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                               Term 2

               Contec 10 Work Package

                 Lockview High School

               Construction Technology

*Also see the webpage for projects and assignments:

Teacher: Mr.Shreenan

                       Construction Technology

                            Table of Contents                                              Page
*These paired assignments are due on the FRIDAY Due Dates
 given by Mr.Shreenan for class work and assignments. Good Luck!

Chapter #17                 Roof Systems                                                        3

Chapter # 18           Enclosing the Structure                                    7
„Chapter # 24          PLUMBING                                                   9

Chapter # 25         Climate Control                                             10
Chapter # 26                  Electrical                                         11

(CEK) Assignment (See the worksheet)                                         12
Chapter # 30 Manufactured Construction                                            13

PURCHASING A HOME IN NOVA SCOTIA                                                               14

Lockview High School           Contec 10            Name_____________
         Chapter 17            Roof Systems           (page 246)
                                                  **Also found on Our Web page.
         *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
                  Term 2                              2010

                     Questions for Chapter 17

  1. What are the five types of roofs discussed on page 246? DRAW them.

  2. Define these Roof Systems Terms:
     Common rafter, Ceiling Joist, Ridge board, Span, Run, Rise,
     Pitch, Tail, Bird‟s Mouth, Roof Truss, Gable Framing, Facia Header

  3. On page 263 –264: Do Sections A, B, and C.

  4. Also…Sketch Figure 17-20 on page 258.

  5. Standard three-tab asphalt shingles are made in 12-inch by 36-inch pieces
     that are designed to give the appearance of individual shingles. The exposed
     portion is called "exposure" and the lower edge is referred to as the "butt."
     In Your Notes DRAW an Asphalt Shingle.

  6. Describe the type of roof on your home and draw what it looks like.

  7.   Name 2 companies that manufacture roofing shingles.
  Roofs are actually waterproofing systems, made up of a variety of components that
  work together. These systems include framing, sheathing, underlayment, flashing, and
  finish roofing.

                                      ‘Asphalt shingle roofs’ cover
                                      about 80% of all house roofs in our

                                          Asphalt Shingles
                               Standard three-tab asphalt shingles are made in 12 inch
                            by 36-inch pieces that are designed to give the appearance
                            of individual shingles. The exposed portion is called
                            "exposure" and the lower edge is referred to as the "butt."

Lockview High School         Contec 10      Name_____________
    Mr.Shreenan                           Student # ________________
                 Chapter 17      Roof Systems      (Internet portion)
*Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________

1.) Roof construction
   A contemporary roof, regardless of shape or surface material, consists of a
   variety of components:
*Name 6 of them and show a picture.

b. Check Your Internet Resources and explain each of these by Copying pictures.

Roof Framing

Roof Pitch

2.) . Built-up roof like the one on our school.
   a) Describe what it takes to make this kind of roof.

  b) Flashing: What is it? Name places where it is used .

  c) How do you calculate how many bundles of shingles it takes to cover a pitched

  d) Explain Gutters and drainage.

                                   Roof Framing
Lockview High School   Contec 10



                                                   Roof Truss

Now: Do the ‘roof truss’ Shop Project


Lockview High School       Contec 10      Name_____________

         *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
                        Chapter # 18 Pg265

                  Enclosing the Structure

     BINDER *(Note section)


1. Define the following key terms:
   Fascia, soffit, Cornice return, Rake cornice, lookouts, sash.

2. Draw and label the parts of a door frame (Fig.18-10)

   3. Explain these door terms: „Hand of a door‟, hinge gain, prehung doors,
      flush doors, panel doors, hollow core, glazed door, solid core, what are
      doors made of?
   Doorknobs and locks:

   4. a) Name the types of windows. How are windows named?

      b) What is “R-value”?

   5. What are two purposes of exterior siding? Name 5 types of siding and
      the benefits of using each type.

6. Label the letters for Fig. 18-29.   (A, B, C, D)

7. ID the types of windows in Fig.18-30. (A, B, C, D)
Window types:

8. Sketch Figure 18-21 Brick veneer. Masonry veneer construction

9. a)Sketch Figure 18-14 “Size of a window”
   b) What are Skylights?

10. What types of doors, windows, and siding do you have on your home?
     Draw what they look like in neatly drawn sketches. Label the types.

Lockview High School                    Contec 10                 Mr.Shreenan
‘Chapter # 24     Page 346 „NOTES’ Section       Name_____________
                *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
1.Do the key terms on page 346.

2.The 4 materials most used for plumbing are what?

3.Installation of “Rough plumbing” begins at what time during new house construction?
4.When is the “Finish plumbing” done? What sorts of things are installed?

5. Draw Figure 24-20 on page 356.

6.Do the 10 multiple-choice Questions on pages 357-358. Write the question then write
   the sentence that best matches it.

7.Read this Internet Resource about Plumbing

  Water Heater                                Toilet

Lockview High School                   Contec 10                Mr.Shreenan

        Climate Control                        Name_____________
               *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
                         ‘Chapter # 25   Page 359       „NOTES’ Section

1.Do the Key Terms on page 359.

2.What are the 4 methods of heat transfer? Explain them.

3.What are the names of the types of Engineers that design HVAC systems?

4. What are the names of the Trades people who install HVAC systems?

5. Describe the type of heating that is used in your home.

6. On page 374 do the „B‟ section. Write out the matching questions.

7. What is the purpose of thermal insulation?

8. What does R2000 mean?

9.Read this Internet Resource about Comfort Systems.

10.Describe what‟ Solar Collectors‟ are and how they can be used in a home.
11.What are thermostats?

12. Why do we need Ventilation in a home?

Lockview High School                        Contec 10               Mr.Shreenan

                      Electrical                      Name_____________

‘Chapter # 26   Page 375              „NOTES’ Section
              *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
1.Do the “Key Terms” on page 375.
2.Use the symbols on page 385.Draw a room found in your home and insert these
    common electrical symbols

3.What is involved with the “rough in” wiring of a new home? When is it done? When is
    it inspected?
4.Draw the wall that is wired in Figure 26-21. Then draw the “wiring schematic” found
to the right of the sketch.
5.Answer Question # 10:a, b, c, and d Found on page 389.
6 Read this Internet Resource about Electrical Systems.
7. A home's electrical system includes the: _______________, __________________
8. Your electric meter: What is it? Where is it found? How are you billed for power
9. When should a homeowner call an electrician?

10. CEK Assignment. Check out this Electrical Safety site. Write a summary of what
you found interesting about the site.

*On the next page…………

Lockview High School                 Contec 10                 Name____________
                                                                       Mr. Shreenan
             (CEK) Assignment               ** (ASSIGNMENT SECTION)
               *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________
                Welcome to the College of Electrical Knowledge!

    The "College of Electrical Knowledge" (CEK) is a partnership between Nova Scotia
Power Incorporated (NSPI) and Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). The purpose
of the initiative is to increase awareness of electrical safety. In pursuit of this goal, the
College hosts a number of free, online courses about electrical safety. I hope you find this
assignment educational as well as fun.
                                          Mr. Shreenan

        - Home -
            - General -
                  - Emergency -
                         - Children -
                               - Workplace –
The Program Outcomes Are:

1.College of Electrical Knowledge participants will be able to identify electrical hazards
in their environment.

2.College of Electrical Knowledge participants will be able to assess how to minimize
electrical hazards and prevent electrical injuries in their environment.

3.College of Electrical Knowledge participants will be able to apply knowledge of
electrical hazards in their environment.

As part of our Construction Technology Course we will be exploring this entire site,
answering questions, having discussion in your groups, and taking the online test for
- General - Electrical Knowledge.


What to do:
     A one page written review of your experience in participating with the CEK site
      needs to be handed in to me as the final part of this assignment. Explain what was
      good about the site, what did you like or dislike, and what new things you may
      have learned.
    If you are hand writing this, please make sure that it is neat.
    Take the TEST and print the certificate /hand it in, stapled to the page review.
    "College of Electrical Knowledge".
                                                     (DUE DATE: ___________

    Lockview High School       Contec 10              Mr.Shreenan
   Manufactured Construction          Name_____________
       *Assigned: __________________ *Due: _____________________

             Chapter # 30      Page 426 and Website

*See the Website for answer to this work:

1.What Is A Building System?

2.What is the Modular Home Construction Process?

3.How Long Does It Take To Build a Modular Home?

4.What's The Difference between the Terms "Manufactured Home" and "Modular

5.What Do Modular Homes Look Like?

6.Can I Design My Own Home Instead Of Using A Modular Manufacturers Standard

7.Modular Homes Are Built To The Same Codes As Site-Built Homes, But Is Financing
Any Different?

8.What are the Benefits Of Modular Construction for the homebuyer?
**See the Video too…
9.Write out and define the “Key Terms” on page 426.
EXPLAIN: (**Panelized housing delivers a "stick built" product in an automated

10. Do the “Review” on page 433.

                      PURCHASING A HOME IN NOVA SCOTIA

   Lockview High School                     Contec 10                            Mr.Shreenan

                                                             Name: ___________

Check this Internet site to answer these questions: Answers in your „Notes section‟.

   1. Agreements of Purchase and Sale contain conditional clauses. Give an example of this

   2. Title to the property being purchased needs to be searched. Why is this done? What
      are some objections to Title to the property?

   3.    You need to obtain a ‘Location Certificate’ (also known as a plot plan) from a qualified
        land surveyor. Why is this necessary?

   4. What is a mortgage? How do you get one? (You may need more information from other

   5. What Taxes are involved in the purchase?

   6. What is a property closing and how does it usually occur in the purchase of a home?

   7. Search for 5 Real Estate websites for Halifax County, list these. Tell what area you live
        in and who services your area.

   8. Go to: and print a map of your home area
      for your notes.

*Assigned: ____________ *Due: ____________________


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