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2011                                                                            Harbor United Methodist Church
                                                                             55 First Parish Road, Scituate, MA 02066
                                                                                    Church Office: 781.545.0818
                                                                          Rev. Rick McKinley is also available by appt
Dear friends:
   “Is God here with us or not?” This is the question the Israelites ask Moses. (Exodus 17:7) This was the text assigned
for worship on March 27. Rescued from Egypt and now wandering around in the desert, anxiety is setting in. They've
been promised a new life. They've been promised a new land. They've been promised things will be better and God will
be with them but so far it just seems like it's one dusty day after another. When promises are a long time coming, it's
easy to lose your way.
   So now they have no water. Water is a big deal in the desert. Water is a big deal in the hearts and minds of the
Israelites. When you live in a desert and when droughts are common, water is a big deal. In fact, when you read through
the Scriptures, you realize that one of the pictures associated with God and the fulfillment of God's promise of "heaven
on earth" is water. God is the fountain of living water. When Ezekiel was given a vision of the heavenly temple, water
flowed in every direction (Ez. 37). Water means God is with you. But in the desert, there is no water. Hence the
question: is God here with us or not?
   My sense is the woman at the well wondered the same kind of thing. This is the gospel text for the same weekend -
a well known story within the walls of the church. This woman is the embodiment of a wilderness life. She knows
dryness. She knows emptiness. She's tried and tried but nothing seems to have come together. She is longing for God.
"Please, give me this living water you speak of." There is a thirst in her - a longing. She is asking for Jesus to quench her
thirst - to quench her longing for God. She could easily be asking the question the Israelites ask. "Is God here or not?"
How ironic when he is sitting right in front of her. In the end, Jesus just comes out and tells her plainly. "I am he." I am
the One you are looking for. I am the One who will quench your thirst. In the flesh.
   Today many people are asking the same question: Is God here with us or not? In a world that seems more unstable
than ever, with our country once again entering conflict, countries still reeling from devastating earthquakes, floods and
so forth (Haiti, Australia, Japan, we could keep going), people wonder: where is God? Is there a God?
   That's where you and I come in. The core profession of the Christian faith is that God took flesh and walked among
us. God came in body - the body of Jesus. Guess where God resides today?
   That's right. In the church - in you and me, together. Not you by yourself. Not me by myself. In us - together - the
body of Christ. That means that we are to be the vessel through which living water pours to those in need. You and I are
meant to be an answer to the question: Is God here with us or not? As the body of Christ, we are called to come
alongside those in need, be it near or far, and quench the thirst of those who long to know if God is here.
   It is a mighty calling. It is a calling that goes beyond what you and I can do alone, or on our own. We need each
other, and we need the Spirit of God to help - we need to continually drink from the well of living water in order to be
the body that can quench the thirst of others.
   Is God here with us or not? The answer, at least in part, has a great deal to do with you.

Grace and peace, Rick
Page 2                                                                                                  Volume 61 Issue 4

                        Financial Report                                         April Birthdays
Operating Income for February                            $14,579.84
Operating Expense for February                           $17,850.67
                                                                         Marissa Voelger                     4
Surplus/(Deficit)                                        ($3,270.83)     Alan McCall                         4
                                                                         Galina Smith                        6
Beginning checkbook balance 2/1/11                       $19,919.17      Pam Pretzer                         12
 Total income this month                                 $19,816.08      Madeline Ryan                       13
 Total expense this month                                $24,493.55      Michael O'Keefe                     14
Ending checkbook balance 2/28/11                         $15,241.70      Hannah Ellis                        15
Less Special Funds Accounts                              $12,887.30      Corina Ellis                        18
                                                                         Marissa Pintarelli                  30
Cash for Budget                                           $2,354.40

                                                                              Note: If you know of a missing
              3/6: Tuesday Night Small Group                                    birthday, please contact
              3/13: Monday Night Small Group                                       Shelley Rinehart at
              3/20: Wednesday Morning Small Group                                sea-shel@comcast.net
              3/27: Youth Serving Breakfast before Service

                                    Sunday Worship Servants
April                     Acolyte            Liturgist                  Communion                      Youth
                                                                          Servers                     Liturgist/

         3           Tommy Lovering       Kevin McNally         Kevin McNally, Julie O’Keefe,       Julie O’Keefe
                                                               Joanne McNally, Coleen McCall
         10            Andrew Ford           Ken Cerny           Ken Cerny, Coleen Ford,             Coleen Ford
                                                               Melinda Cerny, Coleen McCall
         17             Ben Pretzer         Pam Pretzer          Pam Pretzer, Max Pretzer,           Max Pretzer
                                                                Bryan Pretzer, Coleen McCall
         21                                   Holy                     Thursday                       Service
         22               Good               Friday                     Tenebrae                      Service

         24           A.K. Bruccoleri         Christy         Christy Bruccoleri, Kelly O’Keefe,    Kelly O”Keefe
                                             Bruccoleri         Dave Lockwood, Pastor Rick

               Greeters for April are Bob Leach and Mary Voelger. Ushers are Steve and Robin Smith.
         Please call to switch dates with the next person above, if you are not available to participate on your
            assigned day. Also, kindly contact Ann White at 545-0818 to tell her of the change. Thank you.
Page 3                                                                                                     Volume 61 Issue 4

                                                  April 2011
         Sunday            Monday            Tuesday           Wednesday       Thursday           Fri            Sat
                                                                                             1              2

     Small Groups meet in various homes and at                                               6:30-830pm
                                                                                             Dessert and
     both campuses so please visit the website to                                            Pie(ing)
      get more details about connecting with a                                               Youth
                    small group.                                                             Fundraiser
3                     4                 5                 6                    7             8              9
9:30AM                                  9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—Office   9AM to
Sunday School         9AM to noon—      Office Hours      Hours                noon—Office
10:30AM—              Office Hours                        10AM—Small Group     Hours                Camp
Worship                                 7 to 8:30PM—      (Kyte MacKillop)                          Aldersgate
                      7 to 8:30PM—      Small Group                                                 Retreat for
4:15om—Youth          Small Group       (Melinda Cerny)                        730PM-Choir
Group dinner at       (Rick McKinley)                                          Rehearsal
Arlington                               7PM—Trustees                                                Children
NO Confirmation                         Meeting

10                    11                12                13                   14            15             16
Camp Aldersgate                                           9AM to noon—Office   9AM to
Retreat               9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—      Hours                noon—Office
Confirmation          Office Hours      Office Hours                           Hours
Children                                              10AM—Small Group
9:30AM—               7 to 8:30PM—    7 to 8:30PM—    (Kyte MacKillop)         730PM-Choir
Sunday School         Small Group     Small Group                              Rehearsal
10:30AM—              (Rick McKinley) (Melinda Cerny)
7 to 8:30PM—Small
Group (Diane Evans)
7-830—Youth Group
17                    18                19                20                   21            22             23

Sunday School         9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—Office   9AM to
10:30AM—              Office Hours      Office Hours      Hours                noon—Office 7pm—Good
Worship                                                                        Hours       Friday
7 to 8:30PM—Small                           Holy Week                                      Tenebrae
Group (Diane Evans)   7 to 8:30PM—    7 to 8:30PM—    10AM—Small Group         7pm—Holy    Service
7-830—                Small Group     Small Group     (Kyte MacKillop)         Thursday
Confirmation          (Rick McKinley) (Melinda Cerny)                          Service

24                    25                26                27                   28            29             30
930am— Easter                                                                  9AM to
Breakfast             9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—      9AM to noon—Office   noon—Office
NO Sunday School      Office Hours      Office Hours      Hours                Hours

9:30AM—Baptism        7 to 8:30PM—    7 to 8:30PM—    10AM—Small Group         730PM-Choir
on the Beach          Small Group     Small Group     (Kyte MacKillop)         Rehearsal
10:30AM—Easter        (Rick McKinley) (Melinda Cerny)
Worship, more
Baptism and
Page 4                                                                                                     Volume 61 Issue 4

                                         Prayer Concerns
                        Please lift the following in prayer, that they may be strengthened, guided, and
                        healed…Consider visiting or sending a card. Please contact Alice Hamer at
                          781-545-4112 if you know of anyone who is ill, a recent shut it, has had a
                         tough go, or suffered a loss. If we can get this information, an appropriate
                                                    card will be sent to them.
                Ted Barry                            Jimmie McCall                             Lucy Morris
         (Serious Cancer Surgery)          (Bill’s brother ~ pray for strength)
     Helen and Maynard Huntley              Joe Davies (awaiting transplant)           Muriel Silva’s move up here
    Betty Leslie—heart problems          Sally Haines (Shirley’s cousin—cancer)              Perley Griswold
     Rich Lynam (Shirley’s son)             Stephen and Caroline ~ car crash                    Holly Silva
     Star Bakery Project/NITCA                 Eric Foote (heart problems)                   Celeste Connors
               Ann Borda                    Jenny Styers (adoption decision)            Steven LaRoche ~ cancer
 Mary Sheehan ~ special intentions           Donna Roberts (health issues)           Jean Sadlik (injuries from a fall)
          Lynn and Tyler Capps                 George McGee ~ strength                   Hazel caring for mother
     Linda Huskisson (patience &           Roger Schumacher (Heart surgery,              Nicaragua Mission team
  strength caring for elderly parent)             Multiple Myeloma)                      (planning for next year)
    Mary Ann (healing after brain        Those suffering from depression and/or      Pam Pretzer’s mom ~ Willogene
     surgery & during chemo)                             anxiety                            and brother Brad
              Sharon Silva                     Cousin Dean—lung cancer                  John Ross—improvement

  Leo Munoz—death of son Marco,           Earthquake in Japan and other areas       Fires in California—those who lost
      Coni Wessman’s nephew                        of Pacific Ocean                              everything
              John Proctor              Nancy Thurson as moving day approaches               Oppressed Libya

   The Family of Thelma Antoine               The Family of Wally Dolloff            The Family of Wayne Whitefield
        (organist at MUMC)              (grandfather to Jason & Amanda Rhodes)     (son of Peter and Barbara Whitfield)

         Nancy Thurson is moving in March                                  Kitchen in Need of Towels
                        Nancy Thurson                                   Harbor’s kitchen is in need of towels.
                207 Linden Ponds Way, PC#118                          Any donations would be greatly appreciated
                     Hingham, MA 02043
                        781-749-7129                                                 Thank you!

                       Scituate Interfaith Food Pantry
Many thanks to those who faithfully support our local mission. The pantry is very
grateful for all it receives!
Items needed this month include: CEREAL, small canned hams and chicken,
hash, peanut butter and jelly, pancake mix and syrup.
   Thank you for all your help! Alice Hamer 781-545-4112

                           Luke 3:11 ~ Whoever has two shirts must give one to the
                           man who has none, and who ever has food must share it.
Page 5                                                                                             Volume 61 Issue 4

                                  A Note From Your Lay Leader
I am still in my fact finding mode trying to find out what services are now being provided to our infirmed,
home bound and/ or older members of our church family. Please come find me either through my email
(clanmccall@aol.com), telephone (781-378-0000) or on Sundays after church service. Since I don't know who
can help me with the info, your reaching out to me with any question, comments (positive, please), concerns
or needs would be most appreciated! After I have compiled all the info, I will be sharing it with you all with
many opportunities for ministry.
Thank you in advance for your help! God Bless you all!
        Colleen McCall

                                        Agape Scarf Ministry
Final Tote for 2010-2011
Our gathering for this season has come to a close with a total of 343 scarves, hats and mittens delivered to the
guests of the Long Island Shelter. This brings our grand total to 1898 since the ministry’s beginning in 2007.
Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard in making this ministry a meaningful expression of God’s love.
Take your knitting to the beach!
This doesn’t mean, however, that our hands need to remain idle until September. As the weather turns warmer
and thoughts turn to the surf and sand and barbeques in the backyard, take your knitting/crocheting with you!
My plan over the summer months is to crochet through all the yarn that has somehow multi-
plied in my craft room over the past several years. (And yes, there’s a lot!) If others do the
same, think how many scarves, hats and mittens we’ll have ready for our fall kick off!
New to the Agape Scarf Ministry?
The ASM provides warm scarves, hats and mittens to the guests of The Long Island Shelter in
Boston. It is our purpose and prayer that the people who receive these gifts, will know that
God loves them. We meet the second Saturday of each month, September – February from 10:00am-
12:00pm at the Harbor United Methodist Church. All crafters are welcome! If you don’t know how to knit or
crochet, come to a Saturday service day. Someone will be on hand to get you started! Or make your gifts out
of fleece or flannel!
For more information about the Agape Scarf Ministry please visit our web site: http://www.humcscituate.org/
and click on the "Grow and Serve" link or contact Melinda Cerny (melindacerny@gmail.com) or Shelley
Rinehart (sea-shel@comcast.net) .

             Easter Lilies and Spring Flowers
Each Easter it is HUMC’s tradition to decorate the sanctuary with Easter flowers.
The Worship Design Team will purchase the Easter Lilies and other Spring flower
with monetary donations. You can remember and/or honor loved ones by sharing
in this beautiful seasonal tribute.
There is a sign-up sheet in Bruce Hall or you may submit the form below. Make
check payable to: “Harbor United Methodist Church” and write “Easter Flowers”
in the memo line. Please have requests to Lori by Sunday, April 17th. Mail to Lori
McKinley, 14 Vinal Ave, Scituate, MA 02066 or call her at 781-545-5114.

 Donation given by:

 In memory (deceased) of:

 In honor (living) of:

 Monetary donation of $               towards the purchase of Easter Flowers for the Sanctuary.
Page 6                                                                                              Volume 61 Issue 4

                                               What the Pastor Is Reading
                                          The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo
                                          King's Cross by Tim Keller

                                          Good Friday Walk
As of this writing, Mel Cerny, Sue Lovering, Liz Watson and Nancy Thurson will be walking in Sharing's
38th Good Friday Walk on April 22. Ken Cerny will be working behind the scenes, as he has for so many
years. Walkers will have their sponsor sheets at church. We have been so supported for so many years and
would ask that you help Sharing once again. All monies go to support projects benefitting very poor
African-American children in the rural south.
Information about walking or helping available from Nancy Thurson.
        Nancy Thurson

                       Harbor United MethodistYouth Group
                                          Spring 2011 Calendar
                  The Youth Group calendar listed below affords us new opportunities to connect
                  with other Christian youth, to grow in our relationship with God, and to serve
                  others in His name. We will interact with other youth groups, take a leadership
role in Conference and Regional youth ministry, and support world-wide missions sending resources around
the globe. We have begun a new program of bi-weekly meetings to see how God is ready to help us deal with
life’s issues, stresses, and strains. Reserve these dates, mark your calendars, and hang on tight…it’s going to
be a lot of fun!!
April 1          April Fool’s Pie Social and Pie in the Face Auction!!! 630-830pm
April 3          Youth Group Meeting – Arlington!!                            415-9:30pm
April 8-10       Confirmation Retreat
April 10         Youth Group Meeting – Grapple                                7-8:30
April 24         Easter Breakfast                                             (serve 9:30 am)
May 8            Youth Group Meeting - Grapple                                7-8:30pm
May 13-14        Aldersgate “Big Help”                                        (tentative)
May 22           Youth Group Meeting - Grapple                                7-8:30pm
June 5           Youth Group Meeting – Destination                            7-8:30pm
June 8-11        Annual Conference – Wenham, MA                               TBD
June 25          Car Wash                                                     10am-1pm
July 11-18       YOUTH 2011 – LAFAYETTE, IN

                            Youth Fundraising Event in April
On April 1st, the Youth are planning what may be the biggest fundraiser we’ve done for our trip to Youth
2011 which will be in Lafayette, IN. We have the cost of the bus ride as well as room and board and work-
shops to cover. This experience will offer worship, concerts, breakout sessions and just spending time with
thousands of other Youth from the Eastern United States.
On April 1st, we will have a Pie Social and Pie in the Face Auction!! We will make pies to sell whole. We
will have slices of pie to buy. But we think the biggest seller of all may be this: there will be an auction to
throw pie in the face of the Youth and the Youth Leaders. Highest bidder gets to plant a whip cream pie in
the face of the person they’ve bid highest. We’ll have a list out soon for who can help make pies, pies to order
ahead of time, and people who will be the recipients of pie in the face. COME ONE, COME ALL!!
Page 7                                                                       Volume 61 Issue 4

                                Around the Harbor in March

                                                     IRISH SODA BREAD FOR SALE!

                                                        HELP US RAISE FUNDS
                                                         FOR STAR BAKERY

    Did anyone see a parade go by

                                                        Chilly day in the shade!

         In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!
Page 8                                                                                                        Volume 61 Issue 4

55 First Parish Road
Scituate, MA 02066

Pastor:                  Reverend Rick McKinley
Church Office:           781.545.0818
Church Email:            harborumc@verizon.net

Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday:         9AM to 12noon

Also available by appointment.

 Connect - Grow - Serve - Reach Out


                        Sunday School—For ALL Ages
We are loving having all our youth back for Sunday School and families attending
worship together. We are moving through 24 Hours that Changed the World with all
our youth as our Lenten series. Using bible stories, hands on crafts, and activities, we
are all having a meaningful experience. Thank you for your continued support of this
important ministry. If you would like to teach or assist in Sunday School, please contact
Allison Crowell at allisonmcrowell@comcast.net

                                                   Project Linus
The Greater Boston Area Chapter of Project Linus (a national volunteer organization) is looking for volunteers to knit,
crochet, quilt, or hand-tie “security blankets” for children in area hospitals, and other children suffering abuse or trauma,
and in need of comfort. Other ways to help include:
Donate supplies: fabric, yarn, thread, batting, thank you notes, postage stamps, paper gift certificates to craft or office
supply stores
Deliver blankets: They need people to deliver blankets to hospitals or other recipients.
Tax-Deductible Contributions: Monetary contributions and memorial donations help defray the costs of our 100% vol-
unteer effort.
New blankets in any six and pattern, up to 40” x 60”, in baby, child and teen-friendly colors, made of machine washable
and dryable materials, are needed. Their goal is to provide a blanket for every child in need of one. For more informa-
tion, or to find out how to donate, please e-mail them at:
Lucy Maiullari—Chelmsford—BostonPrjLinus@aol.com
Kathie Interess—Winchester—Projectlinusboston@verizon.net
Gloria Mozzicato—Burlington—Gloriamozz@comcast.net
Nancy Kearns—Milton—NKearns@fullervillage.net

Their website is www.bostonprojectlinus.com and Lucy Maiullari can be reached at 508-566-0993

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