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					                           Volume 18, Number 3 Thursday, January 24, 2002

  “Precious Americans Remembered”
           September 11, 2001......
      A Rose for Peace from
        Margaret Sullivan
                    by Maggie Beyer

   The rose is a design that Margaret Sullivan, a
Long Beach native, often uses in her original hand-
painted creations, designs that have been making their
mark in high fashion boutiques for several years
now. In the heart-wrenching moments of the nation’s                   Margaret Sullivan and her “Rose for Peace” scarf.
New York disaster, Margaret was touched, along
with millions of others, by the American flag that waved        And therein lies a story of people and the connec-
atop the rubble just hours after the planes hit, by the      tions they can make with one another. This one
flags that came out everywhere, and by the majestic          even reaches to our nation’s White House. After
words of poet Maya Angelou. She turned to her own            Margaret put her heart into creating a design encom-
art to search for a source of tribute. She found it in       passing some of the emotion she felt after the disas-
creating a Rose for Peace unfolding in the stars and         ter on September 11th, she placed a few scarves
stripes of the nation’s flag, a shimmering scarf of          with the Rose for Peace design in Emli’s, a Chicago
red, white and blue silk carrying the words “Precious        Rush Street boutique that carries her line. They
Americans Remembered.”                                       were an immediate sell-out. In a chat with her child-
                                                             hood friend from Long Beach school days, Carolyn
                                                             Phillips, she told her about the response. Carolyn told
                                                             her mother, Marlene Phillips, wife of Dr. John Phillips,
                                                             well-known and loved local physician, about the
                                                             reception the design was receiving, and Marlene
                                         Margaret Sullivan   promptly ordered some as gifts. The gifts reached
                                         in the Long Beach   sources closely connected to the Chicago based Aon
                                         home of her         Corporation as well as Maggie Daley. The connections
                                         mother, Alyce
                                         Sullivan with the   kept rolling on. Then came an order that surprised
                                         Rose for Peace      Margaret Sullivan and her studio staff.
                                         scarf designed by      Among the thousands who died as the New York
                                         Margaret as a
                                         tribute to those    towers crashed, over 170 people, employees of the Aon
                                         who died in the     Corporation in its New York office, many of them
                                         disaster of         Chicagoans, were victims in the destruction of the sec-
                                         September 11th.
                                         Alyce wears the     ond tower. Shirley Ryan and her husband, Patrick,
                                         oblong style;       Aon’s CEO, wanted the families of each employee who
                                         Margaret holds      died there, to receive one of Margaret Sullivan’s
                                         the square scarf.
                                                             memorial tribute scarves. Could Margaret send 200
                                                             by December 10th, if possible, the three-month
                                                             anniversary of the disaster? Margaret would certainly
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Page 2                                                                                                                          January 24, 2002
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Rose Continued from Page 1                                                              but she has a letter from Joyce Rumsfeld saying the
    “I was overwhelmed by the response,” Margaret                                       scarf with its beautiful patriotic colors and design was
said. “It seemed that people just wanted to keep                                        a luncheon conversation highlight. “I am overwhelmed
the spirit engendered by wearing or displaying the flag                                 by the response of feeling about my scarf design,”
flowing. The bonding was just beautiful and you                                         Margaret said. “It’s been an incredible experience. I
felt that people wanted to keep it alive. I feel so                                     am grateful to everyone who believes in what my design
touched and honored to be a part of it. We will be donat-                               of a Rose for Peace was all about. I have had many
ing 10% of all sales from the scarves to the National                                   blessings in my life, as many of us have, the great-
Disaster Search Dog Foundation in California and pos-                                   est one I believe, was being born a free American.”
sibly some other smaller disaster aid groups.”                                             There’s more.
   The connections and story do not end here. Now                                          During my years of writing for The Beacher, peo-
we head for Washington D.C. When Margaret learned                                       ple often ask, “Just where do you get your stories?”
from Chicago sources that Joyce Rumsfeld, wife of                                       Well, serendipity helps sometimes, and this one start-
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, was going to receive                                 ed at the Carroll Avenue South Shore Station on a
a Rose for Peace scarf as a gift, she asked that one be                                 Sunday morning in December. Alyce Sullivan and I
given to First Lady Laura Bush on her behalf. A call                                    were waiting for the 11:20 train to Chicago. Standing
then came from Joyce Rumsfeld to Margaret gra-                                          around we chit-chatted as people do, recalling the story
ciously explaining that sending the scarf to the First                                  I had done on Margaret’s work some years ago when
Lady might be a security problem. However, she                                          she still had a studio on Avondale in Long Beach. I
was going to be at a luncheon where Mrs. Bush would                                     was off to the Perlman concert at Symphony Center.
be present, and she might be able to make the pre-                                      Alyce was off to give Margaret and her staff a hand
sentation there. Margaret doesn’t know the details                                      packing and shipping those 200 scarves. The story
                                                                                        just unrolled as we waited, and waited, and waited
                                                                                        for the train, now delayed almost an hour. (The
                                                                                        South Shore owes me the Mozart Sonata I missed hear-
                                                                                        ing. They did give us a complimentary train ride ticket.)

                                             Artist Margaret Sullivan at work on the scarves at her studio in Chicago.
January 24, 2002                                                                                                                   Page 3
   A story for The Beacher was there in what Alyce relat-
ed, and I told her I would call Margaret for more details.                                   Open ‘til 7 p.m.
I had seen Sue Spitler wearing the scarf at the                                                Evenings
September meeting of our Beachside Players, knew
how beautiful it was, and that Sue, who hosts parties
of Margaret Sullivan designs each year, would let me
take photos as needed. By now, we were hitting too
close to make The Beacher’s Christmas issue deadline,                       Elegant Apparel for the
but serendipity stepped in once again. When Margaret                       Fashion Conscious Woman
                                                                                   Women’s Apparel
and I met for pictures last week, here’s what she

                                                                           BOSS IS AWAY SALE
told me. It seems that when Margaret and I were talk-
ing while she was in the midst of the rush and flush
to get the order out for the Aon Corporation, anoth-
er call came in. From Washington. Margaret thought
it was a call from an office for another order, which
she really didn’t need just then. “I’m in the middle
                                                                               50% - 70% Off
of an interview,” she told the caller. “Can you call back
tomorrow?” They did, and that’s when she found out                                      Plus an additional
it was the White House gift registry calling to ask the
value of the scarf for their records. This will be the
only time, I’m sure, from now to eternity, that an inter-                      20% Off                         Coupon on
view for The Beacher had precedence over a White House
call.                                                                         All Fall & Winter Clearance
     Needless to say, we will all be watching to see who
is wearing Margaret’s memorial Rose for Peace, shar-                           Must present coupon at time of purchase.
ing with pride in the creation of one of our own beach-
er artists and the deep emotion in which it was cre-
                                                                                       ou -
                                                                               ucky y
ated. But before beachers deluge her mother, Alyce
Sullivan, with calls about the scarf, they can contact                        L
Margaret (her mom calls her Peggy) directly at:
                                                                                if you’                                                              uth!
                                                                             head  ing So
                                                                           Peek in on our
                                                                           collection of
                                                                           Cruise Clothes,
                                                                           while you pick
                                                                           up a bargain from
                                                                           our winter goodies!
                                                                           50%-70% Off

As the first order from Aon Corporation came in, (they’ve ordered more),
                                                                                    409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
                                                                                    409 AlexanderStreet LaPorte, IN 326-8602
    Alyce, Margaret’s mother, spent days helping Margaret wrap and
                                                                                      On Hwy 35 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
                                                                                     On Hwy 35 -- 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
         ship the scarves that were presented to families whose
                                                                                              Turn Right on Alexander
                                                                                             Turn Right on Alexander
                                                                                                               Saturday 9:30 to
                                                                                    Monday - Friday 9:30 to67 Saturday 9:30 to 5
                                                                                     Monday-Friday 10 to
               members had died in the New York disaster.
Page 4                                                                                          January 24, 2002
                                                                 New Exhibit at the Blank Center
  Skip’s Other Place                                           A new exhibition of work by African-American
                                                            artists from the Chicago area opens Feb. 1st at the
             steakhouse restaurant & bar                    John G. Blank Center for the Arts, 312 E. 8th St.,
                                                            Michigan City. It includes work by Ernest Aryee,
                                                            Margaret Burroughs, Timothy Collins, Marva Jolly,
                                                            Obaji Nyambi and Allen Stringfellow. Although all six
       Dine with us in January or                           artists represented in the exhibition have ties to
                                                            African culture, each has a unique approach to art.
          February & receive                                Taken together, they demonstrate the diversity and
                                                            excitement of the contemporary art world.
        25 percent off a second                                Enhancing the excitement of this exhibition will be
                                                            a special display of five Haitian Voodoo ceremonial ban-
        dinner of equal or lesser                           ners obtained by special arrangement with the Nicole
                                                            Gallery in Chicago. These exquisite and rarely seen
           value with this ad                               art works, fashioned entirely of bright beads and
                                                            sequins, are created in Haiti for ceremonial purpos-
                                                            es. Though unique in technical media and intriguing
                 Reservations suggested                     in their iconography, these works reflect universal themes
                (616) 469-3330                              that explore our human relationships to others and
                                                            to the whole of nature.
                                                               Michigan City’s Blue Chip Casino is sponsoring the
  Don’t forget Valentine’s Day                              exhibit. The public is invited to the opening reception
                                                            to meet the artists, with live music and refresh-
              Make reservations now!                        ments, on Fri., Feb. 1st, 7-9 p.m. Gallery hours are
                                                            Tues.-Fri., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Sat., 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The
  On Red Arrow Highway between Union Pier and New Buffalo   exhibit continues through March 16th. Phone 874-4900
                                                            to arrange for special docent tour or for group visits.
January 24, 2002                                                                     Page 5

                            Cost for a new villa - $249,000
                     There are still some bargains on the Beach!!
             Come take a tour of the private beach, the heated indoor pool,
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Page 6                                                                                               January 24, 2002
                                                            “I’m Not Rappaport” at Footlight

                       Restaurant & Bar
                       at Whittaker Woods

     THE YEAR 2002
 • JANUARY 2 - FEBRUARY 28                              (seated l-r): Debbie Reason, Glenn Harris, Jay Williams, Shirley Higgs.
                                                                   (standing l-r): Steve Rohe, Emil Cripe, Eric Edson.
 •   Sun.  10-3 Breakfast buffet $7.95                    Imagine an old Jewish left-winger and an old
 •   Mon.  Closed                                      African-American janitor, both about 80, both artic-
 •   Tues. 11-4 O'Brien Burger $6.00                   ulate and with senses of humor, sitting on a bench and
                                                       free-associating about where life has taken them
 •   Wed.  11-4 Senior Day Special $5.00               and what they learned on the journey. Nat lives his
 •   Thurs.11-4 Ladies Day Special $6.00               fantasies, and pretends to be several different people
           4-10 Pasta Special $8.95                    (a Cuban, a gangster, the head of a consumer agency).
 • Fri.    11-4 Fish & Chips $6.50                     Midge steadfastly holds to his identity as the only man
                                                       alive who can get his building’s boiler to work. They’re
   Special 4-10 Whitefish Dinner $10.95                wonderful together, and when they use the park
 • Sat.    11-4 Rueben Sandwich Special $6.25          band shell to try out their version of the vaudeville
   Special 4-10 Full Slab Baby Back                    act with the punch line “I’m Not Rappaport,” there is
                                                       an effortless grace at work.
                Ribs Dinner $14.95                        The play is directed by Jacqueline Verdeyen and fea-
                                                       tures Glenn Harris of Knox, Jay Williams of Union
                                                       Pier, Shirley Higgs of Portage, Steve Rohe of Porter
               GIFT IDEAS                              and Debbie Reason, Emil Cripe, and Eric Edson, all
       • Gift Certificates - Golf & Restaurant         of Michigan City.
                                                          The play opens Fri., Feb. 1, and continues Feb. 2-
                  Available by mail                    3, 8-10 and 15-17, at the Footlight Theatre, 1705
                                                       Franklin St., Michigan City. Fri. & Sat. curtain is 8
                                                       p.m. and Sun. matinee at 2 p.m. All tickets are $9 and
     • Beginning March 1st - Full Sunday Brunch        reservations are suggested by phoning 874-4035.

      Join us for drink specials and a cozy,
          inviting, winter atmosphere!

          Call for Reservations!
         616 469 3400
              12578 Wilson Road
               New Buffalo, MI

 Subject to change            Sales Tax not included
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          2930 Mt. Claire Way • $269,500                                                 2209 Oakenwald Drive • $449,000
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 4 bedrooms, 31⁄2 baths. Lovely formal living room & dining room. Two             4 bedrooms, 3 baths. Completely redone “Erin Vale” just one block from Lake
 fireplaces, breakfast nook & 3 season room. Lower level has “L” shaped           Michigan. New kitchen, baths, rec room, screened porch, windows, siding & roof. All
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 4 bedrooms, 31⁄2 baths. Spacious lake front home with newly stained              This is 11⁄2 lots for approximately 1⁄2 acre to build on in this subdivi-
 cedar siding, freshly painted interior, newly refinished hardwood                sion which features a community pool with restrooms and shower.
 floors & new carpet in lower level that opens to expansive lawn & capped         Underground utilities, city water and sewer. One of only a few lots
 seawall. Comfortable floor plan, fabulous lake views!                            left. Low homeowner association fee.
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 Sue Luegers                   219/879-6319                 Judi Donaldson          219/879-1411                    *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan
Page 8                                                                                            January 24, 2002

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Page 10                                                                                               January 24, 2002
                         Millie Samuelson Relates Family Life in China
                                                  by Paula McHugh

                                                            does she see her writing project as a way to affirm the
                                                            blessings of faith in God; Millie’s weaving of family
                                                            history is a legacy she happily passes to her children
                                                            and relatives.
                                                               “I can hardly keep away from the work,” she added.
                                                            “I work with words like its soft clay, and I’m constantly
                                                            scribbling notes.”
                                                               Millie is currently on the lookout for a publisher for
                                                            her trilogy. The writer says that she attends as many
                                                            writer’s conferences as possible in order to network,
                                                            and for the opportunity to have her work critiqued.
                                                            She is spurred on by positive comments such as the
                                                            agent who told her that Hungry River is a “stroke of
                                                            genius.” Locally, Millie has received encouragement
                                                            from noted writers Harry Mark Petrakis and Betty
                                                               “Six or eight of us from the memoirs class contin-
   Millie Samuelson is accustomed to writing. For           ue to get together as a writing group,” she said. The
20 years, the Chesterton resident has written reams         author also reads several books a week, appreciating
of academic documents, press releases, feature arti-        other writers’ works of fiction, history, and biography.
cles and college classroom lectures.                        Millie is a member of several area book clubs, too, and
   Millie’s days as a Communications professor at           she says that she is thrilled that this area has so many
Central College in McPherson, Kansas are behind her         fine outlets for writers and book discussion groups.
now, but her writing has taken a new twist since
her retirement.
   “I always wanted to write fiction,” she said. And
thanks to the feedback she received from members of
her Writing Your Memoirs class sponsored by the
Westchester Public Library, the new author is busy
creating her “heirloom story-quilts,” as she calls
   The stories woven of her family’s extraordinary life
in China has evolved into a trilogy of historical nov-
els, which Millie began writing in earnest in late
1999. The following summer, she attended her first
writing conference in Wheaton. By that time, the
wordsmith had switched from memoir writing to
short stories, and she brought along a draft of Hungry
   “When I showed my work, I was told that I should
write a trilogy,” she said. One year later, at the
Midwest Writers Workshop at Ball State, Millie
walked away with the 2001 Manny Award for the Best
Long Fiction in Progress.
   The China-born writer’s trilogy tells the story of her
family’s experiences—both joyful and tragic— as
“White Chinese.” Using her own memories and those
from her parents’ and grandparents’ journals tucked
away in her “China boxes”, Millie relates the adven-
tures and dangers of four generations of her family.             China-born Millie Samuelson speaks fluent Chinese and her
                                                                   Chesterton home reflects her Asian homeland’s culture.
In addition to Hungry River, which spans the peri-
od between the late 1800’s to 1931, the author has            Samuelson said that completing her trilogy will take
sketched the outlines for Dragon Wall (1933 to 1958)        about five years, but she is not in any particular
and Jade Cross (1967 to 2008).                              hurry.
   “I wouldn’t have done this if I was not a senior,” she     For more information about Millie’s trilogy or to learn
said, adding that she is “making a whole century of         about Writing Your Memoirs at the Chesterton library,
family history interesting and worthwhile.” Not only        contact Millie at 926-8848.
January 24, 2002                                                                                    Page 11

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Page 12                                                                                                                 January 24, 2002
                                                                                 Purdue PMO Express to Perform
                            New South Shore Poster
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                                                                           Student Center, 306 W. 10th St. This event is open to
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                                                                           proof of age. All participants will receive a certificate,
                                                                           and winners of the official categories will each receive
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                                                                              There will also be a district competition in LaPorte
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                                                           apy*            February. State and International competitions will
                                                                           be announced at a later date.
                                                                              For more information and a registration form, con-
                                                                           tact Robert Nazareth at 219/878-1351 (home) or
         Contact any Alliance Bank location                                312/251-4378 (work).
         or call (219) 872-7100 in Indiana or
             (616) 469-2265 in Michigan
 a                                 P
 * Annual Percentage Yield (apy) as of date of publication. $500 Minimum                                Basket Case
 deposit with maximum of $99,999 deposit per CD. Deposit must be                                                 by Carl Hiaasen
 new money not currently deposited in any Alliance account or CD.
 Not available for IRA accounts. Rate guaranteed for 30 months. Penalty                                                       hardback $25.95
 for early withdrawal. Limited offer.
                                                                              711 WABASH MICHIGAN CITY                       219/879-3993
January 24, 2002                                                 Page 13

“Hallmark” moment
                   in Michiana Shores
                   and rebuilt
                   to perfection

                   just ask,
                   it’s been done

                   fieldstone fireplace
                   red birch flooring
                   2 bedrooms

                     Call Sheila Carlson      selling homes inc
                     888.500.0492 V/P         123 T       Licensed IN/MI
Page 14                                                                                                              January 24, 2002
                                                    Adventures in Attica
                                                            by Paula McHugh

   We crossed the swollen Wabash River at the Paul
Dresser Bridge, passed the McDonald’s, and took a
left onto Perry Street. We easily found parking in down-
town Attica, for the street was nearly deserted.
   My friend Miff and I were on one of our annual adven-
tures. We had planned a road trip and overnight
camping stay only a week before. Our final destina-
tion was Parke County, but our two-lane road, off the
beaten path dispositions told us to stop at this town
along the banks of the famous Hoosier river. The 3-
story brick buildings along Perry Street are at least
a century old in this architecturally colorful river

                                                                       Beth Varnell watches Bob Wilson as he repairs the barber pole in front of
                                                                         his building. Bob gave us a brief history lesson about his hometown.

                                                                          It is a downtown such as Attica’s that gets my
                                                                       imagination going. The curve of Perry Street, paral-
                                                                       leling the curve in the river, reminded me of my
                                                                       adopted hometown in Galena. And the vacant old
                                                                       buildings reminded me of the same Galena of the late
                                                                       1970’s, before the tourist town “took off” and became
Downtown Attica was nearly deserted on a recent Wednesday afternoon.
                                                                       a major tourist destination. I could see the potential
   Attica is an old town, incorporated in 1849. The                    here in Attica. All it needs, I was thinking, are a
Wabash & Erie Canal opened two years earlier, help-                    dozen artists and some imaginative boutique owners
ing the town to boom. A decade later, the Wabash &                     to add a vibrant economic presence. They have Paul
Western Railroad ran through town, eventually mak-                     Dresser, famous in his own right but also brother of
ing the canal obsolete. The town’s commercial begin-                   famed Hoosier writer Theodore Dreiser (don’t ask
nings, starting with a woolen mill, blacksmith shop,                   about the name deviance, please).
tannery and cabinet shop evolved to wagon, carriage,
and buggy shops, a pork packing company, drain tile
plant, and the Attica (flour) Mills Company. A steel
castings company is Attica’s largest employer in 2001.
   Attica native and downtown businessman Bob
Wilson was perched on a ladder, attempting to fix an
old barber pole in front of his place, just at the spot
Miff decided to park the camper van. Bob proceeded
to tell us a little about his hometown of 3,000, begin-
ning with “On the Banks of the Wabash Far Away.”
Paul Dresser, namesake of the bridge we had just
crossed, wrote that song, he told us.
   Being Wednesday, the barbershop was closed. Bob
said that Wednesdays didn’t bring much traffic down-
town. Miff and I noticed that the paucity of com-
mercial shops along the street would naturally ward
off a normal shopper. Except for a sprinkling of
antiques and thrift shops, the buildings were vacant.                                    A full view of Bob Wilson’s building.
January 24, 2002                                                                                                                          Page 15
   Bob Wilson said that he’s a third generation bar-
ber here, and that he wouldn’t care to live anywhere
else. Bob owns the building at 119 Perry, where his
“Hair Care Plus Quality Appearance Services” shop
is located. Except for Beth Varnell, manager of the
women’s beauty services, there were no other customers
in the shop.
   “I’ve traveled all around the world, and I wouldn’t
want to live anywhere but Attica,” he said. Pointing
to the square, three-story stucco on the corner, Bob
related its history while showing us a book of vintage
photos of the town.

                                                                                 A handpainted sign marks the area of the former Wabash & Erie Canal.
                                                                                  Bob also alerted us to some other attractions to see
                                                                               down on the banks along Water Street at Ouibache
                                                                               Park. Despite too much water, as in overflowing,
                                                                               Miff and I made our way down to the little park
                                                                               where the townsfolk celebrate their Potawatomie
                                                                               Festival each year. We found the historical marker for
                                                                               the Wabash-Erie Canal that Bob described just min-
                                                                               utes before tornado sirens started blaring.
                                                                                  Warm sunshine disappeared. We turned on the
    This once-thriving hotel once had fancy grillwork balconies on             radio to hear crackly reports warning Porter and
       each level until a cyclone came through town in the late                LaPorte County residents of a possible tornado. In Attica,
                   1800’s, according to Bob Wilson.                            no one seemed to know what the sirens were all
  “The Perry Hotel used to have balconies on each floor,                       about. Unfazed, we climbed back into the van and drove
but a cyclone that came through in the late 1800’s took                        up residential Brady Street. Soon, the pounding rain
them all off,” he said. Bob also told us that another                          made it impossible to see the lovely old homes and we
town attraction of yesteryear was the Mudlavia Hotel.                          were forced to pull over and wait out the worst of the
  “People came from all over to take mud baths.”                               downpour. An eclectic mix of architectural styles dat-
                                                                               ing from well before the turn of the century makes Attica
                                                                               an interesting stop along the highway.
                                                                                  But Miff and I had many more miles to go before
                                                                               setting up camp for the night, and it was time for us
                                                                               to move on.
                                                      The commercial buildings
                                                      along Perry Street are
                                                      architecturally interesting to
                                                      look at, but many of them are
                                                      in need of tenants. We ran
                                                      into this building’s owner,
                                                      Drew Findlay of nearby
                                                      Lafayette, who declined the
                                                      invitation to have his photo
                                                      taken and to become

                                                               This historical marker in
                                                             Ouibache Park explains a
                                                          water fight. Interestingly, just
                                                            after this photo was taken,
                                                            the tornado sirens in town
                                                           went off, followed by heavy
                                                         rains. Apparently, Attica is no
                                                                stranger to rainstorms.
Page 16                                                                                            January 24, 2002
                                                                   Harbor Nights Enrichment Series
  Peace begins within.                                            The Harbor Nights Enrichment Series will present
                                                               Syd Lieberman, storyteller, on Sat., Feb. 9th, 8 p.m.

     Find it. Now.                                             (MI time). The program will be “Eavesdropping on Life.”
                                                                  Syd is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, an
                                                               award-winning teacher, and author. He has appeared

                   Yoga                                        at major storytelling festivals across the country. In
                                                               2002, he will be part of a PBS storytelling special.
                                                                  At the forefront of exploring new ways to use sto-
                                                               rytelling, Syd has done considerable work in educa-
                                                               tion. He has performed and taught in schools across
                                                               America, and has served as storyteller-in-residence
     Dancing Feet Yoga & Massage                               at numerous colleges. He also directs an annual insti-
                                                               tute at the Chicago Historical Society, helping teach-
                                                               ers use storytelling to teach history.
            Get the info. Call now.                               Syd is known for his varied repertoire, featuring orig-
                219•872•9611                                   inal personal stories and historical pieces, as well as
                                                               new renditions of short stories and folk tales. In
                                                               1996, he starred with Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and
                                                               Mary fame) in the Chicago presentation of “Do-it-Yourself
                                                                  Syd holds an A.B. from Harvard College and a M.A.T.
                                         Pre                   from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He
                                                               was given the prestigious Golden Apple Award for
                                       Super                   Excellence in Teaching. In 2000, the National
                                                               Storytelling Network gave him the Circle of Excellence
                                        Bowl                   award for his work as a storyteller.
                                                                  Syd has written several children’s books and has
      For over 30 years,               Brunch                  worked extensively with the Smithsonian Institute
  Rodini’s has been carefully
    preparing meals from              Sunday, February 3       which commissioned him in 1993 to write a story
    the finest ingredients.          11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.    about fighter pilots of WWI for the National Air and
                                                               Space Museum. The resulting audio tape, “The
                                        Waffles                Intrepid Birdmen”, won awards from both the American
                                Scrambled Eggs, Bacon          Library Association and Parent’s Choice. His writing
                                Sausage & Sweet Rolls          skills prompted Johnstown, Pennsylvania to com-
                                 Served until 2:00 p.m.        mission him to create and perform the story of the
                                  Serving All Day              Johnstown flood of 1889 for that city’s centennial
                                 Carved Prime Rib              celebration.
                              Roast Turkey & Stuffing             Tickets are $15/adults, $10/students in Middle
                                     Roast Pork                School and above, and are available at St. Mary of the
                                    Baked Ham                  Lake School, New Buffalo Savings Bank, and at the
                                   Roast Chicken               door. The Performing Arts Center is located in the new
                                      Shrimp                   Middle and High School, 1112 E. Clay St., New
                                 Boston White Fish             Buffalo. For more information, phone 616/469-2222
                                  Smoked Salmon
                                                               or 616/469-1515.
                        Tenderloin Tips in Red Pepper Sauce
                                        Rice                      Proceeds will benefit the cultural enrichment of stu-
                                 Fettucine Alfredo             dents at St. Mary of the Lake School.
                                    Cold Pasta’s
                                  Mashed Potatoes
                                   Sweet Potatoes                        Correction to Grant Story
                             Fabulous Dessert Table               The story in last week’s Beacher about the Dale E.
                                                               Landsman Arts Foundation stated that there will
  Gift Certificates Available           Adults ❦ $15.95        be two grants available to county residents. One was
                                        Children ❦ $6.95
  219.879.7388                         Children under 3 FREE
                                                               listed as being offered to a high school senior student.
                                                               This should have read “to a high school student
                                                               (10th-12th grade).”
     4125 S. Franklin, Michigan City, Indiana                     For more information, phone the Unity Foundation
           ❦ Reservations Requested ❦                          at 879-0327.
January 24, 2002                                                                                                                                                                                                   Page 17

                                                             2424 Franklin Street, Michigan City, Indiana • (219) 872-0626


  Information on each property can be
  quickly accessed by typing the Web
  ID here on:

                                               Horse Farm                                                          $499,000                 Barker Woods                                        $415,000
  Search the largest                           You’ll know you’re in horse country by the rolling hills & lovely homes. Enjoy               Beautiful contemporary 4 bedroom, 31⁄2 bath brick home.
  inventory of Chicagoland                     fresh air, blue skies and open space of 32 acres to roam. Wonderfully warm
  homes for sale.                              home with spacious master suite. Wood & marble fireplace glows in the bed-                   Natural lighting in every room gives the home a warm
                                               room. Relax at the end of the day in Jacuzzi tub of the master bath. Rustic                  ambiance. This fine home features 2 fireplaces, basement,
                                               family room in basement constructed with barn wood. Country Cape Cod on                      sprinkler system, central vacuum, 2 car garage and security
  Log-on to have a current list                hill overlooks 3 stall, 2 story barn with 4 electrically-fenced corrals. All you
  e-mailed to you every week.                  can enjoy in nature: woods, riding & walking paths, garden space, yours to                   system. The lot has been professionally landscaped to give
                                               enjoy. 2 additional outbuildings for storage & work area. Truly a home you                   you a park-like country feeling in the city. Web I.D. #EYZ
                                               will enjoy for yourself & for entertaining friends. Web I.D. #EPW
                                        *Financing provided by Cendant Mortgage Corporation, 3000 Leadenhall Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. Cendant Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender.
           Look for this icon.           Call for details and restrictions.
                                                                              Chicagoland’s #1 Homeseller. Serving you from over 80 Chicagoland locations.

  You have the WILL
              We have the POWER
                                                                    the originators of the “Power Peel”®

      2002 Resolution Solution: Erase the old skin - bring out the new
        A gentle, non-chemical treatment for fine lines, sun damage, smoother texture, and
                          improved skin tone. Safe for ALL skin types.

        Purchase your microdermabrasion Power Peel® Package at…

                                                                                         RENAISSANCE DAY SPA
                                                                                          REJUVENATION FOR THE FACE, BODY & SOUL

                                              1402 FRANKLIN ST. • MICHIGAN CITY, IN • CALL 219-874-8550
Page 18                                                                                                             January 24, 2002

    TERRACE                                                                        E-mail:


                CAFE                                                             2501 Oriole Trail, Long Beach

                                                                                  We are very excited to announce the coming of a vol-
                                                                               unteer who’s talents and resources will be instrumental
                                                                               in the organization and structure of our historical doc-
                                                                               uments, photos, and memorabilia. We are develop-
                                                                               ing an outline for the historical room project so that
                                                                               anyone who wishes to participate can choose a spe-
                                                                               cific activity that fits their schedule. Within the next
                                                                               week we will set up a “work room” and begin to take
                                                                               a look at everything we have. Once the initial inves-
                                                                               tigation and sorting has been completed, we will
                                                                               develop regular hours and invite the community to
                                                                               come down and watch our progress. A word of caution:
                                                                               remembering when is quite romantic and you may
                                                                               become addicted to the historical treasure hunt just
                                                                               by peeking in the door. Add your name to the list of
                                                                               committed volunteers and reserve your spot in Long
                                                                               Beach history.
    AT T H E H A R BOR GR A ND                                                    Sweatshirt sales continue and we could use your
                                                                               support. You can stop by the community center on
 open ever y night from 5PM ser ving innovative casual food and drinks
 on the harbor, New Buffalo 616-469-7700                   Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-5 p.m. to pick one up.
                                                                               If you can’t come in during office hours, order your sweat-
                                                                               shirt over the phone by leaving your name, phone num-
                                                                               ber, style of sweatshirt and size, along with any addi-
                                                                               tional information we may need to process your
                                                                               request. We will confirm your order with a return call

       A new CD                                                                and work out the details.
                                                                                  Rock & Roll Rollerblading is growing. This is a super-
                                                                               vised youth activity on Tues. & Thurs. from 3-5 p.m.

      that sounds                                                              Children and adults are encouraged to bring down their
                                                                               blades or scooters, a friend, CDs, and money for the
                                                                               pop machine. Call for dates in February as we are refin-

                                                                               ishing the gym floor and may need to postpone this
                                                                               event. Children are expected to be accompanied by an
                                                                               adult when in the building unless they are on their
                                                                               way to a specific supervised activity.
                                                                                  Any adult willing to host an open gym for the pub-
                                                                               lic may do so by calling and reserving a spot on the
                                                                               schedule free of charge.
         Welcome to State Farm Bank®                                              The south entrance by the main parking lot is
  Put your money to work with a variety of Certificates of Deposit             open 8 a.m. weekdays for early morning walking. It
  earning competitive rates. And get the Good neighbor service
       you deserve form your bank. To find out how you can                     will not be open when the Michigan City School sys-
        Bank with a Good Neighbor™, or call toll-free                          tem is closed.
            1-877-SF4-BANK or visit™                                The Community Center lending library is located
                                                                               at the end of the gallery hallway on your right from
                 James Eriksson, Agent
                 405 Johnson Road
                                                                               the front entryway. Anyone wishing to bring a book
                 Michigan City, IN                                             or take a book may do so during regular weekday hours
                 (219) 874-6360          STATE
                                                  FARM   Federal Savings       from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.


                                                         Bank              ®
                                                                                  Activities continue to be developed in response to
                                                                               what the community suggests. Join in this process and
 a P             Available in the U.S. only.
                                                                               share your ideas.
                                                                                  COMMUNITY=COMMUNICATIONS IN UNITY.
January 24, 2002                                                                                     Page 19

                    WE MAKE THE WORLD’S BEST MATTRESS.™
                                                                         Extra Bonu
                                                                                 AD And Rece
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                                                                                      10% off of Th
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                                                                       2. FREE Loca
                                                                                       e or Mattress

    O t TO s
                                                                        3. FREE Fram asic” Set)
                                                                           (Except with

  B  Ma
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                                            Furniture Center                                   a y
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             Corner of US 20 & Woodland Ave. • Michigan City, IN                         90 & 180 Day
                                         (219) 872-6501 • (800) 606-8035
  Mon.-Thurs. 9:30-6 • Fri. 9:30-8 • Sat. 9-6                                        No Interest Financing
Page 20                                      January 24, 2002          January 24, 2002                                                                                                           Page 21

              foodstuff by carolyn m connell          c               Kitchen Tactics, Kitchen Moves
             Your iced tea always seems watery. You have guests        sight place behind a chair or something and leave it
          coming for lunch and you want to impress them.               there. Then, when you or the butler are going to iron
          Well, here’s what to do. You make the iced tea, sun-         and watch TV at the same time, set up the iron board
          shine or winter-wise, far enough in advance that you
          have time to make ice cubes out of the tea itself. Put
                                                                       anywhere; or the vacuum cleaner — if more than one
                                                                       room is involved, no plugging, unplugging, replugging.
          those in pretty glasses, add tea and yes, even you will
          be impressed with such tasty, undiluted iced tea.
                                                                       Try it. You’ll like it.
                                                                          Do you like good olive oil? Do you like olives? Fill
             Salad spinners are not only overpriced, they don’t        a clean jar half full of olives (I use a mixture chosen
                                                                                                                                                        nt C
          really do a perfect job of drying those lovely greens        from Al’s Alessi cart), then cover with an average
          in such a small space. Here’s what I’ve done for years       extra-virgin olive oil. The olives flavor the oil, giving
          and it works every time. Save those big mesh bags            it a truer flavor, and the oil in turn preserves the olives,                 e              iu
          oranges and grapefruit come in. Wash the greens              which can be scooped out as needed to serve as an appe-                     k

          (I’m downright brutal about that), then put them             tizer or for pizza, pasta, etc. The treated oil is great

          gently in the mesh bags, take them out on the front          used in a vinaigrette. My oil preference? Jewel’s pri-
          stoop and swing them over your head, around and              vate brand President’s Choice extra virgin olive oil –
          around, until they’ve stopped watering the shrubbery         it’s reasonably priced and it’s good.

                                                                                                                                      O fferi n g T
          and the passersby. Put them in plastic and, voila                                                   Chopping onions and

                                                                                                                                                                                                      ie w s!
          again, they’re perfect.                                                                          weeping while you’re
             You need one cup of diced celery for that casserole.                                          at it? Buy some under-
          What will you do with the rest of that pretty fresh cel-                                         water goggles, big ones,
          ery before it turns limp and brownish? Why, once washed                                          to wear during this

                                                                                                                                                                                                   e V
          and dried, you’ll wrap it snugly in a double layer of                                            chore. Your family/room-
          foil and put it in the refrigerator vegetable drawer.                                            mate will enjoy seeing
          Voila. It’ll keep for a couple weeks or longer. (Another                                         you goggled and you’ll

          suggestion to keep celery crisp – cut off entire stalk                                           never cry again over


          end, then stack upright in a tall glass in a couple inch-                                        onions.
          es of ice water.)                                                                                                                              ly                          e     d
             Got a headache? A hangover? Need an ice bag?
          Oh, you don’t know what an ice bag is? It’s for plac-
                                                                                  The Beacher Roasted Onions
                                                                                                                                                                   o bstr        uct
                                                                            2 large sweet Spanish onions, peeled and
          ing across your forehead or eyes when your head
          hurts. Just grab a bag of frozen green beans out of your
                                                                         trimmed                                                                All condos enjoy totally
                                                                            2 tsp oil (see above, oil and olives flavoring
          freezer – no watery leaks. Get well quick and you can                                                                            unobstructed lake views, private
                                                                         each other)
          have the green beans, still sanitized, for dinner.                                                                             balconies & barrier free access. Each
                                                                            salt/pepper to taste
             If you keep that roll of plastic wrap in the refrig-
                                                                            one-quarter tsp dried sage or one fresh leaf                  2 to 3 bedroom condo has indoor
          erator, it’ll unwind and cover whatever needs cover-
                                                                            Crumb topping:
          ing with ease – when chilled, no sticking, no rip-
                                                                            Three-quarter cup coarse fresh breadcrumbs
                                                                                                                                              parking & storage. Only at
          ping.                                                                                                                          Dunescape Towers will you enjoy an
                                                                            2 tsp oil
             Need only a couple tablespoons tomato paste for that
                                                                            1 small garlic clove, crushed                                on-site maintenance & security staff,
          spaghetti sauce? Don’t throw the rest away. Just
                                                                            one-half tsp minced fresh sage (or pinch, dried)
          remove it, tablespoon by tablespoon and scoop each
                                                                            Preheat oven to 350º. Put on goggles. Cut                     2 elevators and private boardwalk.
          off into a little freezer bag, in separate corners. Next
          time, don’t open a new can, just use a couple from the
                                                                         onions in half crosswise and trim pointed ends so                 Why settle for less than the best at
                                                                         they will sit evenly. Arrange in square baking dish                     Dunescape Beach Club.
                                                                         just large enough to hold them so their widest part
             When you’re browning a chop or a steak in a fry pan
                                                                         faces up. Remove goggles.                                        DUNESCAPE TOWER CONDOS!
          and it isn’t quite cooked through to your taste, you can
                                                                            Top each onion with one-half tsp oil, salt, pep-
          wrap that plastic pan handle snugly in two layers of
          foil, then stick the pan in a 350º oven to finish it off.
                                                                         per and piece of sage leaf. Cover tightly with foil                               Sales and Rentals
                                                                         and bake until onions are very tender and a pale
          Works every time, and thanks to the foil, that han-
                                                                         straw color, about 50 minutes.                                   Judy Crawford         Rebecca Miller   Judith Dillon-Farley
          dle won’t melt.                                                                                                                        Realtor          Broker/Owner          Realtor
                                                                            Meanwhile, combine crumbs, oil, garlic and
             When I cook squash, one of my favorites, I hate spoon-
                                                                         sage. Toss with fork until blended.                               A Full Service Real Estate Firm & Members of the
          ing out those slimy, stringy seeds. I just learned that
                                                                            Remove foil from baking dish. Carefully spoon                  Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors
          they should remain during the cooking because it adds
                                                                         crumbs onto surface of each onion and press                                       (GNIAR) and MLS
          even more flavor! And, of course, they’re very easily
                                                                         down. Bake, uncovered, until golden, about 15 min-
          spooned out, once cooked.                                                                                                                     (219) 872-0588 • (800) 578-6777
                                                                         utes. Serve warm or at room temperature. 4 serv-
             Here’s a little timesaver, kitchen or elsewhere in                                                                                 
          your home. Plug a long extension cord in an out-of-
Page 22                                                                                                             January 24, 2002

                                                                          FRIDAY, JANUARY 25
                                                                          7 p.m. WHO GIVES A HOOT? Take a closer look
                                                                          into the world of owls during the indoor portion of this
                                                                          program and then venture out into the crisp night air
                                                                          for a hike to try to call these elusive predators. Dress
                                                                          for the weather and meet at the Nature Center.
                                                                          SATURDAY, JANUARY 26
                                                                          11 a.m. SURVIVAL! In this 60-minute video, sur-
                                                                          vival experts will demonstrate primitive life-saving
                                                                          skills that a great many humans have forgotten.
                                                                          Discover 17 ways to start a fire without a match; learn

                                                                          how to make a world class survival kit; recognize the
                                                                          seven enemies that threaten your life and know how
                                                                          to direct your wilderness survival skills against them.
                                                                          Meet in the Nature Center Auditorium.

                                                                          2 p.m. SNOWFLAKE AND SNOW FUN. Meet at
                                                                          the Nature Center and take a closer look into the world
                                                                          of snow. This fun-filled program will be great for
                                                                          families and individuals of all ages.
 contemporary w

                                                                          SUNDAY, JANUARY 27

                              Resort Wear is here                         11 a.m. THE PRAIRIE CLUB...A HISTORY OF THE
                                                                          EARLY YEARS. Discover how these hearty, fun-lov-
                                                                          ing outdoorsmen and women enjoyed the dunes and
                                                                          learn how their early history was entwined with the
                              Winter Hours January-March                  development of the State Park. Meet in the Nature
                                                                          Center Auditorium for this 52-minute video.
                                                                          2 p.m. HIKE THROUGH THE GREEN SCENE.

                              Friday 11-6, Saturday 11-6                  Sometimes January seems awfully brown and gray.
                                                                          Evergreens can really spruce things up! Meet at the
                                                                          Nature Center entrance to begin a short hike in
                                                                          search of the park’s evergreens—dress warmly.
                              Sunday 11-5                                 For more information, phone 926-1390 or 926-1952.

                                                                                           Thursday Night Classes
                                                                                       6:30-8:00 p.m. • $35.00 per class

  G runk                                                                     Feb. 7 VALENTINE MARASCHINO CHERRY
                                                                                     BLACK WALNUT CAKE
                                                                             Feb. 21 STUFFED MEDITERRANEAN BREAD
                                                                             Feb. 28 CHEESE CAKE - Melt in your mouth - Our version

New Buffalo Hours:
Mon.-Sat. 11-6 EST
                                     New Buffalo 447 South Whittaker
                                                                                     of this famous dessert
                                                                                 All-Clad Cookware 15% Off month of January
                                                                                      Le Creuset 15% off during February
                                                                                 Stop in the store for March Cooking Class Schedule
Sunday 11-5                           Valparaiso 902 Calumet Avenue                                                   See us at
Open 7 Days a Week
                                                                                                                     810 Lincolnway
Valparaiso Hours:
Mon.-Fri. 10-5:30                     for more information visit us at:                                             LaPorte, IN 46350
Saturday 10-5                                                                        Ph: (219) 325-3663
                                                                                                              Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30 • Sat. 9:30-3:00
January 24, 2002                                                                                              Page 23
          2002 LaPorte Winterfest
                January 26-February 3
   Sat., Jan. 26—-Breakfast with the Birds, Luhr Park,
8:30-11 a.m. Info 219/326-6808, ext. 223.
   Coed Snow Softball Tournament, Lion’s Field, 9 a.m.-
? Double elimination tournament $125 per team.
Register at 219/326-9600.
   Snowman Contest, judging at noon. Register at
   Chili Dinner (11 a.m.-1 p.m.) and Bingo (1-3 p.m.)
$5 ea. Cummings Lodge, Sponsored by Swanson
Activity Center and Brentwood. Phone Phyllis 219/326-
   Sun., Jan. 27—-Pancake Breakfast, 7 a.m.-noon.
Civic Auditorium Banquet Room. $4/adults,
$3.50/seniors, $3/kids 10 and under.
   Ice Fishing Tournament on Pine Lake. Info: phone
Donna 219/362-7913.
   3 on 3 Youth Basketball Tournament, noon-?
Sponsored by LaPorte YMCA $30 per team. Boys &
Girls Divisions 10-13 and 14-18. Phone 219/326-
   Sat., Feb. 2—-Free sleigh rides through the parks,
noon-4 p.m. Rides start at Park Office through Soldiers
Memorial Park. Info 219/326-9600.
                                                           AUTHENTIC MARDI GRAS
   Kids Nature Arts & Crafts, Luhr Park (1-2:30 p.m.
                                                              MUSIC AND MENU
                                                          Join the merrymaking during our two week
& 3-4:30 p.m.).Ages 12 and under, $5 per child.             carnival of great N’awlins Food, Jazz &
Preregister at 219/326-6808, ext. 223.                       Dixieland music. Grab your mask and
   Moonlight Ski, 6-8 p.m. Luhr Park. Info 219/326-        parade on over for a wonderful night of
6808, ext. 223.                                                         rollicking revelry!
   Sun., Feb. 3—-Coed Snow Volleyball, Cummings
Lodge. 10 a.m.-? $25 per team, round robin format.             NEW ORLEANS MENU
Preregister 219/326-9600.                                 Crawfish Boil • Seafood Jambalaya • Fried Oysters •
   Professional/Amateur Ice Sculpting, Courthouse lawn,            Shrimp Diane • Death by Gumbo •
9 a.m.-? Preregister 219/326-9600.                            Blackened Redfish • Blackened Boeuf Steak
   Sleigh Rides through the downtown area. 10 a.m.-                   • Red Beans & Rice • Biegnets
2 p.m. Start at parking lot behind County Courthouse.         ...and lots more including our regular menu
$2 per person. Info 219/326-9600.
                                                                         LIVE MUSIC
                                                                    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST
                                                                      THE MUD CATS
  Forever Images                                                     DIxIELAND BAND
                                                            Absolutely Fabulous Dixieland 8:30p.m. - 12:00a.m.

      Wedding Photography                                           FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8th
                                                               THE JAZZ CONNECTION
                                                                Hot N’awlins Jazz • 9:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.
   PACKAGES STARTING AT 200                 $

               Film & Digital Available
              Make Your Own Reprints
   CD & Negatives Included with each Wedding!                           616-469-5950
                                                                     CALL FOR RESERVATIONS
                                                                 16409 Red Arrow Hwy., Union Pier, MI 49129
Page 24                                                                                January 24, 2002
                                                      Continuing Ed Courses at PNC

                                                   Here are a few continuing education (non-credit)
                                                courses offered at Purdue North Central. For more infor-
                                                mation, or to find out about other classes, phone
                                                872-0527, ext. 5343, or visit
                                                   Beginning Computer Class--Tuesdays, April 9-

     Energy                                     30, 6-9 p.m. Fee $199.
                                                   Intro. to Windows ‘98--Sat., Feb. 23, 9 a.m.-3
                                                p.m. Fee $99; textbook included.
                                                   Intro. to MS Excel 2000--Tuesdays, Feb. 5-26, 6-

     Marketing                                  9 p.m. Fee is $199; textbook included.
                                                   Intro. to Access 2000--Thursdays, Feb. 7-March
                                                7, 6-9 p.m. Fee is $239; textbook included.
                                                   Real Estate Licensing-Salesperson--Tuesdays

                                                & Thursdays, Feb. 5-April 4, 6-9 p.m. This course will
                                                prepare you to take the Indiana Real Estate Licensing
                                                Examination. Fee is $369; textbook included.

                                                         Children’s Theatre Classes
                                                   CTG’s Chicago Street Theatre will be registering
                                                for the Spring Session of Children’s Theatre Works
                                                classes from Jan. 21-26: Mon.-Thurs., 6-8 p.m. and Sat.,
                                                noon-4 p.m., at the Chicago Street Theatre, 154 W.
                                                Chicago St., Valparaiso.
101 W. Second Street, Michigan City, IN 46360      All classes are $125 per session of approximately
           219.879.1223                         15 classes. Discounts are available to family members
                                                or a single student signing up for two or more class-
                                                es at the same time. $25 deposit is due upon registration.
                                                   CTG’s CTW program offers students from kinder-
                                                garten through high school and beyond the opportu-
                                                nity to learn about: creative dramatics, stage play, wee-
                                                act, scene works, play makers, and acting through
                                                improv. For more information, phone 219/464-1636.

                                                 Support those who advertise in the Beacher!
                                                         Tell them you saw their Ad!

                                                  No time to cook but you
                                                  want nutritious meals?
                                                  Spending too much time
                                                  in restaurants?
                                                         Fast foods and over processed meals
                                                             don’t sound good anymore?
                                                         Do you need help with a special diet
                                                          (diabetic, high cholesterol, etc.)?
                                                        If any of these sound familiar, you need
                                                            Dinner’s Ready
                                                           Personal, AFFORDABLE Chef Services
                                                         (616) 469-1702 • (312) 914-8079
                                                               Stress free. high quality meals.
                                                    Member of the United States Personal Chef Association
January 24, 2002                                                                                               Page 25
      Books and Coffee Series at VU
   Valparaiso University is once again offering its
Books and Coffee series sponsored by the Department
of English. The discussion group meets Thursdays at
4 p.m. in the Union Great Hall, except for Feb. 7 &
21, which will be held in the Mueller Hall Refectory.
The sessions are free and open to the public.
   Jan. 24: The Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas
in America by Louis Menand, reviewed by Dr. Sandra
Visser, associate professor of philosophy.
   Jan. 31: In Search of Lake Webegon by Garrison
                                                                                  The Ferns
Keillor, reviewed by Bruce Berner, Louis and Anna                                 The Ferns at Creekwood Inn
Seegers Professor of Law.                                                         Route 20 - 35 at I 94
   Feb. 7: The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen,
                                                                                  Michigan City, Indiana
reviewed by Dr. J. Arthur Bond, assistant professor
                                                                                  2 1 9 • 8 7 2 • 5 3 2 3
of English.
   Feb. 14: Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s
Secret War by authors Miller, Engelberg and Broad,                                      We’re Back
reviewed by Dr. Robert Manweiler, professor of                             Dining on Friday and Saturday evenings
physics.                                                                            from 6 PM to 9 PM.
   Feb. 21: Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship,
Marriage by Alice Munro, reviewed by Dr. Marti
Eads, Lilly Fellow, English.                                                   Valentine Winetasting Dinner
   Feb. 28: Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Reflections                                        with
on Death, Rebirth, and Hunger for Faith by Studs Terkel,                       Heart of the Vineyard Winery
reviewed by Dr. John Steven Paul, W.C. Dickmeyer                                February 14 - $65.00 each
Professor of Christian Education.
                                                                                   Reservations Accepted
  Wondermusic of Oz Spring Classes
   This program of age-appropriate musical learn-
ing activities for infants through eight years, will
begin on Jan. 21st. The 14-week classes meet once week-
ly, and promote language, coordination and social
interaction skills.
   All classes are designed to teach the elements of music
in a group setting of enthusiasm, excitement and
fun. The Music of Oz Studio is located at the corner
of 4th and Pine Streets in Michigan City; phone them
at 874-9191.

                      Pat’s Gift Shop
                        Marquette Mall, Michigan City

                                 NEW ITEMS
                             PEACE PRAYER FLAG
             (This flag has the word peace translated into 80 languages.
                       It is designed to help us walk in balance.)

                         ANGEL PRINTS BY E. BEAR
               (Angelic blessings - Celebration, Guardian, Friend, etc.)

                                Shrek Characters
                   2002 Ty Beanies, Boppers Buddies
                  Coming Soon - Bob the Builder items
Page 26                                                                                                             January 24, 2002

  PLEASANT HEIGHTS FARM                                                                         CyberScribbles
           A First Quality Equestrian Facility since 1991                                          by Paula McHugh

                       Lessons • Boarding • Training • Shows                     Outsider Art
                  Dressage • C/T • English & Western Balance Seat                By now you’re probably thinking that I spend
                            Children’s Camps Available                        hours and hours on the Internet, but that’s not true.
                            Call for Pony Ride Specials                       Since the beginning of the year, I’ve surfed perhaps
0707 N. Shebel Rd., Michigan City • Call 219-324-RIDE (7433)
                                                                              a total of 16 hours in 16 days.
                                                                                 Not good if you’re writing a column such as this each
                                                                              week. There have been days when I have not logged
                                                                              on at all. A few columns from now, I’ll let you in on

                                                                              the secret to my drop-off in log-on time. It has noth-
              QUALITY DECORATING PLUS                                         ing to do with limited hours, because I maintain an
                                                                              unlimited account with my Internet company. (Just
                                     Bill Conway                              wanted to make you curious, and to keep reading
    Specializing in all Exterior and Interior Finishes                        CyberScribbles each week).
              COMMERCIAL • RESIDENTIAL • INDUSTRIAL                              Last week I told you about
            (616) 469-6939 • (219) 874-8414                                   Truth is, I’ve been going back to it just to find out where
      “The same quality you’ve come to expect since 1979”                     the dozens and dozens of links will take me. Since off-
                                                                              beat places and things have been one of my interests
                                                                              for a long time, it’s no wonder that my mouse auto-
                                                                              matically clicks on these types of sites. I’m only about
                                     WARREN J. ATTAR                          1/3 into the links, but I won’t keep boring you with
                                  Representing State Farm For 28 Years        the same topic after this week. I promise. Maybe.
                My 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Number is                       Up in Harbert, Michigan around Labor Day week-
                                                                              end, fans of Outsider Art gather in droves for the annu-
                                         (219) 874-4256                       al exhibit at Judith Racht Gallery. Some art lovers may
                 1902 E. US 20 • Evergreen Park Business Center
                             Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                              question whether the paintings and objects are truly
                                                                              art (“yes, but is it really art?”); on the other hand, unless

                              Fax: (219) 874-5430
                    Life   Fire


                                                                              you rode the rails cross-country during the Depression,
                                                                              you are not likely to encounter matchstick houses, cigar
                                                                              box carvings, bottlecap sculptures and such at your
                                                                              usual gallery. Scavengers used to be able to find
                                                                              these curiosities in thrift shops, but now you might
                                                                              find them in antique shops—at much higher prices.
                                                                                 Although I have not yet been there, Intuit is the place
                                                                              in Chicago to visit for Outsider Art exhibits. On the
                                                                              first Saturday of the month, the gallery offers docent-
                                                                              led tours. It’s on my to-do and to-write-about list
                                                                              this year. Meanwhile, Intuit has its own website,
                                                                              accessible through InterestingIdeas or directly at
                                                                     It’s worth a spin. And links? You’ll
                                                                              be in outsider art heaven.
                                                                                 Another on my list of places to visit this year is
                                                                              Hollandale, Wisconsin, near the House on the Rock,
                                                                              which I mentioned last week. The Englebert House
                                                                              is an “outsider environment,” and can be previewed
 E-MAIL: DandM@NIIA.COM                                 (219) 872-5555        online through a link at the Intuit site. Now, after I’ve
                                                                              shot 10 rolls of film at House on the Rock, I can zip
                                                                              on over to the Englebert House and shoot another 8or
                                                                              10 rolls. Or, maybe you’ll get there first and bring back
                       PLUMBING, INC.
                                                                              photos to the Beacher. But if you are an armchair trav-
                                                                              eler with a mouse in one hand, you can do your own
              COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATION & REPAIR                  tour via the Internet. Saves wear and tear on your car,
                                                                              and you can avoid a lot of traffic.
                                                                                 Next week, I promise to tackle a different subject.
                                                                              Just give me another day or two to surf the links at
 JEFF POSTON                                    9896 W. 300 NORTH, BLDG. C
 MC/VISA                                            MICHIGAN CITY, IN 46360
 SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT                             FAX (219) 872-5647          (Have a website to recommend? Write me at
January 24, 2002                                                                                                           Page 27
 School Holiday Party at ABC Museum
   Appel Montessori family and friends recently cel-
ebrated the holidays with a party at the ABC Children’s
                                                                         Mulligan’s                     Always Casual
                                                                                                        Cozy - Gourmet
Museum in Marquette Mall. Preschool owner/direc-
                                                                                                           Open 11 a.m.
tress Wendy Appel welcomed more than 80 for pizza                                                   Lunch & Dinner 7 Days a Week
and a marvelous cake created by Cynthia Streeting.
The preschool children, however, won the hearts of every-                                           Mon. & Tues. Only
one present as they entertained with winter songs.                                            One Pound N.Y. or Ribeye $12.95
   Appel Montessori School is located at 4303 N.                                            You have the taste - We have the steaks
Wozniak Road; phone them at 879-4866. The com-
prehensive curriculum is designed for ages 3-6.                                                     1714-16 East U.S. 20
                                                                                             Evergreen Plaza • Michigan City, IN
                                                                                         Phone: (219) 879-4660 • Fax: (219) 879-4681

                                                                         n                 Stressed? Relax.      n
                                                                                 Valentine Gift Certificates                n
                                                                          Phyllis Baker, RN, BSN, HNC, CMT • Patsi Gately, BA, CMT
                                                                                               AMTA & NCTMB
  Watching Wendy sing and play the guitar are Laura Callan, Summer           
   Mroueh, Kayla Pearson, Abigail Streeting and Gregory Jamieson.
                                                                         1026 N. Karwick Road, Michigan City (219)     879-5722

Joseph Horn, Keara Lawson and Keith Callan attended the holiday party.

                                                                          DENNISON ENGINEERING, INC.
                                                                                 Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists
                                                                                             “Free Estimates”

                                                                                               “LET US WORK FOR YOU”
                                                                                                Over 30 Years Experience

                                                                                                        1115 Franklin Street
                                                                         DENNIS RIECHEL                 Side Entrance
                                                                         (219) 872-2474                 Michigan City, IN 46360
    Wendy Appel with her students singing “I had a little snowman.”
Page 28                                                                                                                     January 24, 2002
                                                                                                      Activities to Explore
                                                                                            In the Local Area:
                                                                                            January 24 — VU Books and Coffee Series: The
                                                                                         Metaphysical Club: A Story of Ideas in America by Louis
                                                                                         Menand reviewed by Dr. Sandra Visser. 4 pm.
                                                                                         Valparaiso University Union Great Hall. Free and open
                                                                                         to the public.
                                                                                            January 24 — St. Mary of the Lake School High
                                                                                         School Fair. 7:30 pm (MI time) in the Prairie Room
                                                                                         of the Harbor Grand Hotel, New Buffalo. Info stations
                                                                                         manned by area high school reps. Light refreshments
                                                                                         will be served. Info 616/469-1515.
                                                                                            January 26 — Free Throw Competition. 1 pm.
                                                                                         School Student Center, 306 W. 10th St., MC. Boys &
                                                                                         girls 10-14. Register with Robt. Nazareth 219/878-1351.
                                                                                         See story this issue.
                                                                                            January 26 — LaPorte Winterfest Activities:
                                              504 Eastwood Road •                        Breakfast with the Birds, Luhr Park 8:30-11 am.; Coed
                                                    Michigan City •                      Snow Softball Tournament (starts 9 am) at Lion’s Field;
                                                    219-879-0089 •                       Snowman Contest (judging noon; Chili Dinner and Bingo
                                                                                         (11 am-3 pm) Cummings Lodge. See story this issue.
                                                                                         More info at 219/326-9600.
                                                                                            January 26 — ABC Children’s Museum Winter
                                                                                         Olympic competition. Opening ceremony 11 am.
                                                                                         Medals awarded, closing ceremony 3 pm. Marquette
   Firewood • Snowplowing • Gift Certificates                                            Mall, Michigan City. See story this issue. Info 874-8222.
                                                                                            January 27 — Purdue University PMO Express con-
 Now providing pond installation and services.                                           cert. 3 pm. Library-Student-Faculty Building cafeteria
    Call today for your custom quotation.                                                on the PU North Central campus. Free and open to
                                                                                         the public.
                                                                                            January 28 — Recycle day in Long Beach.
                                                                                            January 29 — Harbor Country Book Club. 7:30 pm
  IS YOUR CPA YOUR                                                                       at the Harbor Grand Hotel, New Buffalo, MI. Fiction:
 BUSINESS PARTNER?                                                                       Charlotte Gray by Sebastian Faulks, and non-fic-
      WE WILL BE.                                                                        tion: Nine Parts of Desire by Geraldine Brooks.
                                                                                            January 30 — “Me & My Shadow.” 10:30 am.
              For your complimentary, no obligation copy of
            “Your Accountant – Your Partner,” Call 616.469.9300                          Children’s Services at LaPorte Co. Public Library, 904
                                                                                         Indiana Ave., LaPorte. How to make silhouettes by
                                                                                         Ruth Livergood. Free. Info 219/362-7128.
                                                                                            February 1-3, 8-10, 15-17 -- “I’m Not Rappaport”
                                                                                         at the Footlight Theatre, 1705 Franklin St. Fri & Sat
                    CPA & Business Advisory Services                                     curtain @ 8 pm; Sun @ 2 pm. Tix $9. Reservations 874-
                         23 N. Thompson Street
                      New Buffalo, Michigan 49117
                                                            Now Accepting Business and
                                                                 Individual Clients
                                                                                         4035. See story and pix this issue.
                                                                                            Places to Visit:
                                                                                            ABC Children’s Museum. Marquette Mall. Wed-Fri
                                                                                         1-5 pm; Sat 10 am-4 pm. Info 874-8222.
                                                                                            Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan City.
                                            Shipping                                     Guided tours on Mon-Fri, 10 am, 11:30 am. Adm.
                                                                                         $4/adults, $2/kids 18 and under, free/kids under 3.
                                            Solutions                                       Beverly Shores Historic South Shore Line Passenger
                                        From overnight letters and                       Depot Museum and Art Gallery. 525 Broadway,
                                     computer equipment to antique                       Beverly Shores. Sat-Sun, 1-4 pm. Adm. free. 219/871-
                                      furniture and delicate artwork.                    0832.
                                             We’re the experts!                             Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360
       Free Estimates 616-469-2000                                                       Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Info 872-2702 or on the
                                                                                         web at
                                                                                            LaPorte County Historical Museum, county com-
                                                                                         plex in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. Hours 10 am-4:30
  530 S. Whittaker • New Buffalo, MI (Behind Gold’s Gym)
                                                                                         pm, Tues-Sat. Adm. free; donations welcome. 219/326-
                                                                                         6808, ext. 276 or
January 24, 2002                                                                                                           Page 29
   New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker
St., New Buffalo, MI. Open Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm;
Sat-Sun, 10 am-3 pm (MI time). Info 616/469-5409.
   John G. Blank Center for the Arts, 312 E. 8th St.,
Michigan City. Gallery hours Mon-Fri, 10 am-4 pm;
Sat, 10 am-2 pm. 874-4900. Opens Feb. 1: An exhi-
bition of work by African-American artists from the
Chicago area. Opening reception Feb. 1, 7-9 pm.
   Farther Afield:
   January 26 — The Chieftains concert at Miller
Auditorium, Kalamzoo, MI. 800/228-9858 or
   Through February 24 — Tobaggan at Pokagon
State Park. Only refrigerated run in Indiana. $6/hr.                     Custom Slipcovers
holds up to 4 people. Entrance fee to park. Fri. 5-10            Over 60 Bolts of Fabric in stock
pm; Sat, 10 am-10 pm; Sun, 10 am-5 pm. Park is locat-              Hours: Wed.-Fri. 1-5, Sat. 11-5
ed 1 mi. south of the intersection of I-69 and the        9935 Townline Road             616-469-4354
Indiana Toll Road. Info 800/581-0908.                     Union Pier, Michigan        Fax 616-469-4358
   Through February — Horse-drawn bobsled rides
at Buckely Homestead. Sundays only betw. 1-3 pm.
$2 per person. Bobsled holds 8-10 people. Info 219/769-
   Through March 3 — “A Civil Rights Retrospective”,
depicting the Civil Rights Movement in South Bend
during the 1950s, ‘60s & ‘70s, on display at the
Northern Indiana Center for History, 808 W. Washington
St., South Bend. Info 219/235-9664 or
   Through March 17 — Exhibition of works by pho-
tographer Lewis Hine: “Let Children Be Children: Lewis
Wickes Hine’s Crusade Against Child Labor.” On
view at the Norther Indiana Center for History, 808
W. Washington St., South Bend. Adm. $5/adults,
$4/sen. cit., $3/students. Info 219/235-9664 or
                                                             OMICAL                      • CONVENIEN                                                                        THE SUN-TWIN ELECTRONIC
                                                                                                 HEATING SYSTEM heats areas up
                                                                                                 to 700 square feet. It costs you the
                                                                                                 same to operate your coffee maker!
                                                                                                 The Sun-Twin uses 50% less electric-
                                                                                                ity than conventional electrical heat-
                                                                                               ing systems and plugs into any 110
                                                                                              volt outlet.

                                                                                      100% SAFE! No flames, fumes or danger of
FRIDAY, JANUARY 25                                                               burns or fires.

7:30-8:30 p.m. WINTER MIRACLES. Cold tempera-             BUILT-IN AIR PURIFIER cleans the air all year
tures, icy winds, deep snow, frozen ponds! How would      round with quiet state-of-the-art filtering system.
                                                          The furniture quality cabinet can also serve as a
you survive? Let your imagination guide you through       functional end table.
this informative slide show. Learn how the plants and
animals of Indiana Dunes adapt to winter’s chal-
lenging conditions. Meet at Dorothy Buell Memorial
Visitor Center.                                                                                                  Family owned
SATURDAY, JANUARY 26                                                                                             and operated
                                                                                                                   since 1962
1:30-3 p.m. WINTER ON THE DUNES. Trundle over
the dunes to see winter’s signature on this windswept
landscape, and search for wildlife activity in the           1406 Franklin Street, Michigan City
snow, then head to the beach to see the amazing fea-
tures of shelf ice. If snow is deep, the park will sup-                    219-879-8248
ply snowshoes. Meet at Kemil Beach parking lot.                   IDEAL FOR BASEMENTS • GARAGES • GREAT ROOMS
For more information, phone 926-8561, ext. 225.                      • RV’s • BOATS • COTTAGES • FARM HOUSES
Page 30                                                                                                               January 24, 2002
                Travels with Charley:
                      Another Grand Day in Grand Rapids, Michigan
                                                              by Charles McKelvy

   “Grand Rapids, Michigan?!?                                           lanes of I-94 and thence on the northbound lanes of
   “You went all the way to Grand Rapids, Michigan                      I-196 for an hour-plus dash up to the Queen City of
just for fun?!?                                                         Kent County.
   “Are you nuts, or what?!?”                                              As I turned the wipers on their fastest setting,
   Yeah, I can hear you saying all of the above, but I                  Natalie turned to me and said: “I thought there
am fully prepared to defend the decision my good wife                   were just supposed to be a few isolated showers today
Natalie and I made recently to motor on up to Gerry                     with . . .”
Ford’s old hometown for the sheer delight of just                          “. . . clearing by mid-morning? Yeah, that’s what
going there for the day.                                                I heard on the radio, but . . .”
   Sure, it’s a good 100 miles one-way from our ham-                       “. . . what state was the station in?”
let in Harbert, and surely no one will ever mistake                        “Uh, Indiana, but . . .”
Grand Rapids for Miami or Honolulu, but we’ve been                         “. . . it looks like we’d better have a back-up plan
mighty partial to Michigan’s unsung city ever since                     when we get there. It might be kind of wet for walk-
we took a chance on a get-a-way weekend there way                       ing around the zoo.”
back in the fall of 1987 shortly after we moved to the                     By zoo, of course, she meant the John Ball Zoo which
Wolverine State from Chicago.                                           is perched artfully on a wooded hillside literally just
   That’s right — we actually spent an entire week-                     below the clearly marked “zoo exit” on I-196. As
end in Grand Rapids, and we actually enjoyed it so
much we’ve been going back at least two or three times
a year ever since.
        Granted, our subsequent trips have mostly been
just for the day, but those are always delightful days,
because, believe it or not, Grand Rapids packs a lot
of cosmopolitan punch for a mid-sized, Midwest city
in the middle of an old rest-belt state like Michigan.
   In other words, a day spent in Grand Rapids is a
delightful departure from whatever’s got you down,
and we’ve all had plenty to be down about since
September 11, so give a thought to getting away to
old G.R. some gray day in the coming weeks or
   And here to help whet your appetite is my report
of our recent day-trip to the grand city by the rapid-
                                                                              Natalie McKelvy comes nose to nose with a penguin at the
ly flowing river:                                                                     Living Shores Aquarium in Grand Rapids.
   It was a dark, dreary, and relentlessly raining day
in November when we set forth, first on the eastbound

                                                                               The zoo features this rare collection of capybara, or giant
        Admission to the John Ball Zoo is free until March.                              swimming rats, from South America.
January 24, 2002                                                                                                Page 31

         The Giant Pacific Octopus puts in an appearance.
                                                                                 The Dall Sheep display.

                                                              Northwest Pacific tidal pool in action. The shy Pacific
                                                              Great Octopus even came out of hiding to put on a slith-
                                                              ery show for us, and the penguins of Patagonia sound-
                                                              ed off for us when we passed through their realistic
                                                              replica of the tip of South America.
                                                                 We also became a part of the new Mokomboso
                                                              Valley exhibit along with some highly amused grad-
                                                              er schoolers who thought the troupe of chimpanzees
                                                              were an endless laugh-riot. According to notes at the
                                                              exhibit, chimps share 98 percent of the same DNA as
                                                              we humans, so we all saw something of ourselves in
                                                              their at-times embarrassing public displays.

        These penguins have it pretty good in Grand Rapids.

zoos go, John Ball is smaller than most, but it has all
the flavor and fun of major, big-city zoos, and we’ve
enjoyed our every visit there, regardless of time of year.
   “I was thinking we’d spend most of our time at the
zoo indoors,” I said. “You know — in the Van Andel
Living Shores exhibit and with the nocturnal animals
and in that new habitat for chimpanzees they were
building last time we were there.”
   That sounded good to Natalie, and after a picnic lunch
in the car in the zoo’s free parking lot, we emerged into
the gray Grand Rapids day to discover that the rain
was letting up and that admission to the zoo that day
was free.
   Not only free that day, but free weekdays in
November and March and daily in December, January,
and February. So all the more reason for you to fol-
low our tire tracks up to Grand Rapids this winter.                           A close encounter with a tiger.
   I could and should spend the rest of my allotted col-
umn inches singing the praises of the John Ball Zoo,
but I will not simply because there is so much more              We still had several hours of daylight left to us when
to see and do in Grand Rapids.                                we had sated our zoological urges at John Ball Zoo,
   So suffice it to say that Natalie and I had a won-         so we headed east a few blocks to the lively center city
derful half-day at the John Ball Zoo and particular-          area, found a meter to feed and and then set off on
ly enjoyed our time in the Van Andel Living Shores            foot to see what struck our fancy that particular day.
exhibit where we watched a wonderful facsimile of a                                 Grand Rapids Continued on Page 32
Page 32                                                                                                          January 24, 2002
Grand Rapids Continued from Page 31
   Over the years we have profited by visits to the fol-
lowing attractions: the Grand Rapids Art Museum
“where art lives,” the fully restored Frank Lloyd
Wright house that was specially built in 1908 for a promi-
nent Grand Rapids clothier of short stature named
Meyer May; the always entertaining and education-
al Van Andel Museum Center which offers carousel
rides with a commanding view of the Grand River; the
array of restaurants and diversions at the BOB which
is short for the Big Old Building; and, of course, the
Heritage Hill national, state and local historic district
which is a short stroll from downtown.
   But we were cold and hungry from our hard work
at the zoo, so we repaired to the warm and friendly
Four Friends Coffeehouse just up Monroe Street
from the world-famous Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.
We’ve seen businesses come and go on Monroe Street
over the years, but Four Friends has been a con-
stant and welcome presence, and I recalled, as we sipped
our hand-crafted coffee drinks, the time I had limped

                                                                               All roads lead to the Amway Grand in Grand Rapids.

                                                                       into Four Friends after completing the 15-plus mile
                                                                       Old Kent River Bank Run for one of the most delight-
                                                                       ful carbo-reloading sessions of my life.
                                                                          Then, when we realized the day was slipping away
                                                                       on us, we figured we’d use the remaining hour or so
                                                                       of museum time by touring the Lincoln exhibit at the
                                                                       Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum on the west
                                                                       bank of the Grand River overlooking downtown.
                                                                          Although the exhibit from the Illinois State Historical
                                                                       Library, the Smithsonian, the National Archives,
 Natalie heads into Four Friends Coffeehouse for warmth and comfort.   and other collections will be at the Ford until February
                                                                       18, we figured we’d better get in and see as long as
                                                                       we were in town before the snows of western Michigan
                                                                       began flying.
                                                                          So, with an hour left until the official closing at 5
                                                                       p.m. (Michigan time, of course), we shelled out $4 a
                                                                       piece and immersed ourselves into the world of the
                                                                       16th President of the United States.
                                                                          And what a perfect time to ponder the white dress
                                                                       gloves and blood-stained collar worn by President Lincoln
                                                                       to Ford’s Theater on the night of April 14, 1865; the
                                                                       pen he used to draft the Emancipation Proclamation;
                                                                       and one of just five surviving copies — in Lincoln’s hand
                                                                       — of the Gettysburg Address.
                                                                          We so utterly disappeared into a “Lincoln fog,”
                                                                       that the guards had to repeatedly clear their throats
                                                                       to get us to leave at 5 p.m.
                                                                          We were so absorbed by the 16th President, that
                                                                       we didn’t even have time to consider the 38th President,
         The Monroe Street Mall in downtown Grand Rapids.              one Gerald R. Ford. His extraordinary presidency is
January 24, 2002                                                                                                                         Page 33
all detailed there in his museum, and we have spent
many an afternoon relieving it, and we vowed to
return soon to do so again.
   That’s the thing with Grand Rapids: there is so much
to do and see, that a day-trip simply doesn’t do it jus-
   So we started thinking about that first trip to
Grand Rapids when we rode Amtrak’s Pere Marquette
up from New Buffalo on a Friday evening for a two-
night stay at the Amway Grand and a return to New
Buffalo on Sunday morning. That delightful trip
gave us a whole Saturday to explore Grand Rapids
on foot, and I recall that we easily wore out plenty of
shoe leather in the pursuit of a grand adventure in
Grand Rapids. As a reminder to myself, that Amtrak
number to call is: 1-800-872-7245, and reservations
at the Amway Grand can be made by calling: 1-
   And for the latest on what’s hot and now in Grand                         The Grand Rapids skyline as seen from the Ford Presidential Museum.
Rapids, contact the Grand Rapids/Kent Convention
& Visitors Bureau at 1-800-678-9859 or on-line at:

       The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids is currently                        This spaceman guards the entrance to the |
                     hosting an exhibit on Abraham Lincoln.                                          Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

        Many Thanks to My Many Lake Shore Customers                                                    Lou Butcher’s
                for Their Continuing Business

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            FREE PICKUP and DELIVERY SERVICE                     On January 24, 1848, gold was discovered on the
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          Pakistani Weavings                                     Boy Scouts, founded by England’s Robert Baden-
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              INC.                                               hood bill by President Andrew Jackson, Michigan
                                                                 was formally admitted as the 26th state of the Union.

            874-9909                                             On January 26, 1988, residents of Australia celebrated
                                                                 their nations 200th birthday.
                                                                 On January 27, 1832, English author Lewis Carroll,
      • Shingle Roofs                                            best known for “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,”
                                                                 was born in Daresbury, Cheshire.
      • Rubber Roofs
                                                                 On January 27, 1854, the first regularly scheduled
      • Roof Repairs                                             trains began rolling on the Canadian Great Western
               3611 E. U.S. Hwy 12                               On January 27, 1880, Thomas Edison was granted
                                                                 a patent for an incandescent light.
                                                                 On January 28, 1807, London’s Pall Mall became the
                                                                 world’s first street to be illuminated with gaslight.
                              Root                               On January 28, 1915, the Life Saving Service and
                                                                 the Revenue Cutter Service were merged to form
                      Funeral Home                               the United States Coast Guard.
  WILLIAM H. ROOT • THOMAS W. ROOT • BRIAN W. ROOT               On January 29, 1845, “The Raven,” Edgar Allen Poe’s
                                                                 most famous poem, was first published in the New York
     A locally owned and operated funeral home
                                                                 Evening News.
     serving Michigan City and the Beach Area
                                                                 On January 29, 1861, Kansas became the 34th
           by the Root Family since 1938.
                                                                 state to be admitted to the Union.
        Pre-Arrangement consultation available                   On January 29, 1894, Detroit’s C.B. King received
                   at no obligation.                             a patent for a pneumatic hammer.
                                                                 On January 30, 1882, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who
                                                                 would become the 32nd President of the United
                                                                 States, was born at Hyde Park, New York.
 312 East Seventh Street
                                                                 On January 30, 1933, the first episode of the Lone
 Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                 Ranger was broadcast on Detroit’s radio station
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January 24, 2002                                                                                                 Page 35

                 Long Beach
               Women’s Bowling
                   January 15, 2002
TEAM STANDING                     WON          LOST
1. Killer B’s                       7             1
2. BJ’s                             6             2
3. Long Beach Styling Salon
1. No Shows                                     708        Service Hours
2. Killer B’s                                   641        Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:00 pm
3. Lane Splitters                               634        Sat. 8:00 am-12:00 pm
HIGH TEAM SERIES                             SCORE
1. No Shows                                    1837
2. Three Stooges                               1831
3. Lane Splitters                              1827
                                                                                        Pocket some cash,
HIGH INDIVIDUAL GAMES                        SCORE
1. Barb Macudzinski                             240
                                                                                       a collectible vehicle
2. Kim Fellows                                  223                                     and enter to win a
3. MaryLou McFadden                             202                                     NEW car or truck
HIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES                       SCORE
1. Kim Fellows                                  564
2. MaryLou McFadden
3. Barb Macudzinski
                                                                   Enter to Win a
      5 strikes in a row: Barb Macudzinski
         3 strikes in a row: Nikki Grott
      5-7 split picked up by Liz Lutterbach
                                                           Color TV-VCR Combo
                     ABC Museum Winter
                          Olympic                                   10%                           Tune-Ups
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                 ticipate in typical winter sporting
                 events: figure skating, bob sledding,       Automatic Transmission         Free Tire Rotation
cross country skiing, and more. Medals will be award-                Service                       With
ed, and every child will be a winner.                       Jeep/Dodge Truck $79.95         Vehicle Inspection
   The opening ceremony will begin with a parade of        Jeep Full-time 4wd $89.95              $27.99
children from the Museum to Marquette Mall’s cen-                 With coupon                    With coupon
ter court where one lucky child will carry the torch
and light the official Olympic Flame.                         Lube, Oil, Filter            Winter Coolant
   The children will then return to the Museum to par-           $16.95                        Flush
ticipate in the various events. The closing ceremony           Most Vehicles                  $59.95
is scheduled for 3 p.m. with lineup beginning at 2:30             With coupon                    With coupon
p.m. Children can come at any time during the day
to compete, play or just watch.
   ABC Children’s Museum is located in Marquette
                                                                 10% OFF                    $2.50-$10.00
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Sundays are reserved for birthday parties. Admission
is $3 for adults and children; family memberships are                           Coupons expire
$35 per year.                                                                      03-31-02
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            Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/579-1745.                              FLORIDA RENTALS
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  Fantastic Lake views from 2-decks. LR and MBR. 4+/BR, 3/Baths.             On 80’ fabulous St. Pete Beach. Adorably renovated home with
  Call 219/874-4396, OR (Mich. listings).             2/BR, 2/Bath & Sleeper. Pets allowed. - Starting at $1,400 weekly.
                • • • • • • • DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB • • • • • • •                  - or 727/866-6249.
             LAKEFRONT CONDOS — 2 and 3 Bedroom, 2/Bath
                      $1,000 to $1,450 per month. - No pets.                              REAL ESTATE FOR SALE
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DUNELAND BEACH @ STOP 34. Great lake views from huge Family                      Playroom/office. Elegant kitchen. Charming landscaping.
Room + Master Bedroom Suite. Totally remodeled & refurnished.                        2-Blocks from lake. - $210,000 - Call 219/473-0845.
4/BR, 3/Bth. Fireplace. W/D. AC. Cable. . Special Winter Weekend             MICHIANA AREA - 88’ Wooded building site. Staked sewer tap at
Rates. Available September & October.. Ph. 630/766-3300                   site. Quiet lane, newer homes, cabins in neighborhood. $45,000 firm.
     • • SHERIDAN BEACH WINTER RENTAL - ON THE BEACH• •                                        Broker/Owner - 219/879-0811.
•Studio Apt. - $600/mo. •3/BR, 2/Bath, Fireplace,$1,200/mo                   MICHIANA AREA - Rustic building site. Sewer & Water available
 •6/BR, 2/Bath, Fireplace, $1,200/mo. - All fully furnished.                    Many newer cabins, homes in neighborhood. - $35,000 firm.
                        Avail Sept thru May- 312/560-5122                                   Michiana Real Estate - 219/879-0811

                                Michigan & Indiana Licensed & Insured
                                                                              R.J. KNIGHT PAINTING COMPANY
                                                                             Painting is our Business and Customer Satisfaction is our Goal.
        DAN McINTYRE CONSTRUCTION                                                             Residential • Commercial
                         616-469-6391                                                             Interior • Exterior
                                                            • Additions                          Painting & Staining
                                                         • Remodeling                                   Insured
 611 E. Detroit Street                              • Decks • Painting      Rich Knight                                (219) 879-1349
 New Buffalo, MI 49117                            Small Jobs Welcome
Page 38                                                                                                                January 24, 2002

                                                                    Off the Book Shelf
                                                                       by Sally Carpenter

   If you only read one book this year (and that                             demise.
thought really makes me shudder...) you must pick                               A visit with the not-too-grieving widow, an ex-
up Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen (pronounced hiya-                             chorine turned professional wrestler, and now,
sun). The author is a columnist for the Miami Herald                         Madonna wannabe, provides little information. A
where his investigative reporting led to the expo-                           story in another newspaper the next day has the
sure of corruption and drug smuggling in south                               widow, Cleo Rio, giving a different slant to her hus-
Florida. He has written eight other novels, one of which,                    band’s supposed scuba diving accident, and now Jack
Strip Tease, was made into a movie starring Demi Moore.                      is certain that he is on the trail of a big story.
   In Basket Case, we meet Jack Tagger, ace reporter                            Basket Case is full of unforgettable characters
on the obituary beat. Huh? Well, that’s not where he                         and unforgettable lines. There is Janet Thrush,
started out. Seems Jack was once a really good                               Jimmy’s sister, whose job is hosting a 900 number video
reporter, but was demoted to writing obituaries after                        soft porn show, whose opinion of Jimmy’s widow is less
ridiculing the new owner of the newspaper in front                           than zero; there’s Jack’s best friend, Juan, a hunky
of a stockholder’s meeting.                                                  sportswriter at the same newspaper; Carla Candilla,
   This job is really getting Jack down. At 46, he finds                     a definitely 21st century young woman and daugh-
himself saddled with an editor, who not only is a                            ter of Jack’s former roommate, Anne. “Carla keeps track
woman, but is only 27 years old. “Emma is young and                          of all local and visiting celebs. At 17 she is a wily vet-
owns a grinding ambition to ascend the newspaper’s                           eran of the club only reliable link to mod-
management ladder. She hopes for an office with a win-                       ern youth culture.” She affectionately calls Jack,
dow, a position of genuine authority and stock options.”                     “Black Jack” since his demotion.
   He also finds himself obsessed with death; ironi-                            The story progresses with a variety of events:
cally, this turns out to be one of many hilarious                            There’s the lack of stitches on the deceased’s body even
aspects of this book. Mention an age and Jack will tell                      though there was supposed to have been an autopsy,
you who died. One month away from his 47th birth-                            the followup death of another member of Jimmy’s band,
day, he keeps remembering that 46 is the year that                           break-ins at Janet’s house and Jack’s apartment (he
Elvis and JFK checked out. “It’s an occupational haz-                        fends off the would-be assailant with a frozen lizard)
ard for obituary writers memorizing the ages at                              and several side-line stories thrown in for good mea-
which famous people have expired, and compulsive-                            sure. The climax comes in the middle of a giant
ly employing such trivia to track the arc of one’s own                       swamp with the requisite kidnapped victim being
life.”                                                                       traded for.......sorry, you’re going to have to read the
   One day an obit comes across the wire for an ex-                          book for that important piece of information!
rock and roll artist, Jimmy Stomarti, once the lead                             I like this story being told in the first person; fol-
singer of Jimmy Stoma and the Slut Puppies, one of                           lowing the writer, walking in his shoes, seeing what
their hit singles being a song called “Basket Case”:                         he sees is like a tiny moving picture going on in your
My baby is a basket case, a bipolar mama in leather                          head. Also, Carl Hiaasen gives us a lot of insight
and lace! Not exactly lyrics to rock your world, but his                     into the newspaper business and Florida, two subjects
group had enjoyed a modicum of success in the 80s                            he knows so very well.
and his checking out at age 39 was noteworthy. With                             This book is a keeper!
his investigative nose twitching out a possible story,                          Till next time, happy reading!
Jack decides to go after the details of Jimmy Stomarti’s

              ountry                               ates                                 GEROMETTA                      INTERIORS
                  Gift and Christmas Shop                                                         616-469-4610
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                      HOURS: Mon.-Wed. CLOSED                                                 RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL
                          Thurs.-Fri. 10:30-5:00
                    Sat. 10:00-6:00 • Sun. Noon-5:00                                                Members A.S.I.D.
        120 West Buffalo Street, New Buffalo, MI • (616) 469-2890
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                                                                            FAX (219) 872-4182
                                                                       Specializing in Distinctive Properties
                                                                               Indiana and Michigan
   MERRION & ASSOCIATES REALTORS, INC.                             
           707 Washington St. • Michigan City, IN 46360

                             IT’S A SELLER’S MARKET
                                                                                          D!                                 THE         WOODED
                                                                              PRICE R                                        DUNETOP SETTING
                                                                                                                             of this totally renovated
                                                                                                                             summer home is in a
                                                                                                                             world all its own. Enjoy
                                                                                                                             summer breezes on a
                                                                                                                             spacious screened porch
                                                                                                                             with wrought iron
                                                                                                                             accents and turned red-
                                                                                                                             wood balasters. 3 bed-
                                                                                                                             rooms, 3 baths plus a
                                                                                                                             complete in-law level
                                                                                                                             offer loads of living
 ALL BRICK 2 BEDROOM ranch in Shoreland Hills provides                                                                       space. If privacy, charm
 spacious living & dining rooms with hardwood floors and a gas                                                               and lake views are essen-
 fireplace. Full basement; 1 car garage. Back yard deck enjoys total                                                         tial to your beach liv-
 privacy. Small yard means low yard maintenance. All kitchen appli-                                                          ing, call Bonnie “B”
 ances remain. Call Michele Meden for a peek.             $
                                                            112,500                                                          today.           $

                                                                                NEW L

 ON A CLEAR DAY YOU CAN SEE FOREVER! Bright, open                        GRAND BEACH ESTATE!!! Stunningly appointed 5 bedroom ranch
 lakefront design on 2 levels with 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths & 2          located on 4 lots offers seasonal lake views, heated in-ground pool with
 fireplaces perches right above the longest beach in town! Wrap-         private patio and hot tub, your own tennis court and loads of living area.
 around deck gives you a 180 degree view from Michigan all the           Open floor plan on main floor and walk-out lower level gives you the
 way around to Wisconsin. All inspections have been completed.           room you want for those Grand Beach family get-togethers! Get togeth-
 Ask John Hayes for a room with a view.                 $
                                                          890,000        er with Bonnie “B” fast!                                         $

   ATTENTION SELLERS: This is not a blue-light special, but this is a seller’s market! Properties
   priced to the market are selling in record time. If you are contemplating a move or would
   just like to know where your home fits into the market, let us provide you with a written mar-
   ket analysis. You might be surprised at the results. CALL US!!!
Page 40                                                                                                                                  January 24, 2002

                     7         LONG BEACH REALTY
                                           ON LAKE MICHIGAN SINCE 1920
                     T 1401 Lake Shore Drive                      ALL OFFICES OPEN 7 DAYS
                                                                       3100 Lake Shore Drive
                                                                                                                        AT THE SIGN OF THE SAILBOAT

                                                                          A WEEK
 Phyllis T. Waters
                                (219) 874-5209                                                                       (219) 872-1432                   Douglas Waters
  CRB, CRS, GRI                                                                                                                                            GRI
  Broker/Owner                                                                                                       Managing Broker

 WHO SAYS bigger is better? Enjoy this spacious ranch and peace-                   TRADITIONAL COLONIAL with oak staircase to 4 large
 ful, serene, Saugany Lake, a fisherman’s paradise. Huge great room                bedrooms including master with 10 foot walk-in closet. Wainscoting
 with fireplace, bright open kitchen. Three bedrooms. Jetted tub                   in formal dining room. Large kitchen has breakfast area. Newer
 in master bath. Deck, fenced yard, oversized double garage.                       windows, hardwood floors, full poured basement, 21⁄2 baths.
                                                            117,900                Oversized double garage. Walk to Michigan beach. $199,900

 SKY HIGH CEILINGS, window wrapped walls, nooks and cran-                          FORGET NICE by helping your landlord make his mortgage
 nies and closets galore in lovely like-new contemporary on level                  payments. Buy this 4 bedroom, 2 bath ranch for yourself. Just redec-
 lot. Two-way fireplace in sunny great room. Loft studio or fourth                 orated inside and out. Move in and enjoy.                  $
 bedroom. Three additional bedrooms. Full basement, oversized
 double garage.                                          $

            UNITED Beverly Bullis, CRS, GRI* 800-518-6149            June Livinghouse, Broker Associate, ABR, GRI*      Bobbie Cavic, Broker Associate 888-565-1822
              WE   Sylvia Hook, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI*                                              800-957-1248   Pam Navarro, Broker Associate 888-565-1981
            STAND                                 800-518-5778       Bill McNew                                         Rob Robertson
                       Janet Greenwald, Broker Associate, GRI*       Rosemary Braun                                     Frances Lysaught

                                                                                     *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan

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