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Newsletter Term 1 2010


									                               KNYSNA MONTESSORI SCHOOL

                                 NEWSLETTER : TERM 1 – 2010
Welcome, to all our children and parents, old and           Rotary Interact:
new, we trust that you will have a very happy 2010          This is compulsory for all Grades 7 – 11 from 3 –
at our school.                                              4pm every Thursday.

New Teachers:                                               High School hours:
3-6 Environment: Welcome to Antoinette Wood                 Mon & Wed: 8:00 – 16:00pm
who has taken over Sacha’s Class and to Marie               (Academic Programme 8 – 4pm) Sport 11-12
Wurdeman who will be taking over Judith’s Class.            Tuesday: 08:00-15:00pm
6-9 Environment: All the best to Jonathan Fourie            Thur: 8:00 – 3pm (Interact see above)
(who has moved from the Junior High School to               Fri: 8:00 – 14:00pm
teach the Culture Class) and to Judith Verburgt (who
has moved from the 3-6 environment to teach the             Dates to diarise: Please see new format on
Maths class), in their new environment.                     page 3 & 4.
9 – 12 Environment: We also welcome Mohini
Kalianji, who will be teaching the Culture Class, and       Matric 2009 results:
to Berny Scherag who will be teaching the Maths             We are very proud to announce a 100% pass rate.
Class.                                                      Congratulations to all our Matrics and teachers.

Staff News:                                                 School Terms for 2010:
Many of our teachers are studying and we wish to            13 January – 26 March (Term 1)
congratulate Andre for achieving full distinctions for      12 April – 9 June (Term 2)
his PGCE, and to Steve, Jonathan and Ramas for              13 July – 23 September (Term 3)
excellent results. We await with great anticipation         4 October – 10 December (Term 4)
Andri’s results for her Doctorate in Montessori
Education.                                                   ‘My School Card’ Promotion:
                                                            Parents interested in joining My School Card should
Summer School Sport:                                        please contact their Class Representative. ‘My
Athletics, Swimming, Cricket and Netball.                   School Card enables families to raise funds for our
                                                            school, through swiping cards at selected stores,
Parent Meetings:                                            which results in a percentage of the sales, being
All parents are encouraged to attend class meetings         donated to the school. If you already have a My
in order to familiarize themselves with class rules,        School Supporter Card from another school then
and meet other parents and teachers. Reports will go        please provide the office with the card number so
out in the last week of term and parent meetings will       that we can merge your details. We encourage you
be conducted to discuss the reports. (See Calendar          to become a part of the My School Card Supporter
for parent meeting dates).                                  Programme.

                        E-mail: •
The Friday Market:                                          Marking of School Clothing:
Parents please check the bar duty lists for this term.      Please mark all school clothing with clearly
They are displayed on the general notice board              identifiable names. Unmarked or vaguely marked
outside the reception area. Parents are reminded            clothing cannot be returned to its rightful owner.
that The Friday Market is our school’s main fund-           Many items of brand new clothing come back to the
raising event. Funds from the market are utilized for       office, and we appreciate that uniform is expensive,
the school’s development. The Friday Market is a            but are unable to return unmarked items to their
Supper and Craft Market, and we ask you to                  owners. There are iron on number labels available
PLEASE support our food vendors and bar, and not            at the school office.
to bring your own cooler boxes with drinks and
food. For the information of our new parents, no            School Hats:
dogs are allowed, and no children are permitted in          New school caps and hats are available at the school
the bar area.                                               office.

New Library:                                                Montestory Magazine:
PLEASE HELP! For the first time we have a                   Parents wishing to advertise in the school magazine,
dedicated library on the upper level. Although it is        are requested to contact The Magazine Occupations
well stocked, many of the books are old and we              Group, this can be done via the school office.
would love to replace them with new and updated
literature. Any donations, or contributions towards         Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and productive
this project for our children would be appreciated.         1st Term.

Extra Mural Activities:
SURFING: Tues, Wed and Thurs 3:15 – 6pm
R40 per lesson
INTERACT CLUB: Every Thursday after school                  Taddy Beyleveld & Staff
Wednesday & Thursday 3-4pm R60 per lesson

After Care Rules:
A reminder to all parents, please NO child is to leave
the school premises without the supervision and
permission of a parent/adult.

Sports/Market Field:
The Sports/Market field is private property and not a
public area. Children are not authorized to play on
the school grounds outside school hours. Parents are
also requested not to walk their dogs on school
property. Students may only be on the school
grounds during school hours, under teacher

                        E-mail: •

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