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									              Unificación Maya
     Winter Solstice Festival in Tikal
                               An INterview with Anne Lossing
                            By Nick Cumbo - Blue Rhythmic Night

Situated in El Remate, in the rainforest of Northern Guatemala, Project Ix-Canaan offers programs of
Health, Education and Opportunity, to enable the people of the jungles to become truly: “Ix-Canaan
 - the Guardians of the Rainforest”. In this interview we ask project coordinator Anne Lossing about
   Unificación Maya - a cultural and spiritual festival being organised as a ‘portal to the new cycle’.

NICK: Hi Anne. Thanks                                                             You’ve been celebrating
for coming on board                                                               this festival since 2005?
for this episode of                                                               Can you tell us about
2C: ‘Living the Vision:                                                           its origins and how
Dream, Prayer and                                                                 it’s evolved over time?
Intuition’.                                                                       What’s the plan for this
ANNE:      Hi Nick ...
thanks so much for                                                                ANNE: The roots of
this opportunity to let                                                           Unificación Maya grew
people know what is                                                               from a vision. Fifteen
happening in the land of                                                          years ago, when I first
the Maya, and how they,                                                           drove into Peten to visit
too, can participate, as                                                          Tikal, the roads were
we approach the key                                                               like dusty washboards
date of 2012.                                                                     and after jouncing
                                                                                  slowly along for about
NICK: Having recently                                                             200 km., we were
returned from a short                                                             forced to overnight at
stay in Mexico and                                                                Finca Ixobel, a famous
Guatemala, I was excited                                                          stop for backpackers
to discover an email                                                              along the route. That
outlining your plans for                                                          night, under the full
Unificación Maya – a                                                              moon in February, I sat
cultural and spiritual                                                            in a jungle clearing to
festival to be celebrated                                                         meditate, and I saw a
in the area around Tikal,                                                         bright beam of Light,
Guatemala        between                                                          shining like a beacon
December        15th-21st                                                         up into the Center of
every year until 2012.                                                            the Universe from
                              Fire Circle - Festival Unificación Maya 2007        Peten. This brilliant
                                Photo by Bill Bevan of Sheffield, England         Light was made up

        “... like a key turning in a lock to open the gateway to the next dimension”

of the combined intention of many                                     This year, in December 2009, we
people that would gather together                                     plan to bring together 100 - 150
here in the jungle homeland of the                                    Mayan Spiritual Guides from all
Maya. I knew in that moment that I                                    over Guatemala. We will hold
had reached the end of my journey                                     Mayan Fire Ceremonies over 7
... and the seed of Unificación Maya                                  days in 7 Sacred Sites ... including
had been planted.                                                     the Topoxte/Yaxha Archeological
                                                                      Sites, the Ixlu Archeological Site,
I spent a number of years getting                                     the Actun Kan Caves, and the Lake
acclimatized to living in this                                        Sal Peten Ceremonial Site, finishing
incredibly powerful place, and it                                     with the final ceremony at 11 a.m.
wasn’t until early 2005, when I met                                   on December 21st in the Central
Guatemalan Shamaness AumRak                                           Plaza of Tikal.
Sapper, that the pieces started falling
into place that led to the first actual                                The goal of Unificación Maya is to
ceremonies in December of 2005.                                        bring together a great number of like-
That year (and each year since),                                       minded people, synchronizing their
Tata Pedro Cruz, from San Pedro,                                       energies through a week of music,
Guatemala, brought with him a                                          dance and ceremony, gathering
group of Mayan Spiritual Guides                                        finally in the Central Plaza of Tikal
                                               Tree of Future
who have performed the Sacred Fire           Photo by Bill Bevan      at the winter solstice, the time of
Ceremonies each day for the week of                                   rebirth, to link themselves with
Unificación Maya.                                                      the Earth, with the Center of the
                                                                       Universe, and with each other in
They are joined each year by flautist                                  a giant web of energy as we move
extraordinaire Pablo Collado, Ayah                                     through the steps of the Dance of
and the dancers who lead the Dance                                     Unificación which will act like a
of Unificación, Danny Diaz who                                         key turning in a lock to open the
leads the Sweat Lodge experience,                                      gateway to the next dimension.
Mayan guide Danilo Rodriguez, and
a wide range of musicians, shamans                                    NICK: In previous years you’ve had
and ceremonialists from many other                                    some very interesting presenters
countries. This past year, it became                                  show up. What kind of ceremonies
possible to bring in a second group                                   and talks do you expect to attract
of Mayan Spiritual Guides for the                                     for the gathering in 2009?
week of the ceremonies ... a group
from a poor village located here in                                   ANNE: Yes, there are always a
the rainforest of Peten. This group                                   variety of interesting ceremonies
had lost much of their Ceremonial                                     and workshops, and we expect
teachings when they were evicted                                      this year to be even better. Each
from their original homes in VeraPaz                                  morning begins with an informal
during the Guatemalan Civil War,                                      Fire Ceremony on the shores of
and their Elders were killed, so they                                 Lake Peten Itza, with music and
were thrilled with the opportunity to                                 singing to greet the dawn. That is
participate and connect with other                                    followed by the main Sacred Fire
Tatas and Nanas and reconnect once              Tata Pedro Cruz       Ceremony each day in one of the 7
again to the sacred energies of their     from San Pedro, Guatemala   Sacred Sites. A Pranic Healing will
Calendar.                                    Photo by Anne Lossing    be conducted by the Pranic Healing

Society of Guatemala,                                                                  that have been scattered
led by president of the                                                                far and wide by invasion
society, Rosa Maria                                                                    and war, and make the
Gomar, and on the day                                                                  Mayan Calendar once
before the equinox,                                                                    again accessible to all.
there will be a
purifying Sweat Lodge                                                                  NICK: Does the Mayan
Ceremony on the                                                                        calendar continue to
banks of Lake Sal Peten                                                                bear much significance
led by Danny Diaz.                                                                     on local culture?
Many of the classes
and workshops focus                                                                   ANNE: Here in Peten
on Mayan Ceremony,                                                                    most of the traditional
Mayan Calendar and                                                                    teachings have been
Mayan      Cosmology,                                                                 lost. During the war,
however, there will                                                                   jungle villages were
also be classes offered                                                               bombed out of existence
for those who want to                                                                 so they wouldn’t harbor
participate as dancers                                                                the guerrillas, thus many
or musicians in the                                                                   of today’s inhabitants of
final ceremony, or for                    Photo by Anne Lossing                       the jungles arrived here
those who would like                                                                  during the last 50 years
to make their own                                                                     after being driven from
rattle, medicine bag or                                                               their lands in other parts
talisman for the final                                                                of Guatemala. Years
day. More information                                                                 of persecution caused
will be available on                                                                  many of the people in
the website as plans                                                                  the larger communities
formalize.                                                                            to deny their Mayan
                                                                                      roots and they no longer
NICK: In 2012, the                                                                    wear their traje (Mayan
Gregorian     calendar                                                                clothing) or follow
date December 21                                                                      their Sacred Calendar.
marks the occasion                                                                    Amongst the others that
of the winter solstice                                                                still live in their remote
and the conclusion                             Fire Ceremony                         jungle communities, so
                             Photo by Anne Lossing of El Remate, Guatemala
of one Great Cycle in                                                                many of their Shamans
the Mayan Long Count                                                                 were       butchered     by
calendar. You have timed the festival to coincide and the army that many have lost their connection to
work with the power of this time. How is the dawning the Calendar and retain only the vestiges of their
of the new cycle understood by the Indigenous Maya practices.
you have spoken to and worked with?
                                                        That said, there is a resurgence all over Guatemala
ANNE: The Indigenous Maya believe that this is the of interest in the Mayan Calendar and Sacred Fire
dawning of a new Age for mankind ... an age of Ceremonies. The President of Guatemala, Alvaro
Brotherhood ... a time of Unificación ... the coming Colum, has been initiated as a Mayan Spiritual Guide.
together of the Eagle and the Condor. They believe The Mayan Shamans from the mountains and lake
they must begin by bringing together the Mayan tribes area are accepting more and more “novices” for

training every day (both                                                           Tikal, and the other Mayan
local and foreigners) and                                                          cities of the jungles are also
are being asked to travel                                                          built on land that is heavily
internationally to speak                                                           webbed with crystalline
and do ceremony. This                                                              structures. These two
past year, Tata Pedro spent                                                        factors ensure that the
a month touring the United                                                         energy that is generated
States, and a month in                                                             here is incremented and
Germany and England.                                                               dispersed universally.

NICK: Tikal is a very                                                              NICK: What information
magical site that attracts                                                         and       directions can
many visitors from around                                                          you provide for people
the world. What can you                                                            who want to attend the
tell us about it?                                                                  festival?

ANNE: The “Transfer Hub                                                            ANNE: A volunteer is now
for Atlantean Energy”,                                                             building a new website for
Tikal is a “Crystal City”                                                          Unificacion Maya at www.
and a major point in                                                               unificacionmaya.com
the “Crystalline Grid”.                                                            where interested people
The energy here is of the                                                          can go to see photos and
Earth. This is the “Seating                                                        videos of previous years
Place for the Councils of                                                          ceremonies, as well as
Light” and home to the                                                             information about the
“Gatekeepers of Time”.                                                             plans for Unificación Maya
                                                                                   2009 as they become
Covering over 222 square                     Temple V at Tikal                     available.
miles, with over 4000
structures, Tikal has the                                                          You can get to El Remate
most elegant pyramids in                                                           by taking a short flight (or
the world, some of which                                                           a long bus ride) from either
are over 200 feet high.                                                            Guatemala City, Belize
This incredible city, dating                                                       City or Cancun, Mexico ...
from 800 BC to 900 AD                                                              start thinking about your
is built in the image of                                                           journey now to be sure to
the Pleiades; the “Seven                                                           get the best flights.
                                                                                There are hotels in a
Tikal is one of the most                                                        variety of price ranges
important ancient city-                                                         here in the village. I can be
states in the Maya world. It                                                    contacted for reservations
is a Sacred Initiatic Center,                 Fire Ceremony                     at Hotel Gringo Perdido,
corresponding to the 7th                    Photo by Bill Bevan                 where Tata Pedro and his
Crown Chakra. Not only is                                                       group from San Pedro are
it located exactly in the middle of the landmass that headquartered and where the morning Sun Ceremony
forms the pinwheel of the American continents, but is held daily. The website has a full listing of hotels.

If anyone has any further questions,
they are welcome to write me at

NICK: Are there any closing remarks
you’d like to share with our readers?

ANNE: Everybody is welcome to
come and participate in Unificación
Maya. There is no registration fee to
attend. Not only will you be able to
learn about and participate in Sacred
Mayan Fire Ceremonies, but you will
be able to meet and talk with the
Mayan Spiritual Guides, learn more
about Mayan Culture and Cosmology,            Anne Lossing with Mayan Spiritual Guides from Peten
dance, drum and sing on the ancient                         Photo by Anne Lossing
temples of energetically powerful         “This is the group of Mayan Spiritual Guides from here in Peten.
Mayan sites and join with the others      They are originally from a different Mayan tribe than Tata Pedro.
who are coming together over these        This was the first year that they have been able to attend. Usually
years, year after year, to prepare the    we have a small group of Mayan Spiritual Guides from Lake Atitlan
way for Unificación.                      (Tata Pedro and his group). This year, a participant from a previous
                                          year sent a small amount of money to help us to be able to pay their
                                          transportation, accommodations and food so we could bring in this
                                          group as well. This coming year we have decided to look for the
                                          funding to bring in about 100 to 150 Mayan Spiritual Guides. They
                                          are ecstatic about this possibility as the winter solstice is a very
                                          important date for them to celebrate, and they have really taken to
                                                   the idea of a “Mayan Unificación.” - Anne Lossing

                                         Anne, her 10-year old son, and the family dog set out from Calgary,
                                         Canada in 1994 seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream of a home with
                                         palm trees and thatched huts. Their journey eventually led to
                                         the Mayan jungles of Peten, Guatemala, where she co-founded
                                         Project Ix-canaan with partner Dr. Enrique Chapeton. Anne is
                                         the coordinator for Project Ix-canaan, Mayan for Guardians of
                                         the Rainforest, a social development program that includes a free
                                         medical clinic, the coordination of visiting international medical and
                                         dental professionals, a computerized library and a Women’s Center.
                                         Anne manages Hotel Gringo Perdido, a beautiful lakeside eco-lodge
                                         in the heart of a Mayan wildlife preserve.

                                         Anne is also the lead organizer for the annual gathering known
                                         as Unificación Maya, and the author of numerous electronic
                                         publications describing life in the jungle, including a food blog
                                         describing the creation and modification of recipes using jungle


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