Improve Your Health By Walking Your Dog

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					              Improve Your Health By Walking Your Dog

Do you know that taking Fluffy for a                    A total of 150 minutes of
walk can improve your health?                          moderate aerobic activity
Research has shown that walking your dog can         (i.e. brisk walking) per week
help you improve your health.                             is recommended by the
A 2001 study in Australia found that people            Centers for Disease Control
who walked their dogs for at least an hour a
                                                               and Prevention
week were most likely to get the recommended
level of health-improving physical activity.
Improve your health by walking your dog          Walking 10 Minutes At A Time Is Fine:

                                                        Even a 10-minute brisk walk ,
                                                         3 times a day, 5 days a week
                                                           can improve your health

Top Reasons To Take Regular Walks With Your Dog:
Reasons For You:                                 Reasons For Your Dog:

•   Helps you get the recommended level of       •   Improves your dog’s cardiovascular
    physical activity (150 minutes a week).          health.

•   Improves your cardiovascular health.         •   Prevents obesity in your dog and helps
                                                     overweight dogs lose weight.
•   Helps you relax and feel better.
                                                 •   Helps your dog relax & bark less.
•   Gives you an opportunity to meet new
    people.                                      •   Improves your dog’s overall behavior.

•   Helps your neighbors recognize your dog if   •   Helps your dog find its way home if it
    it ever gets lost.                               ever gets lost.

•   Allows you to bond with your dog.
                                                                             Robles 9/2009
                             TIPS AND RESOURCES
   Walking tips for you:
• Wear comfortable shoes
                                                    Dog Parks In Los Angeles:
                                                             333 S Barrington Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
• Stretch before and after to       Barrington Dog Park
  prevent injury
                                    Griffith Park Dog Park   Located at north end of the John Ferraro
• Be visible to make sure                                    Soccer Field on North Zoo Drive Los
  drivers see you                                            Angeles, CA 90027
                                    Hermon Canyon in the
• Look both ways when you           Arroyo Seco Dog Park
                                                             5566 Via Marisol, Los Angeles, CA 90042
  cross the street                                           8260 Mulholland Drive, Studio City, CA
                                    Laurel Canyon Dog Park
• Wear a hat and use                                         90046
  sunscreen                         Runyon Canyon Dog Park 2000 North Fuller, Los Angeles, CA 90046
• Drink plenty of water             Sepulveda Basin Off-     17550 Victory Boulevard, Encino, CA
• Make your walks a routine         Lease Dog Park           91406
                                                             1850 W Silver Lake Drive, Los Angeles,
                                    Silverlake Dog Park
                                                             CA 90026

                                    Westminister Dog Park    1234 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

                                    Whitnall Off-Leash Dog   5801 1/2 Whitnall Hwy., North Hollywood,
                                    Park                     CA 91601

 Walking tips for your
        dog:                                                                     Try either long
                                        Prevent A Dog Attack
• Supervise your dog                                                              walks or short
                                •   Avoid other dogs. Cross the street
  around young children                                                          frequent walks.
                                if you see a dog you do not want to
• Use a leash at all times      encounter.
• Bring poop bags to pick
                                • Make some noise. Yell "No!" or
  up after your dog
                                "Go Home!" in a deep loud voice.
• Make sure your dog
                                                                                 Aim to get 150
  drinks plenty of water                                                           minutes of
• Don’t walk your dog in
                                                                                  walking per
  extreme weather                                                                   week !
                                •  Carry an object. Consider
• Watch for unusual signs       carrying a stick or other object that
  of fatigue or trouble         you can use to scare away a
  breathing                     threatening dog.                                   Robles 09/2009

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Description: Go, is the most basic forms of exercise. In accordance with the walking speed of 4.5 km per hour for fast walking speed of 3.6 km for the slow, less than 3 km per hour for a walk. But no matter what the form of walking, the body is an effective exercise is to enhance efforts to reduce the weight of the possible measures. Fast walking, and generally get up in the morning after, every 30 to 45 minutes, pay attention to heart rate should be controlled at 120 beats per minute less than an hour to walk 5 to 7 kilometers appropriate.