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					                                                              MATERIALS ON THE MAYA
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  SPANISH       Popol-vuh.
  299 Po

  299.7 Ni      Mexican and Central American Mythology.

  370.117 El    Teacher Talk: Multicultural Lesson Plans for the Elementary Classroom.

  370.19 Da     Teaching With a Multicultural Perspective: A Practical Guide.

  372.8 Fo      Integrating Instruction in Social Studies: Stratesies, Activities, Projects, Tools,
                and Techniques.

  372.89 Ma     Egyptians, Maya, Minoans.

  390 Gr        Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life. Volume 3

  SPANISH       Los Dioses y el Maíz.
  398.2 Di

  CL 398.2 Ge   Fiesta Femenina: Celebrating Women in Mexican Folktales.

  CL 398.2 Ge   People of Corn: A Mayan Story.

  CL 398.2 Ma   The Story of Colors = La Historia de los Colores.

  CL 398.2 Mi   Doña Luna.

  SPANISH       Las Dos Iguanas.
  398.2 Mo

  CL 398.2 Mo   La Carrera del Sapo y el Venado: Mito Maya. (The Race of Toad and Deer.)
                (English and Spanish)

  CL 398.2 Mo   La Noche Que se Cayó la Luna: Mito Maya. (The Night the Moon Fell: A Maya
                Myth.) (English and Spanish)

  SPANISH       El Rey Colibrí: Leyenda Guatemalteca.
  398.2 Pa

  SPANISH       Song of the Chirimia: A Guatemalan Folktale. (La Música de la Chirimia)
  398.2 Vo      (English and Spanish)

  398.208 Sp    The Myths of Mexico and Peru.

Maya 7/22/10
  CL 398.208 Re   Handbook of Mesoamerican Mythology.

  497.415 Mo      Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs.

  510 Ma          Math Across Cultures.

  510.17 Ba       Math and Science Across Cultures: Activities and Investigations from the

  SPANISH         Ancient Mexican Art Prints: Ancient Maya Art.
  704.948 Fu

  708.8 Ch        Latin American Arts & Cultures.

  709 Im          Images of Mexico: The Contribution of Mexico to 20th Century Art: Catalogue
                  of the Exhibition.

  709.72 Mi       Courtly Art of the Ancient Maya.

  SPANISH         Ancient Mexican Art Prints-Prehispanic Disc Designs.
  745.4 Fu

  754.5 Me        Hands-on Latin America: Art Activities for All Ages.

  CL 811 He       Mayan Drifter: Chicano Poet in the Lowlands of America.

  CL 812 Mo       Hungry Woman.

  897 An          Ancient American Poets.

  910.9 Sc        Explorers: Cooperative Learning Activities.

  SPANISH         Rigoberta: La Nieta de los Mayas.
  92 Men

  930 Ba          Vanished Civilizations of the Ancient World.

  930 My          Mysteries of the Past.

  930.1 Di        Digging Deep: Teaching Social Studies Through the Study of Archaeology.

  SPANISH         El Fascinante Mundo de las Piramides.
  932 Mi

  932 Pu          Pyramid.

  970.004 Lo      Lost Empires, Living Tribes.

  940.1 Kn        Middle Ages: Almanac.

Maya 7/22/10
  970.1 Le        Ancient America.

  970.6 Le        Pre-Columbian Ceramics.

  970.6 Ro        Pre-Columbian Architecture.

  970.65 Co       Indian Art of Mexico and Central America.

  972 Ba          Aztec, Inca and Maya.

  SPANISH         Aztecas, Incas y Mayas.
  972 Ba

  CL 972 Ga       Spirit of the Maya: A Boy Explores His People’s Mysterious Past.

  972 Ga          Of Gods and Men: Mexico and the Mexican Indian.

  972 He          A Mayan Town through History.

  972 He          The World of the Ancient Maya.

  972 Iv          Maya.

  972 Pr          An Album of Maya Architecture.

  CL 972 St       Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan.

  CL 972 St       Incidents of Travel in Yucatan.

  SPANISH         Mayas, Aztecas, Incas.
  972 Va

  SPANISH         Los Mayas.
  972.004 Bo

  SPANISH         Los Mayas.
  972.004 Co

  SPANISH         La Civilización Maya.
  972.004 Ge

  SPANISH         Los Mayas: Historia, Arte y Cultura.
  972.004 Gu

  CL 972.004 Mu   Antes Que América, los Mayas y los Aztecas.

  CL 972.004 Pi   Chichén Itzá.

  CL 972.004 Sc   A Forest of Kings: The Untold Story of the Ancient Maya.

Maya 7/22/10
  SPANISH            Misterio de los Antiguos.
  972.004 Um

  972.01 Be          Early Civilizations in the Americas: Almanac. Vol. 2

  972.01 Be          Early Civilizations in the Americas: Biographies and Primar Sources.

  SPANISH            En Busca del Mar del Sur: Núñez de Balboa y el Descubrimiento del Oceano
  972.8 Va           Pácifico.

  972.81 Fo          Handbook of Life in the Ancient Maya World.

  972.81 Mar         Look Close, See Far: Images of the Maya.

  SPANISH            Lirios de Agua Para una Diosa.

  E 24 Row 1 Shelf 15        Maya Indians: A Sixteenth Century Maya Family.

  E 44                       Math of Mexico. (Poster)

  E 219 Row 6 Shelf 6        Mayan Vase.

  E 4118 Row 7 Shelf 5       Jaguars and Other Cats.

  E 4620                     Maya of Guatemala: A Culture Kit.

  E 7060                     Honduras Culture Kit.

                                           LIBRARY PANELS
  LP 141       Pre-Columbian Art. (Panel 5: The Maya -- Southern Mexico, Northern Guatemala).

  LP 149       Murals.

                                           VIDEOS AND DVD’S
         NUMBER                                      TITLE                         LEVEL      TIME
  MP 2168 VHS            Mexican Indian Legends.                                  I-M-S     16 Min.

  MP 4787 VHS            Tree of Life.                                            M-S       30 Min.

  MP 5343 VHS            Mexican Prehispanic Cultures.                            M-S       30 Min.

  SPANISH                Culturas Prehispánicas de México.                        M-S       30 Min.
  MP 5343 VHS

Maya 7/22/10
  SPANISH       El Enigma de Quetzalcóatl.                                I-M-S   56 Min.
  MP 5483 VHS

  MP 5548 VHS   Lost Kingdoms of the Mayas.                               I-M-S   60 Min.

  SPANISH       La Conquista: The Spanish Conquest of America, Part 1.    I-M-S   22 Min.
  MP 5654 VHS

  SPANISH       Palenque: El Explorador / Monte Albán: Uno Muerte.        I-M-S   55 Min.
  MP 5661 VHS

  SPANISH       Uxmal: Piedras de Lluvia / Chichen Itza: La Palabra del   I-M-S   55 Min.
  MP 5662 VHS   Chilam.

  MP 5887 VHS   Origins: Lost Civilizations.                              M-S     27 Min.

  MP 5912 VHS   Mayan Mystery.                                            M-S     18 Min.

  MP 5950 VHS   Artisans and Traders.                                     S-Pro   60 Min.

  MP 6077 VHS   Collapse.                                                 S-Pro   60 Min.

  MP 6129 VHS   The Search for Ancient Americans.                         M-S     58 Min.

  MP 6136 VHS   Archeological Yucatán.                                    I-M-S   53 Min.

  SPANISH       Puuc.                                                     I-M-S   25 Min.
  MP 6331 VHS

  SPANISH       Palenque.                                                 I-M-S   24 Min.
  MP 6332 VHS

  MP 6241 VHS   The Art of the Americas before Columbus.                  S       18 Min.

  MP 6407 VHS   Easter in Guatemala.                                      M-S     22 Min.

  MP 6670 VHS   The Ruta Maya Experience.                                 M-S     47 Min.

  MP 6683 VHS   Popol Vuh, Creation Myth of the Maya.                     M-S     60 Min.

  SPANISH       La Cuidad Perdida de los Maya. (Lost City of              I-M     18 Min.
  MP 6962 VHS   the Maya)

  SPANISH       El Misterio de los Maya. (Mystery of the Maya)            I-M     21 Min.
  MP 6971 VHS

  MP 6986 VHS   The Art and Architecture of The Maya.                     I-M-S   54 Min.

Maya 7/22/10
  SPANISH       Religion del Tiempo y La Religion del Poder.             M-S     54 Min.
  MP 7041 VHS

  SPANISH       Cantos y Oraciones/Guerras y Sacrificios.                M-S     54 Min.
  MP 7043 VHS

  MP 7502 VHS   Cinco de Mayo.                                           P-I     25 Min.

  SPANISH       Música Maya.                                             I-M-S   35 Min.
  MP 7528 VHS

  MP 7698 VHS   Danzante.                                                M-S     28 Min.

  SPANISH       Viva la Causa!: 500 Años de la Historia Chicana. (Also   M-S     30 Min.
  MP 7726 VHS   available in English)

  MP 8245 VHS   Central America Close-up.                                I-M-S   28 Min.

  MP 8146 VHS   Ancient Maya.                                            I-M-S   23 min.

  MP 8484 VHS   In Search of the Maya.                                   I-M-S   30 Min.

  MP 8738 VHS   The Maya                                                 I-M-S   30 Min.

  MP 8922 DVD   Guatemala. (Countries Around the World)                  P-I     13 Min.

Maya 7/22/10

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