Consumer perception and brand analysis of women s wear (DOC) by wuxiangyu


									  Dr.Hari Govind Mishra, Lecturer, School of business , Shri

             Mata Vaishno Devi University J& K

    Ms. Rashi Taggar, Lecturer , School of business , Shri

             Mata Vaishno Devi University J&K

    Consumer perception and Brand analysis of Women’s

   wear in Indian Market :- A case analysis of Allen Solly



  The women’s wear market in India has the potential to

grow into a Rs 61,572 crore market size by 2010. Maturing

at the rate of 15.2 per cent, as compared to the growth of the

total apparel sector at 14.7 per cent, women’s wear has

enjoyed a steady 32 per cent market share. In fact, it is the
segment that currently shows the highest growth rate among

all major apparel segments.

  India’s domestic fashion market for apparel, textiles and

fashion accessories is currently worth Rs 113,500 crore,

which is 9 per cent of the overall retail market (Rs 12,00,000

crore/US$270 billion) as per the India Retail Report 2007.

The country's organized retail market is worth Rs 55,000

crore, with apparel, textiles and fashion accessories

accounting for 39 per cent, registering a steady year-on-year

growth of 10.7 per cent for the past couple of years. Of the

total Rs 113,500 crore fashion market size, women’s wear

accounts for 29 per cent share. Second only to the

menswear segment, the women’s wear market in the country

has enjoyed a robust presence with a steady 32 per cent of

market share. Excluding uniforms and unisex apparel, the
market share of major apparel segments (menswear, women

swear and kid swear) in 2006 stood at Rs 91,950 crore, with

women swear accounting for more than 38 per cent of the

pie at Rs 34,960 crore.

  Women’s wear is also the segment that currently shows

the highest growth rate among all major apparel segments –

at more than 15 per cent (15.2 per cent to be exact). One

realizes the significance of the segment’s development in

light of the fact that the growth of the total apparel sector

stands at 14.7 per cent over last year's performance.

  The fashion industry survives, thrives mainly due to the

womenfolk. The variations in women wear available are

almost impossible to enumerate. Women wear includes a

large range from women’s clothing to footwear, fashion
jewelry, fashion bags. Fashion gloves, sunglasses, hats,

shawls etc.

  Women’s apparels are the items that are making their own

place in the standard market. These women’s apparel are

the clothing items that are available in different variety,

designs, color and sizes. The different category of women’s

clothing includes evening wear women’s, women’s formal

wear, casual women’s apparel etc. The different types of

women’s clothing includes skirts, wrap around skirts, pants,

cropped pants, jeans, tops, turtleneck tops, jackets, leather

garments, shirts, capris, sarongs, ponchos, lace wear,

designer lingerie gowns, blouses, sarees, salwar-kameez

and dupattas. They would use all their aesthetic skills to

choose from these.
  When we talk about Indian traditional women’s clothing

then we can easily include salwar kamiz, sarees, duppatas

etc. Which can be worn as casual wear, formal wear or

evening wear. All of these clothing items have won

thousands of hearts since ages. These are easily available

in number of clothing shop in variety of designs and style.

When it comes to looking for bridal wedding apparel that is

both exquisite and exclusive wedding sarees appear as an

obvious answer. Wedding sarees and lehnga cholis are

available in a variety of colors and designs.

  Women always find a way to dress for an occasion. When

one refers to women’s formal wear or evening wear they are

talking about long dresses which touch the ground or

cocktail dresses. The ideal fabric for women formal wear
would be silk, satin, velvet or crepe. When one is undecided

about an appropriate color - black is always a safe choice,

as it looks dressy and smart. Red is another color of choice -

however some women shy away from choosing it. Lace is

also a fabric of choice for women’s formal wear. It could go

as a full gown or a dressy separate with a smart satin skirt.

Sequined gowns have also found favor as women’s formal

or evening wear. A sequined blouse along with a satin skirt

also makes the wearer look elegant.

  When expressions to be searched after are elegance and

exclusivity the obvious answer that comes to the mind is

embroidered fabrics. Embroidery basically refers to the art or

handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with

designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle.
Embroidery ladies apparel is evergreen fashion amongst

ladies. Embroidery ladies apparel can be worn socially,

formally as well as in parties and wedding.

  To match with their choice of clothing, women choose

boots, sandals, shoes, gloves, hats, stockings, jewelry, bags

etc. Women wear separate apparel for a celebration, office

or formal wear and casual wear.


  The main aim of collecting primary data was to analyze

the perception of women as regards to formal wear. The

brand personality of Allen Solly Women’s wear was to be

   The research was both exploratory and descriptive in

nature. The data was collected from primary as well as

secondary sources of information.

  (1) Sources of primary data:

   Primary data was collected through questionnaires which

  were filled by the female students of SMVDU. The type of

  sampling was Convenience sampling since the population

  elements selected for inclusion in the sampling were on

  the basis of ease of access.

  Sample size: 50 respondents

  (2) Sources of Secondary data:

   Secondary data was collected from different sources like

internet, books, magazines, and Journals
  Opportunity in Women’s wear market

  It’s the era of power dressing for the new independent

woman. Chic business suits, pin-striped trim trousers,

snazzy short jackets to fitted shirts — the czarinas of the

corporate world are sporting the male silhouette with great

élan. The most integral aspect of a woman’s life has

undergone a ravishing revamp — her wardrobe.

  When Madura Garments set out to make purple as an

acceptable colour to wear at boardroom sessions it was not

simply setting a new fashion trend but also sending a subtle

message of change in corporate outlook. The company was

dressing up to be the numero-uno in the branded ready-

made segment in the country than being a supplier to some

of the best known international brands from India. Many

seasons of fashion have came and gone since then and the
company has emerged as the trend setter for ready-made

garments in the country with its brands becoming almost

household names. Take out any major brands — Louis

Philippe, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, Peter England, Byford,

and Elements— all belongs to the stable of Madura

Garments, the wholly owned subsidiary of Indian Rayons and

Industries Ltd. The growth rate of 25 per cent per annum in

the initial years of its inception has more or less settled to 15

per cent growth per annum. Says Prakash Nedungadi, the

engineer turned CEO spearheading the operations of Madura

Garments, says the entire strategy boils down to three things:

“thrust on international styling, top quality and an eye for


   The company has also chalked out a strategy of focusing

on consumer value, brand building and operating efficiencies
to overcome the short term challenges. Strengthening global

presence through continued focus on contract exports and

enhanced branded exports through entry into new market are

other keys element of the strategy.

  Getting tech savvy is a key feature of improving

operational efficiency. The company — the first in the country

— will be deploying SAP’s apparel and footwear ERP

solution in this regard. The project costing Rs 10 crore is

expected to bring down costs of managing supply chain

substantially.Of the estimated Rs 43,000 crore apparel

market, the potential for formal outerwear has been pegged

at Rs 5,000 crore of which 90 per cent is from tailored

outerwear. This market is expected to touch Rs 10,000 crore

over the next few years with ready made tracing a CAGR of

41 per cent, according to market reports.


  Allen Solly conducted a market research which showed

that the retailers were selling more men's trousers in the 26-

28 sizes because more women are buying these trousers for

themselves. This was one of the factors that prompted

Madura Garments to extend its Allen Solly brand to women. It

was seen that partners were constantly asking for lower size

trousers for women.

  Before venturing into this new segment, the company

undertook a nationwide research through Indian Market

Research Bureau (IMRB). One of the main points that came

up was the paucity of right fits in the market today. Research

also showed that the Indian woman's fit was different. Its

findings revealed that despite women being a sizeable work
force, heading offices and changing the way business was

done, work clothes didn't seem to have kept pace with them.

While they loved ethnic wear, they found it cumbersome,

elaborate and layered, and it tended to sag and fade. As for

the Western apparel that was already in the market, its

unsuitability to Indian builds and lack of international styling

put them off. Allen Solly was probably the first brand in India

in its genre, to launch a business line for women. Says,

Sooraj Bhat, brand manager, Allen Solly, “The rationale was

fairly simple and straightforward. Women were beginning to

make their mark in corporate circles. While this

metamorphosis was taking place, there were hardly any

choices available for women to reflect the changing attitude.”

  Allen Solly gambit is its offer of various fits for the Indian

woman who, according to the company, falls into one of four
body types. Comfort, straight, trim and regular are the various

fits offered. The trousers range in sizes from 26 to 36 inches,

with a 38-inch trouser in the pipeline. The comfort fit was

reportedly a hit as women looking for Western clothing in

large sizes found something for them here.

  The brand also prides itself on its high quality fabric, a

variety of colors and designs and pricing. The fabric includes

cotton and cotton blends as well as tencel, polynosics, lycra,

rayon blends and soft acrylic, which suit the demands of

today's busy work environment. Knitted tops range in price

from Rs 499 to Rs 999, woven tops from Rs 599 to Rs 999.

Trousers are in the Rs 799-1,099 range.

  Allen Solly's clothes will target the woman who wears

Western outfits to work once or twice a week. This woman is

also in the 22-40 year age group and self-assured. The range
was initially test launched in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata

and Kochi.

  The company conducted surveys on Indian work culture,

which has changed in the last 10 years. Various factors such

as more women in the work place, in challenging jobs, which

include long-haul travel, were indicators of the need for

Western wear. The research showed that the        segment is

estimated to be round about Rs 6,000 crore (saris and salwar

kameez included). He said that the market size of Western

wear was around Rs 600 crore. This segment is expected to

grow in the next few years, he said.

  Allen Solly is launching its women’s wear collection with a

special focus on the seasons of Autumn and Winter. Allen

Solly is coming out with jackets, both semi-formal and casual.

The women’s wear range is made for fabrics such as
  polyester, micro and fleece, which are high on comfort and


  The knitted tops, in the light to heavy-knit range, are priced

from Rs 499 to Rs 999. The woven-tops range is priced

between Rs 599 and Rs 999. The trousers range starts at Rs

  L   MARKETS        Formal   Casual

ATE                          Wear     Wear








            1.     MALE:
                        LATERAL            MARKET
           (a)     Trousers                                 

V          (b)     T-Shirts                                
R          (c)     Cargos


C           2.     FEMALE:
           (a)     Knitted Tops
           (b)     Woven Tops
           (c)     Shirts                       
           (d)     Trousers

E          (e)     Jackets

                       Findings & Analysis

    1) Occasions which require you to be formally dressed
      Analysis:Out of the given options,most of the respondents
preferred to wear formals at the time of interviews,presentations and

  2) Preference for formal wear apparel
 Analysis:Formal trousers were the preferred choice for
                        formal wear.

3) Apparels you prefer to wear to work

Analysis:The respondents preferred to wear Salwar kamiz
                   and Formal trousers

4) Attributes represented by formal wear.
   Analysis:Most of the respondents percieved that formal
wear represents a sophisticated personality and is a sign of

  5) Usage of branded clothes
Analysis:Out of the total respondents,94% purchased
                    branded clothes

6) Preference for shopping for formal wear
Analysis:Most of the respondents got their formal clothes
                  from Multi Brand Outlets.

  7) Frequency of purchase of formal wear
  Analysis:Most of the respondents preffered to buy formal clothes
                            once in a year.

8) Expenditure on purchase of formal on each shopping trip

   Analysis:Most of the respondents spent more than Rs1000 on each of the
                             shopping trips.
 9) Familiarity with the brands

Analysis:Most of the respondents were familiar with the Allen Solly

                             and Wills brands

10) Personality traits describing Allen Solly best:
  Analysis:According to the respondents,the brand Allen Solly is
someone stylish,professional,elegant ,sophisticated and fashionable


                         “ALLEN SOLLY”


 PROFESSIONAL                                          soph isticat

            ELEGANT                                FASHIONABLE
  Comparative analysis between Men’s & Women’s wear

  Readymade clothes in the men’s segment include brands

like Louis Phillp, Van Heusen, Park Avenue and

Zodiac.Zodaic was probably the earliest of brands to create

a personality in this segment with its iconic model

symbolizing formal, elegant and professional looks. As in

certain other categories, the pioneering brand did not

probably use early entry advantage and Park Avenue, a later

entrant, was successful in creating the personality, of a well-

dressed and successful corporate professional. Allen Solly

,with its semi-formal approach of Friday dressing appealed

to “innovative, experimentative , non-conforming and casual

executives in software companies and advertising agencies

.Raymond, after hammering down its USP of being a “guide
to a well-dressed male “during the eighties, created “the

complete man “during the nineties.

  In case of women’s wear, initially there were two brands-

Vimal and Garden-which successfully attempted a different

brand personality orientation during the eighties. Vimal was

portrayed as lively, other-directed and full-of-verve, and

Garden was oriented towards ’proud, aloof and distinctively

classy’. Both the brands did not seem to have sustained the

respective personality association after formulating them in a

very creative manner. As a number of personality

dimensions have been explored and used in the

fabric/ready-made category, it would be a challenge for new

brands entering the category; it would be a challenge for

new brands entering the category to cultivate a distinctive

                  CONCLUSION & SUGGESTIONS

 Nowadays there is an increase in number of women in corporate, due
   to which the trend is shifting in such a way that there is a huge
   untapped potential in the formal women’s wear markets, so the focus
   of the big brands is shifting towards women’s wear. The research
   conducted by Madura Garments showed that women were buying the
   formal trousers meant for men since there was no specific brand
   which could cater to their needs, which prompted Madura Garments
   to venture into women wear.
 Formal wear is preferred by the women at work.
 Allen Solly enjoys a favorable opinion in the minds of people as its
   personality has been associated with style, elegance, sophistication
   and fashion.
 The brand Allen Solly has been described as a brand possessing
   attributes like style, elegance, sophistication and fashion, so the
   company can reinforce these attributes in the advertisement campaign.
 Allen Solly should include offer other types of fabrics for formal
   trousers like sand silk.


      www.maduragarmentscom






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