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					                     University of California
                 HR/Payroll and Benefits Solution
                      Request for Proposal

                  Appendix B
                Payroll Information

                                             RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                         Page 1 of 6
Appendix B. Payroll Information
Below is a summary of key Payroll information at UC as of January 2011.

A. Payroll Population Summary Employee count data provided as of December 2010 snapshot
   unless otherwise indicated
                      Category                                              Count
Total employee count                                180,622
Total employee count by employee category
        Faculty                                     16,863
        Other Academics                             38,805
        Managers and Senior Professionals           8,955
        Senior Management Group                     204
        Professional and Support Staff              114,053
        Other                                       1,742
Exempt employee count                               94,956
Non-exempt employee count                           85,666
Union employee count                                74,029
Non-union employee count                            106,593
Hourly (Positive Time) employee count               102,996
Salaried (Exception Time) employee count            77,626
Retirees paid thru payroll (this could be special   N/A
pays, not just regular retirement pay)
Non-Resident Aliens from Canada, Mexico or          627
South Korea
Non-Resident Aliens; wages not subject to           1,556
Federal income tax withholding and FICA
Resident Aliens for Federal income tax purposes;    394
wages subject to FICA withholding but not subject
to Federal income tax withholding
Non-Resident Aliens; wages subject to withholding   3,639
Pending Permanent Residents; wages subject to       149
withholding tax
Resident Aliens for tax purposes                    22,180
Non-Resident Alien Student employees from India     380
Non-Resident Aliens living and working outside      60
the United States; wages not subject to federal
and state withholding taxes

B. Pay Operations
                     Category                                               Count
Number of employees with direct deposit             157,520Response
Percentage of employees on direct deposit           87.21%
Number of machine-generated W-2 forms issued        252,614 (2009 total)
Direct deposit advices – paper or electronic        Paper and electronic
Number of union bargaining agreements or other      System wide:                        12

                                                                           RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                                                       Page 2 of 6
contractual agreements in place today            Local:                             14
Exception payments                               Stop payments/Stale dated:         5,502
                                                 Salary advances:                   1,512
                                                 Final payments:                    20,819
                                                 Direct deposit reject reissues:    1,974
                                                 Garnishment recalculations:        27,418
                                                 Earnings adjustments:              21,067
Volume of payroll-related inquiries handled by   Approximately 52,800 per year
Location of check printing                       Campus processing center
Where/how are pay advices/checks delivered?      Bundled by payroll and distributed to departments
                                                 by campus mail services
What transactions are available through self-    1. Online earnings statements/direct deposit
service today?                                       advice(view/email notification)
                                                 2. Online W-4/DE4 (view/change)
                                                 3. Electronic W-2 (enroll/view/email notification)
                                                 4. Online direct deposit (enroll/change/cancel)
                                                 5. Employment verification (view)
Current pay cycles                               1. Biweekly (BW) - arrears
                                                 2. Semi-monthly (SM) - arrears
                                                 3. Monthly (MO) - current
                                                 4. Monthly Arrears (MA) - arrears
Pay days                                          Monthly – payment is scheduled for the first
                                                     working day following the close of the pay
                                                     period. If a non-working day occurs between
                                                     the end of the pay period and the first working
                                                     day of the next pay period, payment is made on
                                                     the last working day of the pay period, except
                                                     that December earnings are always paid on the
                                                     first banking day on or after January 1 .

                                                    Monthly arrears – payment is scheduled for the
                                                     fifth working day (for southern campuses), or
                                                     the sixth working day (for northern campuses),
                                                     following the close of the pay period, but no
                                                     later than the 8 of the month.

                                                    Semi-monthly - payment is scheduled for the
                                                     sixth working day of the pay period, except that
                                                     no payday may be later than the 8 of the
                                                     month for the second pay period, nor the 23 of
                                                     the month for the first pay period.

                                                    Biweekly – payment is scheduled for the second
                                                     Wednesday following the close of the pay
                                                     period. If the second Wednesday is a holiday,
                                                     then the pay day is the first working day prior to
                                                     that holiday, except for the New Year’s holiday
                                                     for which the pay date will always be the first
                                                     banking day on or after January 1 .
When do you process for payday?                     Monthly – 5-8 calendar days before the pay

                                                                       RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                                                   Page 3 of 6
                                                       Monthly arrears – 3-5 calendar days before the
                                                        pay date.
                                                     Semi-monthly – 8 calendar days before the pay
                                                     Biweekly – 5-7 calendar days before the pay
Are retroactive changes processed via deductions    Retroactive earnings are processed via deductions
or earnings                                         and earnings
Currencies used for employee pay                    US dollars

C. Earnings and Deductions
                     Category                                          Count/Response
Number of voluntary deduction codes active in       Approximately 200 (union dues and agency fees,
today’s payroll system                              retirement contributions, vanpool, etc.)
How are union dues, fee and charity deductions      Union dues, fees and charity deductions are
withheld?                                           calculated by the payroll system based on formulas
                                                    provided in the bargaining agreements. Deductions
                                                    are withheld from gross pay.
How are the union dues, fees and charity            Remitted to the unions monthly, via paper check or
deductions paid?                                    EFT
Are there any other union or contractual            Yes – 403(b)/457(b) contributions, scholarshare, loan
deductions?                                         payments, etc.

D. Taxes
                    Category                                          Count/Response
System or provider used for tax filing today? In-    In-house
house or outsourced                                  Outsourced – GLACIER – foreign nationals only
How many FEIN’S do you use to pay employees?        11 - one for each campus except Merced, plus
                                                    Hastings and ASUCLA
In how many states                                  41
In how many locals                                  4
Number of tax payments you make per year            374
What is your volume of amendments?                  667
Are you making payments electronically today?       Yes

E. Garnishments
                   Category                                           Count/Response
Number of active wage attachments you have          3,371
Number of new court orders received each month      591
Are you making payments electronically?             Yes – Child support

F. Banking
                    Category                                           Count/Response
Number of bank accounts used in payroll today       > 2,000
Do you send positive pay files to the bank(s)?      Yes
How are reversals handled?                          Manually (e.g., prior year pay adjustments) and
                                                    Automatically (e.g., current year pay adjustments)
Are payments made to non-US banks?                  No

                                                                          RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                                                      Page 4 of 6
G. Special Pay
                  Category                                        Count/Response
Do you have a bonus cycle? What is the timing?   Yes – bonus cycles (i.e., supplemental pay cycles)
                                                 can be scheduled and run multiple times per month.
Are there any employees paid on commission or    No
for completing something? What is the
How are manual checks requested?                 Departments notify Central Payroll
How are manual checks created?                   Payment data is entered into the payroll system.
                                                 The payment data is sent to the Accounts Payable
                                                 (AP) system. The AP system generates the check. A
                                                 payroll audit record is created and stored in the
                                                 payroll database.

H. Accounting
                    Category                                       Count/Response
What is (are) your GL system(s) today?               Berkeley - PeopleSoft

                                                     San Francisco - PeopleSoft, GEAC E Series

                                                     Davis – DaFIS, KUALI (conversion in progress)

                                                     Los Angeles – Local financial system

                                                     Merced – UCLA’s financial system

                                                     Riverside - PeopleSoft

                                                     San Diego - Integrated Financial Information
                                                      System (IFIS)

                                                     Santa Cruz - FIS Banner

                                                     Santa Barbara - Local financial system

                                                     Irvine – Accounting Information System (AIS)

                                                     Hastings - Datatel Colleague

Does your team handle any payments to third      No
parties? How is that handled?
Does the payroll team reconcile 3 party          No
deduction accounts?
When do you reconcile the GL interface?          Monthly

I.   Time and Attendance
                   Category                                        Count/Response
What time system(s) is (are) in place today?         Berkeley – Kronos, TimeForce, OPTRS*
Please list
                                                     San Francisco – Huntington Business Systems

                                                                       RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                                                   Page 5 of 6

                                                   Davis – Kronos, OPTRS*

                                                   Los Angeles – Kronos, TimeClock,
                                                    eTimesheet**, HBS, OPTRS*

                                                   Merced – PTR**, OPTRS*

                                                   Riverside – Kronos, OPTRS*

                                                   San Diego – Timekeeping Application Rewrite
                                                    (TAR)**, HBS

                                                   Santa Cruz – Workforce

                                                   Santa Barbara - Kronos, OPTRS*

                                                   Irvine – Time Reporting System (TRS)**, API

                                                   Hastings – OPTRS*

                                                    *    OPTRS provides time entry directly into PPS
                                                    **   Home-grown time and attendance system

                                                        Note that this is list is representative and
                                                        may not be exhaustive.
How does time data get into payroll?            Locations enter time data in a variety of ways:
                                                    Directly into PPS via OPTRS;

                                                        Into an intermediate time and attendance
                                                         system and then into PPS via OPTRS;

                                                        Into a time and attendance system that is
                                                         interfaced to PPS either with batch updates
                                                         or real-time web services.

What percentage of your employees must record   Approximately 57%
time in order to get paid?

                                                                      RFP – Appendix B Payroll Information
February 2011                                                                                  Page 6 of 6

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