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					         Thank you for your interest in the post of Educational Psychologist
                                        Ref: 069

We have pleasure in enclosing the following information:

         Guidance notes for applicants
         Job Description
         Person Specification
         Main Conditions of Service for this post
         Other useful information about the appointment process

The following may also be of additional interest:

         The County of Warwickshire and details of the Education Departm ent

                               If you wish to apply for this post please:

     1    Complete the enclosed application form, equal opportunities monitoring form
          and acknowledgement postcards.
     2    If you have an email address please note this on your application form. This
          will assist us if timescales are very short and we need to contact you urgently.

Return the above forms to Education Recruitment Team, County Education Office, 22
                      Northgate Street, Warwick CV34 4SP
                          By 4pm Monday 10 July 2006

Interviews will be held at the County Education Office on Tuesday 18 July 2006.

Please note that, for reasons of economy, we do not write to applicants who have not been
shortlisted informing them of the outcome of the appointment. If you have not heard from us
by 20 July 2006 you may assume that your application has been unsuccessful.

If you have any questions about the post you can contact, Andrew Clark, Acting Principal Educational
Psychologist - 01926 412 839; Deborah Shepherd, SEP - 01926 418284; Tara Midgen, SEP - 01926
461903 or Elinor Wilde, SEP – 01788 338130.


This advice note is designed to assist you with your application and to explain the
process that we will use to select the most suitable applicant for the post.

Completing the application form

The decision to invite applicants to attend for an interview is based entirely on what is
written on the application form. It is therefore important for you to give as much
information as you can about yourself and relate this to the job you are applying for.

Warwickshire County Council aims to be an Equal Opportunities employer and
requires the same range of information for all candidates submitted on an application
form. Please complete the application form in full. You may wish to include
supplementary information in the form of a CV but this must not be submitted as a
substitute for an application form.

Addressing the selection criteria

The person specification will state the skills, knowledge and experience we think a
candidate needs to have to do the job and will be used in determining whether you
are shortlisted. It is important that you address the person specification and show
how you are able to satisfy each of the stated criteria. Similarly, do not leave out any
relevant experience or skills/knowledge gained, whenever or however it was gained –
for example, voluntary or unpaid work should be included. Any reasons for gaps in
employment should also be recorded on your application form.

If there are a large number of applicants we may not be able to shortlist everyone
who meets the essential criteria in the person specification, therefore, the quality and
style of your application will also be important.

In addition to explaining why you think you can do the job you should give your
reasons for applying.


References are requested for shortlisted candidates, so you will need to indicate on
your application form if you do not wish referees to be contacted prior to interview.
No appointment will be confirmed without satisfactory references. If you have been
employed, one reference should be your present or previous employer. If you have
never worked or not worked for some time, think of someone who is able to say
something useful and relevant about you.

                                WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL

                                       EDUCATION DEPARTMENT

  If this information is difficult to understand, we can provide it in another format for example in
  large print, on audio tape, in another language or through discussion. Please contact us on
  01926 412892

JOB TITLE:                                                    Educational Psychologist

BASED AT:                                                     To be decided with successful applicant

HOURS OF WORK:                                                371/2 hours per week

GRADE & FULL TIME SALARY:                                     Soulbury Scale A points 4 – 10
                                                              £32,741 - £38,865 + SPA points

STATUS:                                                       Permanent

RESPONSIBLE TO:                                               SEP-line Manager


To provide a generic educational psychology service on behalf of Warwickshire LEA


The Educational Psychology Service is part of the Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
Division of the LEA, which is managed by the Assistant Chief Education Officer to whom the
Principal Educational Psychologist reports.


     1.          To implement the policies of the LEA and the Educational Psychology Service
                 working within appropriate legislative frameworks.

     2.          To contribute to the effective delivery of the Service, and to provide a balance
                 between preventative and reactive approaches.

     3.          To deliver a consultative needs responsive service to a group of schools to
                 enable them to respond to the special needs of pupils, and to monitor the
                 progress of pupils with special needs.

     4.          To contribute to the development and management of school improvement and
                 SEN within the LEA.

     5.          To provide a consultative service to pre-school children.

     6.          To work as part of an empowered self managing service delivery team, develop
                 a specialism and work within a specialist team.

     7.          To work within the established time allocation system and take responsibility as
                 required for providing a supportive service to meet LEA requirements.

     8.          To work collaboratively with other agencies so that educational psychologists
                 can work effectively on a multi-disciplinary basis within the framework of The
                 Children Act.

     9.          To undertake CPD at least to the level required by appropriate professional
                 associations, and as required by service managers.

     10.         To initiate, undertake, support and report on relevant research as required,
                 reporting this appropriately.

     11.         To work within and promote equal opportunities in terms of ethical, moral and
                 legislative frameworks.

     12.         To disseminate information to other members of the EPS and the Education
                 Service following attendance at courses and conferences.

     13.         To work closely with the EPS Leadership Team on further development and
                 implementation of changes to service delivery, taking a lead in specific
                 development work as required.

     14.         To participate in the EPS appraisal and performance management system, and
                 to undertake professional supervision.

     15.         To work within the codes of conduct of the Association of Educational
                 Psychologists and the Division of Educational and Child Psychology of the
                 British Psychological Society.

     16.         To carry out such other duties as may be allocated commensurate with the
                 grade of the post.
     17.         To respect Diversity and make the promotion of Equalities a fundamental part of
                 working life.


  Specification                                           Essential
Education                       Good honours degree in Psychology or
     /Training                  equivalent

                                Teaching qualification

                                Postgraduate professional qualification
                                in Educational Psychology

                                Minimum of two years teaching

Relevant skills                 A commitment to promoting Equal             Skills in developing
and/or aptitudes                Opportunities and Children’s Rights.        and delivering
                                Commitment to psychological
                                consultation as the main way of working     Ability to offer
                                                                            leadership in an
                                Ability to strengthen parents’ and carers
                                                                            area of professional
                                ‘ role in supporting their children
                                Demonstrable belief in evidence based,
                                                                            Commitment to
                                hypothesis testing approach to
                                                                            further training and
                                psychological intervention
                                                                            development at a
                                Ability to achieve and maintain respect     high level
                                while representing children’s needs

                                Good communication skills, both oral
                                and written, for a range of purposes and

                                Ability to work independently, and to
                                organise time and workload efficiently,
                                meeting deadlines where required

                                Commitment to teamwork and sharing
                                and developing practice and ideas

                                Commitment to working productively
                                with other agencies

                                Good assessment and intervention
                                skills using a range of approaches

                                Ability to produce written reports within
                                time deadlines

                                Creative/ constructive interactionist

                                approach to problem solving

                                Basic IT competence, eg Word,            More advanced IT
                                Powerpoint, Lotus notes or equivalent    skills

                                 Minimum of two years’ teaching          Work within a wide
                                 experience                              range of educational

                                                                         Experience of work
                                                                         with different agencies
Other                            Able to travel effectively across the
requirements                     County

              The main conditions of service applicable to this post
You will be subject to the conditions of service agreed by the National Joint Council for Local
Government employees and Soulbury Staff and those agreed locally by the County Council.

Pre-employment checks

Any offer of employment will be subject to a satisfactory medical report. You will therefore be
asked to complete a confidential medical questionnaire. Depending on your answers a
medical examination may also be required.

Appointment to this post is also conditional upon the receipt and retention of a satisfactory
response to a Disclosure (criminal record check) from the Criminal Records Bureau. If you
are unable to agree to a Disclosure being obtained, the offer of appointment will be
withdrawn. Periodic re-checking with the Criminal Records Bureau may be required in future

Pension Provisions

If you are over 16 years of age you will automatically join the Local Government Pension
Scheme. If you have made, or wish to make, alternative pension arrangements (participation
in the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme, or purchase of a personal pension from an
independent provider) you must apply to "opt out" of the Local Government scheme.

Working Hours

You will be required to devote your whole time service to this post and shall not engage in any
other business or take up any other additional appointment without the express consent of the

Using a flexible working system, you will normally work thirty-seven hours per week. This
allows some choice over starting and finishing times of work and also when lunch breaks are
taken. ‘Flexitime’ should, however, be operated in such a way that sections are adequately
staffed throughout normal office hours: normally 9.00 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. (Monday to Thursday)
and 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (Friday).

Probation period

If you have not been employed by a local authority previously you will be subject to a six-
month probationary period.

Salaries and increments

The salary is based on an incremental scale. Subject to satisfactory service and six months'
service in the grade, an increment is payable on 1st September each year until the maximum
of the grade is reached.

Annual Leave

The annual leave entitlement (which is dependent on salary and length of service) will be 27
days rising to 30 days in the year following completion of 5 years' continuous local authority
service, plus one extra day after 10 years' service

You will also be entitled to 8 Bank Holidays/Extra Statutory days plus an additional day at
Christmas which is allocated by the Council each year.

Notice Period

The period of notice required to terminate the appointment will be three calendar months.

Retirement Age

We recognise the guidance in relation to age discrimination and are committed to Equal
Opportunity for people of all ages within the accepted span of a working life. However, the
County Council operates a policy of normal retirement at age 65. Applicants aged 65 and
over, therefore, will not normally be considered for a vacancy. Only in exceptional
circumstances will such appointments be permitted.

Travelling and Subsistence

You will need to be able to travel effectively throughout the County and travelling/subsistence
incurred on official business will be reimbursed according to the scales for essential car users
laid down by the NJC for Local Government Staff Scheme. If you use your own car for this
purpose you should ensure that your insurance policy covers you for business use.

The Council operates a car purchase loan scheme for essential car users and some casual
car users, and a car leasing scheme for essential users subject to certain conditions. Details
are available on request.

Political Restrictions

This post is restricted from participating in public political activity (as laid down in The Local
Government and Housing Act, 1989). Further details on request.

Settling In Allowance

A settling-in allowance of 20% of the starting salary may be payable in certain circumstances
if you are required to move to within a reasonable and practical distance from your new place
of work. Further details of the scheme are available on request. In addition, at the Chief
Officer's discretion, £1,000 may be paid to reimburse removal costs and up to £1,300 towards
lodging costs for the first thirteen weeks.


Complaints Procedure

If at any stage you feel your application has not been dealt with fairly, please write
with details of your complaint to Allison Lehky, Human Resources Manager, 22
Northgate Street, Warwick, CV34 4SP.


Applicants must not communicate directly or indirectly with Council members in respect of
their candidature, and will be disqualified if they do so, or otherwise canvass.

Educational Psychologist
June 2006


      Training opportunities

      Flexitime working for all staff

      Contributory Local Government Pension Scheme

      Contractual Sick Pay Allowance

      Contractual Maternity Leave Provision

      Paternity and Adoptive leave

      Job Sharing

      Settling In Allowance for senior staff is available in appropriate circumstances

      Car Loan/Car Leasing schemes for essential car users

      Interview guarantees for Disabled applicants – Access to Work provisions


      Non Smoking policy in all areas

      Up to date information on nursery and childcare provision

      Two large car parking areas in Warwick provided free of charge

      A ‘Green Transport’ policy

      Easy access from main routes (i.e. M40, A46)

      A staff club for employees with subsidised meals available

For further information on any of the above please contact Personnel Central
Services on 01926 738496.