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					                                     Invitation to tender

Subject:     HR/2011/EU

Dear Sir/Madam,

The European Parliament and the European Court of Auditors (jointly hereafter referred to as
‘the Participating institutions’) intend to conclude framework contracts for translatio n services
from English, French and German into Croatian. The translations concern documents covering
multiple subject areas relating to the interests and activities of the European Union. Please find
enclosed the tender documents relating to this contract, to provide you with the information that
you require for the possible submission of a tender.
The tender documents include the present Invitation to tender, to which are attached:
      - the specifications and its annexes, listing all the documents that must be produced in
        order to tender, including supporting evidence of economic, financial, technical and
        professional capacity, and
      - the draft contract and its annexes, specifying all the contractual obligations covered by
        the contract.
      Each of the above- mentioned documents forms an integral part of the tender documents.
      The tender documents can be consulted and downloaded from the internet at the following
      Annex 1 to the specifications contains an electronic registration form to facilitate
      registration of tenders. If you intend to tender, please use this form following the
      instructions given below.
      Tenderers must complete the online registration form attached as Annex 1a and click
      ‘Submit’. The European Parliament server will send back a delivery receipt which must be
      printed out by selecting ‘File - Print’. The presentation of the printed form may differ from
      the presentation of the electronic form. Tenderers must then complete the printed form as
      indicated, date and sign it. This registration form must be signed by the tenderer's legal
      representative(s). Tenderers must use Annex 1a completed, signed and dated, as the cover
      page of their tender. Annex 1c ‘Price offer’ has to be sent together with the tender but in a
      separate envelope as described in point 1 of this invitation. These instructions are in no
      way to be interpreted as indicative of the importance attached by the contracting authority
      to the price element of the award criteria and are intended merely to simplify and
      accelerate the opening procedure.

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If you are interested in taking part in this tender procedure, please submit a tender in Croatian
before the closing date indicated in point 2 below.
Your tender must comprise a signed original together with two copies, presented in three
separate files, with each page duly completed and perfectly legible so as to preclude any doubt
whatsoever as to the wording and figures.
The original should be clearly labelled 'Original' and the two copies 'Copy 1' and 'Copy 2'
Tenders must:
-     be drawn on the tenderer's headed paper;
-     be signed without fail by the tenderer or his or her duly authorised representative, including
      Annexes 1, 2 and 3 to the specifications, while Annex 1a is to be used as the cover page of
      the tender;
-     be perfectly legible so that there can be no doubt as to words and figures;
-     be submitted using the standard reply forms included in the specifications and according to
      the abovementioned instructions;
-     be submitted in a folder, all pages being attached;
-     include the price offer in a separate and perfectly sealed envelope clearly labelled 'Price
-     be expressed in euros.
The European Parliament's administration reserves the right to reject any incomplete or illegible
The tenderer must provide all the information necessary for the contracting authority to analyse the
tender on the basis of the exclusion, selection and award criteria. The tender must also include all
the documents relating to economic, financial, professional and technical capacity listed in the
specifications. Where necessary, all supporting documents must be included. A checklist of
documents to be supplied as a minimum is found in Annex 4 to the specifications.


1. The closing date and time for the submission of tenders are 18 March 2011 at 16.00 
2. Tenders may be submitted, at the choice of tenderers:
3. (a) either by post or by courier company, posted no later than the 18 March 2011 16.00
      as indicated above, as evidenced by the postmark or the date of the deposit slip, to the
      following address:

    Lu xembourg local time.

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                                   EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT
                                        Official Mail Service
                                             DG TRAD
                             For the attention of Maria Härdin Howat
                             Konrad Adenauer Building, Room 00D001
                                        L-2929 Luxembourg
(b)   or by being handed either directly or through their representatives, no later than the 18
      March 2011 at 16.00 as laid down above in to the Official Mail Se rvice. Delivery of the
      tender shall be confirmed by a receipt, dated and signed in duplicate, issued by the European
      Parliament's Official Mail Service. The date and time indicated on the receipt shall serve as
      the reference date and time. The opening hours of the Official Mail Service to which tenders
      must be handed in are from 10.00 to 17.00 local time Monday to Friday, except for Fridays
      21 and 28 January 2011 and 4, 18 and 25 February 2011, when opening hours are from
      10.00 to 12.00. The Mail Service is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and the European
      Parliament's official holidays.

4. Tenders which do not comply with the time limits for submission indicated in points 2.2 (a)
   and 2.2 (b) above will be deemed inadmissible.
5. In order to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of tenders, they must be sent under
   double cover. The two envelopes shall be sealed and bear the following:
      -   the recipient department:
                                  EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT
                                       Official Mail Service
                                            DG TRAD
                                For the attention of Maria Härdin Howat
                             Konrad Adenauer Building, Room 00D001
                                       L-2929 Luxembourg
      -   the reference of the invitation to tender:
                            INVITATION TO TENDER HR/2011/EU,
      -   and the following:
                        NOT TO BE OPENED BY THE MAIL SERVICE
                          OR BY ANY UNAUTHORISED PERSON
In every case, and irrespective of the type of package used, tenderers are invited to pay attention
to the quality of the envelopes used for submitting their tenders, in order to ensure that t hey do
not arrive torn, thereby no longer ensuring the confidentiality or integrity of their contents.

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If self-adhesive envelopes are used, they must be sealed with adhesive tape bearing the signature
of the sender. The signature of the sender shall be dee med to comprise either the handwritten
signature or the signature and the company stamp.
Any tender which fails to maintain the confidentiality of its contents until the opening of all the
tenders will be rejected automatically.
The outer envelope shall also bear the tenderer's name or business name, together with the exact
address at which he can be informed of the decision taken on his tender.
In addition to the two sealed envelopes, the tender reference HR/2011/EU must be indicated on
the outer packaging.

1. Submission of a tender implies acceptance of the terms and conditions laid down in the
   documents making up this call for tenders: the specifications and their annexes, the draft
   contract and its annexes and the invitation itself. The above documents lay down the terms
   and conditions governing this call for tenders and complement each other. In the event of
   contradictions between them, each document shall take precedence over the others in the
   order indicated in the 'Final provisions' (Art. II.23 of the draft multiple framework contract).
2. Submission of a tender entails the waiver by tenderers of their own conditions of sale or
   work. Submission of a tender shall bind the tenderer during performance of the contract,
   should it be awarded to him.
3. Before submitting a tender, tenderers must take all the steps required to gain a proper
   understanding of the scale and nature of the subject of the invitation to tender and of any
   potential difficulties. By the fact of submitting a tender, tenderers shall acknowledge that
   they know the risks and problems linked to the performance of the contract.
4. The period of validity of tenders, during which tenderers are required to maintain all the
   terms and conditions in their tenders, is 12 (twelve) months from the closing date for the
   submission of tenders.
   The specifications relating to the draft multiple framework contract are appended to this
   invitation. The specifications lay down all the documents to accompany the tender
   submission, including documents substantiating economic, financial, technical and
   professional capacity.
5. This invitation to tender does not entail any obligation on the part of the Participating
   institutions; this shall arise only when the contract is signed with the successful tenderer.
   Likewise, submission of a tender shall in no way entitle a firm to the award of the contract
   or a part thereof. Until the contract is signed the Participating institutions may either
   withdraw from the contract or cancel the procurement procedure, without candidates or
   tenderers being able to claim any compensation for any expenses incurred, including any
   travel costs. Where applicable, the reasons for that decision will be stated and communicated
   to all the candidates or tenderers.
6. The tenderers will be informed of the decision taken on their tender.
7. Expenses incurred in connection with preparing and submitting tenders shall be borne by
   tenderers and may not be reimbursed.
8. Tenders will remain the property of the [name of Participating institution].

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9. The follow-up to tenderers' response to the invitation to submit a tender will entail the
   registration and processing of personal data (e.g. name, address, CV). Such data will be
   processed in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on the protection of individuals
   with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and
   on the free movement of such data. Unless otherwise indicated, the replies to questions and
   the personal data requested are necessary for the evaluation of the tender, in accordance with
   the specifications of this call for tenders, and will be processed solely by the [name of
   Participating institution] designated as the data controller for that purpose. Upon request, the
   tenderer may obtain details of his/her personal data and he/she may rectify any personal data
   which are inaccurate or incomplete. The tenderer may contact the [name of Participating
   institution] designated as the data controller in respect of any matter relating to the
   processing of the tenderer's personal data. The tenderers are entitled to have recourse at any
   time to the European Data Protection Supervisor with regard to the processing of tenderers'
   personal data.


All contact between tenderers and the Participating institutions shall be prohibited throughout
the procedure, save in exceptional cases and in the following circumstances:
           prior to the closing date for the submission of tenders :
At the request of tenderers:
The European Parliament, acting in its capacity as organiser of this call for tenders, may
communicate additional information to interested parties solely for the purpose of clarifying the
nature of the contract.
In order to receive additional information for the sole purpose of clarifying the nature of the
contract, tenderers who wish to obtain additional information on the documents making up the
call for tenders should submit their questions solely in writing.
The only point of contact during the submission period is the person designated in this Invitation
to tender. Prospective tenderers wishing to ask any questions should contact that person by e-
mail alone. Questions should be clear and concise and refer explicitly to the relevant article in
the specifications/Draft contract/Invitation. For practical purposes, they should be drafted in
English and sent to no later than 9 March
2011      inclusive.   The    replies     will be     regularly    posted    on     web      page Last publication will take place on 14
March 2011. The contact person is under strict instructions not to agree to any telephone
communication with tenderers. No information will be provided with regard to any particular
stage in the procedure.
At the initiative of the contracting authorities:
If their departments discover an error, an inaccuracy, a lack of precision, an omission or any
other material shortcoming in the wording of the contract notice, the invitation to submit a
tender, the draft contract or the specifications, they may notify all those concerned by posting a
notice on web page
Interested parties are strongly recommended to consult this site at regular intervals up to the
final date for the submission of tenders.

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              after the tenders have been opened and on the Participating institutions'
If the tender gives rise to requests for explanations, or with a view to correcting material errors
in the wording of the tender, the European Parliament may take the initiative in contacting the
tenderer. Any such contact may not result in the terms of the tender being modified.
No information of any kind will be given with regard to any particular stage in the procedure of
the evaluation of tenders until the final award of the contract.


Tenders will be opened at 10.30 on 5 April 2011 in room L6 A100 of the Schuman Building,
L-2929 Luxembourg.
Each tenderer may be represented by not more than one person, who must produce a letter of
authority issued by the tenderer.
Tenderers wishing to attend the opening of the tenders are asked to notify the department
responsible for managing this procurement procedure no later than 1 April 2011 by post at the
following address:
Official Mail Service
For the attention of Maria Härdin Howat
Konrad Adenauer Building, Room 00D001
by fax: + 352 4300 29032
or by e- mail at the following address:

Date:                                    Signature:

                                         Maria Härdin Howat
                                         Head, External Translation Unit

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