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Dynamic worship music
recorded live at Ellel Ministries’
20th anniversary celebration
conference. Songs include:
  To God be the Glory
  You are Holy
  We bow down                                       ‘Put on the full armour of God
  How great is our God
                                                  so that you can take your stand
  There is power in the blood
                                                      against the devil’s schemes.’
£11.99 Product Code MUS - TGG                                              Eph 6:11

          Bringing the heart of God to the heart of man
Books by Peter Horrobin
Healing Through Deliverance (Vol 1 & 2)
Peter’s ground-breaking two volume series on healing and deliverance has
been a bestseller for the past two decades.
Volume 1 lays the biblical foundation for the
ministry of healing and deliverance. It analyses
in detail the ministry of Jesus and explores how
powers of darkness can affect people’s lives.
Volume 2 provides guidelines and tools for building
a healing and deliverance ministry through both
the local church and in counselling ministry. It
teaches how people can become affected by
demonic powers and explains step by step how they can be set free.
Volume 1 £11.99 Product Code: PJH - HD1
Volume 2 £11.99 Product Code: PJH - HD2

The Most Powerful Prayer on Earth
                   The most powerful prayer on earth is also one of
                   the most simple. Learning to pray it and mean it is
                   the beginning of a lifetime of blessing.
                   Forgiving others, just as Jesus was able to forgive
                   those who crucified Him, is the key to experiencing
                   joy and peace in your life.
                   £6.99 Product Code: PJH - MPP

The Parables of Harris
The true story of Harris, a black labrador with character and
how his adventures and humorous exploits have become
modern-day parables, providing important insights into life.
“From the day Harris came home our lives were changed for
ever! From the moment he put his first huge paw over our
thresh-hold, and took control of the home, we knew we were in
for the adventure it has proved to be!”
£6.99 Product Code: PJH - POH
Truth & Freedom Books
Soul Ties - The Unseen Bond in Relationships
David Cross
Relationships are more than just a physical meeting
of two people but involve a tie in the spiritual realm
that may have a hold on the soul. A way of describing
this unseen hold that ties us to bad relationships is an
ungodly soul-tie.
This book will help you discover how to find release
from ungodly soul-ties and most importantly
experience God’s freedom and healing.
£6.99 Product Code: TFB - STS
Anger... How Do You Handle It?
Paul & Liz Griffin
                     Anger is the most powerful of emotions. It can be the
                     driving force that enables us to achieve the seemingly
                     impossible or the stumbling block that traps us into
                     a life style characterized by unforgiveness, bitterness,
                     broken relationships and violence.
                     Keys presented in this book will explain how you can
                     deal with the accumulation of anger from past events
                     and how you can in future deal with the situations that
                     cause you to feel angry.
                     £6.99 Product Code: TFB - ANG
Sex... God’s Truth
Jill Southern
We live in a world that has distorted the godly concept
of sexuality. As a result many Christians live in guilt or
struggle as a consequence of wrong past choices or the
sins that others have committed against them.
This book exposes the lies of the enemy and provides
a thorough understanding of our sexuality and the
boundaries God has set in place for its expression.
It presents clear guidance as to what the boundaries
should be, what the consequences are of engaging in
wrongful sex and the steps to cleansing and wholeness.
£6.99 Product Code: TFB - SGT
Exciting and Challenging DVD’s
Covenant, Healing & Destiny
Peter Horrobin & David Cross
                       Celebrates 20 years of Ellel Ministries by giving thanks
                       and sharing amazing testimonies. Teaches the meaning
                       of covenant relationship with God, how to stay in the
                       blessings God intended for you and how to overcome
                       the issues that steal destiny.
                       £18.99 (DVD 3 disc set) Product Code: DVD - CHD

The Church Today - Authority & Power
Rev. Jim Graham
                       Looks at ten reasons why the Church lacks power
                       and authority and then at the Church as it was in
                       the book of Acts. Teaches profound truths for our life
                       about what God looks for in us so that He can restore
                       power and authority to His Church.
                       £18.99 (DVD 3 disc set) Product Code: DVD - CAP

Transforming Churches, Cities & Communities
Rev. Alistair Petrie
                       Pastor of a church ‘without walls’ and closely connected
                       with the ‘Transformation’ DVDs, Alistair has exciting stories
                       to tell of what God is doing globally to stretch our faith.
                       Using multi-media he gives us a wake up call.
                       £12.99 (DVD 2 disc set) Product Code: DVD - TCC

Moving Into Your Personal Destiny
Otto Bixler, Fiona Horrobin & Jill Southern
                       Shares how we can be naturally supernatural and
                       be used by God. Teaches how so many of us are held
                       back by ‘grave clothes’ of guilt, shame and low self
                       worth. Explains how negative relationships in the
                       family can need God’s healing touch, how to hear
                       God’s voice and let Him shape us for our destiny.
                       £12.99 (DVD 2 disc set) Product Code: DVD - MPD
The Destiny of Israel
Rev. Wayne Hilsden
                  Powerful teaching on how our destiny as Christians
                  is linked to Israel. Shows a fascinating picture of
                  God’s eternal purposes and explains the deception
                  of replacement theology. Shares what God is doing
                  in the land of Israel today and what the glorious
                  outcome of God’s purposes will be.

                  £12.99 (DVD 2 disc set) Product Code: DVD - TDI
The Great Commision
George Verwer
                  With humility and humour, shows us seven surprising
                  categories of people lying on the side of the road whom
                  we are called to help as good Samaritans. It’s time to
                  respond by taking action. We will find there are many
                  steps we can take to make a difference to God’s world.
                  £12.99 (DVD 2 disc set) Product Code: DVD - TGC

Interactive Computer Learning
Ellel Interactive
Life changing teaching on your computer
Ellel Interactive is a computer based interactive learning
programme based around a virtual training centre. With
over 1000 computer screen pages of teaching, organised
into 9 seminars, Ellel Interactive allows you to study
foundational teaching relating to the healing ministry in
the comfort of your own home.
It is an ideal tool for church leaders, ministry team
members or anyone who wants to know more about how
to apply the healing and restoring love of Jesus into their
own lives and the lives of hurting and broken people.
£19.95 (requires Windows 98, 2000 or XP) Product Code: EI
Steps to Life
‘Steps to Life’ is a dynamic,     Life is for Living Code STL-01
40-part teaching series           The Truth about Mankind Code STL-02
with Peter Horrobin,              Why did Jesus have to Die - 1 Code STL-03
founder and International         Why did Jesus have to Die - 2 Code STL-04
                                  Healing & the Law of God Code STL-05
Director of Ellel Ministries.
                                  Healing & the Love of God Code STL-06
The lives of many listeners       Healing through Forgiveness - 1 Code STL-07
have been impacted                Healing through Forgiveness - 2 Code STL-08
by these 30 minutes               Acceptance & Belonging - 1 Code STL-09
radio programmes now              Acceptance & Belonging - 2 Code STL-10
available on CD.                  God’s Power for the Body of Christ - 1 Code STL-11
                                  God’s Power for the Body of Christ - 2 Code STL-12
                                  Healing & Destiny - 1 Code STL-13
                                  Healing & Destiny - 2 Code STL-14
                   £2.99 per CD   Setting the Captives Free Code STL-15
                                  Worship, Sex & Healing Code STL-16
                                  Freedom from Ungodly Soul Ties Code STL-17
                                  Kingdom Choices - 1 Code STL-18
                                  Kingdom Choices - 2 Code STL-19
                                  Hope for the Sexually Abused Code STL-20
                                  Response to Stress, Fear & Failure - 1 Code STL-21
                                  Response to Stress, Fear & Failure - 2 Code STL-22
                                  Life’s Decisions Code STL-23
                                  Healing from Trauma Code STL-24
                                  Healing from Day One - 1 Code STL-25
                                  Healing from Day One - 2 Code STL-26
                                  Healing for the Bereaved Code STL-27
                                  Our Covenant Keeping God - 1 Code STL-28
                                  Our Covenant Keeping God - 2 Code STL-29
                                  The Pain of False Comfort Code STL-30
                                  Breaking Free from Addiction Code STL-33
                                  An Answer to Pain Code STL-34
                                  You are What you Think Code STL-35
                                  Freedom from Anger Code STL-36
                                  Living in the Promises Code STL-37
                                  The Sin of Laziness Code STL-38
                                  God is my Comforter Code STL-39
                                  Hope for the Childless Code STL-40
                                  Revival Power Code STL-41
                                  Time! Code STL-42
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Truth & Freedom DVD’s
The Truth & Freedom DVD
Peter Horrobin
                                      These teachings, by Peter Horrobin, were
                                      recorded at Ellel Grange in the UK on a
                                      special weekend course.
                                      This series includes eighteen 28-minute
                                      teaching programmes recorded on 9
                                      DVD’s which are ideal for small group
                                      use in the local church. They are equally
                                      valuable as a personal resource.
                                      Biblical teaching illustrated with real
                                      life examples and dramas presents an
                                      introduction to such topics as:

l What is healing and why do I need it?
l Foundations for healing
l The healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus
l Inner healing and emotional wholeness
l Healing through forgiveness
l Understanding deliverance
l Overcoming rejection
l Understanding sex and sexuality
l Fear - and how to overcome it
Boxed set of 9 DVD’s £74.95 Product Code: TAF - SET

The Truth & Freedom Study Guide
Paul Griffin
                 A practical guide to accompany the Truth & Freedom
                 DVD series, providing a framework for further group or
                 individual study and application. Includes key scriptures
                 and a summary of the teaching together with discussion
                 questions and suggestions for further personal meditation.
                 £1.95 Product Code: TAF - STG

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