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					                           ADDENDUM NUMBER SIX

                                                             November 15, 2007
IFB #07-130-01-01
Demolition Project at Lafitte Development LA1-05

ITEM #1     Response to questions submitted in writing:

      Q1.   Question refers to page 4 of Addendum # 3 / SP8. This indicates that
            the contractor is responsible to bear all costs for the sampling,
            removing, and disposing of all asbestos even if it is not on the

      A1.   Please refer to Addendum Number Four, dated November 6, 2007;
            Item #2, Question and Answer #1.

      Q2.   Can the HA delay this bid and call for a meeting to discuss the
            requirements of asbestos? Do you want the contractor to assume
            that all materials are asbestos and in need of removal in advance of

      A2.   1. The Bid due date will not be changed and a pre-bid conference
               has already been conducted for this project. No further meetings
               will be held prior to receipt of bids.

            2. Refer to the Specification, Section 01013 – Summary of the Work
               Asbestos Abatement and Schedule of Asbestos Containing
               Materials, Page Lafitte 01013 - 11

      Q3.   The project specified that the wages are paid in accordance with
            Davis Bacon wages number LA20030012 dated 8/17/2007. Normally,
            demolition falls under Service Contract Act wages and associated
            wage determination. Please verify that the correct Act and wage
            determination is included.

      A3.   The Davis Bacon wage number LA20070012 (Heavy), dated August
            17, 2007 was correct when the Specification was published; the
            current wage number is LA20070002 (Residential) dated October 12,
            2007. Also, see attachment.
Q4.   Whether Davis Bacon or Service Contract, please provide the
      specific classification, job title, and wage for the following worker
       Asbestos worker
       Asbestos supervisor
       Concrete saw-cut technician
       Concrete demo labor
       Bob cat operator
       Heavy equipment operator
       Crane operator
       HHW and decommissioning labor
       Site supervisor

A4.   Request for additional labor classification should be directed to the
      Department of Labor

Q5    Pollution liability insurance is not currently required for the projects,
      yet the project requires handling of asbestos, which is always
      excluded under general liability policies. Will the HA request
      pollution liability insurance at 2 million dollars per occurrence from
      the Prime Bidders to protect the HA in the event of a claim?

A5.   Refer to HUD 5370 for Insurance requirements.

Q6.   Post demolition air monitoring is required following demolition as
      per specification. This is not normally required in demolition
      scenario as there is no re-occupancy. Furthermore, the time and
      labor effort to create a dust-free environment following manual
      demolition in a delay for air monitoring further burdens project time
      and money. This air-monitoring requirement is not mandatory as per
      state, federal, and local laws. Does the HA see this as beneficial, as
      it will add between one to two million dollars to comply or is the
      reference in the specification an oversight?

A6.   Required under this contract; please provide.

Q7.   Please provide the asbestos survey report on record inclusive of all

A7.   See Attached.

Q8.   The specification requires the roofing felt to be removed. Will the HA
      allow this material to be wet demolished in place and later
      segregated/disposed properly as Category 1 non-pliable material?
      This can save over one million dollars in hand-removal fees that do
      not appear to be necessary for this application.

A8.   Please refer to the project Specifications, Section 02088 – Removal
      of Asbestos Roofing Materials.
Q9.   Why is a full containment with two layers of plastic sheeting
      specified? If the Transite material was removed substantially intact
      in accordance with LDEQ requirements without containment, will this
      be allowed?

A9.   Refer to the Specifications.

Q10. Why would full decontamination systems, PAPRs and Type C
     respirators and air monitoring be required if contractor is statistically
     below the PEL (likely result).

A10. Comply with the Specifications.

Q11. Why are fiberboard drums required for the waste? Should the waste
     simply be disposed legally in accordance with LDEQ requirements?

A11. Comply with the Specifications.

Q12. Category 1 roofing material in a wet demolition scenario can be
     disposed as Construction and Demolition debris. Why is it required
     to be placed into drums and double-lined in plastic? Leaving this
     requirement in the specifications will cost hundreds of thousands of
     additional dollars.

A12. Comply with the Specifications.

Q13. Is the roofing felt under the cementitious shingles positive and/or are
     the cementitious shingles themselves positive for asbestos? If the
     shingles do not contain asbestos, consider deleting the reference to
     shingles in the specification.

A13. Comply with the Specifications.

Q14. Some roofs are dissimilar to the main roof system which contains
     red clay architectural shingles. Do these contain asbestos felts as
     well? Is the asbestos in both the edge flashing and the main field as

A14. Comply with the Specifications.      Also see attached environmental
     testing report.

Q15. The concrete and block waste will typically be managed as inert C&D
     or recyclable media. Specification requires leach ability testing by
     contractor. Test results can come back below hazardous waste
     levels, but exceed unrestricted recycling use and/or unlined (cost-
     effective) disposal. Past lead based paint issues with similar
     structures have required disposal in Municipal Solid Waste lined
     landfills. The disposal cost will be about eight times as much as
     other options. If leach ability testing indicated a concern that
            prohibits C&D unlined landfill disposal and full recycling, will the HA
            fund the cost difference for MSW disposal?

      A15. Comply with the Specifications.

Bids must be received by the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) in the
Office of Procurement and Contracts by 2:00 p.m., Central Standard Time, on
Wednesday, November 21, 2007.

All Terms and Conditions shall remain as stated in the original Invitation for Bids.
All addenda must be acknowledged.

                        END OF ADDENDUM NUMBER SIX

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