see new products
 to showcase your products. For current exhibitors,           and developments and keep up-to-date on industry
 the cost is only $495 and includes the following             trends—this is the perfect opportunity to make sure
 furnishings:                                                 they know what your company has to offer.
          One (1) 6’ draped table
          Two (2) side chairs                                Contact for more
          Carpet                                             information.
          Wastebasket
          Company identification sign

 Call the Exhibit Sales Team today to reserve your
 display – +1.202.416.1988

Keep Your Eyes Open!
Rebook 2012
OFC/NFOEC 2012 rebook information to arrive shortly.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to reserve prime
booth space for next year’s show at a discount!

Call the Exhibit sales Team for more detailed information
– +1.202.416-.1428


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