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									Want To Have A Tibetan Adventure In India? Try Ladakh Trekking Tours!

Ladakh is situated in the northernmost part of India and is popularly known as the Land
of High Passes, the Land of Gompa and the Land of Nomads. Ladakh is located at a
distance of seven kilometers from the Indus River and lies between the Kunlun mountain
range to its north and Himalayas to the south. Sometimes called “Little Tibet” because of
strong Tibetan influence on culture, Ladakh borders Tibet in the east, the Lahaul and
Spiti in the south, Kashmir, Jammu and Baltiyul regions to the west. Scarcely populated,
Ladakh has a population of about 260,000, which is a blend of many different ethnic
groups, predominantly the Tibetans, Mongolians and the Dards.

Ladakh is one of the hotspots for adventure trekking in India and this why Ladakh
trekking tours are some of the best-loved India adventure tours packages. Trekkers
engage in long trips, using trekking as a way of getting from place to place, or for
adventure. Trekkers move on foot, and that gives them an up-close view of incredible
beauty that the nature blatantly reveals in this part of the world. Trekking can be
associated with a number of other outdoor sports, such as rock climbing, snowboarding,
extreme skiing, and freestyle skiing, among others. These sports have a high level of
inherent danger and are termed as Adventure or Extreme sports. Ladakh is host to the
most desirable trekking and adventure opportunities. Since 1974, Ladakh is being
developed as the best trekking destination in India. Ladakh possess high mountain
terrains having altitudes ranging from 9,000 feet in Kargil to 25,170 feet in Saser Kangri
in the Karakoram. Some of the Ladakh’s most fun-filled trekking routes are Greater
Himalaya, the Karakoram, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range.

Ladakh trekking tours provide the travelers with a once-in-a-life opportunity to test their
caliber and pump up their adrenalin while encashing on the most breathtaking scenery in
the whole world. Ladakh is blessed with numerous fascinating trekking routes. The treks
include routes like Spituk to Markha Valley, Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling and Likir to
Temisgam, Stok Kangri trek, Nubra Valley Trek, Trans Zanskar trek, Rupshu Valley trek
and many more. A brief mention of some famous treks has to start with famous Frozen
River Trek, followed by many other marvelous treks that would test the strength of the
best trekkers in the world.

Manali to Ladakh Trek is one of the longest and one of the most sought after treks in the
country. World's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalayas, the Karakoram, the
Ladakh range & the Zanskar range are part of this touring package. A trekker can’t
possible ask for more. The Trekkers are blessed with the beauty of wild flowers, a wide
range of mountain animals, hundreds of species of resident and migratory birds, and on
top of that, hospitable, hardy, cheerful and courteous people that can be as warm as the
heart of a winter fire.

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