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News from Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.      Fall 2009

                                         A Different
                                         type of
                                          GLK Sponsors Gardiner
                                         Memorial Basketball Classic
News from Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.

IN THIS ISSUE { Fall 2009 }
 3 Of Note
 4 Wal-Mart Update
 5 Terrible Tape
      A Nightmare of Pain
 6    cover story
      A Different Kind
      of Court
      Lawyers Shooting Hoops
 8 Traumatic Brain Injury             Dear Readers,
                                                                                    nd edition of the newly redesigned LawUp
 9 Our Winning Team                     You may be surprised to find our seco                                                          
                                                                                    5 yea rs, Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. has been
                                      features a cover story on basketball. For 2                                         ion about 
                                                                                    s and peers with up-to-date informat
10 Exceptional Case                   dedicated to providing our clients, friend
                                                                          e legal community and this edition of Law
                                                                                                                       Update is no 
                                       our firm and the issues facing th
      GLK’s Michael Fruhling                                                          ding the work our fir m does in the courtroom, 
                                       different. With that said, part of understan
      Featured in New York Magazine                                                                   this summer our entire firm 
                                       is knowing the w  ork we do outside of the courtroom and 
                                                                                             the Bronx by sponsoring The 4  Annual 
                                                                                     ent in
                                       took part in a tremendous community ev
11 Settlements & Verdicts              Gardiner Memorial Basketball Classic.
                                                                                     e Gardiner Foundation, an organization th
                                           The tournament was in support of th
                                                                                       ity for families w ho are coping with the pain and 
                                         does some amazing work in the commun
                                                                                                  out the tournament, the foundation, 
                                         anguish o   f losing loved ones. You can learn more ab                                       . You 
                                                                                       ith this amazing event in the pages to come
                                          the work they do, and our involvement w                                      ent in the legal 
                                                                                          ers and our firms’ involvem
                                          will also find the newest news on our partn                                ticles that have been 
                                          community in the “News B     rief ” section, along with the traditional ar
                                          a staple since we first began publishing Law

                                                                                           pportunity to 
                                            As always, we see this publication as an o
                                          reach out to the extended Gersow      itz Libo, & Korek, P.C. 
                                                                                         omments, or 
                                          community and welcome any responses, c
                                           suggestions to help u s better ser ve you.

                                                                     Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.

     LawUpdate is a publication of 
     Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.  
          of New York, NY.  
           Edited by
 Eugene C. Trager & Jennifer Fink

2  LawUpdate — Fall 2009
oF NoTE                                                                               HavE
GLK Featured in New York Magazine 2009                                                QUESTIoNS?
Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. was featured in New York Magazine in the 
2009  Personal  Injury  Litigator’s  Edition  presented  by  the  New  York  Law 

                                                                                      You can learn more about Gersowitz 
                                                                                      Libo & Korek, P.C. at:

                                                                                      Contact us at 
                                                                                      with questions or concerns.

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                                                                                      internet está ahora
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                                                                                      por favor visítenos.

New York Super Lawyers 2009

                    Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. is proud to announce that 
                    Andrew L. Libo and Jeff S. Korek were named by Super 
                    Lawyers magazine as two of the top lawyers in the New 
                    York metro area. A publication of the journal Law & Poli-
                    tics, Super Lawyers conducts a rigorous analysis of law-
                    yers across the country to find the best lawyers based on 
                    peer review, published articles and many other criteria.

      “One needs to be slow to form convictions,                                 “Our lives begin to end
       but once formed they must be defended                                    the day we become silent
             against the heaviest odds.”                                       about things that matter.”
                 mahatma Gandhi                                           martin Luther KinG, Jr.

                                                                                            measures  and  safety  protocols,  cou-
                                                                                            pled with their lack of regard for Jdi-
                                                                                            mytai’s  inexperience  in  dealing  with 

                                                                                            W        e are pleased to announce that 
                                                                                                     the U.S. Department of Labor 
                                                                                            Occupational  Safety  and  Health  Ad-
                                                                                            ministration (“O.S.H.A.”) issued a Ci-
                                                                                            tation  of  Violation  to  Wal-Mart,  Inc. 
                                                                                            related to this incident at their Green 
                                                                                            Acres  location,  stating  that  “reason-
                                                                                            able and effective crowd management 

TError oN loNg ISlaNd parT II
                                                                                            principles  were  not  implemented  to 
                                                                                            prevent the hazard of asphyxiation by 
                                                                                            crowd crush.” Wal-Mart was required 
                                                                                            by O.S.H.A to abate the violation. 
          GLK update                        pulled  away  from  his  duties  in  order         Recently, attorney Edward H. Ger-
                                            to  control  the  crowd  that  had  gath-       sowitz of our office forwarded a copy 

I n our last edition of LawUpdate we 
  brought  you  the  story  of  Jdimytai 
Damour,  a  Wal-Mart  employee  who 
                                            ered for the store’s black Friday sales. 
                                            Upon opening the doors to the store 
                                            at  5  a.m.,  the  crowd  of  eager  shop-
                                                                                            of O.S.H.A.’s findings to the New York 
                                                                                            State  Attorney  General’s  Office  to 
                                                                                            push  for  an  investigation  by  the  At-
was trampled by a horde of shoppers         pers began to force their way into the          torney  General’s  Office.  Gersowitz 
at a Wal-Mart in Valley Stream on the       store. Jdimytai, alone facing the mob,          Libo & Korek, P.C. has been working 
day after Thanksgiving 2008.                fell to the ground and was trampled to          closely with Jdimytai’s family over the 
    Jdimytai was hired as a temporary       death while trying to protect a woman           past year to make sure that a tragic in-
maintenance worker at the Wal-Mart          who was 8 months pregnant from the              cident  like  this  never  happens  again 
at  the  Green  Acres  Mall  during  the    crush of the crowd.                             and  continues  to  vigorously  investi-
holiday  season.  On  the  morning  of          This  tragic  incident  was  the  result    gate  as  it  prepares  to  file  a  lawsuit  in 
November  28,  2008,  Jdimytai  was         of  Wal-Mart’s  inadequate  security            this matter.

                                                          Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C., is a proud sponsor
                                                                         of Hoops 4 Hope.
                                                         Hoops 4 Hope is a not-for-profit organization that
                                                          supports youth development in Zimbabwe and
                                                         South Africa by working with schools, shelters, and
                                                                    community organizations.
                                                          For more information, visit

4  LawUpdate — Fall 2009
                                                                                                 of umbilical tape inside of our client’s 
                                                                                                 body at the end of the procedure. The 
                                                                                                 piece of umbilical tape is a tiny, thread 
                                                                                                 like piece of medical tape used to tem-
                                                                                                 porarily hold tissue back during a sur-
                                                                                                 gical  procedure  such  as  the  one  our 
                                                                                                 client  underwent.  However,  the  tape 
                                                                                                 should never have been left inside of 
                                                                                                 his  body  after  the  completion  of  his 
                                                                                                 radical prostatectomy.

                                                                                                 T    he  piece  of  umbilical  tape  that 
                                                                                                      was left inside of our client caused 
                                                                                                 a  host  of  medical  problems  for  him. 
                                                                                                 Among  the  issues  that  developed 
                                                                                                 from the umbilical tape were: bladder 
                                                                                                 neck  contractures  and  strictures,  uri-
                                                                                                 nary incontinence, urinary retention, 
                                                                                                 and debilitating pain and discomfort. 

TErrIblE TapE                                                                                        Due  to  these  problems,  the  man 
                                                                                                 had to resort to wearing adult diapers 
                                                                                                 for  his  urinary  problems.  On  top  of 
Father of Two Turns to GLK after years of Pain                                                   wearing  adult  diapers,  he  continued 
                                                                                                 to suffer and endure the chronic pains 

I n  2002,  our  client,  a  married  man 
  with two adopted children, received 
news no father of two ever wishes to 
                                                                                                 caused by the surgical team’s mistake. 
                                                                                                 Furthermore,  over  the  course  of  six 
                                                                                                 years,  he  had  to  undergo  a  total  of 
hear  when  he  was  diagnosed  with                                                             16 separate procedures to correct his 
prostate  cancer  at  the  age  of  52.  Al-                                                     condition, one of which included the 
though the diagnosis hit him and his                                                             permanent  placement  of  an  artificial 
family  hard,  there  was  hope  that  the                                                       sphincter. The artificial sphincter is a 
cancer  could  be  removed  through  a                                                           device  that  was  surgically  implanted 
radical  prostatectomy  in  which  the                                                           in his body that allows him to control 
cancer  infected  prostate  is  removed.            Umbilical tape                               his urine so that he no longer had to 
The prostate was removed, as was the              should never have                              wear the adult diapers.
cancer,  but  the  surgery  was  far  from                                                           After years of anguish, 16 surgeries, 
successful.                                       been left inside his                           and  an  artificial  sphincter,  the  man 
   A  radical  prostatectomy  was  per-           body after surgery.                            turned to the medical malpractice law 
formed in May 2002 at a local hospi-                                                             expertise  of  Gersowitz  Libo  &  Ko-
tal to treat our client’s condition. The                                                         rek, P.C. to seek justice. Jeff S. Korek 
prostate and the cancer were removed           ther medical problems.                            handled the case, which was tried be-
and  the  doctors  believed  the  opera-          The  doctor  and  the  surgical  team          fore Justice Geoffrey Wright in the Su-
tion to have been a success. Unfortu-          assisting  in  the  procedure  failed  to         preme Court, Bronx County in July of 
nately, they were wrong. Although the          ensure that all of the equipment used             2009. Thanks to the hard work of Ger-
cancer  was  removed,  there  was  still       during  the  surgery  was  properly  ac-          sowitz  Libo,  &  Korek,  P.C.,  the  jury 
a harmful element left inside our cli-         counted  for  before  finishing  the  op-         awarded our client $3 million dollars 
ent’s body that would fester into fur-         eration.  As  a  result,  they  left  a  piece    for his injuries and pain and suffering. 

a dIFFErENT TypE oF CoUrT                                                                     family  didn’t  just  sponsor  the  pro-
                                                                                              gram,  nor  did  they  simply  watch  as 
                                                                                              other  teams  tore  it  up  on  the  court. 
Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. Sponsor the 4th                                                  Members of the firm, supported by a 
Annual Gardiner Memorial Basketball Classic                                                   cast of family and friends, took to the 
                                                                                              court themselves as team Lawyertime.
                                                                                              com.  played  with 
         cover Story                           demonstrated to Korek while playing            heart, but eventually lost to the tour-
                                               basketball.  After  losing  his  mother        nament  champions,  Jadakiss,  which 

G      ersowitz  Libo  &  Korek,  P.C. 
       jumped  onto  a  new  kind  of 
court this summer to support a great 
                                               and  sister  in  2006,  Gardiner  lost  5 
                                               family members and a close friend in 
                                               an automobile accident on the Bronx 
                                                                                              featured  former  University  of  Ar-
                                                                                              kansas  star  Kareem  Reid  and  former 
                                                                                              NBAer Kenny “K Sat” Saterfield.
cause  by  sponsoring  the  4th  Annual        River  Parkway  in  July  of  that  year.         “It was truly wonderful to have so 
Gardiner Memorial Basketball Classic           The  Gardiner  Memorial  Basketball            many teams come out to compete on 
in the Bronx. Our firms’ partners, Ed-         Classic, which began as a small com-           the  court  and  celebrate  the  achieve-
ward H. Gersowitz, Andrew L. Libo,             munity event, grew into a foundation           ments of these families in need,” said 
Jeff  S.  Korek,  Michael  A.  Fruhling,       that  reaches  out  to  families  who  are     Jeff S. Korek. “The Gardiner Founda-
and the entire office all converged on         suffering  from  the  loss  of  loved  ones 

the outdoor St. James Park with their          offering them emotional and spiritual          tion  does  fantastic  work  in  the  com-
families  and  hundreds  of  spectators        support.                                       munity  and  we  are  honored  to  be  a 
for  a  weekend  of  incredible  basket-          “The  tournament  has  grown  into          part of this year’s tournament.”
ball action, and to award three $1,500         a  really  special  event  over  the  last        The  scholarships  were  awarded 
scholarships  to  college  bound  stu-         four years and we are so happy to be           during  a  center  court  ceremony  that 
dents.                                         awarding  scholarships  to  help  these        took place just before the champion-
   The tournament, which is the pre-           students as they enter college,” Dexter        ship game at 3:30 PM on Sunday, Au-
mier event for the Gardiner Founda-            Gardiner said. “Everyone always has a          gust 16th. Over 2000 spectators were 
tion,  caught  the  attention  of  Jeff  Ko-   great time getting to know each other          fed  lunch  as  Chief  of  Staff  to  Bronx 
rek  while  playing  in  a  Westchester        on  and  off  the  court,  celebrating  our    Borough  President  Ruben  Diaz  Jr., 
basketball  league  with  the  founda-         lives while honoring those we dearly           Camella Pinkney-Price, offered words 
tions’ founder Dexter Gardiner. Dex-           miss,  and  enjoying  a  little  friendly      of encouragement to the players, spec-
ter Gardiner’s story is truly one of per-      competition.”                                  tators, and the many families in atten-
severance in life, a trait he had already         The Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.            dance  who  had  suffered  the  loss  of 

6  LawUpdate — Fall 2009
loved  ones recently.  Also  on  hand to       las Academy. He graduated in the top                “The Gardiner
speak out in support of the Gardiner           half of his class and will be attending 
Foundation was Washington Heights              Morrisville State University in the Fall           Foundation does
Assemblyman  Adriano  Espaillat  and           of ’09. He has volunteered at the first          fantastic work in the
City Councilman Larry Seabrook.                Caribbean  Baptist  Church  where  he 
   Durand Scott, a 19 year old gradu-          distributed food to the needy and also            community and we
ate  of  Rice  High  School,  was  one  of     worked  for  the  Boys  &  Girls  Harbor          are honored to be
the  scholarship  recipients.  Scott  will     of New York serving food to children. 
be attending The University of Miami           Wesley will be the first in his family to         a part of this year’s
on  a  basketball  scholarship  this  year.    attend college.                                      tournament.”
While at Rice High School, he led his             Dexter Gardiner, along with friend 
team to a New York State Champion-             and event organizer Alan Farrell, also                  — JEFF S. KorEK
ship and was named MVP in the New              took  time  to  hand  out  trophies  and 
York State Tournament.                         plaques  to  a  number  of  community 
   Another  recipient  was  Ashley             members  in  attendance.  A  number            on some fantastic basketball competi-
                                               of  youth  basketball  teams  and  play-       tion, finds its heart in the community 
                                               ers were called to the court to receive        that comes out to support each other. 
                                                                                              In addition to the awarding of schol-

Hargrove, an 18 year old graduate of           trophies  in  recognition  of  their  indi-    arships  and the crowning  of  a  cham-
Fredrick Douglas Academy. Hargrove             vidual and team commitments to the             pionship team, the Gardiner Founda-
earned  honors  throughout  her  high          value of hard work, perseverance, and          tion  honored  over  a  dozen  families 
school  career  and  earned  the  most         sportsmanship. In an unexpected pre-           who  are  coping  with  the  deaths  of 
creative  award  from  the  Sister  Em-        sentation,  the  entire  Gersowitz  Libo       loved  ones.  Many  members  of  these 
powerment  Organization.    She  was           &  Korek,  P.C.  family  was  recognized       families gathered around center court 
also  a  member  of  the  Future  Busi-        with  a  beautiful  plaque  in  thanks  for    for  special  recognition  and  to  share 
ness Leaders of America, where along           our  support  of  the  tournament.  We         each  other’s  grief,  while  celebrating 
with  her  peers,  she  organized  fund-       were  all  touched  by  this  wonderful        the lives of those no longer with them. 
raising  events  to  benefit  her  school      gesture  and  the  plaque  will  be  hung      At Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C., we 
at  the  Phillips  Community  Develop-         with pride in our offices as a reminder        are all too familiar with the pain and 
ment Center.                                   of a great event and the fantastic work        suffering these families deal with on a 
    The  final  scholarship  was  awarded      the  Gardiner  Foundation  does  be-           daily basis and this is an important re-
to  Wesley  Meyers.  Meyers  is  an  18        yond the tournament.                           minder of why we fight for our clients 
year  old  graduate  of  Fredrick  Doug-          The tournament, although centered           in the court of law.

$5 MIllIoN vErdICT
Connecticut CEO suffers Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A      s  the  saying  goes,  accidents  do 
       happen.  Unfortunately,  when 
an automobile accident happens, the 
consequences can be life altering and 
far  too  often  the  person  who  suffers 
the  worst  repercussions  is  not  the 
same  person  responsible  for  the  ac-
    David  Goodwick,  former  CEO  of 
Leverage  Marketing  Group  of  Con-
necticut, is one such person who had 
his life forever changed for the worse 
while riding in the backseat of a mo-          from  the  accident.  Each  year,  1.5         despite  years  of  cognitive  therapy 
tor vehicle. As the vehicle Mr. Good-          million  Americans  suffer  an  MTBI,          since  the  accident,  Mr.  Goodwick 
wick  was  travelling  in  went  through       resulting  in  80,000  long  term  conse-      would never regain the essential skills 
the Lincoln Tunnel on June 4, 2003 –           quences and 50,000 deaths.                     lost  due  to  the  brain  injury  he  suf-
the vehicle he was in was hit by a tour           Mr.  Goodwick’s  brain  injuries  re-       fered.  The  jury  agreed  and  awarded 
bus causing Mr. Goodwick to suffer a           sulted  in  a  loss  of  important  motor      Mr. Goodwick a total of $5 million in 
closed head trauma that would lead to          skills and reasoning skills which pre-         damages for suffering the MTBI. The 
very  serious  and  life altering  compli-     vent  him  from  performing  the  nec-         award  was  broken  down  into  $1mil-
cations.                                       essary  activities  for  daily  living.  He    lion  for  past  pain  and  suffering,  $1 
    The  tour  bus  crashed  into  the  ve-    was left unable to run his advertising         million for past lost earnings, $1 mil-
hicle  carrying  Mr.  Goodwick  from           business  and  manage  his  staff  of  15      lion for future pain and suffering, and 
behind.  Directly  after  the  crash,  Mr.     employees. As a result, Mr. Goodwick           $2 million for future lost earnings.
Goodwick  was  in  a  dazed  state  ac-        had no choice but to sell his company 
cording to two fellow passengers with 
Mr.  Goodwick.  As  time  passed  over 
the  following  weeks  and  years,  Mr. 
                                               and give up his source of income.
                                                  Faced  with  the  reality  that  he  no 
                                               longer  possessed  the  necessary  skills 
                                                                                              N     o one should ever be faced with 
                                                                                                    a life of pain and the inability to 
                                                                                              participate  in  fundamental  daily  ac-
Goodwick’s  symptoms  got  worse,              to hold a job, much less run his own           tivities because of the negative actions 
eventually  causing  him  to  be  unable       company,  Mr.  Goodwick  came  to              of another person. Mr. Goodwick was 
to work.                                       Gersowitz  Libo  &  Korek,  P.C.  for          severely  injured  because  of  the  care-
    What  started  as  a  daze  directly       help.  Understanding  the  trauma  he          lessness of another, resulting in an au-
following  the  crash,  developed  into        suffered as a result of the negligence of      tomobile  accident  that  never  should 
memory  loss,  confusion,  and  chron-         others, Jeff S. Korek and Stacey T. So-        have  happened.  Gersowitz  Libo,  & 
ic  headaches  in  the  weeks  following       kol tried Mr. Goodwick’s case in front         Korek, P.C. are thankful we were able 
the  crash.  As  the  symptoms  became         of the Supreme Court of the State of           to ease some of Mr. Goodwick’s pain 
worse,  instead  of  better,  Mr.  Good-       New York, County of New York.                  with a victory in court.
wick sought the help of a neurologist             In  court,  Korek  argued  success-            This article has been published with
and it became clear that he suffered a         fully on behalf of Mr. Goodwick and            the express written consent of our client
mild  traumatic  brain  injury  (MTBI)         his  family,  presenting  evidence  that       David Goodwick.

8  LawUpdate — Fall 2009
   Edgar Daniels has been with Gersowitz Libo & Ko-                Codey, the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court of New 
rek, P.C. for 2 years. As a legal assistant, he works closely      Jersey, Civil Division.
with the attorneys and staff, assisting them on a variety of 
legal matters. Edgar grew up in New York and Puerto Rico              Annette Berrios has been with Gersowitz Libo & Ko-
and  presently resides in  Brooklyn. An avid runner,  Edgar        rek, P.C. for over twelve years. As a bilingual Legal Assistant 
ran the New York City Marathon in November.                        and  No-Fault  Case  Manager,  Annette  puts  her  Criminal 
                                                                   Justice Degree to work for our clients as she opens the first 
   Brielle Goldfaden joined  the  firm  in  September              round  of  investigation  into  every  file.  No  question  is  too 
2009 as an Associate. Brielle is a graduate of Boston Uni-         difficult or unimportant for Annette. She spends time talk-
versity and obtained her law degree from Seton Hall Uni-           ing to clients and answering their questions, both in person 
versity  School  of  Law  in  May  of  2009.  As  an  associate    and over the phone. As the wife of a New York City Police 
member  of  Seton  Hall’s  Circuit  Review  Law  Journal,  she     Detective, Annette understands how important it is to fight 
authored a comment which was selected for publication. In          for the underdog. Annette is always willing to go above and 
the spring of 2009, Brielle participated in a juvenile justice     beyond to achieve the best results for our clients. 
clinic  where  she  represented  underprivileged  adolescents 
in over thirty court proceedings. Prior to earning her J.D., 
Brielle was a legal assistant at a plaintiff 's personal injury 
firm  and  was  an  intern  for  the  Honorable  Judge  Eugene       Learn more at

NEW yorK MagazINE 2009                                           Gersowitz  Libo  &  Korek,  P.C. 
                                                             commenced a lawsuit on behalf of the 
                                                             man’s family in Bronx Supreme Court. 
GLK’s Michael Fruhling Recognized                            After a three week trial, the case settled 
for Taking On an Exceptional Case                            after closing arguments but before the 
                                                             case  was  sent  to  the  jury.  Addition-
                                                             ally, as a result of the hard work of Mi-

M       ichael A. Fruhling was featured 
        in  New  York  Magazine’s  2009 
Personal Injury Exceptional Case sec-
                                                             chael  A.  Fruhling,  the  facility  agreed 
                                                             to  change  its  internal  procedures  so 
                                                             that  a  nurse’s  aide  would  accompany 
tion this past June.                                         patients  suffering  from  dementia  on 
    The case involved a 44 year old man                      trips outside of the facility. 
with  HIV/AIDS  related  dementia                                According to Michael A. Fruhling, 
who was a resident of a long-term care                       “This  case  in  particular  was  very  re-
facility.  After  receiving  dialysis  treat-                warding, as we were not only able to 
ment  at  a  nearby  hospital,  the  man                     make a difference for our client’s fam-
was transferred back to the long-term                        ily, but for other patients at the long-
care facility and left at the front desk                     term care facility. As part of the settle-
unattended.  The  man  disappeared.                          ment, the facility agreed to change its 
He was found dead on a park bench a                          internal policies.”
week later having died from exposure                             Read the article online at http://
and complications associated with his              
illness.                                                     sonalinjury/57362/

                                  glK CoMMUNITy oUTrEaCH
            Some of the organizations we are proud to be affiliated with:

             American Jewish Congress                 Maryhaven Center of Hope 
           Craig Lensch Scholarship Fund         National Reye’s Syndrome Foundation 
               Southampton Hostpital                        Autism Speaks
              The Gardiner Foundation                      Revlon Run/Walk 
         Helen Keller Services for the Blind          Seeds of Peace Youth Center 
           Immaculate Conception School              Southern Poverty Law Center 
       Judges and Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert      Strang Cancer Prevention Center 
                   Hoops 4 Hope                          The NYC Chapter of  
              Make a Wish Foundation               Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 
       Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center    WORC Geraldo Rivera Tennis Classic

10  LawUpdate — Fall 2009
Recent Wins from GLK

Motor vehicle/Commericial bus  —  A  verdict  in  the 
amount  of  $5 million  was  reached  in  New  York  County 
on behalf a 48 year old man who was a passenger in a mo-
tor vehicle which was rear ended by a commercial bus. As 
a result of the accident, our client suffered mild traumatic 
brain injury.

Medical Malpractice/Failure to diagnose  —  A  settle-
ment  during  trial  in  the  amount  of  $4.6 million  was 
reached in New York County on behalf of a 31 year old man 
whose doctors failed to diagnose him with toxoplasmosis. 
As a result, our client suffered a recurrence of toxoplasmo-
sis as well as seizures and speech and cognitive delays.

Medical Malpractice/legionnaire’s disease  —  A 
settlement  in  the  amount  of  $2.5 million  was  achieved 
in New York County on behalf of the family of a 42 year 
old woman who died after having been exposed to Legion-
naire’s disease while seeking treatment at a hospital for an     Motor vehicle — A settlement in the amount of $362,500 
unrelated condition.                                             was reached in Orange County on behalf of a 37 year old 
                                                                 year old woman who was seriously injured in a motor ve-
Motor vehicle/Illegal U-Turn  —  A  settlement  in  the          hicle accident after another vehicle crossed over a double 
amount of $1.2 million was reached in Middlesex County,          yellow line and collided with our client’s vehicle. Plaintiff 
New Jersey on behalf of a 49 year old man who sustained          suffered 5 fractured ribs, a hip fracture and a right collapsed 
injuries after his vehicle was struck by a commercial vehicle    lung as a result of the accident.
which made an illegal u-turn into his lane of travel. Our cli-
ent suffered a right thigh bone fracture and a right hip frac-   Motor vehicle/pedestrian Knockdown — A settlement 
ture as a result of the accident. Our client underwent three     in  the  amount  of  $330,000  was  reached  in  New  York 
surgeries related to these injuries.                             County on behalf of an 84 year old pedestrian in a cross-
                                                                 walk who was struck by a motor vehicle which improperly 
Train accident — A settlement during trial in the amount         made a left turn. The woman suffered a fractured ulna as a 
of $975,000 was reached in Queens County on behalf of a          result of the accident and had to undergo surgery to repair 
55 year man who was hit by a train as he attempted to dis-       injuries to her right elbow.
embark. Plaintiff suffered a below the knee amputation of 
his right leg as a result of the occurrence.                     Motor vehicle/Commercial vehicle  — A  settlement in 
                                                                 the amount of $200,000 was reached in Kings County on 
Medical Malpractice/Erbs palsy  —  A  settlement  was            behalf of a 24 year old building manager who was struck by 
reached  in  Kings  County  in  the  amount  of  $700,000  on    a commercial truck which ran through a red light. Our cli-
behalf of an infant child who sustained a right brachial plex-   ent suffered a fractured arm and a fractured jaw bone which 
us injury, also known as Erbs Palsy, during birth.               required surgical placement of an implant.

                                                                                                                                     PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                    Century Direct
News from Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.

111 Broadway, 12th Floor
New York, NY  10006

                                                                                                          to do what is right. Jurors are people like 
                                                                                                          you, and they do not like lawyers abusing 
of Gersowitz Libo & Korek, P.C.
                                                                                                          Can I afford your services?
                                                                                                          You certainly can. We work on a contin-
Will I have to go to Court?                          and our record of success. They have con-            gency basis. What that means, in simple 
                                                     fidence that we will serve you well. Ger-            terms, is you pay no legal fees unless you 
Possibly  you  will  –  but  not  necessarily. 
                                                     sowitz Libo & Korek, P.C. has a wide rep-            win an award, either through settlement 
Nearly  all  cases  are  settled  out  of  court, 
                                                     utation as lawyers’ lawyers. They look to            or  trial.  We  make  the  full  investment  of 
sometimes  during  a  trial,  often  before  it 
                                                     us for this work alone. You look to them             money and time to win justice for you. If 
                                                     for all your other legal needs.                      we succeed on your behalf, we are paid a 
Why do you so frequently win                                                                              percentage of the award-and that sum is 
                                                                                                          regulated  by  Court  rule.  We  are  also  re-
favorable settlements?                               Will I have to take the witness                      imbursed for our expenses. What is most 
Because  we  always  deal  from  strength,           stand? Will the other lawyer                         important  is  this:  We  have  never  lost  a 
never  from  weakness.  We’re  always  pre-          attack me and try to break me                        case  for  lack  of  money  or  professional 
pared to go to trial. The defendant knows            down in cross examination?                           time, and we never will. 
about our years of experience and, sooner 
                                                     Please understand: you are the victim in 
or  later,  understands  how  well  prepared 
                                                     this case, and we will represent you. The            Suppose I’ve been referred by
we are. There is no guarantee, of course, 
but  at  the  right  point  a  favorable  settle-    process  of  winning  compensation  for              another lawyer or law firm.
ment becomes more likely.                            what  has  been  done  to  you  should  not          Does that mean my case is
                                                     be  painful,  and,  for  the  vast  majority  of     going to cost me more money?
                                                     plaintiffs-it is not. Courtroom dramas on 
Why can’t my other lawyers                           television are not real life. They are exag-
                                                                                                          Absolutely  not!  Many  of  our  clients  are 
handle my case?                                      gerated  for  dramatic  effect.  Even  actual 
                                                                                                          referred to us by other lawyers. It is these 
                                                                                                          lawyers who pay our fee.
They  know  that  the  practice  of  our  firm       televised  trials  are  most  often  selected 
is focused entirely on personal injury law,          because they are sensational. In actuality, 
on  recovering  damages  for  people  who            there  is  a  plaintiff,  a  defendant,  a  judge           For more information, visit:
are  harmed  because  of  someone  else’s            and usually a jury in the courtroom. If the 
negligence. Lawyers know our reputation              case is tried, the judge and jury are sworn     

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