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    Energy efficiency made easy
    Incandescent light bulbs convert only 20% of electrical   CFL’s, this saving is increased. The control is in your
    energy into light, while wasting 80% in the form of       hands – in the form of your dimmer switch. Dim your
    heat. Eurolux Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent           CFL’s anywhere between 100% and 20% and see the
    Lamps (CFL’s) however convert 80% of electrical           reduction in your electricity bill.
    energy into light. Now, with the advent of dimmable       Start saving – change to Eurolux CFL’s.

                                                                                                  Energy Savers
                                                                                                  are now fitted
                                                                                                  with adjustable
                                                                                                  caps. Fit lamp
                                                                                                  as normal and
                                                                                                 adjust the sensor

  ** Please refer to the index section at the back of the catalogue for respective product colour variations.

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                                                                      X864                 X863


              O228                                                FL128

      Seat                    O23
                              O232             Pot Plants     O230                      O231

134    outdoor lights


O234   O235
                     O240      O241


                        O229          O236

O243          O244                           O245

  Lighting the outdoors
  Your outside lights are as important as your inside lights. They set
  the tone for your home and can create a warm welcome.

  Consider matching your fittings          repelling insects than any other      have security lights that need to
  with your garden furniture; for         colour. Blue is also popular          be left on all night, ensure you
  instance, if you have wrought           for feature lights because of its     select an energy saver. Another
  iron furniture, choose wrought          dramatic effect.     Green also       option is to use a QI halogen
  iron exterior lights.       As with     works well, depending on the          floodlight with a motion sensor
  interior fittings; exterior lights are   colour scheme.                        – never touch a halogen lamp
  also available in families with                                               with your fingers as this will
  matching pedestals, poles and           There are hundreds of ways to         shorten its lifespan, burn you or
  chains.                                 light up your garden, but here are    even explode.
                                          some key things to bear in mind:
  Remember that all outside lights                                              There are two type of security
  must be fully waterproof, even if       • Make use of light and shadows       lighting:
  they are used under a covered             to create depth. Do not try         1. Low-cost / Energy-saving lights
  veranda.                                  to light up the entire garden.          • Stay on all night, providing
                                            Shadow creates intrigue and                an instant deterrent for
  Bulkheads are often used along            interest as much as light does.            would-be intruders
  an exterior wall.                         Silhouette plants with unusual          • Ideal for illuminating key
  • Consider using bulkheads                leaf structure and illuminate a            areas around the house
     with eyelids, which are more           tree for stunning impact.                  or specific sections of the
     efficient because the top             • Focus on specific features                  garden, especially security
     half is covered so the light           throughout the depth of the                risks
     is reflected down onto the              garden – for instance a shrub
     ground and glare is reduced.           at the back, a water feature half
  • Position bulkheads 5 to 10m             way across the garden, and a
     apart                                  pretty flowerbed at the front.
                                          • You can link your pool and
  Remember that your patio and              your garden lights to create a
  garden are an extension of                unified look
  your home and should be lit             • Light pathways to and
  accordingly.     There are two            from your pool (this is both
  basic areas of outdoor lighting           decorative and functional)
  that need to be considered:             • Light stairs, pathways, and
  decorative lighting and security          any changes in levels
  lighting.                               • Boldly light security weak
  Decorative Lighting
                                          Security Lighting
  Coloured lights can create
  wonderful impact. Yellow lights         When choosing security lights,
  are often chosen for outdoor            remember to choose the right one
  lights because yellow is better at      for the right application. If you

   • Floodlights       have                                                   Top of the range is the FS68,
     different size beams                                                     offering a 300W moving
     for different effects                                                    head floodlight, wireless alarm
     – you can achieve                                                        and a handheld LCD receiver,
     a wide but shallow                                                       which relays the image of the
     spread of light, or                                                      attached camera to the receiver
     narrow,     penetrating                                                  in real-time. The FS67 offers a
     coverage                                                                 similar floodlight and wireless
   • Use energy saver                                                         alarm – however instead of the
     floodlights and save                                                      handheld receiver it includes a
     money on your lighting                                                   four channel TV receiver, which
     bill                                                                     means that up to four cameras
                                                                              can be installed around the
2. Motion-sensor lights                                                       premises, with the images being
   • There are two types                                                      relayed to a particular TV set.
     of         motion-sensor
     floodlights:                       Moveable motion-sen-                   Security experts say most
     a. A sensor attached to a         sor lights                             properties have at least four
         single fitting that switches                                          areas that can be termed ‘high
         on the light when             A new range of intelligent security    risk’ and can benefit from surveil-
         movement is detected          lights from eurolux addresses the      lance. Should your home, office
     b. A       remote       sensor    issue of static security lighting by   or factory fall into this category
         attached to one or            offering a moveable floodlight          and you wish to install more
         more fittings – when           and alarm solution, with camera        than one moveable floodlight
         movement is detected          capability.                            with camera capability, you
         at one point, all the                                                can purchase the FS66 as an
         lights come on, which         An integrated motion detector,         addition. The product features
         is ideal for an L-shaped      sensitive to both heat and motion,     only the 300W moving head
         building                      will focus a light beam on the         floodlight and wireless alarm.
   • Motion sensors offer the          spot where movement has been
     benefit of surprise to             detected and transmit a wireless       The FS65 security light is an entry
     intruders                         signal to a receiver which allows      level product with a wireless
   • Cost effective security           you to view that specific area          alarm and a 150W moving
     option                            via a handheld LCD monitor or          head floodlight. This particular
   • Can be installed into             a television screen. This literally    product can typically be used in
     existing fittings                  means that once motion has             smaller, low risk areas.
   • If your motion-sensor keeps       been detected and the alarm
     switching on because of           been triggered, a person can           All four products in this range
     pets, you may need to             see what caused the disturbance        allow for a movement scope of
     cover the bottom photocell        from a place of safety, without        210º and it is recommended that
     to prevent it from detecting      any risk to themselves.                they be installed by a qualified
     movement close to the                                                    electrician.
     ground                            The fitting makes use of infrared
   • It is important to position       sensors that only detect heat and
     your motion-sensor correctly      motion of substantial size and
     – the higher you place            small creatures such as geckos,
     it, the less distance you         lizards and small birds should not
     will cover, while a lower         trigger it.
     floodlight will give a
     broader coverage.                 The range includes four security
                                       lights with differing features.



         O17            O19               O16






               O75            O36   O10         O8

138   outdoor lights
O26           O24                O50


      O115          O114               O215

 O90         O91           O92


      O144          O145

O93          O94      O146                    O207      O206

      O116              O117

              O122                            O118                    O120

                                                O202                  O203
         O195                 O196

                                                               W247           O83

                O197                 O198

       O123            O124            O217

              O29                       O97                             O99

140   outdoor lights
  O87         O88


       O139          O111

                                    O52             O67

                                       Please ensure that all
                                       grades of stainless
                                       steel fittings are
                            cleaned and maintained on a
                            regular basis.
                            Visit for more
                            detailed information.




              O125                        O140



             O59   O60      O70           O200   O199     O201    O149




      O188               O186      O187            O194           O191

142     outdoor lights
O112               O113
                            O58              O98

O27                   O28         O25        O80


             O84                    O134

       O86                        O37



                       O34   O76          O81

                                    O82         W325


                                   O79          O54
           O41         O40

144   outdoor lights