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									Dassault Systemes Services

                          Samson KHAOU
                            Vice President
        Dassault Systemes Services Europe
Dassault Systemes (DS) Services
A worldwide organization
    Dedicated to Consulting and Services Delivery
    Focusing on the support of DS Brands (CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, 3dVIA )
    With 1000+ skilled consultant across Americas, Europe and Asia
        Americas : Major Sites in Canada and USA
        Europe : Major Sites in France, Germany and UK
        Asia ; Major sites in Japan and Korea

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DS Services in Europe
 2007 Service Revenue of 55M€
 400 people
     Project Managers
     Solution Architects
     Solution Consultants
     Application Engineers and
 8 main offices in France,
 Germany, UK, Sweden and Italy
 Key projects in
     Energy & Process
     Industrial Equipments
     High Tech

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The DS Consulting & Delivery Services (1/2)

                     PLM PROJECT MANAGEMENT

      PLM PROCESS                                  PLM
        SOLUTION            DELIVERY
      ARCHITECTURE                               SUPPORT

                        PLM CERTIFICATION

                     PLM INTEGRATION SERVICES

                     PLM EDUCATION SERVICES

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     The DS Consulting & Delivery Services (2/2)
• Analysis of business processes and
its requirements
                                                                         • Operational planning management
• Definition of the DS PLM solution
architecture                                                             • Delivery and its quality monitoring

•Proposal of a master delivery plan                                      • Project risks mitigation

                                                                                • Installation and Administration
• Uses cases definition and                                                     of production environment
methodology development                                                         • Roll out of DS PLM products
•Technical documentation                                                        releases

• Preliminary Validation                                                        • Helpdesk support to end-users

                                       • Definition of the education    • Certification of customers dedicated
• Specific Development to integrate    program                          environment
with legacy applications               • Training courses development   • Support of the data, software code and
                                                                        performance scenario
• Applications Migration and           • Training administration
Support                                                                 • Management of the quality before
                                                                        production roll-out
• Industrialization and Maintenance

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An overview of the DS Key Services Offering

Industry Solutions

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Reference Case in Commercial Aircraft Company
   Scope of DS Engagement              Scope of DS engagement
       Focus on the delivery and
       deployment of DS PLM
   PLM Solutions Development
       DS is leading the development
       of the solutions based on
       drivers defined for each
       aircraft program
       DS is in charge of the legacy     Coverage of DS Brands
   Multi-national Programs
       France, UK, Germany and

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                        MESSAGE #1
     We are ready to bring our worldwide experience to our
               partners and customers in Russia

                      MESSAGE #2
     We are open to share our skills and apply it in Russia
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                        MESSAGE #3
    We are building a local consulting team to be supportive
               and responsive to Russian market

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