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Master Dropshipping

Everything you need to know to get started in Ebay dropshipping!

                     by: Jay Treiber
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First off let me thank you for being here and reading everything I
am about to write for you. I hope that the valuable information
contained within this guide helps to positively boost your future
online earnings. Or at the very least opens your eyes to one of
the internet's greatest money making methods. If you have yet to
experiment with drop shipping as a source for online income, I'm
sure you'll be positively influenced by what you are about to
learn. eBay power sellers and internet marketers alike have used
drop ship wholesalers as a means of generating massive retail
profits online for years now, and there is absolutely no reason
that you shouldn't be reaping those same financial rewards! Drop
shipping will provide you with an unlimited variety of retail items
for you to sell your customers, and will open a whole new range
of possibilities as far as items you can market. I mean, lets face it,
you probably don't have a warehouse full of consumer
electronics sitting in your backyard. Luckily for you, you don't
need one!
So join me over these next few pages in stepping through all the
simple steps you need to know to MASTER DROPSHIPPING

NOTE: I will not be discussing in detail the steps involved in posting an Ebay auction. I
am writing this guide assuming you already have some Ebay selling experience. If you
are new to Ebay there is no need to fret, the process is quite self explanatory, and after
diving in head first I'm sure you will handle yourself just fine. So let's get moving!
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                Table of Contents
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 Introduction To Master Dropshipping Overnight!..... pg 2
                Table of Contents..... pg 3
   What Is Dropshipping & How Does It Work?..... pg 4
         Dropshipping: The Pros & Cons..... pg 6
Where Can You Find Wholesalers Who Dropship?..... pg 9
         What Products Actually Sell?..... pg 11
       Making The Most Of Your Auctions..... pg 15
   Where Else Can You Sell Your Products?..... pg 21
              Go Forth & Conquer!..... pg 26
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What Is Dropshipping & How Does It Work?
Dropshipping is simply a wholesaling method by which retailers
can operate while never actually keeping an inventory in stock.
Instead, customers orders are handled by a wholesale outlet,
who ships the goods directly to the customer. The retailer makes
their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail
price, while never actually laying their hands upon the product
being sold. This is a very popular method for selling a variety of
products through online auction sites like eBay. Often, a seller
will list an item as new and ship the item directly from the
wholesaler to the highest bidder. The seller profits from the
difference between the winning bid the wholesale price, minus
any selling and merchant fees from the auction site.
In the world of wholesale, dropshipping is one of the more
expensive options. Sellers who have found a long term profitable
product to sell may wish to look into purchasing their products in
light bulk or volume bulk orders in order to increase their profit
margins. Most wholesalers consider bulk orders of $500 or less
as light bulk, and orders $50 + as volume wholesale. If you find
yourself continuously making the same sales these are options
which you should look into. However, we will focus on small
business and entry level wholesaling, for which dropshipping is
the best option. You may pay a little more, but it grants you the
opportunity to learn the ropes as an online retailer, while
minimizing the capital needed to start your business and the
financial risks involved in prestocking an inventory.
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The need to have physical inventory in stock can be a financial
burden on the small business owner. Especially in a rough
economy like we are experiencing at the moment. The average
dropshipped purchase follows something along the following steps.
First the buyer finds the product he wishes to purchase and
sends payment to the retailer at retail cost. The retailer processes
the sale, takes the order & shipping information, and forwards
them along to the wholesaler or manufacturer with a payment
covering wholesale cost and dropshipping fees. The wholesale
outlet then packs the product and ships it to the buyer, with the
retailer's receipt inside and business name on the label. While
the order was actually shipped via the wholesaler's warehouse,
everything arrives appearing as though it were shipped by the
retailer. This makes selling any variety of tangible goods online
extremely easy for the home business operator. You!
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Dropshipping: The Pros & Cons
As with any business model dropshipping does have it's pros and
cons. In order to maximize your earnings as a result of your
efforts, it's best to know these things ahead of time. A little
research goes a long way in formulating successful short and
long term business strategies. So let's look further into a few
things you should know and be watching for while stepping into
your first dropshipping venture. Dropshipping allows for lower
overhead costs, as there's no need to pay ahead stocking your
inventory with items that may not sell. It also reduces the overall
shipping fees involved by limiting the transport to a single
shipment directly to the buyer, and there's no need to pay for any
type of storage for your stock. Also you will find yourself with a
broad selection of products available to you to place for sale
either in your eBay store or website, allowing you unlimited
possibilities for promotion.
Not only do you need to consider the upsides of dropshipping
regarding your financial investments, but also your time
investments. Dropshipping allows you as a first time retailer, to
get into business FAST. No time needs to be spent pre-stocking
or organizing your inventory. It can be as simple as setting up an
eBay seller's account and posting a few auctions in your first
night, or adding items to your pre-existing websites. When these
items sell, you aren't hassled with the time spent packing,
transporting, and shipping the items. You just forward on the
order info and the dropshipper handles this all for you, allowing
you more time to work on your promotions!
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As for the cons, it is inevitable as with any business method that
there's going to be some downfalls. Knowing what to watch for
and how to avoid these downfalls ahead of time will give you the
edge you need to succeed with dropshipping. First and foremost,
I can't stress this enough, be sure to use a credible dropshipper!
There are many shady, scamming, or just plain unreliable
dropshippers out there that you don't want to be doing business
with. If you intend on dropshipping on eBay, it is essential that
you work with an eBay approved dropshipper. For the course of
this ebook I will focus on using Doba, as they are established,
reliable, and eBay accredited. You won't run into any issues with
eBay by using Doba as your dropshipper for auctions.
Additionally Doba offers a free 7 day trial for your to test their
membership and get a feel for things. This leads us to our next
con, most dropshippers charge a membership fee to access their
inventory. It's usually an affordable fee, but it does need to be
considered into your budget as an expense. There are hundreds
if not thousands of dropshippers out there. I will touch back on
finding more reliable wholesale lists again later in the ebook.
Occasionally wholesalers will run out of stock, and you can't
always expect them to notify you of this either. This can result in
unwanted shipping delays. Sticking with a well known and
reliable dropshipper like Doba should help minimize these
events, but it can happen when pre-selling any item. Some
buyers will be understanding of these delays, however most will
not. If your wholesaler is repeatedly causing delays in your items
shipping, this can negatively reflect you as an eBay seller, and
it's probably best to be moving on and do business with someone
                                                              page 8

else. You should know that most dropshippers will be able to
arrange light bulk orders for you. Some have even been known to
pre-sell pallets of stock to their retailers and store them in house
to avoid these issues. If you are making regular sales with a hot
item, it is a good idea to give your wholesaler a call and see if
they can arrange something like this for you.

All in all, the cons can be avoided by working with a good
credible wholesaler. It's best to research and do some
background checks while looking for new dropshippers. For you
new retailers out there, I again highly recommend Doba as a safe
starting point. Once you've grown to understand in detail the
dynamics of the dropshipping arrangement, you can begin to
search out other dropshippers with better wholesale prices, lower
drop fees, and better shipping fees in order to increase your
profit margins even further!
                                                              page 9

Where Can You Find Wholesalers Who
The number of dropship wholesalers available to work with home
business entrepreneurs and internet marketers is truly massive.
In any niche you can find dropshipping programs offering
tangible products at wholesale price. The trick is in finding those
reliable wholesalers who you can do good business with. I have
already mentioned Doba. where membership offers access to
many different reliable wholesalers and suppliers in one spot, all
controlled through one outlet. For someone new to dropshipping,
an established and proven membership to a network like Doba is
a great start. At the time of writing this they boast an offering of
over 1.2 million different products in their catalogue. There's
really not much you could be interested in selling that you aren't
going to find here. This is a great opportunity for the new online
retailer to get in business fast and learn the ropes.
In order to maximize your profits it's best to connect directly with
manufacturers. Many dropship outlets are simply middlemen
buying from real wholesalers and marking up the prices. These
can be good places to get a foot in the door and learn the biz
while minimizing risks involved, but the fact is, they are taking a
small cut from your potential profits. A small cut that would be
better off in your pocket! Perhaps you've seen websites or even
eBay sellers offering wholesale lists for sale. These can be a
alright place to begin looking for the intermediate level online
retailer to begin digging, but are not always your best bet.
SaleHoo offers a fairly nice list for about $60 if you're looking to
                                                               page 10

go the easy route and purchase a list of wholesalers. Be weary
however of those offering to sell you lists, many are just in it for a
quick buck. Do a little research before spending your money on a
wholesale list, and always remember, Google is your friend.
The real meat and bone behind highly successful online retailers
who use dropshipping as their supply method comes from going
out and hunting down private dropship arrangements. Often it is
as simple as researching a list of manufacturers, sitting down at
your desk, and makings some phone calls. This is business after
all, wheeling and dealing is the name of the game. It's really not
rocket science by any means. Call up and ask if they offer
dropshipping arrangements, or if there's any chance you could
come to an agreement suitable for them to ship directly to your
customers. You won't get a bite on every call, but these suppliers
are in the business of making sales too, and if you keep at it you
will find willing partners. By working directly with the
manufacturers and suppliers, you are cutting out any middleman
who may stand in the way of you increasing your profits. This
may also be a good time to start talking light bulk purchases as I
have mentioned earlier. Exercise your negotiation skills.
One source many overlook is the good old YellowPages. If you
are unsure of where to start off, try bringing up the YellowPages
website and giving "wholesale" a search. If you live in or near a
major center, there's a good chance you live near a few
wholesale suppliers. Having the ability to physically step into the
manufacturer's warehouse can be a great advantage. There's
also a wealth of sources online for finding suppliers.,
                                                             page 11,,,,, and are all great
sources for finding real manufacturers once you've grown
comfortable as an online retailer.

What Products Actually Sell?
The reality of things is that they all do. You can sell just about
anything on the internet if you put your mind to it. Your potential
customers number into the millions, and the demand for retail
products is endless. Have you ever heard someone say
something along the lines of, "Oh, Jay? He could sell a ketchup
popsicle to a lady in white gloves."? Well I can, and with a little
practice you will be up there too! That is the salesman you
should be striving to become. Don't worry though, if you're still
                                                              page 12

honing in your sales skills, I'll do my best to set you off in the
right direction as to selecting items that will start bringing you in
the cash as soon as possible. For demonstration purposes, let's
focus on three popular groups of items you can sell on eBay.
Housewares & electronics, seasonal items, and memorabilia.
A popular choice for eBay power sellers has always been
consumer electronics and housewares. These are items people
regularly search for online, and are happy to purchase. They're
also quite easy to find available with most dropshipping outlets.
Think flat screen televisions, computers, video game consoles,
mobile devices, car stereos, digital cameras, silver cutlery,
stainless steel cookware, & hot new kitchen appliances. You
would be hard pressed to find a home that doesn't have several
of these products inside it these days, and people are always
looking to upgrade. These are items that are good to sell year
round. Consumers want the newest and best, and this market is
always booming. Just as an example, I ran a quick search on
eBay for "PS3 Console" and look at the results that showed up.
                                                              page 13

See all those fancy thumbnails of shiny new PS3's on plain white
backgrounds? You can bet that isn't Joe Blow down the street
selling his Playstation. Those are almost certainly promotional
photos provided by a dropshipper. I've seen thousands of them,
and soon enough you will too. Take a look around Doba and see
for yourself! Be warned when selecting consumer products like
this for promotion via eBay though, the competition can be quite
fierce for some items and there are varying degrees of saturation
to deal with. My search for "PS3 Console" turned up more than
2700 results! I'll discuss more about making the most of your
eBay auctions and pulling more those vital auction viewers later
in this guide. A well put together auction can give you an edge
over the majority of the cut & paste sellers on eBay.
Seasonal items are really a no brainer. Easter, Halloween,
Christmas, Independence Day, or any other seasonal festivity.
You name it, Holidays sell. There's no shortage of seasonal items
you can sell via the dropshipping model. From plastic Easter
bunnies and baskets, to artificial Christmas trees and lights, it's
all there for you. Seasonal items are one of my favourites for
eBay promotion. They may not be big money sales, but they do
accumulate, and you can put a pretty good mark up on a lot of
these items from your wholesale price.

Last group of products I'll be discussing are the promotional
items. In essence what you're doing here is riding the coat tails of
a popular brand, or trendy product. New movies, television
shows, musical groups, popular sports teams, brands, and video
                                                             page 14

games have billions of dollars pumped into their promotion every
year. The branding and advertising has already been done for
you, and you can guarantee that people will be searching for
items related to these products. It's the collector's you're
targeting here, and you just can't overlook the fact that even from
it's earlier days eBay has been a collector's mecca. Memorabilia
makes for hot products, and selling promotional items through
online auctions is a great money maker. Especially when you run
a good looking auction page.
Let's use Pirates of the Caribbean as an example. I know for a
fact you can jump onto Doba and find Pirates of the Caribbean
action figures right this very moment. This was a massive movie
with a lot of huge fans. Promotional materials and memorabilia
related to the movie was a hot sell during the last release from
this popular franchise. I also sold a good number of Incredible
Hulk action figures through Doba with success during the last
release of this film. Releases like this cause a feeding frenzy!
Sports memorabilia is one other biggy. People love to support
their team, especially when they're winning. The Stanley Cup
playoffs are on! I can't tell you who's going to win the cup, but I
can you that whoever does is gonna sell some goods! Doba
carries over 12,000 different items under their sports memorabilia
heading. Football, hockey, basketball, and baseball are all
covered. You could easily run an eBay store focusing solely on
sports collectables! Take a look around their inventory and you'll
start getting even more ideas, I promise!
                                                              page 15

Making The Most Of Your Auctions
Putting together an auction that not only looks good, but grabs
the casual eBay buyer's attention is key in maximizing your
auction profits. Many people simple cut/paste product description
from the dropshipper's site and this results in plain looking,
repetitive auctions, which the web surfer will easily flip passed
until they land on a visually appealing auction. Subconsciously
they will find themselves drawn to an attractively assembled
auction page over a plain white background, with some basic
cut/paste item details. Researching your product a little, and
putting some effort into writing some sales copy to go along with
the product details in the dropshipper's description is a must,
and going the extra distance will be reflected in your sales. You
absolutely must tell the buyer why they need to buy your
products. Why it is a must have for them. The following is a list of
steps your can take to assure that your auctions stand out and
keep the buyer's interest with you, as opposed to your
1. Title
   Think about what search words your potential customers are
   likely to use. Use search words rather than an item
   description. The title does not have to make sense as long
   as people can find your listing and it has the right hot words
   to sell the item.
   Redundant words such as "of, the, a" can be eliminated from
   the title allowing you to include additional search terms or hot
   keywords such as new, mint, latest etc.
                                                           page 16

   Think about including common misspellings (and
   mispellings!) that your customers might use especially key
   brand names (eg. Gehkre versus Gherke, or Kayser versus
   Kaiser versus Kaizer).
   Alternative spellings (eg. vaporiser and vaporizer).
   And even European terms and regional synonyms (eg.
   bonnet and hood, spinning and jerkbaiting).
2. Subtitles
   The eBay search function uses the title but not the subtitle in
   searches unless the user specifies title and description in the
   search options. Using a subtitle is relatively expensive and
   should only be used in select occasions. Using a subtitle
   costs an additional fee and should be used with discretion.
   They can be handy when selling consumer electronics, and
   will help you stand out from the crowd in certain competitive
3. Add Pictures
   If you need to add additional pictures consider using an
   auction listing site such as Auctiva to host your
   photographs for free rather than eBay.

4. Item Descriptions
   Invest time describing the item to make your customers want
   to own the item. Give them reasons to buy the item. Include
                                                               page 17

   snippets from review articles. Or excerpts from product
   reviews off eBay, Amazon or other sites.
   For example:
       Selection pack of 5 Mepps lures.
   Is a bit dull. My customers want to catch fish. With this in
        The new selection pack from Mepps of the five best taking
        patterns for pike and perch in the world. Including the
       Aglia, Comet and Lusox in a variety of weights and colours
       including the new fluorescents. All in the best taking
       sizes. Tried and tested lures that have taken more than
       their fair share of specimen pike and perch.
   Is a bit more like it!
5. Listing Designer
   Don't do it. Most of the templates are horrible and your listing
   will instantly stand out as an eBay template. Do your own.
   Keep it simple. Simple text on a simple background. Black
   on white or blue on white works well.
6. Hit Counters
   If the item is unlikely to attract more than a few visitors then
   make sure this is hidden. If you are likely to get 100 visitors
                                                             page 18

   then let people know by including a hit counter so your
   visitors can see just how much interest there is in your item
   (upping the bids they will need to make to win it!).

7. Starting Price
   Keeping it low attracts more customers. If you think you may
   have two or more bidders then keeping the starting price low
   will generate interest. Note that the listing fee increases with
   the starting price. With rare or difficult to source items you
   can get away with a higher starting price.
8. Buy It Now Prices
   A double-edged sword. Sometimes having a BIN price is a
   good way of letting people know how much you would like for
   the item. However, specifying a BIN price places an upper
   limit on what you are likely to get for the item.
9. Reserved Prices
   Another double-edge sword. You want to make sure you get
   a reasonable price but adding a reserve price discourages
   bidding. Some never bid at all thinking that the reserve will
   be huge. Others will bid but when they discover their bid has
   not made the reserve they will give up - even though they
   may be just one cent short of the reserve. When I add a
   reserve price I actually let people know what the reserve is in
   the Item Description.
                                                          page 19

10. Duration
   The weekend is the busiest time on eBay. A 10 day
   auction makes sure that you cover two weekends. Start the
   auction on a Wednesday and a 10 day auction will end on
   Saturday week. Depending upon your market your potential
   customers may have better things to do than eBay on a
   Saturday. Start the auction on a Thursday and a 10 day
   auction will end on Sunday week. Watch out for public
   holidays though. If you have a Public Holiday coming up on
   a Monday then a 10 day auction starting on a Friday and
   ending on the Holiday Monday may be the optimal strategy.
11. Scheduled Start Time
   As well as thinking about what day you want to start your
   auction, think about what time. Most bidding is done in the
   last 10 minutes of the auction so if you have an auction
   ending at 4.17am on Tuesday morning how many of your
   customers are likely to hang around until that time to bag an
   auction? If the auction ends at 9pm on a Sunday after
   everyone has had their tea and the kids are in bed this might
   be a better time? If you resent paying the extra for a
   schedule start time then you can either hand around and list
   your item at a specific time to coincide with your optimal
   ending time OR consider using a free listing site such as
   Auctiva which will schedule your eBay listing for free. If
   your item is likely to have a large following in Europe then
   remember that there is a time difference! An item ending at
   9.00pm Eastern Time will be ending at 2.00am in the UK or
   4.00am in Italy and isn't likely to attract many Europeans.
                                                              page 20

12. International Sales
   Worth doing. Even if the majority of your sales are domestic
   offering international sales means that overseas customers
   may start the ball rolling and bid for your item when the
   auction price is low and the item is worth it even with the
   shipping costs. Once the ball starts rolling any
   watchers know they have competition and are likely to place
   more realistic bids.
13. Returns
   Let people know if you will accept returns. Providing your
   description is not misleading you are unlikely to get a return
   request and allowing returns is more likely to lead to a sale.
14. One Category? Or Two?
   Two is better for eBay - double the fees - but one is usually
   fine. Avoid "other" as a category.
15. Marketing Options
   "Gallery" is a must have. The only exception is for commodity
   items where everyone knows what the item looks like and
   what price they would expect to pay and you are
   competing on cost, and it is now free.
   "Subtitle" can be useful if you really cannot squeeze all the
   search terms you would like into the title.
   "Bold", "highlight", "featured" and "gallery featured". I can't
                                                                 page 21

     get excited about these other options, I've experimented with
     them but without much effect.
     The exception is international site visibility which is relatively
     inexpensive and can be useful if your item is likely to have a
     strong following in Europe. But see the previous section
     when timing your auctions for an overseas market.

Where Else Can You Sell Your Products?
Perhaps eBay is not your cup of tea. Well here's a substantial list
of online auction and classified alternatives. Competition on these
sites is far less, and some are even free. Venturing into new
territory can be a financially rewarding experience. You never
know where you might find a hungry market for your products.
Take a look around and see if there's anything that suits you!
                                                     page 22

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Becoming A Niche Authority
Many home business operators have made a handsome living
strictly by selling via eBay and other online auction & classified
outlets, but the internet is filled with a vast number of
opportunities to market your product. In order to gain authority in
your niche, building your own business website is a must. You
can link into your site via all of your auctions, classified ads,
articles, social bookmarks, and other link building strategies. I'm
not going to tell you exactly how to do any of these things in
detail in this guide, but I do want to plant a few ideas in your
mind before I turn you loose here. Many eBay buyers will
favourite your store and return again, but by building an online
                                                               page 24

shop on your own site you have the potential to sell to these
buyers many items which you do not wish to list on eBay. Posting
auctions costs money, and you are best to post items that are
proven to bring in the sales. Having your own website allows you
to list many many items without running them through eBay's
system, and also retain many more of your potential buyers. It's
something you should definitely consider.
Perhaps you would like to start a blog on your site related to your
specialized niche products and gain new visitors from the search
engines this way, directing potential buyers inwards towards your
retail shop. Blogging makes getting in the engines are growing
your organically generated traffic easy for even the least
experienced of marketers. You can write articles about your items
and submit them to sites such as Bukisa, Squidoo, or Hubpages
and link those readers towards your shop. Social bookmarking
sites like Digg and Reddit allow you to post links and brief
articles linking in towards your sites, and also build your site's PR
with quality backlinks, allowing you to rise in the search engines
ranks. You can manipulate Web 2.0 properties such as Twitter
and YouTube as a means of traffic generation. There are many
free options for your to get the word out about your business,
and none of them should be overlooked. Becoming familiar with
Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) and
traffic generation, should be a priority if you intend on being a
serious online presence.
As your online business grows I would recommend you consider
building your own niche mailing lists. This will cost you a little bit
of money, and take a little bit more technical know how than the
                                                               page 25

marketing methods previously mentioned, but mailing is one of
the successful internet marketer's most powerful weapons. By
opting members into your mailing list from your auctions,
websites, articles, and other traffic streams, you are keeping
these potential customers for as long as they remain members in
your list. Your list will continue to grow over time, and with each
newsletter mailing you send out your marketing reach will grow
larger and larger. Keep the list updated with your latest available
items, and watch the recurring sales flow in. You won't be
disappointed. If you're looking for somewhere to start with setting
up a mailing list I would recommend looking at either Aweber, or
GetResponse. They will allow you to get setup easily for a
relatively low cost. Or if you have some more technical know how
when it comes to building websites you can look into self hosted
options such as Interspire's Email Marketer.
The possibilities really are endless, and they don't stop with the
examples I've listed here. I want you to go out and look into all
the traffic generation methods that are made available to you. No,
I command you to do so. Most of these methods take relatively
little to no financial investment, and will all work together to boost
your income, driving you to the financial freedom that you seek.
                                                            page 26

Go Forth & Conquer!
In closing, I'd like to wish you the best of luck in your future
business ventures. I hope that everything I have enclosed in this
package helps to rocket your profits and set you forth into a
whole new world of business opportunities. What you have just
read should be everything you need to know to give you a good
head start into the world of dropshipping. As with every online
business opportunity great success takes a lot of will power and
determination. If you stick to your guns, research your campaigns
and dedicate yourself to making money, there's nothing standing
in the way of your success! I hope you take what I've given you
and go forth into this internet world full force. Be fierce in your
marketing, and do not take failure as an option. If at first you do
not succeed, diversify, expand your efforts into new areas, and
never stop working towards your goals. I look forward to seeing
you all out there working it, and I can't wait to see what sort of
competition I've just created for myself!
See you on flipside!
                                                - Jay Treiber

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