1.1   The MINIMUM DIMENSIONS for an oval track are: -
1.1.1  Length, measured along the racing line:                   300 metres
1.1.2  Distance between straights:                               50 metres
1.1.3  Width of track in straights:                              8 metres
1.1.4  Width of track in bends:                                  10 metres
1.1.5  Height of wall, embankment or safety barrier:             1 metre
1.1.6  Height of debris fencing above the top of the barrier     1.8 metres

         DESCRIPTION OF REQUIREMENT                      NATIONAL             CLUB
 1.2   Scrutiny / Parc Ferme Areas
 1.2.1  Well-lit level area of gravel, tar, or        Required            Required
         cement at or near the entrance to the
         pits for use as a scrutiny area. Gravel
         scrutiny areas are not permitted for tar
 1.2.2   An under-car inspection facility – ramp      Required            Recommended
         type is a recommended
 1.2.3   Scrutiny area must be able to be             Required            Recommended
         separated from the rest of the facilities
         to promote orderly scrutiny of vehicles.
 1.2.4   Scrutiny area shall have a controlled        Required            Recommended
         point of entry into the pits and an exit
         for vehicles that do not pass scrutiny.
 1.2.5   Scrutineering area to be within the          Required
         confines of the venue and must be                                -
         available for scrutineers throughout the
 1.2.6   Suitable Parc Ferme area (which may          Required
         include the infield) large enough to                             -
         hold the top 6 cars per class as well as
         5 others.

 1.3   Pit Area.
 1.3.1  Tar venues an area of cement or tar           Required            Required
 1.3.2  For dirt an area of cement, tar or            Required            Required
 1.3.3   Pit area to be reasonably level              Required            Required
 1.3.4   The size of the pits shall be sufficient     Required            Recommended
         to    accommodate       at   least    100
         competitors’ vehicles AND their service
 1.3.5   The pits shall be fenced to prevent          Required            Recommended
         spectator entry into the pits. If the pits
         can not be fenced off due to factors
         such as the wishes of other users of
         communal venues such as show
         grounds or multipurpose venues such
         as oval tracks within existing race
         circuits, steps shall be taken to erect
         temporary barriers and provide a high
         measure of security patrol instead of
         the preferred fences.
 1.3.6   Adequate safe parking for competitor         Required            Recommended
         tow vehicles (if not used as service
         vehicle) and trailers should be provided
         in close proximity to pits.

1.3.7    Seating for competitors and their pit         Required   -
         crew. This seating must be near the
         pits if the track is visible for spectating
         purposes. If not demarcated area must
         be available to competitors and crew.
         Size: 300 persons
1.3.8    Properly marked dummy grid to be laid         Required   Recommended
         out near pit gate.
1.3.9    General lighting of 75 lux or sufficient      Required   -
         power points and power supply to
         enable competitors to set up their own
         lights if events are presented at night.
1.3.10   Fire Hazard and No Smoking signs              Required   Required
         shall be erected in the pits.

1.4   Pit Gates.
1.4.1  Pit gates leading on to and off the track       Required   Required
         itself shall be erected in all cases. The
         gate(s) must allow two-lane traffic.
1.4.2    The pit gates shall be designed and           Required   Required
         constructed in such a fashion that / it
         they will withstand the force of a
         vehicle colliding with them.
1.4.3    The minimum specification for material        Required   Required
         utilised in the construction and support
         of the gates shall be steel tubing with a
         minimum width of 75 mm and a
         minimum wall thickness of 5 mm.
1.4.4    The pit gate shall furthermore be             Required   Required
         constructed in such a fashion that it
         will not burst into the pits in the case
         of a vehicle colliding with it. It must
         have a locking mechanism.
1.4.5    The gate must be fitted flush to the
         wall/ barrier and all locking devices and
         hinges shall be to the satisfaction of
         the Track Inspection Committee. As an         Required   Required
         absolute minimum all gates shall close
         with a double bolt arrangement,
         specifically manufactured for the gate
         in question. The minimum diameter of
         the bolt shall be 25 mm. It shall not be
         sufficient for the bolt to slide into a
         hole in the concrete or brickwork of the
         barrier wall. The bolt shall slide into
         the receiving slot by at least 10 cm. A
         safety chain shall also be fitted.
1.4.6    Pit gates shall open onto the track and
         all tracks being licensed for the first
         time after 1/1/2004 shall comply. In
         addition track inspectors are instructed      Required   Required
         to specifically look into and report upon
         the conversion of the gates that
         currently swing into the pits.
1.4.7    An additional boom, gate or other
         suitable barricading arrangement shall
         be fitted to prevent pit crews from

          hanging over the gate. This boom,           Required               Required
          gate, or barricade shall be 1 metre
          beyond the arc of gates that open
          away from the track.
1.4.8     Gates made of railway line permitted        Until end 2007         Until end 2008

1.5   Barriers.
1.5.1   The barrier shall be constructed of: Reinforced    concrete    (sections     or    Permitted              Permitted
        continuous) Cement block wall                             Permitted              Permitted Armco                                         Permitted              Permitted Mounted steel plates                          Permitted              Permitted Natural banks – without walls                 Not permitted          Permitted Other suitable material approved by           Permitted              Permitted
        MSA. Tyres                                         Not permitted          Permitted if at
                                                                             least 2 metres
                                                                             from race line
1.5.2     The barrier shall be a continuous           Required               Required
          structure interrupted only by the pit
          gates and the minimum amount of
1.5.3     The horizontal gaps between Armco           Not permitted          Required
          and other steel material shall not
          exceed 100 mm. Posts that shall not
          be more than three metres apart shall
          support steel and Armco barriers. The
          support posts, which shall be sturdy
          and/or according to manufacturer’s
          specifications, shall be concreted into
          place and shall be planted to a depth of
          at least one metre. All ends shall be
          suitably secured.
1.5.4     Reinforced concrete walls shall be at       Required               Required
          least 150 mm thick in all places and
          shall have a smooth finish on the
          trackside of the wall.
1.5.5     Natural or man-made sand banks shall        Required               Required
          be retained by the erection of a brick
          or block wall.
1.5.6     Cement building blocks shall be             Required if used       Required if used
          reinforced to building standards and
          shall be filled with concrete.
1.5.7     Where natural rock or similar is used       Not permitted
          as a barrier (old quarries) the rock face
          must be smooth and must offer same
          protection as concrete walls.

1.6   Spectator fences.
1.6.1  The spectator fences shall be made of          Required         per   Required      per
          diamond mesh or other mesh type             minimum                minimum
          wires. No barbed wire                       specification below    specification
1.6.2     Sturdy, vertical posts shall support the                           below
          fences at regular intervals.
1.6.3     Spectator     fences      to    prevent     Required               Recommended
          unauthorised access to officials on

1.6.4   Minimum standards:                              Required              Recommended Height – 900 mm Distance from debris fence – 50 mm

1.7   Debris fencing.
1.7.1  The debris fence shall be constructed in         Required        per   Required      per
          a sturdy manner. Backstays shall              specification         specification
          reinforce the supports.
1.7.2     Bonnox fencing can be used provided
          the following specifications are in
          place.    Vertical spacing to be a maximum of
           150 mm.    Vertical strand to be manufactured of
           2 mm high tensioned straining wire.    Horizontal strands to be manufactured
           of 2-mm hard drawn steel wire.    Bonnox fencing to be mounted upside
1.7.3     Diamond Mesh and Weldmesh fencing
          may also be used provided: -    The maximum aperture for Diamond
           mesh is 75 x 75 mm; and    The maximum aperture for Weldmesh
           is 100 x 100 mm.    The fencing utilised shall be of at least
           2-mm wire.
1.7.4     All fencing to be rust free.
1.7.5     The debris fencing shall protect the          Required              Recommended
          officials’ posts as well but shall at very
          least allow the officials at the start line
          with an entry and exit point onto the
1.7.6     Debris fencing not to interfere with          Required              Required
          signalling of officials

1.8   Official’s safety.
1.8.1  Each official’s post shall have some             Required              Required
          form     of   protection   that   would
          substantially reduce the risk of the
          official being injured by a competing
          vehicle or by debris from such vehicles.

1.9   Officials’ positions
1.9.1  Besides the start line rostrum there             All required          All
          shall be marshals posts on/behind the                               recommended
          barrier in each of the four corners of
          the track as well as on the back
1.9.2     The clerk of the course shall operate
          from an elevated position on the main
          straight. This position to be easily
          reached yet protected.
1.9.3     Scorers to be housed in suitably
          demarcated area with lights, working
          surface and chairs. The track must be

         clearly visible from their vantage point.
1.9.4    Flag and signal board holders to be
1.9.5    Officials’ positions to be covered for
         protection from the elements.
1.9.6    All electrics to be waterproof.
1.9.7    All positions to be separated from the
         public and to prevent unauthorised

1.10 Track Surface.                                  All required            All required
1.10.1 The surface must be well compacted.
1.10.2 Tar tracks shall be constructed of tar or
1.10.3  Tar tracks free of bumps
1.10.4  The inside of the circuit shall be
        properly demarcated. The following
        materials shall be utilised for this
        purpose: - Dirt tracks - Tyres (planted vertically)
         or sunken kerbing; Tar tracks – Sunken kerbing or
         kerbing cast in situ. The demarcation shall in any event not
         exceed 200-mm in height.
1.10.5 Demarcation to be painted in white (on
        dirt) and red and white (on tar) with
        hard wearing paint.

1.11 Centre of the arena.
1.11.1 The centre of the arena shall be firm.        All required            Required
1.11.2 The area shall be kept in a neat and
         tidy condition.
1.11.3   Drop off from track to infield not                                  Recommended
         greater than 100 slope or 200 mm
1.11.4   Vehicles required on the infield to be      Required                Recommended
         shielded by 700 mm high tyre barrier
         (properly bolted together and filled)
         constructed on either side (lengthways
         on infield) of the vehicles to house 2
         rows of 3 vehicles

1.12 Lighting.
1.12.1 The  lighting       at tracks shall be        All   required     if   Required       if
         acceptable to the track inspector.          racing is offered at    racing        is
1.12.2   The lighting shall illuminate the entire    night                   presented     at
         track and shall not interfere with the                              night     unless
         vision of competitors.                                              stated to be
1.12.3   All lighting poles and standards shall be                           recommended
         behind the safety wall or shall be
         suitably shielded to prevent damage
         caused by a collision.
1.12.4   All poles and standards shall be
         constructed / secured in such a fashion
         that they are inaccessible to members
         of the public or any unauthorised

1.12.5  The switchgear of the lights shall
        similarly    be      safeguarded    from
        accidental or intentional switching by
        the public or unauthorised persons.
1.12.6   Minimum        standards     (measured                     Recommended
        vertically and horizontally): All along race line (s) - 200 lux General infield area – 100 lux Pit area – 75 lux Starters rostrum – 240 lux
1.12.7 Minimum       standards for signalling
        equipment: Lamp covers – single lamp of 100 mm
         or cluster making up same area Intensity – Shielded from glare and fitted with
         contrasting background. Placement (So as to be in drivers’ line
         of sight): End of straights for each direction
           of racing At start line and on back straight

1.13 Parking and exit gates.
1.13.1 The facility shall have adequate secure       All required   All     required
        parking     facilities   for   spectators’                  unless stated to
        vehicles.                                                   be
1.13.2 The entrance roads and exit gates shall                      recommended
        be sufficient in number to avoid
        prolonged          queuing of competitors
        or spectators.
1.13.3 Minimum standards:                                           Recommended Entrance gates into premises – 4 Ticket booths – 1 per entry point
         unless points are next to each other in
         which case 1 booth per two gates. Spectator vehicle parking – 1 vehicle
         per 5 spectators Official and VIP parking – 50 Parking area to have general lighting

1.14 Spectator seating.
1.14.1 The spectator seating shall be of a           All required   Required unless
        sturdy construction.                                        stated to be
1.14.2 All wooden stands shall be equipped                          recommended
        with fire extinguishers at 10 metre
1.14.3 All seating shall have guardrails along
        the top and sides of the seating.
1.14.4 Seating with more than 10 rows shall
        have adequate walkways /steps
1.14.5 Minimum standards:                                           Recommended Spectator seats (excluding sponsor,
         seasonally let, officials and competitor
         seating) – 4500 Seat area – 40 cm x 70 cm (including
         leg space
                TRACK STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS Walking space between rows – 30 cm Toilets and food outlets to be within
        150 m of seating measured in/through
        areas accessible to the public.

1.15 Toilet facilities.
1.15.1 The facility shall have sufficient male     All required   Required unless
        and female toilets to accommodate the                     stated to be
        average spectators expected at the                        recommended
1.15.2 Minimum standards: Men’s urinal – 30 persons                                Recommended Men’s toilets – 10 Women’s toilets (with proper sanitary
         bins) – 30 Disabled persons – 1 Pits – 1 toilet
1.15.3 Portable toilets acceptable to augment
        the average requirement above.

1.16 Technical facilities
1.16.1 Enclosed and undercover area                All required   Recommended
                      2 Size: - 60 m Power points – 4 Lights –fluorescent tubes to workshop
        standard Seating – 10 persons Writing table
1.16.2 Weighing area Size – 3m x 2.5m Surface – concrete Lighting – to workshop standard Power point – 1 Writing surface Situation – within easy access of pit
         entrance in order that competitors
         could be weighed during events
         without undue difficulty. This facility
         must allow a through flow of vehicles
1.16.3 Storage area Lockable with 2 locks and facility for
         fitment of seals to door Size – 4 cars
1.16.4 Standby facilities: Workshop with 2 hoists Tripod and block and tackle Workshop tools

1.17 Administrative facilities required
1.17.1 Stewards facilities:                        All required   All Quiet private area                                       recommended Seating – 10 persons Well lit Writing table
1.17.2 Equipment Computer and printer Backup    generator  for computer,

        printer and sound system Copier

1.18 Rescue facilities
1.18.1 On track extinguishers:                    All required   All     required Fuel/general type – 12 x 9 kg                           unless stated as
1.18.2 Water tank and pump mounted on a                          recommended
       vehicle: Capacity – 500 litres Type – pump or pressure vessel Range – 3 metres Volume - ? Litres per second
1.18.3 Access to a Jaws of life (with operator)                  Recommended

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